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Prairie Home Cast and Crew:
McCain Might Not Like the Sound of This (mentions Tim Russell's dead-on McCain voice)
The Washington Post

Voices Behind A Prairie Home Companion
Twin Cities Live

Fred Newman: Money Where His Mouth Is
Radio World Newspaper

Garrison Keillor:
Thorn to share stage with Keillor at special event

A 'Prairie Home' 1st: Keillor To Guest On Own Show

What Makes St. Paul Great
ABC News (Video)

Garrison Keillor of A Prairie Home Companion
Rocketboom (Video Weblog)

Pretty Good Story
NWA World Traveler

Keillor weaves story of his life
The Times-Herald (Port-Huron, MI)

Keillor to open bookstore below cafe in St. Paul
Star Tribune

Keillor to open his own bookstore
Minnesota Public Radio

Keillor plans bookstore on Selby
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Good Poems for Hard Times nominated for Quill Award

A Prairie Home Conundrum

Where all the rooms are above average
New York Times

A Keillor Home Companion
St. Petersburg Times

5 reasons to see Garrison Keillor
Palm Beach Post

Time Flies/Creeps By
Village Voice (New York)

Keillor and 'the kids'
Ledger-Enquirer (Ohio)

Keillor leaves lasting impression on Kent-Tusc audience
Times Reporter (Ohio)

Keillor gently reminds us to slow down

Animal Magic
Poetry Foundation

Prairie Home Companion (radio show):
Keillor tickets sell out in six minutes
Bemidji Pioneer

Keillor to Bring 'Prairie Home Companion' to Bemidji
Bemidji Pioneer

The Pop Traveler: Ten reasons to visit Minneapolis-St. Paul!
USA Today: Pop Candy

Rich Dworsky hits all the right keys
The Morning Call (Pennsylvania)

PHC host conducts private concert for Juneau listeners
Grand Forks Herald (North Dakota)

Keillor presents Alaska concert
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Couple to serve as naturalists on 'Prairie Home' cruise
Bangor Daily News (Maine)

Keillor taps into ideals
Press Enterprise (California)

Catch An Encore Of Streep And Keillor Performing Together On PBS Special
Tampa Bay Online (Florida)

Keillor, 'Prairie' are at home at Tanglewood
Boston Globe

Newman Loves to Mouth Off
Asbury Park Press (New Jersey)

He supplies sound of the 'Prairie'
Kansas City Star

'Prairie Home' hits the road
Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Altman's 'Prairie Home' ends, but Keillor's keeps on going
USA Today

Companion to Most, but not all
Christian Science Monitor

The real 'Prairie Home' comes to Austin, and other 'Companion' facts
Austin American Statesman (Texas)

All-New Prairie Home Companion, Now With Extra Movie Stars!
Celebrity Cafe

Fourth Time's a Charm for Keillor
Weymouth News

Keillor's 'Prairie Home': A behind-the-mikes look
USA Today

'Prairie Home' returns to the Hollywood Bowl
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Little Bowl on the Prairie
L.A. Daily News

Kline & Streep to Star in Hollywood Bowl 'Companion,' 6/2
Broadway World

Kevin Kline, Meryl Streep and More Set for Hollywood Bowl's Prairie Evening

'Prairie Home Companion' taps area musicians
Greeley Tribune (Colorado)

'A Prairie Home' runs in the blood
Greeley Tribune (Colorado)

Loveland hosts all the news from Lake Wobegon

Keillor uses antique musical instruments to help weave tales
Volante Online (South Dakota)

i5 Gets Radio Play from Garrison Keillor

A prairie home preservation
Argus Leader (South Dakota)

Rare cello to be part of Keillor show
Aberdeen News (South Dakota)

Summer Love Tour:
Garrison Keillor's sound man is a good listener
The Virginian-Pilot/

Keillor brings laid-back, charming show to Fort Worth

Interview: Garrison Keillor

'Prairie Home Companion' tour comes to the Amp
The Tuscaloosa News

Sara Watkins talks about songwriting, solo career
The Tuscaloosa News

Q & A with Garrison Keillor
Chattanooga Times Free Press

Prairie Home Companion movie:
Director Robert Altman dead at 81

'Prairie Home' a surprise summer hit
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Diners say Mickey's is perfect 'Companion'
Chicago Sun Times

'Prairie': Plot is strong, the actors are good-looking and the directing is way above average
Helena Independent Record (Montana)

EV RE27 Microphone Stars in "A Prairie Home Companion" Film
Mix Magazine

'Prairie Home' sing-along
Brandenton Herald (Florida)

Lake Street Woebegon
Chicago Sun Times

Relaxed, lighthearted and sweet
National Catholic Reporter

Masters' pride of place
Courier Mail (Australia)

'Prairie Home' movie good 'companion' to original radio show

Dreams of the midwest
The Guardian (UK)

'Prairie Home' lovingly delightful
Burbank Leader (California)

Movie Sing-Along
Brandenton Hearld (Florida)

Altman Attracts A-Listers to 'Prairie Home'

Reel Review
The Auburn Plainsman (Alabama)

At home on the 'Prairie'?
Greater Milwaukee Today

Public Radio Stars Making Mark on the Big Screen Mixed Signals

Are Cars and A Prairie Home Companion Basically the Same Movie?

Gore and Altman: Ecology 101 and Filmmaking 101

Meryl's magic, doubly displayed
Mercury News

INTERVIEW: The Cast of "A Prairie Home Companion" Has That Feel-Good Feeling
Independent Film Channel

A Prairie Home Companion
KGMB 9 (Hawaii)

A Prairie Home Companion
City Newspaper (Rochester, New York)

'Prairie Home' movie good 'companion' to original radio show

"Prairie" Remains Solid Summer Alternative

Keillor's 'Prairie' enjoyable, inspiring
The Clarion Ledger (Mississippi)

Radio comes to cinema
Toronto Star

Movie review: Prairie Home is music to ears
ASU State Press (Arizona)

A Prairie Home Companion
Cleveland Jewish News

A Review of "A Prairie Home Companion"
The Conservative Voice

'Prairie Home' fits well on the big screen
The Advocate

A Prairie Home Companion: 'Home' sweet home
Framingham Tab

Popular Radio Show Comes to the Big Screen in A Prairie Home Companion
VOA News

Prairie Home Companion: folksy charm and endings
Chronicle Herald (Canada)

Wobegon cult reveals America's quiet divide
Guardian UK

Laugh Liberally
LA Times

'A Prairie Home Companion': chatting with Garrison Keillor
Flick Filosopher

Intimations of Magnificence Garrison Keillor's first impressions of our hometown
Metro Pulse (Tennessee)

Wayners Follows the Prairie Home

Fans feel at home with big-screen 'Prairie'
Florida Today

'Prairie Home Companion' fans get sneak peek at film
The Courier (Waterloo, Iowa)

'Prairie Home Companion' transmits moments of joy Roanoke Times (Virginia)

"A Prairie Home Companion" and "Inconvenient Truth" Spark Specialty BOT

'A Prairie Home Companion' one of the most wonderful films of the year
The Crimson White (Alabama)

'Prairie' does very, very well at home
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

'Prairie Home' fits well on big screen
The Advocate

No Place Like 'Home'
Kansas City Star

A Prairie Home Companion
The Daily Page (Wisconsin)

The Big Movie: 'A Prairie Home Companion' Last broadcast brings shivers across plains
Portland Tribune

Altman and Keillor join forces to create a comic backstage fable
Basque News and Information

A writer with stars in his eyes
Denver Post

"A Prairie Home Companion" premieres seventh at weekend box office
Kare 11 (Minnesota)

"A Prairie Home Companion" and My Memories of Yesteryear
The Simon

"A Prairie Home Companion": Slim plot, but it's all about the music, anyway
Seattle Times

Like big ensembles and a drifting story? You'll love this

A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion

Camera captures Keillor's 'Companion'
Capital Times (Wisconsin)

Keillor Hauled
Metro Active (California)

A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion
Seattle Weekly

A Prairie Home Companion
Pop Matters (Illinois)

Out of the Axeman's Reach
The New York Sun

Scholastica Grad Mingles with Celebs
Duluth News Tribune

A Prairie Home Companion
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Prairie Home Companion
Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Funny, but death can't steal this show
New York Newsday

A Prairie Home Companion

Prairie Home Companion' film is an ambling, rambling gem
Monterey Herald (California)

A Prairie Home Companion
LA Times

It's a Robert Altman film! (Or is it a Garrison Keillor film?)
Star Tribune (Minnesota)

Keillor says film a learning experience
Wisconsin State Journal

Altman plus Keillor equals rich, funny movie
Detroit Free Press

Movie-goers weigh in on "A Prairie Home Companion"
Kare 11 (Minnesota)

The reluctant film star
Houston Chronicle

Garrison Keillor from 'Prairie Home' to the silver screen and back
Provincetown Banner (Massachussetts)

Garrison Keillor Discusses the A Prairie Home Companion Movie

A Prairie Home Premiere
News Leader (Virginia)

Kevin Kline wants to Pen Movie Score

Robert Altman, Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion

Movie review: 'A Prairie Home Companion'
Chicago Tribune

'A Prairie Home Companion' Premiers In New York
CBS 4 (Boston, MA)

Movie Spotlight: A Prairie Home Companion
Lansing State Journal

Tuning In
The New Yorker

Death Takes a Holiday: Robert Altman's "A Prairie Home Companion"

Radio days
Hour (Canada)

A Prairie Home Companion: chatting with Kevin Kline and Virginia Madsen
Flick Filosopher

John C Reilly and Virginia Madsen Discuss A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion
St. Louis Post Dispatch

A Prairie Home Companion
Rolling Stone

A Prairie Home Companion's Garrison Keillor

A Prairie Home Companion
The Buffalo News (New York)

A Prairie Home Companion
E Online

A Prairie Home Companion
Entertainment Weekly

A Prairie Home Companion
Washington Post

Q&A with Robert Altman
Star Tribune (Minnesota)

Stage fright - Stars step up to mike in 'Prairie Home Companion'
Boston Herald

Movie spotlight: 'Prairie Home Companion'
Lansing Journal (Michigan)

Prairie Home Heads for the Big Screen
Lansing Journal (Michigan)

Prairie's Angel Face
AZ Central

Q&A with Garrison Keillor

A Maverick's Last Stand
OC Register (California)

A Prairie Home Companion Also Shines
Arkansas Times

Set was home away from home for 'Prairie" cast
Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram

Plains Song
LA Weekly

A Prairie Home conniption
The Kansas City Star

Altman '08: For Real
City Pages (Minnesota)

The Long Goodbye
City Pages (Minnesota)

A Prairie Home Companion
The Onion A.V. Club

Keillor, Altman disagree on 'Prairie Home'

The music is one of the biggest stars of the show
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Home sweet "Prairie Home"

At the Movies: A Prairie Home Companion
SF Gate (California)

Master director takes on 'Prairie Home Companion'
The Cape Codder

Exclusive A Prairie Home Companion Clip

Altman brings shades of dark to 'Prairie Home'
Chicago Tribune

He's now a character in the folksy, funny universe he created
The Boston Globe

Altman's 'Prairie Home Companion' returns
Brandenton Herald (Florida)

'Home' on the Range
The Weekly Standard

Big screen 'Prairie Home' built on years of Keillor's radio show
Gainesville Times

Q&A: Woody Harrelson

Taking Offbeat Films Beyond the Niche
Washington Post

When geniuses collide: Altman-Keillor team brought it 'Home'
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Keillor tells tales of the 'Prairie Home'
Chicago Sun-Times

Lohan adds spice to Keillor-Altman mix in `Prairie Home' movie
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

A list of `Prairie Home' movie merchandise
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

A Prairie Home Companion Soundtrack
World Music Central

A Prairie Home Companion
Vital Source magazine

'Prairie Home' companions
Portfolio Weekly (Virginia)

A Companion's Companion
Portfolio Weekly (Virginia)

Garrison Keillor and Robert Altman
Charlie Rose

A Prairie Home Companion
Film Journal

Lohan Joins Icons Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin on Big Screen
Extra TV

A little synergy on the 'Prairie'
Los Angeles Times

Altman's 'Prairie Home' Is Companionable
Washington Post

A Prairie Home Companion movie review
Movies Online

An ear for the 'Prairie' movie
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Keillor's 'Home' pic channels the radio biz
New York Daily News

A 'Companion' from Altman
New University Newspaper (Irvine, California)

Teen takes: Celebs were best part of 'Prairie' premiere
Green Bay Press Gazette

'A Prairie Home Companion' review
Christian Online Magazine

Old Master, Fresh Ears
Seattle Weekly

'A Prairie Home Companion'

'A Prairie Home Companion'
Emanuel Levy

'A Prairie Home Companion'
Slant Magazine

'A Prairie Home Companion'
Eric Snider

'A Prairie Home Companion'
Los Angeles Times

A movie premiere has special effect on local stargazers
Star Tribune (Minnesota)

Hundreds turn out to see the stars
Kare 11 (Minneapolis)

We just can't stand to see the celebrity buzz from the "A Prairie Home...
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

'Prairie Home' Stars In St. Paul
WCCO (Minneapolis)

The stars come back to St. Paul for Prairie Home premiere
Minnesota Public Radio

Hollywood remembers a town that time forgot
Minnesota Public Radio

A movie whose women are strong, its men, good-looking
Minnesota Public Radio

Prairie Home movie is 'above average'
Minnesota Public Radio

'Prairie' stars will reunite for radio
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Cast of Prairie Home movie praises 'Minnesota Nice'
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Welcome, 'Home'
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

'Prairie Home:' A tasty reception
Star Tribune (Minnesota)

A parade of stars at Wednesday's 'Prairie Home' premiere
Star Tribune (Minnesota)

'Prairie Home' movie comes home for premiere
Star Tribune (Minnesota)

A 'Prairie Home' welcome
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

We love a parade
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Kickoff to a summer of fun
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Also starring ... The Fitz
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Prairie Home Distraction
Minnesota Public Radio

'Prairie Home' stars in premiere parade
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Trailer review: A Prairie Home Companion
Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Streep still gets stage fright
TVNZ (New Zealand)

At 'Home' with Streep
The Harvard Crimson

The Writer's Almanac:
Writer's Almanac podcast available
43 Folders

Old Sweet Songs: A Prairie Home Companion 1974-1976

Old Sweet Songs

Lovingly selected from the earliest archives of A Prairie Home Companion, this heirloom collection represents the music from earliest years of the now legendary show: 1974–1976. With songs and tunes from jazz pianist Butch Thompson, mandolin maestro Peter Ostroushko, Dakota Dave Hull and the first house band, The Powdermilk Biscuit Band (Adam Granger, Bob Douglas and Mary DuShane).

Available now»

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