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Phil Keillor (L.) chats with Sue Scott backstage
A Note from Garrison:
The show is to raise money for a park shelter on the shore of Lake Mendota in Madison, a city that loves its lakes and parks, as did my brother Philip. He was skating on the lake when he slipped, hit his head, and died twelve days later of severe brain trauma. He was 71.

We grew up on the banks of the Mississippi and from his earliest days he loved bodies of water, boats, and skating, and so Madison was a perfect place for him. It hurt us, loyal Minnesotans, that he became a loyal Badger, but he loved the city and the people so much, had a little sailboat anchored not far from his office at the University, took his children and his grandchildren sailing, worked for the University's Sea Grant program on research projects on Lakes Superior and Michigan, and had a wonderful life right up until he cracked his head.

Artist Rendering
His death has been painful, as you can imagine, and one way to endure it is to do good things in his memory. And so, my musician friends (whom he loved) and I will do a concert in a hall he enjoyed — we'll do some songs about rivers and boats and bodies of water, and also the blues — Philip was involved in starting a homeless shelter in Madison — and I'll tell a story about a memorial service beside Lake Wobegon that involved a boat. And from it we'll raise money for this beautiful park shelter, and we'll put a little brick in the wall that says "Philip Keillor 1937–2009". I am so grateful to Robin and Linda and Rich for doing this.

The New Tenney Park Shelter Web site >>

Donate to the shelter construction fund >>

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Garrison Keillor
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