The Siren's Song:

Have you ever wondered what P.G. Wodehouse was up to before he got around to writing 90+ novels about Jeeves and Wooster, various Mulliners, swine husbandry and savage aunts? Well, he was busy inventing modern American musical theater with Jerome Kern and Guy Bolton, at the Princess Theater on Broadway! The Siren's Song is an all-Kern program. The 21 songs are taken from nine different Broadway shows, of which only a handful get regular airing today and features several which have never been recorded. Soprano Maria Jette collaborates with pianist Dan Chouinard to bring life to the music of P.G. Wodehouse. The CD contains extensive liner notes featuring details of each play and the history of every song.

The Siren's Song: Wodehouse and Kern on Broadway
by Maria Jette and Dan Chouinard

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About the artists:

Versatile soprano Maria Jette can sing dozens of operatic roles. She also performs pop songs, chamber music, oratorio, and show tunes. She has appeared with orchestras nationwide, including the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, New York Chamber Symphony, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and Minnesota Orchestra. Among her recordings is The Siren's Song: Wodehouse and Kern on Broadway, her second volume of P.G. Wodehouse songs, both with pianist Dan Chouinard.

Pianist/accordionist Dan Chouinard is a Twin Cities native who creates programs that blend history and music. Among these is Café Europa, about a bicycle trip he took from Naples to Normandy — accordion strapped to his bike — in search of Minnesota World War II stories. More recently, Steerage Song reflected on the thousands of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island. Dan's recordings include The Siren's Song: Wodehouse and Kern on Broadway, his second volume of P.G. Wodehouse songs, both with soprano Maria Jette.

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