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A message from one of our naturalists, Natalie Springuel...

On any trip to a natural area, Rich and I love to keep track of the wildlife we observe, sunrise and sunset times, and the level of the tide where we travel. Somehow, keeping track of all of this gives a journey a real sense of place, and helps create a lasting picture of the experience in that place. We figured there are probably lots of folks coming on the cruise who would also like a mechanism to keep track of their natural experiences, but there isn't really an existing wildlife checklist or a tide table that specifically covers the route of the ship.

So, we created one! This tri-fold brochure (8.5" x 11") is a very simple format, written specially for the trip. It covers the common wildlife we may encounter on the journey (sea birds, marine mammals and a few extras) as well as a tide table and sunrise/set times for each of the ports of call.

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*You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this brochure. Don't have it? Download it here. Having trouble? Don't worry. We'll have the brochures aboard the ship as well.

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