Off we go to the Baltic in August!

We'll sail on August 9th aboard the ms Ryndam from the white cliffs of Dover and head off to visit a string of fabulous northern cities, including Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, and Århus, taking along all the usual suspects and our naturalists and some excellent lecturers, and we'll have a mob sing on the afterdeck as we pull out of Dover, and late-night dances in the Crow's Nest and 7 a.m. choir practice (optional) and more storytelling and lectures about the Hanseatic League and the Revolution of 1917, and a cavalcade of music in the bars and lounges, as the watery world slips by and we take a two-week leave from our ordinary hectic lives. No texting. No email.

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A Note from the Host

I've been hanging on to the idea of Dover August 9 like a life buoy for almost a year now — through a busy season, the final editing of a book, the writing of a play, a month-long book tour, the 40th anniversary PHC festival, the recording of two months' worth of Writer's Almanac — on the theory that one can endure a crowded schedule so long as one has a Thing of Beauty to look forward to. And two weeks on the Baltic is the Beautiful Thing...

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