Live Backstage Chat
October 16, 1999

HOST: Hi everybody. Welcome to A Prairie Home Companion's backstage chat. We're live backstage from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul. Right now things are a bit chaotic, the cast and crew are rushing around as usual, making sure everything is ready to go for the show. By the time 5 pm rolls around, things will be a lot more settled, and some of the Prairie Home Companion staff will be here to join us, maybe some show guests as well, and possibly even Garrison himself after the show. People backstage are getting ready for the show. We're just trying to keep our heads down and out of everyone's way.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Backstage from where?

HOST: We are currently backstage at the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul, MN. We hope to have several of the staff members from A Prairie Home joining us tonight. So start submitting your questions now!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Hi, what is this special event?

HOST: Every week, Garrison Keillor and friends present A Prairie Home Companion on Public Radio Stations nationwide. We are chatting backstage, and as actors, musicians, and PHC staffers run by, we hope to get them to join us

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How many cups of coffee do you drink making up a show?

HOST: Me personally? As many as I can get. Iced tea is another favorite

AUDIENCE QUESTION: May I ask; who is "WE"?

HOST: We at the controls are members of Minnesota Public Radio's New Media department.

MODERATOR: Hey - Butch Thompson just peeked in the door. Just heard the call for warm-up.

HOST: Be sure to get your questions submitted.

HOST: Where's everybody listening from? You can listen live from our Web site at

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who is playing tonight?

HOST: Tonight's guests include Butch Thompson at the piano, singer Rebecca Kilgore, and trumpet player Duke Heitger. Special guests: The Nashville Bluegrass Band.

MODERATOR: They're warming up the house - a little piano, a little singing...

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Have you got a Web site?


MODERATOR: A little vamp on the keyboard. . .

AUDIENCE QUESTION: When did you start working at PHC?

HOST: I've been here for almost 2 years.

MODERATOR: I've been around 14 years =sigh=

MODERATOR: Now we're hearing a little shortenin' bread.

HOST: How many of you have ever seen the show live?

MODERATOR: Keillor just peeked in - now he's onstage. You could hear the applause as he stepped out. He's singing the Guy Noir theme (a small scream was heard in the hall...)

HOST: Don't forget the Netcast. You can see four different camera angles of the stage action,starts at 6:00 ET.

MODERATOR: Keillor is talking about the chat to the audience, and about Larry.

HOST: We're five minutes or so from showtime, so get your questions to us now! Type your question in the "Ask a Question" space at the bottom of your screen.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is a Netcast?

HOST: A netcast is a show of live images from the show. New images update every 30 seconds. You can see it at starting at 6:00 EST.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How many shows have you done?

HOST: This is only our second chat, so we may trip up a bit - but that's what makes it interesting.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Have you ever done a netcast before?

HOST: We've been netcasting for over three years.

MODERATOR: Keillor is crooning to the audience. Pretty close to showtime. Applause in the hall. Last minute stragglers to their seats.


MODERATOR Ah, the MPR audio logo - the program is starting - and so is the chat!

HOST: If you can't hear PHC live on your radio, go to and listen to the streaming audio. You will need the RealAudio player.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who made up the name Prairie Home?

DAVID O'NEILL, PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Garrison named the show after a cemetery in North Dakota.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Are the notices, for instance, "say hello to Marge and Billy on their third anniversary," made up?

HOST: Notices - greeting - that is.

DAVID: No, the audience fills them out and we sort them out backstage and read as many as time permits.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you have any plans to return to Disney or other television presentation?

DAVID: We don't have immediate plans- but one never knows.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How many people work on the show (estimate)?

DAVID: It varies from week to week - to tell the truth I don't think we ever counted them.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How much rehearsal does a show take?

DAVID: We start rehearsing the GAS band on Friday afternoon and then the guests each week on Saturday. The "GAS" band is the Guy's All Start Shoe Band.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who does the voice of Jesse Ventura?

DAVID: That would be Mr. Tim Russell, who does all the famous celebrities for the show. Though we hope the Gov will stop by someday.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What inspires you and makes you wake up each morning?

HOST: Fresh Coffee

HOST: Roosters on the farm usually.

DAVID: Garrison is performing so the staff is taking a crack at answering some of the questions for him.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is your favorite part of doing your job?

DAVID: Meeting all the incredible talents that come on the show each week.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does his children ever participate in any of his programs?

DAVID: Yes, every once and while we have kid actors, and for sure during our Talent from Towns Under 2,000 (pop).

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is Garrison there?

DAVID: Garrison is indeed here - he's talking with the Governor right now so the production staff is answering some questions for him.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Has anyone actually approached Ventura to go on the show?

DAVID: We have a standing invitation for the Gov to come on the show.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How did you end up with PHC and what's the best thing about working there?

DAVID: I just showed up one day and never left.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is your job on the show?

DAVID: I'm a production assistant which is really a glorified gopher - a little of this and a lot of that.

HOST: Don't forget to check out the Netcast at Live images showing NOW!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is the best thing about working with Garrison.

DAVID: The food. The staff is pretty cool too.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Has Garrison ever recovered his lost manuscripts or revived them from the material he lost in the airport in the 70s?

DAVID: I don't think so - he says it was the best work he ever did and they were left in a men's room -- good reading material for someone!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Please tell my mum and pops that I will miss them when they retire to Austin (why not MN? where we're from) Love Staci

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is Garrison planning any tours to New England?

DAVID: I sure hope so - we're thinking about something in later winter or early spring - is there a difference in MN?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How long does it take to write a show?

DAVID: I've never asked Garrison - he usually seems busy Friday morning and Saturday just before the show starts so probably then.

MODERATOR: Keillor's started the Guy Noir bit.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Thanks I am watching the live broadcast.

DAVID: What do you think of the live images?

HOST: Now joining us is Jason Keillor, Stage Manager of Prairie Home Companion.

JASON KEILLOR, STAGE MANAGER: Hey, Everybody this is Jason.

HOST: Post your question for Jason now!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Mr. Keillor, What is your favorite thing about being Stage Manager on PHC?

JASON: The adrenaline rush of being on the air.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Yea!! your Dad praises you all the time on air and what are you plans for the program?

JASON: To continue to help out as long as I'm needed.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is that the first time anyone has used the words "adrenaline rush" when talking about PHC?

JASON: Probably, I get a big thrill every time I give the cue to start the show.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Has the fact that Garrison Keillor talks/writes about his kids ever embarrassed you?

JASON: Of course, especially when you recognize a personal event in a monologue.

JASON: I'll be back in a few, Garrison Keillor needs some more hot tea - his cold is hanging on.

HOST: Thanks, Jason.

HOST: Jason will be joining us again is time permits. Keep submitting those questions!

DAVID: With me to my right is our trusty security officer Ryan - any questions for him?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you like 'N Sync or Backstreet Boys?

RYAN: Well working backstage for Garrison Keillor is wild enough what with women tempting me with hotdish and handmade gifts I have no time for the wild ruckus that is 'N Sync and Backstreet, but KMFDM does do me well.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Ryan, do you ever have problems with radical fans on the show?

RYAN: Well the normal timidness of the Midwestern Lutheran is an advantage in my favor, some suggest brute fore but I prefer a little bit of sarcasm or surrealism.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What's the craziest thing that's happened backstage, Ryan?

RYAN: Earlier today when a person could not get in the live show because we were out of seats we got hissed at by a gentleman so I had to use a spray bottle to keep him at bay.

HOST: There was only water in the spray bottle, though.

MODERATOR: He's got everybody in the house clapping along to the powdermilk biscuits song.

HOST: Now joining us is Tim Russell.

HOST: Send your questions for Tim now!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How important do you think it is to the show that the broadcast is live?

TIM RUSSELL: The live broadcast gives all of us an extra rush of adrenaline, it's exhilarating.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Tim, do you ever catch any grief from the people you impersonate?

TIM: The Governor once said to me, "I understand you do an impression of me. As long as it's in good fun it's OK by me."

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How do you manage to travel on the weekends with the show and return to do your afternoon shows on WCCO?

MODERATOR: Tim is bent over the keyboard, dressed in coat and tie...

TIM: I leave right after the end of the show, and dash to the airport, usually to be told my flights been delayed. But we usually make it in time for a late rehearsal.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you ever get nervous before a show?

TIM: No, frankly it's such a joy to do, that it's pure fun - no sweat, of course I didn't have to say Piscacadaquodimoggin!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is the toughest part of your job?

TIM: Typing these answers . . . hey everybody here's Tom Keith!

HOST: Tom Keith is the sound-effects specialist for PHC.

TOM KEITH, SOUND EFFECTS: Hi Tom is here waiting for your questions.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What do you like about your job?

TOM: Me.

HOST: Aside from yourself, what do you like about doing the show?

TOM: Sue

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What's the funniest on air "goof" you've had?

HOST: Have you ever goofed?

TOM: That's hard to say because everything I do is "goofy".

TOM: I'm still thinking about any goofs. I guess the biggest goof was to not do the show for a year.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Mr. Keith, were you a particularly noisy child?

TOM: Why do people think that a sound effects guy or girl has to be a noisy kid. I was a good kid. OK, there was the one time but my probation ended years ago.

MODERATOR: Music playing onstage - performers gathering around the chat backstage...

HOST: Now joining the chat, Sue Scott

SUE SCOTT: It's me, the friend to prisoners everywhere!

HOST: Submit your questions now for Sue Scott.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How can you be in chat room while show is on?

SUE: Very carefully.


SUE: Hi.

HOST: Sue, how long do you rehearse for each week's show?

SUE: Briefly on Friday evening.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Sue how long have you been with the show?

SUE: I've been with the show since 1992.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How can you get into the show and become a Prairie Home Companion star?

SUE: You can't, so forget even trying . . . no I'm just kidding. I auditioned. But maybe large sums of money to Garrison would work.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How did you get started with PHC?

SUE: I just answered that one, people. Let's focus!

DAVID: Sue just left for the next on-air script. David and Ryan are in the chat room.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How long are out-of-town guests usually in town for show rehearsal?

DAVID: We fly them in Friday night and they leave Sunday morning after breakfast with the staff and crew.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Why does Garrison Keillor always wear red soocks?

DAVID: I think it's because he's a Boston fan.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: David, how do you figure where to take the show on the road to?

DAVID: There are some places we can't go back to so it's getting harder to find spots.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: David, how long have you worked with the show?

DAVID: For about 16 years.

DAVID: Here comes Ryan to answer a question or two.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Ryan... Why does APHC need security?

RYAN: Well you never know when the level of serenity and calm will snap the pressure of being calm may snap. At any moment I may need to take a bullet of knitting needle at the drop of a hat.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: So is your job fun?

RYAN: Well I have a number of books to keep me occupied and I sometimes work on the book I'm writing, so yes it is fun.

RYAN: Jason is here now.

HOST: That's Jason, Stage Manager for PHC.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does Garrison like the computer revolution?

JASON: He's slowly catching on, though I still do a lot of his computer repairs.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you guys party after the show??

JASON: Of course, it's hard to come down from the excitment of the broadcast. A glass of wine, you know.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Jason does your dad answer email he gets.

JASON: Yes, write to him at

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Can you say hi to me?


AUDIENCE QUESTION: What does it feel like to be famous?

JASON: I'm not famous at all.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Think the show will ever go on the say..New Zealand?

JASON: Well, we're trying the UK for the first time next year, maybe..

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Has anyone been with PHC since 1974 when it all started?

JASON: Tom Keith, Stevie Beck, and of course Garrison. Butch Thompson as well.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How long do you see yourself doing this job?

JASON: As long as I can. If my boss saw me now, I might be in trouble.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Will the show ever be televised like it was several years ago?

JASON: We're trying to do a special, but TV is riddled with complications.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does the show have any international following or just USA?

MODERATOR Hey - they just announced

JASON: Yes, We're on America one and armed forces radio.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is the most popular part of the program that you do, that the audience enjoys?

JASON: Probably when I make a mistake and knock something over onstage.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What did everyone do when the show went off the air in 1987?

JASON: Well, I moved to New York and went to college.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you ever get holidays?

JASON: Not this year.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Has Garrison ever had to cancel a show due to laryngitis?

JASON: No he has fought bravely through every illness.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I have never been to a show, but I am a devoted listerner . . .How do you keep the stage quite while transitioning acts?

JASON: Step very carefully.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Thanks for saying hi! When were you first on tv?

JASON: Never been, but I watch some TV now and then.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is your favorite show? Joke week, etc what

DAVID, MIKE, RYAN: Jason had to go...

HOST: Striking sets between acts

DAVID, MIKE, RYAN: Ryan, David and Mike are here to answer your questions.

HOST: Mike is assistant producer for the show.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you enjoy fans backstage?

DAVID: If Ryan's doing his job right we don't have fans backstage.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you get paid lots?

DAVID: You wouldn't believe how much.

MIKE, ASSISTANT PRODUCER: I pay weekly dues to work here.

RYAN: I'm saving up for a box of cereal I had my eye on for a while.

HOST: Some have said the pay is the funniest part of the show.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Will the show ever consider abandoning NPR for comercial success?

MIKE: The show is part of Public Radio International. I know it's confusing, but they're separate entities.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Have you ever met a fan in person?

RYAN: There was one time in '99. Must have been . . Oh, last week.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What do you like to read in your spare time?

RYAN: Currently I am Reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Also The Pinball Effect by James Burke, and Preacher by Garth Ennis.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Will Garrison answer questions himself tonight?

HOST: There's a small chance that Garrison could be joining us later.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How many times have you taken a knitting needle to save Garrison?

RYAN: Welll only once but it was my knitting needle and it was a terrible accident. Oh the pain, the pain.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What do you do in your spare time?

RYAN: Knit. Well, macrame when I get scared.

HOST: I have a fear of macrame.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does the whole cast go on the road when the show travels?

DAVID: Sometimes, but only if we've been good that week.

STAFF: or bad that week......

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Are you all mostly from MN and small towns or are there any tropical, urban people that work on the show?

MIKE: I'm from MN.

(VARIOUS STAFF): I'm from St Paul

(VARIOUS STAFF): I lived in bnig breath



HOST: I'm from small town Nebraska, which is different

RYAN: San Francisco





(VARIOUS STAFF): and Idaho

MODERATOR: Ilive in wisconsin

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How were the miles of duct tape added up on the 25th Anniversary page or was this just a wild guess by the Duct Tape Council?

DAVID: That was a true figure - it took the staff 3 times to add it up. What a mess!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you public radio folks hang out together - have you ever met Tom & Ray?

RYAN: Not if we can help it, they don't let me play in their reindeer games.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who is compiling the A-Z list on the Web page?

HOST: That would be the members of the Minnesota Public Radio New Media Department. The same people bringing you this chat.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does the Fitzgerald really smell like old socks?

RYAN: Sometimes but we did have a hippie concert a few weeks back and its smelled like something else.

HOST: Hey! Tim Russell's back with us.

TIM RUSSELL: This is Tim, I'm the one who smells like old socks.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Mr. Russell, what ever happened to Buster the Show Dog and the rest of the crew?

TIM: Buster got hit by a car. . . No, actually I've been with the show for 6 years and Buster was on before my time.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Have you ever heard from Fred Rodgers, or Julia Child, etc., on your portrayals of them?

TIM: No, but I did get a cease and desist order from Mr. McFeely, he's very protective.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Tim, which do you like best - WCCO or PHC?

TIM: CAREFUL! I live for PHC, and I work for 'CCO.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Tim did you play the clainet this evening?

TIM: No, the clainet is such a rare instrument, now the clarinet, that was the amazing Butch Thompson.

HOST: Sue Scott is also backstage, so send us your questions!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is everyone getting their costumes ready for the Halloween show?

TIM: Oh yeah. I'm making all the costumes like I do every year!

HOST: Sue Scott is now fielding your questions.

MODERATOR Many of the performers are gathering around the glow of the monitors during the monologue.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: So what movies have you been in latly?

SUE SCOTT: I was in American Beauty. I played Alison Janney! Just kiddin'. I was Kevin Spacey!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Sue, what is your favorite part of the show?

SUE: When the tongue-twisters are over!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How do you guys feel about Jesse Ventura?

SUE: I think he is a big fat boob! And I'm not kidding. I'm ready to move from this state. Except that I wouldn't be able to do this show. So I guess I'll stay. But hope to God he messes up so bad at some point that we can impeach him!

HOST: Tim Russell is now going to answer.

TIM: A fat big boob? I guess that explains the 38DD remark. This is Tim. Listen, as an impressionist - he's pure gold.

HOST: Now answering your questions, Chris Tschida, PHC Producer.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How much material do you have prepped after the Woebegone tails in case the show is too short?

CHRIS TSCHIDA, PHC PRODUCER: Too short! Hah! We refer to everything in the show AFTER the monologue as the "jump seat" position in the show. Depending on how long the monologue goes - and we never know this in advance - we're bailing for our lives, just hoping to get the sponsor credit in on time. Seriously, we alway shave a few short comedy sketches and one musical number in the wild card category. Better to have too much than too little.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How are the guests selected?

CHRIS We audition by tape and CD, have a very long roster of artists we like, have booked, would like to book, etc. We keep track of who's in town, going through the area, seek out new talent, and Stevie Beck is in touch with every agent in the world. I think.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is it like doing live radio?

CHRIS: Wonderful. Amazing. Nothing like it in the world.

HOST:: Thanks, Chris. Chris is getting ready to get in the Jump Seat.

RYAN, DAVID, JASON:: Hi folks Ryan, David and Jason just got out of their time out and are willing to answer questions.

AUDIENCE QUESITON:So, who is the most famous person you've ever met?

JASON:: Chet Atkins gave me a guitar lesson once.

RYAN: Jack Nicholson in a public restroom. I was afraid he might pee on my shoe - he was quite intoxicated.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How come the Webcast is a good 2 minutes or so behind the radio feed?

HOST: The Webcast has to go through our servers and be encoded. The Internet, even though it's pretty fast, still has limitations. Not as fast has radio.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Can anyone audition?

HOST: I'll give this one to David.

STAFF: Yes - and we have a Talent from Towns Under 2000 contest so sumbit your tapes and CDs now.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is the Prairie Home Companion all about?

RYAN: PHC is about two hours.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Any plans for a live video feed on the Web so we can see when Garrison Keillor walks out to the audience and stuff?

HOST: We're doing it now! Go to to see the live netcast.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who has been your favorite music guest?

DAVID: I really liked Ruth Brown who was on last week, and Sandra Reeves Phillips was on last year.

HOST:: Some of you may remember Andrea, the PHC Company Manager, from last week. She's back to answer your questions now, so submit them!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How long does it take to set up for a broadcast on the road?

ANDREA MURRAY, COMPANY MANAGER: The crew generally starts loading the equipment in at about 8 am. Everyone keeps working until band rehearsal starts around 3 pm.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you enjoy what you are doing?

ANDREA: Right now or in general?

HOST: Let's say in general.

ANDREA Yes, I enjoy my job very much. There's a lot of variety and there's no other job like it around.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How do you feel about television?

ANDREA: I feel it's too visual.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do Minnesotans ever get offened by your caricture of them? P.S. I don't.

ANDREA: I suppose some people do, but I think most of us know how to laugh at ourselves.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Did you ever milk a cow?

ANDREA: No, but I appreciate those who do. I'm a great fan of dairy products.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who designed the stage background?

DAVID: We all came in one afternoon with hammers and paint brushes - the joy of show biz.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Where can we send the tapes or CDs?

ANDREA:: You can send it to APHC c/o Minnesota Public Radio at 45 East 7th Street, St Paul, MN 55101.

DAVID:: Or if you see any of the staff on the street we'd love to hear what you have to say.

RYAN:: And we will take any CDs or tapes or spare change.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What's the best part of the show to you?

MIKE:: The catering.

DAVID:: The huge party we have after each broadcast at the Ritz.

RYAN: Having to stay outside of the party at the Ritz.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: At the end of the Ketchup segments who is the one that sounds vaguley like John Denver?

MIKE: That is John Denver.

DAVID: Actually it's our own Rich Dworsky.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Why do you think PHC is so popular?

MIKE: The staff and crew, and security guard, not to mention the Web guys.

DAVID: The writing and guests play a part too.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you work regular workdays? (pertaining to hours worked)

DAVID: We work on Saturdays only, from about 15 mins before the show starts until 2 mins after the closing number.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you all get along or are there ever conflicts? I imagine the live broadcasts could be stressful.

MODERATOR: The audience is clapping along with the rhubarb song.

DAVID: We used to have a lot of conflicts until they hired Ryan. Ryan, any comments?

RYAN: Can't talk now, madwoman with a knitting needle is eyeing the stage in a strange manner.

DAVID: Actually we all get along great, which is great in that we travel together for long stetches at a time.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: People don't exactly listen to the radio anymore though. Isn't it odd that PHC has managed to survive when there are no more shows like it?

HOST: Mike, PHC Assistant Producer, will field that one.

MIKE: It is unique - I would guess that's why it is popular.

MIKE: There are few shows like it that are broadcast nationally.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I think Garrison said once, all he ever wanted was to sing on stage and have women stand on their chairs and scream his name. Has that ever happened?

MODERATOR: The shows coming into the home stretch - and so's our chat.

DAVID:: Yes, once - he got hit in the eye with a potholder once - again, why we have Ryan.

HOST: Thanks everyone for joining our chat! We'll be doing this next Saturday at the same time (6 pm EST).

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Until next week, thanks for the chat.

HOST: A transcript of this chat will appear at Watch for it next week, and join us next Saturday. Thanks again, and see you next week!


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