Summer Love


Summer Love

This best-of collection from the 25-city 2010 Summer Love Tour is jam-packed with tender duets and ballads, poetry, and stories of passion and marriage.

Never broadcast—and therefore available for the first time on this collection—are selections including favorite A Prairie Home Companion elements: Bebopareebop Rhubarb Pie, Catschup Advisory Board, Powdermilk Biscuits, Guy Noir, and the News from Lake Wobegon. Nickel Creek's Sara Watkins is on hand, as are sound-effects man Fred Newman and the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band.

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Track listing:

    Disc 1:
  1. Under the Stars - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
  2. Driving with the Top Down - Garrison Keillor
  3. Will You Go - Sara Watkins
  4. Reaching Out - Garrison Keillor & Fred Newman
  5. Let It Be Me - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
  6. Catchup Advisory Board - Fatherhood
  7. Picture in a Frame - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
  8. Love’s A Word I Never Throw Around - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
  9. BeBopAReBop Rhubarb Pie
  10. Powdermilk Biscuit Break
  11. Fiddle Medley - Sara Watkins, Richard Kriehn & The Guy’s All Star Shoe Band
  12. I’ll Be Home - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
  13. Guy Noir
  14. Too Far Gone - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
    Disc 2:
  1. Frankie & Johnny - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
  2. Unchained Melody - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
  3. Would You Like to Play the Guitar - Pat Donohue
  4. Garrison Keillor Stories
  5. Slow Days of Summer - Garrison Keillor
  6. Lazy Afternoon - Fred Newman
  7. Jefferson - Sara Watkins
  8. You Never Can Tell (C’est La Vie) - Pat Donohue & Sara Watkins
  9. Anthony - Sara Watkins
  10. Where Will You Be - Sara Watkins
  11. The News from Lake Wobegon
  12. Why Worry - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins
  13. Brokedown Palace - Garrison Keillor & Sara Watkins

All Track feature The Guy’s All Star Shoe Band featuring Richard Dworsky, Pat Donohue, Richard Kriehn, Gary Raynor & Peter Johnson

Watch the promotional video for the tour:

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Reviews from the tour:

“A refreshing program that will remind you that life is always meaningful.”
—SMU Daily Campus

“The first devoted fans showed up five hours early to get good seats.”
—Arizona Daily Sun

“First loves, misguided loves, window-steaming loves, small town romances.”
—Grand Rapids Press

“The evening was in all ways wonderful.”
—Salt Lake Tribune

Summer Love Tour Credits:
Produced and engineered by Sam Hudson and Thomas Scheuzger with assistance from Kathryn Slusher, Katrina Cicala, Kay Gornick, David O’Neill and Kate Gustafson.

Summer Love performers: Sarah Watkins, vocals, fiddle & ukulele; Fred Newman, actor; Richard Dworsky, piano, keyboards & vocals; Pat Donohue, vocals & guitar; Richard Kriehn, fiddle, guitar, mandolin & synthesizer (disc 2, track 5); Gary Raynor, bass; Peter Johnson, percussion.

Summer Love touring staff: Tony Axtell, Debra Beck, Tom Campbell, Ken Evans, Sam Hudson, Thomas Scheuzger, Ella Schovanec, Noah Smith, Nicole Vetter.

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