Facts And Figures
Compiled by Kate Gustafson and Scott Rivard
  • There have been 941 live performances of the show and 864 live broadcasts.
  • Close to 1 million people have attended A Prairie Home Companion.
  • Three thousand feet of microphone cable are on the stage during each performance in St. Paul.
  • Ten thousand feet of tape per show was used when the show was broadcast and recorded analog.
  • Technical staff use more than 7,200 ft of gaff tape (cloth cousin to duct tape) per season.
  • In its 25 years PHC has used more than thirteen million feet (2,470 miles) of quarter-inch recording tape, almost enough to reach from New York City to Seattle.
  • PHC has broadcast more than 2,600 hours of programming in 25 years.
  • When the Fitzgerald Theater was renovated more than 28 miles of new audio wiring circuits were installed.
  • In the last 25 years, the truck has traveled more than 230,000 miles; show personnel have flown or driven more than 385,000 miles.
  • As of 1999, PHC has toured to 44 states, all except Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.
  • MPR started sending reel-to-reels of the show to Australia and Sweden in 1985, sent digital audio tapes to Taiwan in 1990, and since 1996 the show goes direct to the satellite and is carried worldwide.
  • We have received correspondence from many countries, including Japan, Israel, England, Germany, Switzerland, and France.
  • The show goes out on Armed Forces Radio.
  • As of July 1999 the first PHC signal uplinked to the satellite has traveled 146.6 trillion miles into outer space, a long way from Lake Wobegon.
  • We receive about 800 entries each year for the TUTT (Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand) shows.
  • In 1999 listeners sent more than 5,000 submissions for the Joke Show.
  • PHC audio was delivered live over the Internet the first time October 5, 1996.

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