Live Backstage Chat
November 6, 1999

HOST: Hi everybody, welcome to the chat! We're backstage right now at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul for A Prairie Home Companion. If you've got questions for the cast and crew, you can ask them now. Show members will be joining us after the show starts in about 20 minutes. Tonight's show features the Del McCoury Band and Kelly Joe Phelps.

MODERATOR: Want to see where the show is going after tonight? Go to

MODERATOR: The band is tuning up right now, getting ready for the pre-show warm-up.

MODERATOR: Garrison's currently introducing the band... Now he's talking about the history of the show.

HOST: Our guest right now is Isabella, the Prairie Home Companion Marketing Assistant.

HOST: Isabella, what exactly does your job entail?

ISABELLA: Making sure radio stations across the country can hear the show, inform their listeners when it's on.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is the show coming to NYC in the next year?

ISABELLA: Yes it is, it's coming starting this month for five shows and then again in the spring. First though we are going to South Dakota

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is there a place, when I'm traveling that I can find out which station in the area gets PHC?

ISABELLA: You can go to the Web site, which has info on which public radio stations carry PHC.

HOST: The Web site also has LIVE pictures from the show, live audio streams, and more go to to check it out!

ISABELLA: And lots of other fun stuff about the show.

MODERATOR: Garrison just finished up his song. The show goes on the air in 2 minutes. Places, people. Places!

HOST: Garrison is just wrapping up his warmup monologue. There's a little banjo going in the background, here's the audio cue - the show is live now!

MODERATOR: I lost my script!

HOST: Hopefully, we'll be joined tonight by Sue Scott, Tom Keith, Tim Russell, and more! Ask questions for them now, and we'll hold them until they come backstage.

MODERATOR: Found it...

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Are you excited about the show?

ISABELLA: Of course! The atmosphere backstage is great, and its exciting to hear all the changes, see the actors, musicians.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you know Garrison Keillor?

ISABELLA: Sure, he is on stage at the moment although he has a busy schedule, he is in St. Paul at the office and the theater often.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Just wanted you to know that your show provided great entertainment for me while I was traveling the Gulf on a sailboat.

HOST: Thanks very much! We get listeners from all over the world - PHC has universal appeal, it seems.

ISABELLA: Wow, that's great? how long was your trip?

ISABELLA: Have any of you been to a live show of a PHC?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How do you make your show so cool?

ISABELLA: A lot of all nighters, a lot of last-minute laughs. A lot of smart people working on it.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How do you get in touch with all those people?

MODERATOR: (Tom Keith, Sue Scott, and Tim Russell will be joining us soon, so get your questions in early.)

ISABELLA: People are really dedicated to making this show what it is.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Don't Marketing Assistants send out a lot of press kits? Are Keillor's FUNNY press kits?

ISABELLA: Keillor's press kits have a lot of funny things he has said in them.


ISABELLA: We are backstage at the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul right now.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What do you do during the show backstage - besides chat, of course?

ISABELLA: Well, we get to listen to the show, which is wonderful to do after it has been in the works and make sure all the last minute things are taken care of.

MODERATOR: Jesse may be making an appearance this evening, so keep listening!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How do you get tickets to the show?

ISABELLA: For the shows in New York, you can call the numbers that are on the Web site. There are always tickets available the day of the show, even if they sometimes say they are all gone, but its a great chance to still see the show.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: If I moved to St. Paul (from St. Louis) would I get a bigger dose of Tom Keith, Sue Scott, etc.? I guess I'm asking, are they on local Public Radio stations?

HOST: You'd get a lot more Tom Keith; he's on Minnesota Public Radio every morning from 6-9 during the week, as cohost: of the morning show. You can listen to that on Minnesota Public radio's Web site, though.

ISABELLA: Tim Russell is on WCCO radio and Sue Scott is in some commercials, movies, so you should be able to hear Tim and Sue more now that you are in beautiful St. Paul.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: This isn't a question but I would like to thank all involved with the show for all the years of enjoyment that I've had. I've come to feel like all of you are family-well..........the kind of family that I like.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I am relatively new to PHC. Is there talk to taking the show on the road?

ISABELLA: Yes, we are taking the show to South Dakota later this month, New York after that and in the spring, next spring there are even more tour cities, including Scotland.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does the whole PHC staff have to work every Saturday? What about a social life?

MODERATOR: What social life? Having to work every Saturday can really cut into any free time.

ISABELLA: The show is our social life.

HOST: Work is much more important than a social life! (or so my boss says!)

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What kind of music do you guys sing?

ISABELLA: There is a wide variety of guests that come on the show lots of bluegrass, Garrison is in the Hopeful Gospel Quartet.

HOST: Last week the Battlefield Band was on Scottish bagpipes!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Isabella, I am interested in finding out what exactly you do!

ISABELLA: Sorry, here is a portion of what I do: Come up with promos to send out to stations, keep track of everything that has ever been written on Keillor and the Show.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Where can we listen to PHC in New York City?

HOST: Yes, got to to see listings for radio stations around the country you can also listen online at the Web site.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Could I get an autographed picture of the whole cast of the show?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is there any way I could get an autographed picture of Garrison Keillor?

ISABELLA: Garrison Keillor and the actors often give autographs at events.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How do PHC staff fare in New York?

ISABELLA: The show is really well received, and the staff has a really good time in NYC.

HOST: Sue Scott has just joined us! Ask your questions now.

SUE SCOTT: Hi y'all.

HOST: Ask her your questions now - she's only got a minute.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: It must be such a rush every week during the live show... do you ever get used to it?

SUE: You know it is a rush to do the show live every week. It feels like an opening night every Saturday!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How much control if any, does Garrison Keillor have over the content of the show?

SUE: Total control. Absolutely!!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How is it to work with Garrison?

SUE:: It's amazing to be around someone so prolific and gifted!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Sue, when you're doing your Minnesota accent, does it come naturally or do you have to practice?

SUE: All you need to do is live in Minnesota a few years and the accent becomes surgically implanted in your brain.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Sue, do you ever write stuff for the show, or do you just perform?

SUE: I mainly perform. There's enough to think about with that responsibility.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does Garrison Keillor write all of the News from Lake Woebegon in advance or does he do some impromptu?

SUE: He writes it ahead of time and then improvises on the spot.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Sue, where are you from originally, that you would have to put on a MN accent?

SUE: I'm From Tucson, AZ!

SUE: I have to go deer hunting now.

HOST: Sue had to go, now we're joined by Michael Danforth, the show's Assistant Producer.


AUDIENCE QUESTION: Any new tapes coming out soon? or books?

MIKE: In fact, Production Assistant David O'Neill won't stop talking about the new 25th Anniversary CD and scrapbook, both available now through our catalog company at 800-998-8173 or from our Web site.

MIKE: I have so much info on the show. Ask me a question.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Congrats on 25 years. I still remember the early days. Garrison, when are you coming back to Chaska?

MIKE: Thanks for the congrats. We're all very excited.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: When I first listened to PHC I thought Lake Wobegon was a real place.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: You must be getting bombed with long has Tim been with the show?

MIKE: Tim has been with the show for at least 5 years.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: For those of us that don't know what Backstage is, what is it?

MIKE: Backstage is the area behind the stage- while it is not necessarily behind the is not "on stage".

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I'm a Minnesotan living in can I get the show?

HOST: You can listen online at

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Not a question but..thanks to you, I am now listening right now to the show from China.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Was The Artist Formerly Known As Prince ever on the show?

MIKE: He's standing backstage, now. No.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Hello Mike, will you be coming back to Alaska in the near future?

MIKE: Probably not. There are not any plans in the works.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Isn't it hard coming up with new stuff every week?

MIKE: Not if you're as prolific as our boss, Mr. Keillor. I have to go, they've sounded the alarm!

MIKE: Here is Andrea, Company Manager.

HOST: Mike had to leave - ask Andrea your questions now.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: This format clearly rails against the prevailing fad of technology, MTV, and the ephemeral. . .It seems to fill a void for the traditional in our Collective USA "culture." Do you think that this is the secret to the show's strength and success?

ANDREA MURRAY, COMPANY MANAGER: Um...okay. I don't know why it's so popular, but I'm thankful that it is.

HOST: It reminds me of old-time variety shows. Nostalgia is the trendy thing these days.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Can I purchase a tape of a particular show that I attended live?

ANDREA: Probably not. We don't sell tapes of individual shows. However, we do include material on compilation tapes.You can also access shows on our Web

AUDIENCE QUESTION: From a Minnesotan now in's the weather there?

HOST: Warmer than usual - in the 50s and 60s. Dry.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Hello Andrea, please go over Mike's head and get the show back to Anchorage! (Who's Mariel Hemingway?)

ANDREA: I can't climb that high, but MH is an "actress" who is the granddaughter of Ernest.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you intend to take the show Southeast?

HOST: You can see our tour schedule online at

HOST: No plans for the Southeast right now.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What kind of music do you people play?

ANDREA: Our band plays just about all kinds of music. Right now, we have a great bluegrass band on.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Why do Sue, Tim, and Tom wear headphones during the broadcast?

ANDREA: The headphones let them hear what the broadcast sounds like. It makes it easier for them to hear Garrison Keillor and the others on stage.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is this room a weekly thing?

HOST: We did it through the fall season here in St, Paul. This is our last one for awhile though, the show is going on tour.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I really like nostalgia, is this really Prairie Home?

ANDREA: Yes, it really is. It says so on my backstage pass.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: The show has an old world feel but is mainstream and borders on pop culture status. How do you keep the "down to earth" feel of the show?

HOST: Being in St. Paul helps, it's far away from the media culture of Los Angeles and New York. Also, Garrison is a very down to earth person.

ANDREA: I think it's Garrison's delivery and scripts. Also, we try to keep the show in the line of old radio shows.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Will there be camera views of the show while on tour?

ANDREA: We're looking into getting visuals from NYC, but nothing's set yet.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Are you going to have any more real good blues any time soon?

ANDREA: As for blues, we'll have more, but no one's scheduled for the New York run in November and December.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Are there any rock or pop acts on the show?

ANDREA: We don't do much rock or pop on the show. It doesn't really fit the show well.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How do I find out more about the music from past shows?

HOST: You can find out about past shows from our Web site You can also listen live online in realaudio.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: When on tour, how much time do you get to spend at home?

ANDREA: When we go on the road, we generally leave on Friday and come back Sunday (the crew often leaves Thursday night). We don't hit the road for weeks at a time like rock or other stage shows.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: When is the next time you'll be in NY?

HOST: Excellent, I'm glad you can tune in. It's great how the Web breaks down geographical barriers.

ANDREA: We'll be at Town Hall in New York for 5 Saturdays in a row, starting on November 27 and ending on Christmas Day.

HOST: Anyone in the world can listen at, no matter where they are.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Will there be any Broadway "stars" such as Joel Grey, Victoria Clark, etc in the NY show?

ANDREA MURRAY: Faith Prince is scheduled to appear on the December 4 show. We're still working on booking artists for other shows.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is it really you? or are you someone that gets paid to answer these questions??

HOST: It's really us, backstage from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I just left to view the camera shots. There are great close up shots of Tom Keith.

HOST: We've worked hard to upgrade our setup this year. Trever, who produces the netcast, does a great job on the camera work.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I just love those camera shots. It's the next best thing to being there.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How is a destination city decided on, with these tours?

ANDREA: Stations send us proposals requesting us to come. Our producer looks them over and discusses them with Garrison Keillor and decides where we'll go. I don't know what their criteria is for choosing a venue.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is "The Story of Bob" coming back?

ANDREA: We've had a few "Bob" scripts recently, but since Garrison Keillor doesn't usually write scripts until the week of the show, we don't know when we'll see him again.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does anyone get really nervous backstage before they go on?

ANDREA: No one has ever indicated to me that they were nervous. Aside from our Talent from Towns Under 2000 show, everyone is usually a seasoned professional.

HOST: Tom Keith just walked backstage!

ANDREA: Here's Tom Keith, fresh from sound effects.

TOM KEITH, SOUND EFFECTS: Hi everybody how are you?

HOST: Ask him your questions now - he's only got a minute or two.

MODERATOR Get your questions in here, now, before he goes back onstage.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How does Tom prepare for the show?

TOM: We see the scripts for the first time on Friday and then I find out. What the effects are that are needed and hopefully I've got the ones that are needed or I have to go to my favorite hardware store.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I am a big fan of you! Do girls scream when they see you and ask you to marry them??

TOM: Yes, all the time. Unfortunately they are usually with their mothers.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: No question, just a statement: You're really really really good and entertaining!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What are your responsibilities on the show, Tom?

TOM: Cleaning up the green room and making sure Mr. Keillor's car is warmed up before he leaves for home.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Tom, I LOVE your work! How much time do you get to prepare each week?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you and Garrison Keillor have to work together before the show?

HOST: Tom just answered that - see above responses.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Which effect do you use the most... box of broken glass? the little door? the shoes?

TOM: The shoes and the door.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How did you get interested in your profession?

TOM: Garrison needed the use of sound effects and I got the short straw and rest is history.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: No query here...just would like to say no other show makes me laugh out loud....thanks for the smiles each week.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Where do you see the show 20 years from now?

TOM: I guess we'll have to wait and find out. I don't look that far ahead.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Tom do you play any musical instruments?

TOM: No, I don't play any instrument but if I did I would like to be able to play the bagpipes or the trombone.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What do you do?

HOST: Tom is the sound-effects man for A Prairie Home Companion. All those interesting noises you hear - that's Tom.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is PHC's goal in life?

TOM: To end on time.

HOST: To grow up to be a fine upstanding radio program that its parents can be proud of.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I think you are the best, Tom.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What kind of music do you like?

TOM: I like all kinds of music from old rock 'n' roll, big band, classical, Chinese, and blues and bluegrass.

HOST: Questions for Tom, ask now - he doesn't have much more time!

TOM: I guess I just don't like music that is LOUD!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What main brain system do you use?

TOM: I have to use every bit and byte.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Thanks Tom, love what you add to the show!

HOST: Tim Russell has joined us! Ask him your questions now.


AUDIENCE QUESTION: If Jessie Ventura appears, what will he do?

TIM: Jesse is in Japan so he will not be with us.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does Garrison Keillor allow you leeway in your role on the show, or is he very picky about what he wants?

TIM: He's not picky, but we stick closely to the script.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Ah Tim, life is good now!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Has Mr. Keillor attempted to mend any fences with Governor Ventura, or the Governor with him?

TIM: I'm not aware of any negotiations, what fun would that be?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What character do you play and what show are you on? I just got here.

HOST: This is the A Prairie Home Companion Radio show.

TIM: I do all the celebrity voices, and Dusty, and the Gov. and the Ethinc types, to name a few.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What is your broadcast area?

HOST: (the show is broadcast on public radio stations nationwide) (check our Web site for listings)

AUDIENCE QUESTION: So there's very little room for ad-lib?

TIM: We follow our instincts, and that usually works, so there's fill here and there.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Has any one of you ever been in a near death experience?

TIM: Once I went out on the stage without the right script.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: When are you going to have Jesse Ventura on the show?

TIM: You mean , the teal one, or ersatz Jesse?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you participate in the script writing process, or just the performing?

TIM: I have contributed scripts in the past, and have been thrilled to have Garrison use part of them. But now I just perform.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I'm in Oklahoma, and I haven't heard of your show before, you don't happen to know what station you are on here do ya?

HOST: Listen live to the show right now at You can also find listings on the site for what stations carry the show.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I don't know the name of the pianist in the house band, but he is an excellent musician and accompanist. . .pass the word on!

HOST: (Rich Dworsky is the pianist - we think he's great too)

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you ever just wake up in the morning and thank god that you get to play around and get paid to do it?

TIM: This is absolutely the best job in show business! No memorizations, and great writing.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: What do you look like?

TIM: I'm short and swarthy with enormous biceps.

HOST: Sue is back now ask her your questions now, Tim is still around as well, so keep those questions coming.

SUE SCOTT:: Hi. It's me, Sue. I'm back...

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Sue, do you and Garrison ever improvise together on stage? I remember a sketch a while back where the two of you were employees in a cheese fast food restaurant.

SUE: Good tracking. No, we pretty much followed the script that Garrison Keillor had written. It was fun, though.

HOST: We've had a couple of questions about what character is closest to you in real life. Sue and Tim, can you each answer that?

SUE: I'm afraid to say that the wife in "Why Men Go Deer Hunting" is exactly like me!! (and Tim is exactly like the husband). I, of course, have my own husband who is exactly like the husband, too.

SUE: Tim told me to say...various background people are my favorite characters. But really, I don't have a favorite. I love all my characters!!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I've never seen PHC on screen. Didn't know Garrison Keillor wore a tux!

HOST: (the netcast is great, isn't it?!)

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Sue what's your favorite character on the show?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who are "Sue and Tim"?

HOST: Sue Scott and Tim Russell are performers on A Prairie Home Companion, Tim does the voice of Jesse Ventura, among many others, and Sue does all of the female voices.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How did you get the idea of doing "The Young Lutheran's Guide To The Orchestra"?

SUE: That was pure Garrison Keillor generated.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I sometimes feel an acute attunment with the show; its like Garrison sometimes says things that address me personally..have you heard such reports before?

SUE: All the time. Two and a half million people feel the same way. You have lots of company.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I remember a little girl joined you in a "Dusty and Lefty" sketch. Is she ever coming back?

SUE: I hope so! She was great! Her name is Milea. Wasn't she great?!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you get sick of playing the romantic interest opposite Garrison in all the scripts?

SUE: I love to play anything that is written in the script for me to do.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How does the traveling show go over in areas of the country not on the same "wavelength" as is is cast? (i.e. the East and West coasts)

SUE: What do you mean, not in the same wavelenght? We're not all from Minnesota and we've all traveled so much that we love all locations. And the audiences go nuts wherever we go!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I was referring to the decided flavor of the show it is written from this very nostalgic, traditional (I dare say conservative) angle. The coasts traditionally represent the counter culture. . .etc. I'm sure that there is a big audience for the show all over the country though.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: So are either of you Lutheran, Swedish, or Norwegian?

SUE: I am half Swedish.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Where are you performing next?

SUE: Rapid City, South Dakota next week. Come on out!

HOST: Sue had to leave us for now, we're joined by Alan Frechtman.

ALAN FRECHTMAN: Hi this is Chico, aka Alan, Garrison Keillor's stagehand

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How many hours a week do you work on average?

ALAN: At least 26 or I do not receive my benefits.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is there ever the possibility of having archives of full shows on the PHC Web site?

HOST: They're there right now already!

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How long does it take to set up a stage for a performance?

ALAN: It depends on whether we are home in St. Paul where it is a lot quicker, or on the road where we need to start on Friday and work all day Saturday to get this show on the air.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who is the drummer in the band?

ALAN: Arnie Kinsella, who hails from Staten Island, NY.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Will there ever be auditions for additional actors (not different, additional!)?

ALAN: We have just had auditions for possible new actress in NYC but Garrison Keillor really loves the cast he has now.

ALAN: Thanks guys but I got to get back to work.

HOST: Garrison's winding up his monologue now.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does PHC normally go on the road each year?

HOST: Usually - this year we're going to South Dakota and New York. California in the spring. Check for our full schedule.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who are the musicians in the show?

HOST: The Del McCoury Band and Kelly Joe Philips were the musical guests tonight. And Guy's All-Star Shoe Band is the house band that plays every week.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you normally do the 5-minute radio program called "Writer's Almanac"?

HOST: Yes, Garrison does that 7 days a week.

DAVID O'NEILL: Hi, David O'Neill here and ready to take your questions.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: This may have already been asked, but how much of the show is rigidly scripted and how much is ad libbed?

DAVID: Most of the skits are followed pretty close to the letter, but every once in a while they take on a life of their own.

HOST: Are you all listening online as you chat? Or watching the Netcast?

AUDIENCE QUESTION: I'm listening, but not via Web. I'm watching Netcast too.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Not listening online, radio sounds better!

HOST: True, the Web shouldn't replace radio, but enhance it, in my opinion.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Does Mr. Keillor get a lot of his material from his childhood?

DAVID: Garrison gets most of his material from life experiences, mostly his, and every once in while something that he witnesses.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who are you? and what do you do?

HOST: David is the Production Assistant for the show.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Do you ever get tired of hearing the stories? (Or are you afraid to say?)

DAVID: I personally never get tired of hearing his stories. I've been part of the show for over a dozen years and it's as fresh to me today as it was way back when.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How can you listen online?

HOST: To listen online, go to

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is the timing of the show rehearsed each week? If so what's the rehearsal schedule like?

ALAN: We time each of the musical acts on the show each week, along with the scripts.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: How did you come up with the idea of "Powder milk" biscuits and how did it get to a sort of trademark for the show?

DAVID: I'm not sure specifically about Powdermilk, but I know that when Garrison was doing his morning show he made up some sponsors to use as a segue between musical tunes. Jacks's Auto Repair was one of the first sponsors.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Is PHC running late tonight? - it is almost 8 here in the ETZ and it sounds as if Webcast is continuing.

HOST: The show goes til 8 ET - it's just ending right now. Garrison's doing the credits and that's our cue to sign off. Our chat is ending now - thanks very much for participating. The show's going on tour next week, so we won't be chatting again for a little while, but you can view transcripts of all the chats on our Web site along with show archives and more. Have a great night!

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