Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand Contest
April 17, 1999 Archive Page - Previous Winners

This [show] represents a sort of quota in hiring preferences, setting aside a show for people from small towns and discriminating against people from Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, even Anoka [Keillor's hometown]. Though they may be more talented and deserving, I say, "Tough." We all know that life is terribly unfair, so why not spread the unfairness around more evenly? - GARRISON KEILLOR

ON JANUARY 9, 1999 A Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor announced the Fifth Annual Talent from Towns Under 2,000 (T-TUTT) contest to be held on the April 17 live broadcast. The contest features performers from rural areas and towns with fewer than 2,000 people.

Last year's winner was The Virtual Consort - from Shelburne Falls, MA (pop. 1,997) - an acoustic, eclectic trio led by archguitar player Peter Blanchette. Blanchette is a builder of instruments and the inventor of the "archguitar," an 11-string instrument that combines elements of the lute and the guitar. The Virtual Consort won the 1998 T-TUTT contest with a performance of John Dowland's "The Frog Galliard." (A review of last year's contest, complete with many audio additions, is available online.)

Contest finalists selected from submitted auditions were flown to Peoria, IL for the competition broadcast. The winner of the contest received the coveted Silver Water Tower Trophy and a monetary prize.

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1999 Finalists!
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Jason Moody

Audition | Performance
Dover, Idaho (population 500)
The Groveton Marimba Band

Groveton, Texas
(population 1072)


Ray Marklund Memorial Toolbox Award
Nikki Matteson

Lakefield, Minnesota
(population 1679)

Bobby Arnell
Hardwick, Vermont
(population 1600)
Jill Jones and the Lone Star Chorale
Driftwood, Texas
(population 350)

Uncle Henry's Favorites
White Hall, Virginia,
(population 50)

1999 Auditions!
Audio files below in RealAudio 3.0 28.8

White Water
Brad Talley
Mary Lester - The Enchanted Door
Jeanie Carlin
Hill City Slickers
Montana Cardboard String Band

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