1998 YUK YIELD! PHC's Joke Specialist, Vincent Voelz, has finished sorting through the heaps of yuk-y Web site submissions. His comments are included below in light brown and followed by his initials.
Given your call for Yuk-Y web sites, this one has got to take the cake. Darwin Awards Official Homepage. It is a web site dedicated to recounting the exploits that have earned people the coveted Darwin Award, an award given for naturally selecting oneself out of the gene pool (so to speak). - Albert L.

So, you're searching for jokes? There are a few good "Eino and Toivo" jokes at the Yooper Home Page. - Matthew Q.

Here are a few sites I've found. Some math & science jokes are appreciated only if one has such a background, but certain ones are funny to everyone.

A categorized inventory of science jokes and other circulating humor. WARNING. Some topics may be highly esoteric, and just plain nerdy. -- V.V.

Older Jokes for Older Folks contains more links both on this page and on the home page (one step back). - J O E

Good clean fun compiled by users of Seniors-site.com. There are many classic oldies-but-goodies and quite a few recent jokes too. -- V.V.

The Creativity Quiz - Andy E.

Check this one out! Squirrel Hazing-the Untold Story Squirrel Hazing: The Untold Story I laughend so hard that Perrier came out of my nose, and I wasn't even drinking it! - Dan I.

Barking Spider - Anon.

A quirky presentation of various internet humor threads. Jokes, strange-but-true stories, and clever quotes. Items like "Deep Thoughts from Supermodels" are especially enlightening. -- V.V.

A lot of ho-hum or too lengthy stuff here, but some good ones under "blondes". Personally, I love "bill of no rights", although it's more of a political statement (and one that I doubt that Mr. K. will agree with wholeheartedly) than really a joke. It might make good material for a longer skit, though.

This site is full of yo momma jokes. :-) - Packy W.

Check out the Laffatorium. They also have a daily newsletter. - Rory and Kristi G.

A good smattering of jokes, stories, lists, and internet humor. This site changes regularly.... -- V.V.

Index of Canonical Lists - Marty M

Best Mailing list is the Joke-A-Day mailing list Joke-A-Day - Eileen B.

I would like to (modestly) let you know of my personal web page where I've collected about 1100 jokes over the last two years. Don't worry! They're categorized for your convenience:

Damon's Jokes Page

My original intent for this site was to collect the same e-mail jokes I received over and over again, but as you can see my "little" project has now gotten entirely out of hand. - Damon M

The Onion - America's Finest News Source - Kristen B.

"America's Finest News Source". Acid-tongued news parodies that will make you double over with laughter. This Madison, Wisconsin, paper is fresh, sarcastic, and genuinely funny. -- V.V.

You might correctly assume that this list came from a strange misuse of otherwise valuable time. Only one request (other than to keep doing the show). If you get a reallly good list, post them on your website. - Anon.

Giggle's Humor Page - Marguerite

Check out the International Save the Puns Foundationation - Jim M.

The International Save The Puns Foundation. A good pun is its own reword, as the authors of this site know all too well. While claiming to spearhead a pun conservation effort, they may really be perpetuating a dangerous disease.... -- V.V.

Cows, Bulls, and anything Bovine This one is just what it says... shootin' the bull! Goats are EVIL Ok, I'm going to take this one personally, cause I raise dairy and meat goats..... The Burrow You gotta go here and read this! ALL of it! LOL, We also raise earthworms for fun and profit, so this one I found extremely interesting... ok, I'm just that kinda person...

Love you all!!!! - Robyn A.

Bob's Fridge go to jokes section, good clean stuff - anonymous tip

Try the porch joke area at Y'all.com - anonymous tip

Dear Garrison & Company,

Here's a web site you may want to check out:

It's an Asian Indian comedy duo's web site. Hope it's useful. - Ms. Arpana P.

Some other sites Vince found useful in his hunt for online humor ...


Stoney's Humor Archive: Jokes, forwarded email humor, and links, all indexed in enormous proportions. Part of the fun of following the links is not knowing where you'll end up! -- V.V.


Specialties of the House: A Gallery of Regrettable Food No jokes per se, but an exhibition of real-life food products and their advertisements. -- V.V.  

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