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The Big Show
It's time again for our annual Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand Contest. We've selected six finalists out of hundreds of submitted entries. These six contestants will join Garrison Keillor on April 21 for a live broadcast from the Fitzgerald Theater in beautiful downtown St. Paul, Minnesota.

Vote Online for Your Favorite
Go online during the show and cast your vote for the performer you think is most deserving of the much-coveted Silver Water Tower Trophy. The online votes will be tallied and added to those from the theater audience. Garrison will announce the winner toward the end of show.

Last year's winner, Leilani Clark, a 12-year-old singer from Wellborn, FL (pop. 500), will also be on hand.


Scott Olson

A trumpet player from Mission Hill, South Dakota, Scott is a teacher in the Yankton School District where he teaches instrumental music in three elementary schools. Scott currently plays principal trumpet with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra and regularly performs with the Sioux Falls Big Band and The Brass Section in northwest Iowa. Scott lives on a farm near Mission Hill with his wife Barb and their nine-year-old daughter, Heidi.
Kyle Coolidge
Kyle is 11 years old and has studied piano for a little over 3 years. He lives with his parents, Patty and Mark, and his older brother, Casey, in Delton, Wisconsin, population 1916. Kyle entered our contest at the suggestion of his piano teacher, Amos Roe, who describes Kyle as an inquisitive young man who loves cats and dogs and "is a total blast to be with." Kyle (left) is pictured here with Casey at their piano.
Andy Newbrey
Andy comes to us from Towanda, Kansas, population 1000. Andy is currently working toward an accounting degree at Wichita State University and his wife, Michelle, is the town's veterinarian. Andy said news of his appearance on APHC has traveled fast around town. Towanda's two city hall officials have been alerted, as has the town historian, and everyone at The Rusty Bucket and Red's Cafe. There's even talk of posting a notice on the bulletin board at the local bank.
Katie Kerkhover
With a population of 47, Katie's hometown of Rockwood, Illinois, is one of the smallest of the small towns we've seen. Katie is 16 years old and has been fiddling and singing since the age of seven. She's an accomplished performer having appeared on several television and radio shows in Nashville, Tennessee, in addition to local church picnics and town festivals. Katie is currently working on a new CD which will be produced by John Carter Cash.
Patti Casey
Patti is a singer/songwriter from North Duxbury, Vermont, population 1290. Patti has won several songwriting contests including the Kerrville 2000 New Folk Songwriters Contest and a second-place finish in the 1995 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest. Patti's current CD is entitled Under Different Skies and she's even got her own web site: www.patticasey.com.
Celestial Sirens
Celestial Sirens is a four-person performing ensemble. The group's members are: Marybeth McCaffery (Lincoln, VT, pop. 974), Melissa Chesnut Tangerman (Middletown Springs, VT, pop. 686), Deborah Farnham (Starksboro, VT, pop. 1511) and Roger Grow (Plainfield, VT, pop. 1302). For more information, visit www.earlymusicvermont.org.

Since we've only time enough for six contestants during our show, many talented musicians do not get the chance to perform. Here's a sampling of some of the performers that time simply does not permit us to include. Requires RealPlayer

Bearfoot Bluegrass [Listen to audition]
A six-member bluegrass band from Cordova, Alaska.

The Atkinson Family Band [Listen to audition]
A six-member bluegrass from Harrisville, New York, in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains.

Robinella and the CC Stringband [Listen to audition]
A four-member band from Rockford, Tennessee.

Hawk Arps Jazz Band [Listen to audition]
A talented jazz vibraharpist from Lopez, Washington.

Katherine Evans [Listen to audition]
A solo bassoonist from Towanda, Kansas


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