From Robin Williams:

We never tire of working with talented musicians, recording engineers and producers and hearing how they can take a naked song and bring it to life. These Old Dark Hills, our 22nd recording, contains 12 songs, “fully clothed” and sounding better than we could ever have imagined.

These Old Dark Hills
by Robin and Linda Williams

Track listing:

  1. Lonesome
  2. These Old Dark Hills
  3. Arizona
  4. Beyond the Realm of Words
  5. Crossing the Bar
  6. Tessie Mae
  7. Storms Never Last
  8. They All Fade Away
  9. Looking for Love
  10. My Lucky Day
  11. Forever
  12. World Wide Peace

Audio for this preview is no longer available.

From the Publisher:

"This is the real deal, the kind of heartfelt, genuine musical performance that built the foundation of all country and bluegrass music decades ago yet remains timeless and appealing across the ages." — Bluegrass Unlimited

"the songs possess the ageless ache of memory." — USA Today

Marking their 40th anniversary of playing together, These Old Dark Hills sounds like an instant Americana classic and proves that this veteran duo continues to be one of the most innovative and compelling roots acts on the scene today.

From the haunting title track to poignant story songs like "Lonesome," "Arizona," and "Looking for Love" to humorous tunes like "Tessie Mae" about their newly adopted dog, These Old Dark Hills is some of their finest songwriting to date. Other highlights include their fresh covers of the country classic "Storms Never Last," Springsteen's "My Lucky Day" and the moving a capella number "World Wide Peace." Woven in seamlessly with their originals, Robin and Linda create an album that speaks to the love and hope we can find even in the darkest of times. Robin and Linda are an American musical treasure.

“These Old Dark Hills,” from the June 2, 2012 broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion:

"These Old Dark Hills" is the title of the last song we finished right before going to Nashville to record. It's become a favorite of ours and we look forward to bringing it and some other new pieces onto the stage at our upcoming concerts." — Robin Williams

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