The Iowa Waltz:

"Gazebos. Park shelters by water towers. Endless fields lit by fireflies. The Pepsi Café. Woodburn's firestation. Pulaski's old depot. The hot summer wind..." The first album ever released by Red House Records, The Iowa Waltz remains a rustic masterwork by one of America's most important singer-songwriters — as fresh and vibrant today as the year it was released. In celebration of their 30th anniversary as a label, it's been completely remastered and is sounding better than ever!

The Iowa Waltz
by Greg Brown

Track listing:

  1. The Iowa Waltz
  2. Mississippi Serenade
  3. Counting Feedcaps
  4. Grand Junction
  5. Out in the Country
  6. Walking the Beans
  7. My Home in the Sky
  8. King Corn
  9. Daughters
  10. Four Wet Pigs
  11. The Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home

Audio for this preview is no longer available.

About Greg Brown:

Greg Brown's prolific and seasoned songwriting is based on an unusual combination of wanderlust and downhome roots. His mother played electric guitar, his grandfather played banjo, and his father was a Holy Roller preacher in the Hacklebarney section of Iowa where the Gospel and music are a way of life. Brown's first professional singing job came at age 18 in New York City, running hootenannies (folksinger get-togethers) at the legendary Gerdes Folk City. After a year, Brown moved west to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where he was a ghostwriter for Buck Ram, founder of the Platters. Tired of the fast-paced life, Brown traveled with a band for a few years, and even quit playing for awhile before he moved back to Iowa and began writing songs and playing in midwestern clubs and coffeehouses. Brown's songwriting has been lauded by many, and his songs have been performed by Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, Michael Johnson, Shawn Colvin and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

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"The Iowa Waltz" — Garrison Keillor — May 3, 2014

When Garrison and A Prairie Home Companion visited Des Moines, Iowa, GK mentioned that he was there to campaign for "The Iowa Waltz" being named the official state song of Iowa.

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