First Person
In this Dream
By Steve Alden Nelson
October 17, 2007

In this dream, sparrows sang the blues in unison with garbage trucks while old Filipino ladies woke early to work at the bakery.

In this dream, bald headed men played Bocci ball in blue raincoats while children smoked pipes carved from ancient petrified trees. Balloons were filled with toxic gases. Ice cream trucks exploded at the break of dawn, the first ray of light igniting the short fuse.

In this dream, skeletons of dead rock stars hung from giant redwood trees like Christmas ornaments. Juniper berries made the wrens go mad and slam into bay windows.

In this dream, women wore silk stocking and rolled pennies down steep, smooth streets. Aero planes were fueled by the fearful gasps of paranoid passengers.

In this dream, all traffic lights turned to cobalt blue and rained down diamonds. Cupcakes sprouted daffodils while newborn babies made world decisions, saving the planet from the old egos, disarming the modern cowboy and singing him off to sleep on an empty island.

In this dream, shadowy mountains shed their purple majesty, and wept into rivers overflowing with hope. Every orphan had one more day with their parents.

In this dream, the world spoke only through eyes and hearts. Human language fell silent.

About the author:
I am a writer/actor and a newspaper columnist contributing "Letters Home" to the Caledonia Argus, Caledonia, MN.

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