Tim's characters are incredibly rich and diverse. He's Dusty the crusty cowboy, Rico the wheeler-dealer, Fred Farrell the animal specialist, stoner teenagers, haughty millionaires, henpecked husbands-all perfectly pitched and hilariously funny. Oh yeah, did I mention how funny Tim is? OK, the man is extremely funny and quick. Off stage and on, he can fire up an ad lib before you can blink. And his mild-mannered demeanor makes his super-quick one-liners even more hilarious. It's always a treat to watch Tim tackle a series of tongue twisters or a rapid-fire list of famous names. No one does it better. I think all his many years of getting up at the crack of dawn to host morning shows on AM radio prepared him beautifully for that task. I'm very fortunate to get to play opposite Tim frequently on our show. And though we've worked together for many years, I'm still awed by his talents and his skills. This collection of his voices, impressions and characters heard on A Prairie Home Companion is Tim Russell at his best. It will entertain you, amaze you and make you laugh. So go ahead and listen to it over and over. And once you hear it in your head, you'll thank me. I promise.
Sue Scott

Tim Russell: Man of One Thousand Voices

Track listing:

  1. Heavenly Celebrities
  2. Who's on the Show
  3. The Lives of the Cowboys
  4. Santa
  5. Conversation with F. Scott
  6. Presidents
  7. Fritz Electronics Listen
  8. Kerouac
  9. Dad
  10. Earl's School of Accents
  11. Fred Farrell
  12. Song of the Vampire
  13. Guy Noir, Private Eye [read the script]
  14. Paul Bunyan
  15. Bud's Coffee
  16. Catchup
  17. Big Pharma
  18. Guy's Shoes
  19. Celebrity Valentines

About the Album:

Fans of A Prairie Home Companion know him as Garrison Keillor's grumbling sidekick, Dusty, in public radio's favorite cowboy serial "The Lives of the Cowboys." (Listeners may also know him as the exacting maître d' of the Café Boeuf.) One minute he's mildmannered Tim Russell; the next he's George Bush or Julia Child or Barack Obama or Arnold Schwarzenegger or John McCain or Michael Bloomberg. This album contains more than 1 hour of Tim's favorite moments from the show.

Watch "Earl's School of Accents":

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