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Announcing this year's finalists!
Six finalists have been chosen to compete in this year's Talent From Towns Under 2000 contest. On April 15, the finalists will join Garrison on the show in New York City. Not only will you be able to listen to these talented performers during the show, but you can go online and cast your vote for the performer you think is most deserving of the Silver Water Tower Trophy.

Last year's winner, Jason Moody, a violinist from Dover, Idaho (pop.500), will also be on hand.

Hear the winning auditions.
To listen to the auditions submitted by this year's finalists, click on their names in the graphic below.
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Background Info

CAMPTOWN LADIES, who hail from Eureka Springs, Arkansas (pop. 1900), describe their sound as pure as ringing church bells. With Melissa Carper on doghouse bass and Gina Gallina on clawhammer banjo, the Camptown Ladies play old timey songs and country classics as well as their own special brand of hillbilly music. It's just down home, knee slappin' entertainment that make you feel good. Their most recent CD is entitled Who Ate All the Biscuits?
LOCAL GIRLS is a three member group from Guysville, Ohio (pop. 1429). And 'no' we did not make up the town's name! Brenda Catania, Gay Dalzell and Mimi Hart joined forces in 1988 after discovering they all shared an enthusiasm for close three-part harmony. Much of their material focuses on the hot and vampy swing tunes of the 1930s and 40s, but they also perform their own arrangements of cowpoke, be-bop, blues and an occasional psychedelic hit. The group's first CD, Let Yourself Go, will be released in April.

LEILANI CLARK, who goes by "Lani," is 11 years old and comes to APHC from Wellborn, FL (pop. 500). She began singing at the age of three and has entertained audiences at schools, churches, retirement facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. Her audition song "Nitey Night" was written in 1947 by Charlie Piliero, a friend of her father's. Charlie, who is 80 years old, wrote the song at the end of World War II and resigned it to the bottom of an old shoe box until last summer when he came across it while cleaning. Leilani can be reached through her web site at: www.leilaniclark.8m.com.

MOLASSES CREEK comes to us from Ocracoke Island (pop. 700) which is 23 miles off the coast of the North Carolina. A bluegrass band with a wide repertoire, Molasses Creek is made up of Gary Mitchell on guitar, Kitty Mitchell on bass, Fiddler Dave on fiddle and Stan Brown on banjo. Formed in 1993, Molasses Creek has delighted audiences from the coast to the mountains with their soulful vocal harmonies and powerful musicianship. The group has released 4 CDs, the most recent of which is entitled CityBound.
LONESOME BROTHERS are a C &W/rockabilly band from Haydenville, MA (pop. 1379). Formed in 1986, the Lonesome Brothers are Jim Armenti (guitar, vocals), Ray Mason (bass, vocals) and Bob Grant on drums. Their most recent CD is Diesel Therapy. More information about the band is available on their web site www.lonesomebrothers.com.
BON TEMPS ROULEZ is a five-man Cajun garage band from Makanda, IL (pop.404). The band first got together about three years ago and played primarily bluegrass. But after getting hired as the opening act for BeauSoleil, they made the switch to Cajun (though they confess to playing a little bluegrass ever now and then when no one is looking). The band's members are Dan Schingel (lead guitar), Tom Cummings (bass) John Giffin (rhythm guitar) Kenny "Lester" Johnson (drums) and Dennis Stroughmatt (fiddle/vocals).

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