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Segment 1
00:00:11Hello Love/ If Not For You, opening credits- GK, Andra Suchy, band
00:04:35America the Beautiful, Avon open talk- GK, Andra, band
00:07:22Star Spangled Banner- GK, cast, live audience
00:09:00Our Flag Was Still There- John McCutcheon
00:13:08Avon Summer Sonnet- GK, Andra, Rich Dworsky
00:14:46The Champions- Lake Wobegon Brass Band
00:17:20 GK talks with WWII vet Clarence Fischbach
00:20:53GK talks with WWII vet Sgt. Ralph Lauer
00:26:16National Emblem March- Lake Wobegon Brass Band
00:27:43GK intros Charlie’s Restaurant owner Bud Heidergerken
00:30:03Powdermilk Biscuit Break/ Beer Barrel Polka- Shoe Band and Jerry Bierschbach
Segment 2
00:32:52Back in the USA- Pat Donohue, GK Andra Suchy and band
00:35:20Rhubarb script
00:39:10 Leigh Lenzmeier recites Joyce Sutphen’s poem “St. Joe, the Angelus”
00:41:20Lebensfrieden- GK and Vern Sutton with Richard Dworsky and Gary Raynor
00:43:33GK talks with Father Steve Binsfeld
00:48:05Life in the Finnish Woods- Jerry Bierschbach and The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band
00:50:30Guy Noir script
00:57:32GK intros Tarryl Clark, she recites “Barbara Freitchie” by John Greenleaf Whittier
01:01:10Star-Spangled Banner/ Under the Double Eagle- Vern Sutton, John McCutcheon and The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band
01:04:31Intermission – I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter”
Segment 3
01:08:05Welcome Back to the 2nd half, Avon jokes, greetings
01:08:56Hail Hail The Gang’s All Here- GK, Andra, Vern and band
01:10:50GK talks about Avon’s stats, greetings
01:15:00GK talks with Amy Klobuchar about 4th of July parades
01:18:42GK talks with Pastor Steve Hilde
01:23:00Flow Gently, Sweet Avon- GK, Vern, Andra, band
01:25:23GK talks with Avon mayor John Grutsch, he recites “Topography” by Sharon Olds
01:27:55GK talks with Jeanette Clancy, Avon Historian
01:32:15GK talks with John McCutcheon
01:33:00When I Grow Up- John McCutcheon and Shoe band
01:36:30GK intros The St. John’s Boys Choir
01:37:50“Ein Jager Langs dem Weihr Ging”- St. John’s Boys Choir
01:40:10GK talks with the choir director
01:41:05Blessing- St. John’s Boy Choir
Segment 4
01:43:57News From Lake Wobegon (download MP3)
Segment 5
01:53:20I Think of You - GK, band, Andra
01:55:30The Parting Glass, credits, William Tell Overture

Event Details and information

Fourth of July/35th Anniversary Special
Lake Wobegon Park
Avon, MN
July 4, 2009 4:45 PM CT

A FREE show in celebration of A Prairie Home Companion's 35th Anniversary and the Fourth of July!

With special guests: Rich Dworsky & the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band, Sound effects man Tom Keith, The Lake Wobegon Brass Band, The St. John's Boys' Choir, Vern Sutton, Andra Suchy & a bunch of surprise guests, including Father Steve Binsfeld, Clarence Fischbach, Concertina player Jerry Bierschbach, and a whole lot more.

Lake Wobegon Park (which the Lake Wobegon Bike Trail cuts through) is located at the intersection of Avon Avenue N & 2nd Street NE in Avon, Minnesota (in Stearns County).

This live broadcast show is free and open to the public.


From Garrison Keillor:

Stearns County is about as close to Lake Wobegon as you can get so it's where we plan to observe the 35th anniversary of A Prairie Home Companion — in the town of Avon, which is on the Lake Wobegon Bike Trail, broadcasting live coast to coast and overseas via Armed Forces Radio — a brass band, speeches, acoustic blues and rock ’n’ roll, some reminiscences by old-timers, and the whole big crowd singing the national anthem, and our sound-effects man will make rockets go up in the air.

I've biked the Bike Trail a couple of times and love the ordinary beauty of farmland and meadow and the towns along it. And since the radio show had its origins there, in the stories I heard when I lived near Freeport and hung around St. John's, it's only right to return and say hello.

Your Favorite Prairie Home Memory

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For our 35th anniversary, we're collecting your favorite Prairie Home memories to share with other folks online. If you need help remembering when, visit the archive page.

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