The Lunchtime Chats
October, 1997

GARRISON KEILLOR INVITED people to participate in a series of chats on the first four Wednesdays in October. They were held 12 - 1 pm CT. We've saved the transcripts and other materials, and make them available for you here.

Transcript: What Garrison Keillor Needs to Know About Children
Garrison Keillor: The day boys get obsessed with hair in childhood is a turning point for America.

Transcript: What Garrison Keillor Needs to Know About Lutherans and Catholics
Elyn: . . . We even had one loony nun who forbade white bows in your hair - it might make the boys think of a pillow.

Transcript: "What Has Happened to Me Since Tuesday"
Sara: I am locked in a house with four male hunter persons. This is no place for a lone woman to be, let me tell you.

Transcript: "What Has Happened to Me Since Tuesday"
Paul: Garrison, if anyone tells you a vacectomy is no big deal, they are not your friend.

"What Has Happened to Me Since Tuesday" - a chance for you to report on late-breaking developments in your life. Your family, your job, your spiritual and intellectual life, the life of your pets, the life of your automobile, the weather - tell us your biggest news of the past twenty-four hours.

Says the host: "News is not what happens in Washington, though we accept that as a focal point. It's what happens immediately around us, and before we find out what has happened in Washington, we should be clear about what is taking place in our immediate vicinity. God sees the sparrow fall, and so should we. So - in this hour, we'll assemble some individual data and from it, perhaps we'll try to draw generalizations about Our Time."

Old Sweet Songs: A Prairie Home Companion 1974-1976

Old Sweet Songs

Lovingly selected from the earliest archives of A Prairie Home Companion, this heirloom collection represents the music from earliest years of the now legendary show: 1974–1976. With songs and tunes from jazz pianist Butch Thompson, mandolin maestro Peter Ostroushko, Dakota Dave Hull and the first house band, The Powdermilk Biscuit Band (Adam Granger, Bob Douglas and Mary DuShane).

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