2012 APHC At Sea Amsterdam-Barcelona

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Your Stories from Previous Cruises

We want to hear about your favorite experiences on the APHC At Sea cruises!
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I never had any desire to go on a cruise, but we signed up with a couple of friends for the first cruise to Nova Scotia. It was one of the most pleasant weeks I've ever spent. I especially enjoyed the evening events, where the musicians from the show and the special guests would entertain in the various venues around the ship. We signed up again for the recent cruise in the western Caribbean, and it was equally enjoyable.
— Jock A., Blue Grass, IA

I have had the joy of being on three APHC cruises: Norway, the Caribbean and Boston-Maine. On the first I travelled as a single with all my family aboard and met another woman who has become my APHC "roomie." What will you find aboard? Your favorite APHC entertainers in all the venues (one can hardly decide what to do) and the fun of also running into them on land. You will also find a shipload of like-minded people. It's fun now as I always recognize people from the last cruises and many from all three. This is probably the only cruise you might take where the casino is completely vacant — except for the dealers! With this being a "chartered" ship, the land tours, sometimes the ports and all of the entertainment is simply fantastic. No cheesy shipboard entertainment this trip!
— Heidi T., Dunedin, FL

My husband and I attended the very first Prarie Home cruise from Boston to Canada. I have been on many cruises in my life and the PH cruise was the best yet. The entertainment was outstanding and the guests were so much fun too. One of my fondest memories was an elderly gentleman singing a song in the guest talent contest. I think the title was "When I get you home tonight". He was great! He had the crowd on their feet with applause. We made so many friends that week and saw so many great places in New England and the Canadian Maritmes.
— Tami and Marc H., Exeter, RI

I have been on THREE PHC Cruises. They are more than worth the price of admission. Garrison and the whole PHC crew and guest performers are available and entertaining almost around the clock. They always have time for YOU and love to meet YOU. Then there is the cruise itself which is always a treat fit for kings and queens and the rest of us.
— Mary M., Pinellas Park, FL

We went on the Norway trip a few years back. The time was filled from early morning with the ornithologists through quizzes, local history, book readings, music and performances by the professional guests, on-board APHC shows and shore excursions. In particular, Fred Newman proved he is much more than the sound effects guy. There was even the chance to meet GK at breakfast. The final night party was just brilliant. Other cruises sink in comparison.
— Annie W., Birmingham, UK

Lucky so far to have only missed one cruise — the very first one — but have treasured each subsequent trip with GK and the outstanding entertainers. It is hard to comprehend how they can pack so much fun into one trip, with opportunities to do all the things you probably wouldn't be doing back home, seeing beautiful sights with all of the background information provided as well, and being entertained royally each evening. These trips have without a doubt been the most unforgettable vacations I've had during my lifetime. Perhaps the best part is the opportunity to see the wonderful friends we've made on previous trips. One of the incredible memories is that of GK, as passengers were disembarking in Copenhagn, personally helping the travelers get into their cabs with their luggage, shaking hands with everyone as we said our goodbyes. Indescribable memories, never to be forgotten. The PHC staff is always there to answer questions and lend a heoping hand. A totally unique vacation from beginning to end.
— Brenda L., Dallas, TX

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