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We'll have live video for all our broadcasts from the Fitzgerald Theater during our 40th Anniversary season — tune in at at 5pm Central, January 31, February 7, 14, and 21!

Video Highlights

40th Anniversary weekend

40 Years, 40 Songs

40th Anniversary broadcast

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Behind the Scenes

We've been collecting interviews with performers and staff from throughout the show's history. Listen to a few below.

GK, Bob Douglas, Adam Granger, Buzz Kemper, Peter Ostroushko, Vern Sutton, and Butch Thompson

Peter Ostroushko describes a moment of panic during the early days of the show.

Bill Kling, Margaret Moos Pick, David O'Neill, and Marge Ostroushko

Gary Eichten interviews Bob Douglas, Mary DuShane, Adam Granger, and Butch Thompson

Gary Eichten interviews Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and Fred Newman

Gary Eichten interviews Robin and Linda Williams

Gary Eichten interviews Philip Brunelle, Janis Hardy, and Vern Sutton

From the Host

We intended the show to last for a year, or maybe two, but just as we were about to quit, the show started to draw an audience, fifty, a hundred, two hundred people coming to see it on Saturday night, and we kept going so we could figure out what we were doing right. The formula is simple: a variety of music that appeals, radio actors who can do noir, or horror, or soap, strong writing, a Midwestern ethos, and the thrill of live radio. And a support staff to do the work. It isn't what I planned to be doing for forty years but luckily for me my plans went awry. It's a good show. People have grown up listening to it and now they are middle-aged and still like it.

— Garrison Keillor

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40th Anniversary Broadcast

We celebrated our 40th anniversary at Macalester College with a three-day festival and a special three-hour live broadcast on July 5, 2014. Visit the archive for audio, video, and photos from the show.

Lake Wobegon for the Weekend

Communities across Minnesota became Lake Wobegon for the weekend of July 4–6, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the show that brought the town to life. Take a look: #WeAreLakeWobegon