GK and Prairie Home at the 2007 State Fair

Garrison Keillor warming up the crowd for performance
(Photo: Andrea McAvey)

Here's your chance to catch Garrison Keillor and Co. at the Minnesota State Fair. Twice!

Why not make a day of it? Friday, August 31st is a big day at the Minnesota State Fair, and an even bigger day for fans of A Prairie Home Companion.

GK on Midday

On August 31st, Garrison Keillor will be interviewed by Gary Eichten on Minnesota Public Radio's Midday program at noon (Central time, of course). Stop by Carousel Park for this rare chance to see two radio greats for an hour-long interview.

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Several hours to do what you want

Go on, get some cookies. And some milk. Learn the difference between a corn dog and a pronto pup. Step right up to games of chance and skill in the Mighty Midway. Find your favorite seed art portrait in the Agriculture building. Visit the State Fair's oldest ride, Ye Old Mill. And it wouldn't be the State Fair without checking out the butter carvings inspired by the visages of Princess Kay of the Milky Way and her entourage in Empire Commons.

PHC at the Grandstand
Then, stick around for a special 8 pm Grandstand Performance (taped for broadcast Sept. 1) from Garrison Keillor, the Royal Academy of Radio Actors, and the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band (with the Hornheads!) Plus special guests Jearlyn Steele, and Patty Griffin!

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You Better Leave That Corndog Alone
Listen (Real Audio)

You had a bratwurst and corn on the cob
A hot fudge sundae and a shishkebob
You got a bucket of cheese curds in your hand
And yet you're stopping at the hot dog stand.

If you don't want to get in trouble (x3)
You better leave that corn dog alone

You had a taco four inches thick
And a deep fried walleye on a stick
You better be careful with that pronto pup
'Cause what goes down might come back up

When I married you I had no idea
You'd sell your soul for a beef tortilla
I'm leaving you now. That's it. I'm done.
If you fall down, call 9-1-1.

You had the onion rings and for desserts
A caramel apple and more cheese curds
I see the swine barn right over here
I might put you in a pen with a tag on your ear.

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Previous shows at the MN State Fair

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September 3, 2005
September 4, 2004

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