2011 APHC At Sea Boston-Montreal

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We're bound away again!

On July 9, the 2011 Prairie Home Cruise sets sail from Boston, heading up the coast to Maine and Nova Scotia, through the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and on to Montreal, Quebec.

Join Garrison, PHC cast members, musicians, naturalists, and
a bunch of other interesting folks on this weeklong voyage.

Sailing, sunning, singing, sightseeing ashore, or relaxing
onboard it's the perfect summer break.

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Cruise Bulletin

We had a wonderful time on the cruise, and we hope you did too. We've posted a journal of daily updates — notes, photos, and videos — that captured our time at sea and on stage. You can also visit the archive to hear the best of the cruise performances on the July 23, 2011 show.

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A Note from the Host

Dear Friends,
I trust that all of you have returned home in fine fettle from the cruise from Boston up the St. Lawrence, your spirits renewed by a week of camaraderie and sea air and brisk walking and a smorgasbord of musicianship including the Quebecois bands with their dancing fiddlers Olivier and Pascal.

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