Motherhood: A Comedy Collection

From Garrison Keillor:

Garrison Keillor“She brought you forth out of the cloud of genetics and fed and clothed you and taught you to wipe yourself and say Please and Thank you and never expected you to pay her back, only that you behave appropriately and try to make something of yourself and not land in prison but if you had, she’d still love you because after all she’s your Mother.”

Garrison Keillor

A Radio Collection

A Prairie Home Companion celebrates that one person who manages to make you feel that youíre special and that you arenít living up to your potentialóall in the same sentence. Sketches, songs, and stories from Garrison and the regular cast cover the gamut of all that goes into and comes out of motherhood.

Motherhood is a popular topic on A Prairie Home Companion, and not just on Motherís Day. Itís about time someone gathered the best bits into an homage to Mom. This funny, affectionate, poignant collection honors the woman who gave up her own sense of self-worth for a life of mindless drudgery, day in and day out, all for you. The woman who sticks around when everyone else in your life turns away. Who insists ďDonít worry about me, Iím fine. All I need is to know that youíre happy.Ē Who doesnít leave messages because motherhood is not about messages, itís about love. Share it with your mom or give it to a mom you know. If youíre a mom yourself, hand it to your child and say ďListen.Ē Itís the least he or she can do.

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Over 2 hours on 2 CDs

Track listing:

    Disc 1:
  1. Mom script: Facebook (Listen)
  2. "Mama's Hungry Eyes" - Robin and Linda Williams
  3. How to Write a Letter to Your Mother in Just Seven Days (script)
  4. "Shirley World" Richard Dworsky & The Guy's All Star Shoe Band
  5. "Mother's Day Quilt" - Garrison Keillor, Tom Keith & VocalEssence
  6. BeBoparebop Rhubarb Pie: Mother's Day Dinner (script)
  7. "Mama Told Me Not To Come" - Pat Donohue & The Guy's All Star Shoe Band
  8. Butter (script)
  9. "Trees" Garrison Keillor, Prudence Johnson & The Guy's All Star Shoe Band (lyrics)
  10. News from Lake Wobegon: Scrambled Eggs for Mom
  11. "Hush Little Baby" Inga Swearingen (lyrics)
    Disc 2:
  1. Mother's Day Ballads - Garrison Keillor, Kate MacKenzie, Chris Thile, Andy Stein, Pat Donohue & Greg Hippen
  2. The Lives of the Cowboys: Visit from Mom (script)
  3. "My Mother Was a Lady" - Garrison Keillor & The Guy's All Star Shoe Band
  4. Mother's Day: Creationism (script)
  5. "Tell My Ma" - The Rankin Family
  6. Mom: The Melon baller (script)
  7. Mother's Day: The Prison Break (script)
  8. The News from Lake Wobegon: Mother-Daughter Dinner

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