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Yo Mama Jokes

Yo'mama is so fat when she puts on a red dress people say,
"Hey Kool-Aid!"

Megan Massie, Princeton, WV
Age: 10

-Yo' mama's so fat, when her pager goes off people think she's backing up

-Yo' mama's so dumb, it takes her an hour to cook Minute Rice

-Yo' mama's so dumb, she can't boil water without burning it

Lindsay Murphy, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Yo mama's so dumb, she thinks serial killers put poison in people's cornflakes!

Eileen Krasowski, New Haven, CT

Yo Mama's armpits are so looks like she has Don King in a headlock.

Yo Mama's so ugly even the tide won't take her out.

Yo Mama's so poor she can't even afford to pay attention.

Darwin Irish, South Hadley, Ma


Stephen Meckler, Philadelphia, PA

Your Mama's so fat, if she won a beauty contest they'd sing, "Here she comes, North America."

Sue Kanal, Critical, MASS

Yo mama's so fat she stepped on a rainbow and made Skittles!

Yo mama's so fat she jumped up in the air and got stuck!

Ben Tanner, Clarkesville, GA

Q: So, who's the Japanese insult comedienne who married a former Secretary of Agriculture?

A: Yomama Wazami-Butz.

Ken Shaw, Brooklyn, NY

Yo mama is so ugly that she has to trick or treat by phone!

Evan Galloway, Badin, NC

Yo' Momma's So Fat, she got a psychaitrist bill for 1500 dollars. 500 for the session and 1000 for a new couch!

Yo' Momma's So Dumb, when the movie sign "under 17 not admitted", she went home and got 16 friends!

Yo' Momma's So Old, she owes Moses a quarter!

Yo' Momma's So Fat, If she wears and X-files Tee shirt, a helicopter lands on her back!

Yo' Momma's So Dumb, She changed your diapers once a month, because it said on the box, "Good for up to Twenty Pounds"

Josh Widdowson, Indiana, PA

Yo mamma so fat that when she runs the 50 yard dash she needs an overnight bag.

Qwill O'Sullivan, Sheboygan, WI

Dear gang,
Your mama's teeth are so yella that when she smiles traffic slows down.

Jay Weaver, Chicago, Il

Yo Mama so fat when she takes a bath she makes gravy
Yo Mama so fat her shadow weighs 50 pounds

Bruce Tibbetts, Albuquerque, NM

yo mama----yo mama is so ugly that the hazardous waste people are scared of her!!!!!!

Allison Krawiec, Elkhart, IN
Age: 8

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