April 30, 2000
On April 30, Garrison Keillor traveled to rustic Dodgeville, Wisconsin to perform for the employees of Lands' End, the national broadcast sponsor of the program.

Accompanying Garrison were sound-effects man Tom Keith and Guy's All-Star Shoe Band leader Rich Dworsky. Also performing were several Lands' End employees, including singer Jamie Peterson, pianist Debra Morrill, comedian Mike Mercury and the Not Exactly Flashback band.

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Lands' End Show 4/30/00
Dodgeville, Wisconsin

00:00 Welcome from Dave Dyer
01:04 Here's Garrison - Applause

01:28 Dave doing his on-line thing "I'm wearing a tankini"
02:49 Lands' End advertising used to be a lot like my fatherů Slide Show

07:49 Jim Johnston introduces band
08:35 Applause - Flashbacks Tune

08:57 That Boy

11:10 Applause - GK Talk with Band
11:54 It's Been A Hard Day's Night

14:23 Applause - GK Talk About Prairie Home Companion Talent from Towns Under 2000 Competition, Sonnet Contest
17:13 Joke Show - Penguin Joke, Cannibal Joke

17:55 Intro Mike Mercury
18:44 Applause
18:55 Mike Mercury Segment
26:10 Applause - Playoff

26:33 Powdermilk Biscuits

27:58 Rich Dworsky Piano Solo

30:55 Applause - GK Intro Tom Keith
31:22 Sound Effects Script

37:05 Applause - GK Introduce Sound Effects Challenge
38:00 Donkey Sound Effects
39:57 Cole Does Horse Sound Effect
40:26 Applause
41:10 Sidney Does Elephant Sound Effect

42:17 Applause Talk With Fiona
43:37 Tom Keith and Fiona do America the Beautiful
44:23 Applause - One More Sound Effect
44:20 Honey, I'm Home
46:09 GK Talk With Doug, Galloping Horses

47:22 Tom Keith Talk About Joke Show - "You're not Eating Properly"
48:10 Guy in Casket Joke
48:43 Young Woman With Tough Guy Meeting Parents
50:03 Wisconsin Jokes

52:11 Applause - GK Talk With Debra Morrill
54:06 Brahms Rhapsody
59:30 Applause

59:57 GK Introduce Jamie Peterson

101:06 Power in the Blood

103:53 Applause - GK Talk With Jamie
104:42 In the Garden - Jamie Peterson and Garrison
107:56 Applause

108:12 Monologue

130:28 Applause - GK Thanks Guests

132:05 Home in Dodgeville
134:37 Applause

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Andy Manis)

Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
GK greeting the audience Tom Keith and GK during the Sound Effects Challenge
Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
GK singing with Jamie Peterson Something to chuckle about.
Enlarge photo Enlarge photo
Here comes an elephant sound-effect Lands' End audience.

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