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Valentine's Day Contest

Michael Deppe of Saint Paul, MN

To Rachel, my lovely long-suffering wife of 19 & 3/4 years

My Baby


My baby gives me loving
My baby gives me grief
My baby builds up tension and she
Brings me sweet relief
Oh, my baby, she gives me what I need
I don't know why she loves me
Who knows where all this loving will lead?

My baby bakes me cookies
My baby bakes me cakes
My baby knows the recipe for what good loving takes
Oh, my baby, she fills my loving cup
Nobody else could even come close to
measuring up

My baby makes me shiver
My baby makes me shake and
If my baby left me I know my heart would break
Oh, my baby, she is the only one
I'd do anything just to hear her calling me "Hon"

My baby can be funny
My baby can be crude
My baby shows compassion and she shows some attitude
Oh, my, baby, some folks might shake their heads
But I'm the lucky one here—I take her hand and up we go to bed

Copyright 2008 by Michael R. Deppe

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