Feb. 4, 2010 Greetings

  • To: Delia & Larry
    From: Diane Bertoy, at the Ventura, CA

    “Thanks for the pre-show pot luck, my hot dish was the best, don't cha know!!”

  • To: The Humble Norwegian
    From: Joan O'Bryan at the Kalamazoo 10 - Kalamazoo/Michigan

    “You know who you are - No cheating at cards with your daughter!

  • To: Garrison Keillor
    From: Liz O'Bryan, at the Kalamazoo 10 in Kalamazoo, MI

    Waiting patiently with the other Kalamazoo Sons of Norway members for your arrival at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo (home of the Kalamazoo Promise) in April.

  • To: Mom & Mel
    From: Mary Heimerman, at the Cinemark 17, Colorado Springs, Colorado

    “Hi Mom, hope you and Mel are having a good time on the porch watching the rain in Waikiki. We'll have to compare notes when you get back to sunny Colorado. I've got some great pictures. Love you guys! from Mary, Jim and Jenny Heimerman”

  • To: Jenna
    From: Pam and Tom Steigerwalt, at the Allentown Symphony Hall, Allentown, PA

    “Congratulations Jenna on passing your comprehensive exam for your PhD in English. The world needs more doctors to fix the English language! Love, mom and dad”

  • To: Paul & Janet Friederich
    From: Ann Friederich, at the AMC Woodlands Oldsmar, FL

    “Mom & Dad: Congratulations on 50 years of wedded bliss! This is so much cooler than a greeting card, don't you think?”

  • To: Amanda
    From: Amanda & Mike Jensen, at the Regal 18, Ameristar Casino, Kansas City, MO

    “Hello Miss Amanda from your youth sponsors here in Kansas City. We hope the kids are being good for you. Remember, nerf darts don't leave marks!”

  • To: Catherine
    From: Wade Kirkland at the Stonecrest/Charlotte/NC

    “Happy Birthday Catherine, a Tarheel-born and a Tar-heel bred.”

  • To: alec
    From: fred phelps, at the tinsel town plano, texas

    “alec, we understand most of his shows but in the south they prerecord and then play back in "slow time".”

  • To: To my Kindergarten students
    From: Ruby Chock, at the Century 21, Federal Way, Washington

    “Clear skies for gazing at Orion the Hunter, Sirius, and Procyon!”

  • To: Bob Sanders
    From: heather sanders, at the century 16,ventura,ca.

    Heather sends Valentine greetings to Bob_ after 40 years -will you still be mine?

  • To: Rob Colding
    From: Mike Petrucelli at the Showcase at the Ritz Center-Voorhees New Jersey

    “Thanks for 14 great years, Bubba!”

  • To: Tara
    From: Ron Benson, at the Showplace Terre Haute, IN

    “Howdy, Tara. I know I am supposed to be at work right now, but given you are the one who sent me the e-mail telling about tonight's show, I am assuming it's okay I left early. Be well, boss person.”

  • To: Robbie
    From: Julie Schmidt, at the Cine8, Mankato, MN

    Are you still mad it's not Avatar?

  • To: DeLee
    From: R. Christian Bruggeman, at the Tinseltown, Oklahoma City, OK

    Sorry honey I did not get that plumbing project done instead I went to see Garrison on the big screen. He is in theaters only once in 2010 and the water problem will be there longer. Love you but don't touch that water valve or you will flood the house.

  • To: Marcellin & Jianmarco (rhymes with 'Shawn-marco')
    From: Beth Barbeau, at the Quality 16, Ann Arbor, MI

    “"Don't forget - you promised to get up cheerfully for 1st & 3rd grade tomorrow since we've let you stay up past your bedtime to see the sound effects guy. And hopefully you've seen for yourself the answer to your question this afternoon - No, Fred Newman is NOT "The same guy that's on all the bottles of dressing!" love, your Mom”

  • To: Don True
    From: Judy , at the Cinemark, Cedar Park, TEXAS

    Thanks for bringing me to see the show! Maybe someday we can go to the real thing up north and see Old Crow Medicine Show?

  • To: MaryEanes Garven
    From: heather sanders, at the century 16,ventura,ca.

    “Bob and Heather send Valentine greetings to MaryEanes---WE LOVE YOU, MOM !!”

  • To: Jon
    From: Sharon Kushiner, at the Orland Park Cinemas 14, Orland Park, IL

    “Happy 35th Birthday Jon! I'm glad you and Sara and my family can share Prairie Home Companion together tonight. Love, Sharon”

  • To: Heather Sanders
    From: bob sanders, at the century 16, ventura,ca.

    Bob and Maryeanes (like beans) wish Heather a Happy Birthday!

  • To: Harriet
    From: Harold Sudderth, at the Regal Trussville 16 - Birmingham, Al

    “See, this isn't as bad as you thought - AND - we get popcorn for supper!”

  • To: Hans
    From: Corinne Liedtke, at the Forum 8, Columbia, MO

    “My darling Socks, thank you for 24 years of bliss! Even at 14 I was right about you (though I didn't know yet about the snoring-love is blind but not deaf). Your loving Mushroom”

  • To: Steve Darnall
    From: Meg Guttman, at the Century Theater in Evanston, IL

    “To my wonderful husband, congratulations on hosting your own radio show--seven months and counting! "Those Were The Days" will probably never make you as rich or famous as Garrison Keillor, and, yes, our basement full of CDs does look like Charles Foster Kane's warehouse-- but you're keeping Old Time Radio alive and warming lots of hearts,especially mine, always. Love from Meg”

  • To: francis
    From: amber rinderknecht, at the eastview mall, rochester

    “if you want me to visit again, i need to see more passion, and a cleaner bathroom. love always,”

  • To: Nathan Wadley
    From: Jens Knutsen, at the AMC Hamilton, Hamilton, NJ

    “Hey to Mr. Wadley- the best voice teacher going, thank for standing by me, from soprano to baritone!”

  • To: Brittany B.
    From: Nick Olson, at the Century 14, Sioux Falls, SD

    “To my darling Brittany, You are the ketchup to my lutefisk! May you always be forever! Nick”

  • To: Ken & Pat Burnett
    From: Laura Smith, at the Pacific Place, Seattle WA

    “Hello to the Birmingham Burnetts from Laura, Charlie, Annie and Robby in rainy Seattle. Come see us this summer here in paradise.”

  • To: Sharon Magee
    From: Kathryn Magee, at the Legacy Cinemark in Plano, Texas

    “Happy Birthday, Sharon! Don't embarrass your sister by starting to sing along like you do at home every Sat.”

  • To: Dave
    From: Kristine Grunwald, at the Celebration Cinema, Lansing, Michigan

    “The tests results came back benign. You ARE good looking, the kids ARE above average and your wife IS strong!”

  • To: Ben
    From: Stephanie Ross, at the Cinema De Lux, Florence, KY

    “Just because I sprung for the "Lux Level" seating doesn't mean you get to nap. Wake up and appreciate great performance art!!”

  • To: Elizabeth Diane Wright
    From: Fred Wright, at the AMC 20 Theaters, Livonia, MI

    “Elizabeth Diane, Your Mommy and I can't wait to meet you next month when you are born. In the meantime, you stay put. We already love you dearly and are praying for a safe trip to the great outdoors. See you soon! VERY Expectantly, Mom and Dad.”

  • To: Jane and Ed
    From: Margaret Peiser at the Showplace 16 Schererville IN

    “Hope you're enjoying the show enough to stay til the end, since you're my ride home!”

  • To: Chris Redes
    From: Cliff Redes at the State TheaterTraverse City Michigan

    “Cliff wonders why his wife wants to spend their 32nd wedding anniversary with Garrison?? Love ya babe!

  • To: "Mom & Dad (Lorraine & Ken Schuette -said "SHU-ty")"
    From: Ellyn Schuette, at the Movies 17, McAllen, TX

    “Anytime you need a break from the delights of ice storms, remember, Punxsutawney Phil's prediction doesn't hold much weight in southern Texas! Extra incentive: this time the services of the "Mom & Dad Moving Company" won't be needed. Much love from one of your tumbleweed children!”

  • To: Mary Mercado
    From: Macy Mercado, at the AMC Ontario Mills 30, ONTARIO, CA

    Thanks mom for coming out with me... don't worry by now your grandsons have already overran dad.

  • To: Robert Miyashiro
    From: Huy Le, at the Orange, CA

    “Robert just returned from Madagascar for peace corps not long ago, now he is heading off to Sudan more heroic endeavors. Let's send him off by reading his name out loud. It will make him happy.”

  • To: Trevor and Lauren
    From: Paul Houchens, at the Palace 9 South Burlington, VT

    “Trevor and Lauren, I hope mom doesn't find out I let you stay up late to see the show tonight. Don't act grumpy tomorrow morning or it'll give the whole thing away! Love, Dad”

  • To: Paul & Brenda
    From: Kat MacMurray at the IMAX King of Prussia PA

    “Happy birthdays to husband Paul and friend Brenda - we're all together again for our 3rd live Prairie Home show. Love, Kat”

  • To: Mom & Dad
    From: Anne Colley, at the Union Square 14, NYC, NY

    “Hi Mom & Dad. I realized this week that I am actually living the movie "The Big Chill" - where has the time gone?”

  • To: Chris Anna Roldan
    From: Emily Roldan, at the Citiplace 11 Baton Rouge, LA

    “Thanks, Supermom, you're the only mom that can go to college, publish your daughter's book, take care of 4 kids, a puppy, and a priest, and still have a life! You rock!”

  • To: Robert Tadao Miyashiro
    From: Alexander Iha, at the AMC 30 At The Block in Orange, CA

    Good riddance Robert! We don't need any high lifes showing us that one person can really change the world. So go on your journey to eradicate the Guinea Worm Disease in Sudan! (We'll miss you!)

  • To: "my wife, Kelly"
    From: Michael Sigman, at the La Crosse, WI

    “Congrats to my wife, Kelly, La Crosse Public Library Director, celebrating seven years, here (as of March 1st). Could I please get a break on my 35c overdue fine, now that Garrison read your husband's message? I still love you ... regardless!”

  • To: Sharon Whitlatch
    From: Sharon Whitlatch, at the Sterling heights, MI

    You are the BEST wife and mother to our 2 boys (Chase and Dillon). I Love You VERY MUCH. Thank you for putting up with Garrison and me every Sunday afternoon at the trailer in Durand. It means a lot- ALL my love -Ken -

  • To: Barry Shupp
    From: Harry Mellinger, at the Penn Cinema, Lititz, PA

    The ground hog was right. Good luck trying to drive to Penn State this weekend. Park the car...use your dog sled.

  • To: John
    From: Tamara Starr, at the AMC in Emeryville, CA

    “Hi John, Happy 55th and welcome to your 1st PHC show! It's never too late, and now we can enjoy the show together. YAY!”

  • To: Sarah Connell
    From: Steve Janda, at the Cinemark Hill Country Galleria, Austin, TX

    “To Sarah Connell, from your Mom, Dad, and (Favorite) Uncle: Honey, congratulations on being awarded "Rookie Teacher Of The Year" at Spring Meadows Elementary. Despite the exhausting commute to your first real job and having to deal with all those sticky little fingers in your art classes, you looked radiant the other night at the Awards Ceremony. Radiant--and solvent.”

  • To: Eitan Tsabari
    From: Eadie Tsabari, at the Omaha, Nebraska

    To my husband who absolutely can't live without your Garrison! What a marvelous Saturday afternoon ritual!

  • To: Rock
    From: Helen Ogden, at the Century Cinemas as Del Monte Center, Monterey, CA

    “Eternally grateful to have you as my companion, tonight and always. Now please pass the popcorn.”

  • To: Ron Ibarra
    From: Rita Garcia at the Fitzgerald - St. Paul

    “Happy 70th birthday to the man who can outpace any 20 year old. Love - Your Wife Rita

  • To: Deana and Cecil Wasserburger
    From: Corey Wasserburger, at the South Pointe Cinemas, Lincoln, NE

    Don't worry Mom and Dad. We're taking time to stop and enjoy life!

  • To: Garrison
    From: Bill & Mary Thackston, at the Canton Theater, Canton, MI

    “Hey, Garrison!! Break a leg... or two!!”

  • To: Raylene Wardman
    From: Ron Moore, at the Rialto Theater, Santa Rosa, CA

    My dear Raylene... sorry I didn't act soon enough to get your Christmas gift of Tickets to Prairie Home's show at San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House last month. Tonight at the Rialto will just have to make due.

  • To: ED


  • To: Guy in the green sweater
    From: John Malloy at the Valley View in Cleveland

    “There's a reason you feel a draft and its not because the door is open.

  • To: Jeff Wright
    From: Jackie Wright, at the Malco Grandview in Madison, MS

    “Hello to my sweet husband whom I have been listening to Prairie Home with for 30 years Both are as interesting as you were 30 years ago. love, your wife”

  • To: Betty
    From: Diane Nygaard, at the Woodridge, IL

    “When I picked you up this evening & said we were going to see Prairie Home Companion "Live", did you really think we were going to drive to St. Paul...Minnesota!? Happy Birthday, Love - Bubba”

  • To: Mike Berry
    From: Theresa Berry, at the Stonybrook Cinemas, Louisville, KY

    “greetings to Mike Berry in Louisville KY from his wife, Theresa: we're in the theatre holding hands tonight thanks to a letter I wrote you 14 years ago this month. I'm so grateful for the power of words and good penmanship.”

  • To: Andy
    From: Lynn Wiemann, at the Duluth 10, Duluth MN

    At the rate you're losing teeth I predict we'll be Powerball winners by April.

  • To: Jill Cornish
    From: Gregg Cornish, at the Regal Metropolitan 14 Austin, TX

    “My folks and I went to see the Rhubarb Tour in August of last year in Ocean Grove, NJ. We arrived early and before my father and I had a chance to notice what was happening, Garrison had swept my little old mum away on a private tour of the Great Auditorium, saying to her "welcome to the 19th century!". Such a thrill was this chance encounter for my mother that she has not stopped talking about it ever since. Will you please say her name on the radio so that she will at least have a new story to tell over and over again?”

  • To: Kathy Evans
    From: Tom Evans at the AMC River East in Chicago

    “Kathy: Thanks for marrying me and agreeing to buy the farm. Boy, you are really stuck in it now. Love, Tom”

  • To: "Nealsburgh, Neals NJ, Nana and Kimo"
    From: allison neal, at the Cedar Hills Century 16 Portland, OR

    “Celebrating my birthday and seeing the show with the family instead of cooking dinner during PHC. Never thought turning 45 would be so fun. Love, Neals West”

  • To: John
    From: Cathy Gunter, at the AMC Theater, Highland Village, Texas

    “Hello, love - Who knew that being married to my best friend for more than 25 years would be this wonderful!?? Now and forever, I am so glad you are in the seat next to me. I love you with all my heart.”

  • To: John Stith
    From: Sharon Kasper, at the Mazza Gallerie, Washington DC

    Thanks for joining me so I didn't have to look like a loser!

  • To: Movie goers
    From: Pam and Walter Gordon, at the Greenville, SC

    “Having a good time. We have seen PHC live, we have seen PHC the movie, this is the first time we have seen PHC live at the movie!”

  • To: Kim
    From: Mark Spitza, at the Marcus Majestic, Waukesha, WI

    To my beautiful wife Kim: You've already made me the happiest man alive...the show tickets were just the cherry on top!!

  • To: Prairie Home & Garrison Keillor
    From: Pam Shane, at the Edwards Marque, Houston TX

    Thanks for doing this - we enjoyed your performance with the Houston symphony in December. This is a real treat! Pam & Ed

  • To: tom and nancy shock
    From: lusandra and roger vincent, at the elk grove, calif

    You're so nice ( and so fair) you really could be from Minnesoota!! Thanks for coming with us to see one of our favorite Minnesotans ( and there are lots of great Minnesotans to choose from!) Lusandra and Roger

  • To: Garrison Keillor
    From: Yvette Gordillo, at the Germantown, Maryland

    “Greetings from Maryland and the Vasa Order of America Drott Lodge #168, celebrating our 100th year!!! We are a Swedish American fraternal organization and I'm the Recording Secretary for our local DC area lodge. Other than the fantastic movie, I'm a Prairie Home Companion virgin and this will be my first real show. Our lodge is also doing a bus trip to your show at Wolftrap. We can't wait!!! Tack.”

  • To: Robert and Rob McElwee
    From: Carlene McElwee, at the TinselTown, Shreveport, LA

    Hope you two enjoy your night out. See you soon.

  • To: Paris Clayton
    From: Rhonda Steiner, at the Century Laguna 16 Sacramento, Ca.

    Keep singing the Blues... Your the Best! I Love You!

  • To: "Our very responsible, teenaged daughters"
    From: ILANA SULTAN, at the AMC Mazza Gallerie, Chevy Chase, MD

    “We hope that you manage to get your little sister to bed, and don't even think about having any boys over while we're at the show. Love from your parents.”

  • To: To My Favorite Sister (Kathy)
    From: Phil Harris, at the Regal Cinemas Solomon Pond Mall, Marlborough,MA

    Glad you could see this with me Love Your Favorite Brotehr Please don't let our two other brothers know I'm your favorite

  • To: Karen
    From: Don Nikkola at the Fitz- live

    “Today's Karen's birthday! Happy 60th. I know a greeting from Garrison, is not quite the same as one from, but close. Love, Don”

  • To: The DesMoines McEwen Family
    From: Betty Costley at the Waco Texas-jewel 16

    “Hello from No Sno Waco. Your out of state daughters miss you but are enjoying the weather here. Love to all

  • To: LORI S.


  • To: Becky Kienutske (Kuh-nut-ski)
    From: Emily Marker, at the Celebration! Cinema, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    “I hope you have enjoyed watching the first have of the live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion. You have almost completed the first step of the 12-step program “How to Admit You Love Public Radio.” I look forward to guiding you through the remaining eleven steps. Your Sponsor, Emily Marker”

  • To: Diane
    From: Richard Thorson, at the Virginia Center 20 10091 JEB STUART PKWY GLEN ALLEN, VA 23059 804-261-4994

    “Happy Valentines Day to my dear wife, one who really puts up with my reverence of Garrison Keillor, which of course means having a feeling of profound awe and respect”

  • To: Lynn
    From: jason Houghton (please do not read on air) at the estero. Florida

    “Hey Lynn my honey, how about tonight, instead of just the feather, we use the whole chicken?”

  • To: Those under 25 & already bored with the world
    From: Jeanette Edwards, at the Cinemark, Fort Collins, CO

    Get off the Facebook and take a nap in the sun. By the look of your profile pictures you need it.

  • To: Thamas Osborn
    From: Andrea Osborn, at the Cinimark Capitol Mall, Olympia, WA

    “To my beloved husband Thamas, who has been working 18 hr days, 7 days / week for over a month now, hang in there, I know you are curled up in a puddle of misery on the floor of your office at the WA State Legislature, trying to survive this years gruesome and difficult legislative session: only 2.5 weeks to go!”

  • To: Marie
    From: Vanessa Ferrell, at the Royal Palm Stadium 18, Royal Palm Beach FL

    “Wish you were here, but even though Kathryn is in the Air Force we don't have extra room. She misses the family, but seems happy on her Big Adventure. Jeff and I wish the other two kids would move out, but who would let the dogs out during the day?”

  • To: Chuck
    From: JJ Edwards, at the Cinemark, Fort Collins, CO

    “Chuck, The blood work is back, Our baby is fine. Now scoot closer Mister, To kiss me off line! Love J Jette”

  • To: Cheryll Navestad
    From: Eric Navestad, at the Regal Cinemas Ithaca, NY

    “Cheryll, I may not be a farmer, but you rescued me from being a lonely Norwegian Bachelor. I love you and always will! Eric”

  • To: Alyssa & Zac Goble
    From: Brenda Jones, at the Merchants Walk, Marietta, GA

    This is that show you loved and laughed so much at riding in the car with us recently. We love you and enjoy the new coolness the show gave us!! Meme and Boppie

  • To: Robert
    From: Robert Shaw at the montgomery

    “hello GK, You folks Have great programs. I wish you could turn your boradcast into livestream.com or put into a podcast. The entire show. There is no theather in the montgomery area would do the program. But I have to drive up to Trussvile,al to see the show. I wish I could see you live in montgomery or you see you in your area. Please pass this message to your director orthe production staff.Please email me as soon as possible. Best Regards, Robert”

  • To: Drott Lodge #168 Members
    From: Mark Munson, at the Germantown, Maryland

    “Greetings to all members of Drott Lodge #168, Vasa Order of America, as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary of Swedish Fellowship and all things Scandinavian (except lutefisk).”

  • To: "Frank, Marian and Don"
    From: Kevin Brennan, at the Cinemark Egyptian 24, Hanover, MD

    Hi Mom and Dad and Don. Your Christmas present is here! Enjoy! Don especially enjoy your first Prairie Home Companion!

  • To: Jane Stuart
    From: Beth Glass, at the Movies 16 in Lubbock, TX

    “Sorry you thought I left you off my fun list. Can't think of anything more fun for your birthday than seeing Garrison Keillor live on the big screen, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE and enjoy the show.”

  • To: Uncle Lou
    From: Sabina Shaughnessy, at the AMC Puente Hills, Roland Heights, CA

    “Sabina, Tamika and Chloe all say Hey Uncle Lou!!! We couldn't think of anything more creative than "Hey Uncle Lou"! We love you!”

  • To: Aunt Pearl Baker
    From: Kim Thomas at the Regal Virginia Center 20

    “Hi Aunt Pearl - we'll see you this spring, get the heating pad ready - Virginia to Ohio in a Miata hurts your back! Love you, Kim”

  • To: Joe
    From: Melissa Yorks, at the Regal, Germantown, MD

    “To Joe: Happy Birthday Betty Friedan! Here's hoping our Smithie does as well as Smithies Friedan or Julia Child! With her liberated Mom and chef Dad she's got a chance! Love, Melissa”

  • To: friends in the tundra
    From: karyn gooden, at the union sq. theatre, nyc, ny

    The Goodies in NYC are sending warm wishes to our friends in the frozen tundra.

  • To: Megan Click
    From: Timothy Click, at the Solomon Pond Mall 15, Marlborough, MA

    “Hello to my beautiful wife of 3 yrs, 1 month, 19 days, and 4.5 hours. I love you with all of my scientifically-trained heart. Hope you enjoy your time tonight.”

  • To: Rachel
    From: Peter Naegele, at the Southpark Mall, STRONGSVILLE, OH 44136

    Here's a nice belated birthday wish to my niece. Happy Birthday Rachel! Now be a good girl and go get Uncle Peter a large soda...

  • To: Stan Pilon
    From: Eric Pilon, at the Bella Bottega, Redmond, WA

    “Merry Christmas, Dad, from our family -- where I am strong, my wife is good-looking and all your grandkids are above average!”

  • To: All you Buckeye Lutherans out there watching
    From: Dan Pierce, at the Lennox, Columbus OH

    O - H !

  • To: Jason
    From: Jaclyn Brownell, at the Regal Cinemas, Swansea, MA

    Happy Decade Anniversary! I bet you're glad I wont be yelling at you about the radio static tonight.

  • To: Norma
    From: Joan Reker (ray-kerr) at the Long Beach CA - Edwards 26

    “Sis, check your email: I translated your Parisian friend's note for you. Tell me this: How did you, a U of M English major, end up with a francophone pen pal? Luckily your sister majored in French, which, aside from the work you're giving me, isn't exactly coming in handy here in Southern California!”

  • To: Cousin Mickey
    From: Jim Buckles, at the Alderwood 7 Theatres in Lynnwood, WA

    “Since you couldn't make the live performaance in August 2008 at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA, this is definitely the next best thing with the added bonus of the smell of roasted popcorn and your feet sticking to a soda encrusted floor. Just the best! Thank you, Garrison!”

  • To: Andrew and Tom
    From: Sharon Kushiner, at the Orland Park Cinemas 14, Orland Park, Illinois

    “Congratulations on being 3rd generation Prairie Home Companion fans! I listened to it with mom and dad growing up, and I'm so happy Jim and I can share it with you tonight. Love, Mom”

  • To: Dr. O
    From: Kathryn Owen, at the Showcase Cinemas 53, Davenport IA

    “Drill me, fill me but please don't bill me”

  • To: Leo Zaro
    From: Gail Zaro, at the Tinsel Town,Medford, Oregon

    “Happy 85th birthday to my husband,Leo, on March 22. We hope you make a return visit to the southern Oregon Britt Festival.”

  • To: Catherine and baby Dill
    From: Tom Dillon at the Cinemark 16 Fort Collins/Colorado

    “Hey now Catherine and the little one in your belly, Oh the places we have been!...date night in the futurte will never be the same”

  • To: Michael
    From: Phil Long, at the Montrose Movie 12, Akron, OH

    “WOW, 15 years of parental bliss. Happy Birthday Michael(Feb. 7). You are a joy! Love, Mom & Dad P.S. Don't bug us for the car keys just yet & we'll all stay happy.”

  • To: Amanda
    From: Maureen Hogg, at the Kerasotes Showplace 8 in Carbondale, IL

    Hope you're enjoying the show since I made you come with me! Now you can stop rolling your eyes at me when I'm listening to the brodcast each week!!

  • To: Jeff and Diane Peters
    From: Larry Peters, at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall, Pittsburgh, PA

    Dad says Happy Birthday - will find cake and ice cream on way home from show

  • To: Robert
    From: Joyce Garcia at the Fitzgerald

    “Hi Lone Wolf It's winter here I'm in the Den But when I come out I'm wondering Where the heck have you been?

  • To: Greg
    From: Denise Nelson, at the San Mateo, California

    “Thanks for marrying me a second time, shame the first didn't stick! Welcome home anyways....”

  • To: Reggie
    From: Darin Pfeifer, at the The Ritz, Voorhees, NJ

    Who would have guessed that I would have had to move away from Minnesota to find a Moose as sweet as you? Everyday you make me smile.

  • To: "Erie, PA"
    From: Linda Burfield, at the Tinseltown- Erie, PA

    Hello out there to all fellow Erieites! We've finally made it to #1 in the State. Unfortunately it is for the highest unemployment rate.

  • To: Ben
    From: Amanda Craig, at the Cobb Theater in Wesley Chapel, FL

    Thank you for being my constant companion all this time. I love you to the moon and back.

  • To: "Chris Kloes ("Close")"
    From: Dana Kloes, at the Merchants Walk, Marietta, GA

    “After years of skipping church on Sunday morning to hear the show, it's nice to finally see it without the guilt of missing church! I'd play hooky with you anyday, but let's not tell Mom or she'll be afraid for our souls. Love, Dana.”

  • To: cerebellum
    From: Dan Kelly, at the Forum 8 Columbia, Missouri

    “Cerebellum, It's later than you think. We need to talk. M. Twain Hannibal or Bust”

  • To: Chris Miller
    From: Susanne Wright, at the Tampa, Florida

    “Happy 33rd birthday, Chris, from your Mom, the English teacher. So glad you are moving to New York next week for your exciting new advertising job.”

  • To: The Crows
    From: Wanda Eichler at the Fort Gratiot

    “To the Crows, my Quilting Sisters: Lo the Winter is about to pass and our Needles shall fly into Spring. Time for tea and chat, so see you on President's Day!”

  • To: Denise Hegler
    From: Jesse Hegler, at the Sand Hills, Columbia, SC

    “Mama Girl, You'll make a swell grandmother, and my how you still make your blue jeans talk. Daddy Boy”

  • To: My Wife Ruth
    From: Richard Barnett at the The Strand in Rockland Maine

    “It's been three years now since your first weekend visit, begun when you lied and said "It's just a weekend;it won't change your life," and on your third visit, we were looking for a house. I love you with all my heart; thank you for rescuing me from 20 years of a carefully crafted artistic melancholy solitude.”

  • To: Maureen Ash
    From: Leslie Watchkey, at the Sunrise, Southern Pines, NC

    “Hi Maureen, I know your listening from River Falls, WI & trying to figure out how to escape, but believe me, we did & there is still snow here in NC. There is no escape in Feb.!”

  • To: Ron
    From: Cheryl Lachelt, at the Eagan 16, Eagan, MN

    “Happy 61st birthday to Ron - since you didn't see your shadow this year, does this mean it's almost spring??”

  • To: Becky
    From: Dave Skramstad at the AMC Maple Grove. Minnesota

    “I'm just saying hi to my wife who could not be here with me tonight. If you hear this on Sunday when we listen to the show, I really am here with my sister...”

  • To: Rebecca Merryman
    From: Nate Colson, at the Strand Theater, Rockland ME

    “Hey Rebecca, thanks for putting our tickets on your charge card, I will pay you back when I get paid tomorrow, plus having Garrison read this is like money in the bank.”

  • To: John
    From: Teri Hyrkas, at the Marcus Parkwood 18, Waite Park, MN

    You are the best darn husband - A Finnlander through and through; Thanks for keeping the sauna hot - I love sharing it with you.

  • To: Frank
    From: Annette Remsburg, at the Celebration Cinema North, Grand Rapids/Michigan

    Can't thank you enough for bringing me to see Garrison to celebrate my birthday! Glad it's him on HD and not me--those laugh lines really show!

  • To: Will and Renee
    From: Patricia Thornton, at the AMC 30 Mesquite,Texas

    “Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials on July 4th, with all the divorce on both sides of your respective families, the fireworks going on outside will match the fireworks going on inside. Mama doesn't want to you both to be discouraged by it just watch and learn what not to do in your marriage and it will be fine.”

  • To: Duffy
    From: Cathy Duffy, at the Regal Montrose Movies 12, Akron, ohio 44333

    “To my good looking man, thanks for the way above average children!”

  • To: "Yrma Dee (pronounced EAR-ma, not ERR-ma)"
    From: Scott Simmons, at the Sandhills Regal Cinema 16, Columbia, SC

    “Once again, I'm here and you're there — but through the magic of radio (with a little help from video) we can both be in Lake Wobegon together for a couple of hours.”

  • To: "J.R., Nicky and Dad"
    From: kathy papasidero, at the Alpharetta, Georgia

    “High definition or not, I hope you all you remembered your eye glasses! Love- Mom, Anthony and Robert”

  • To: Ann Londrigan
    From: Rick Rundle, at the River East, Chicago, IL

    “from the home of 2nd city's Studs Terkel's Not Working, hope you are”

  • To: Harriet Monroe
    From: Leslie Burkhardt, at the Edwards Renaissance, Alhambra/CA

    “Just last week I recognized you standing in the background on page 72 of the National Parks book. After all these years perhaps you thought no one would notice the unassuming poetry lady from Chicago who once tried to save Hetch Hetchy, but this Californian did. Thanks Harriet. You're the best.”

  • To: Bill + Alma
    From: Cathy Martin, at the Calgary, Alberta

    “Happy Pre-Birthday Dad! I won't be there in person this year, but this is close and you're not going to be 70 again either.”

  • To: Macalester College alumni
    From: Craig Hamilton ARNOLD, at the Edwards Fresno Stadium 22 & IMAX, Fresno, California

    “Craig Hamilton Arnold of Fresno, California and of the Macalester College Class of 1985 sends his best wishes to Macalester College alumni across the nation. Saint Paul will always live in our hearts wherever our life journeys may take us.”

  • To: "Everyone watching tonight in Portland, Oregon"
    From: Jeff Bjorn, at the Lloyd Center, Portland, Oregon

    “Jeff & Erin say hello to everyone in the Lloyd Center theater in Portland, Oregon. If your bowl of popcorn is missing, it wasn't us.”

  • To: Ali & Preston Winter
    From: Sally Freeman, at the Sandhill Cinema, Columbia/SC

    “A & P, I have been trying to write something clever, but my brain is not cooperating. Oh, well. I love you. Not so clever, but true. Mom”

  • To: Larry Peters
    From: Jeff Peters, at the Tinseltown USA, Oklahoma City, OK

    “Hi Dad, Thank you for the birthday gift. Looking forward to celebrating both my birthday and National Weatherperson's Day on February 5th. Love, Your meteorologist son - Jeff”

  • To: Doug Linsted (Jen's Dad)
    From: Jennifer Linsted-Volk, at the Hollywood Theater, Gallatin Valley Cinemas

    “Happy Feb. 4th Birthday greetings to my Dear 'ol Dad who is a devoted radio fan! Have a great night! Love, Jennifer”

  • To: Bob
    From: Shirley Marion at the Showcase South/Dayton/OH

    “Fifty years is long enough. Hurry back to Ohio for a warm welcome.

  • To: Bill Leighton (pronouced Lay-ton)
    From: Sarah Adams, at the Edwards 26- Long Beach, CA

    “Thanks to my helpful, hiking husband who willingly gave up our Thursday night hike to view this live broadcast.”

  • To: Mary Marcell
    From: Craig Schreiber, at the City Center, White Plains, NY

    “Happy Birthday, Mary. I bet you never thought your beloved Garrison Keillor would be wishing you a happy birthday, but, gosh darnit, he is!!!”

  • To: Gary Schaefer
    From: Stacy Schaefer, at the Hollywood 24 @ North I-85 in Chamblee, GA

    “To my Dad, who listens to NPR because he can't decipher the lyrics to pop songs nowadays. From me and Ashlee Simpson, "Hello, hello, beep beep!"”

  • To: Heather
    From: Kathleen Ridihalgh, at the AMC, Seattle, WA

    “Heather - 50 isn't old, if you're a tree. Happy Birthday!”

  • To: Larry Dieckman
    From: Mary Ebert at the Batavia IL

    “Happy 70th Birthday to the funniest retired Covenant minister in the Batavia movie theater! What DO you do when you have a bee in your bonnet? (he's a bee keeper, too)”

  • To: Andrew Whitmore
    From: Dawn Aldrich, at the Majestic, Brookfield WI

    Hello to my hubby to be Fire Fighter Andy from your brown-eyed girl - hope you enjoy the show - Surprise! Love you Dawn

  • To: Jason
    From: Kevin Rimkus, at the Fort Myers, FL

    “Hey Jason and Aaron, Hope your enjoying the weather up there! from your brother Kevin in SUNNY FLORIDA”

  • To: Emma Shin
    From: Tom Kennedy, at the AMC Westminster Promenade 24, Broomfield, CO

    “Emma Shin, I love you.”

  • To: Jeff
    From: Katelyn Murtha, at the Showcase Theatre in Maumee, Ohio

    “Hello Jeffery, just wanted to thank you for this. Goes to show you never can surprise me, but thanks for the popcorn anyway.”

  • To: Jeanne Gold
    From: David Gold at the Showcase at the Ritz Center

    “Jeanne, it was fate the brought us together, and it's love that keeps us together. After 25 years, you still manage to amaze me, and continue to teach me what unconditional love is all about. Happy Anniversary!”

  • To: E Adelman
    From: Dan Adelman, at the Regal Lincolnshire 20 & IMAX, Lincolnshire, IL

    I proposed to you over the opening notes of A Prairie Home Companion and we've now been married going on three years. I credit those dulcet tones for wooing you into my life.

  • To: "Timmy, Maddie, Tommy, Megan"
    From: Mitzi Witchger, at the Hamilton 16; Noblesville, IN

    “What in the Heck in the World! Hi to Timmy & Maddie in Chicago, Tommy & Megan in Minneapolis, From Boppa Tom & Granma Mitzi in Indianapolis. GO COLTS!!”

  • To: All Valentines
    From: Dilsha Anne Happel, at the AMC 24, Westminster/Colorado

    “To all the lovers, all the beloveds, and to Love itself, an early wish for a Happy St.Valentine's Day”

  • To: Dr. Stephen Russell
    From: Penny LuGene at the AMC Burbank CA

    “To Stephen my sexy Swedish scientist, I look forward to seeing you when you return to Southern California next week. I miss you and we have lots to talk about. Penny”

  • To: Noreen and Doug Hicks
    From: Ben Irvin-Howard, at the Cinemark 14, Mishawaka/Indiana

    “I'd like to wish my stepdad and my mom, Doug and Noreen Hicks, a very happy 10th Anniversary! For many years my mom has always wanted to see a PHC live, and being able to see it Live in HD is (almost) as good!!”

  • To: caren
    From: jarrod ramsey-lewis, at the sacramento, CA

    “Happy birthday mom! sure it's not as grand as the Fitzgerald, but you don't have to go to Minnesota in February. thanks for teaching us to look at the positives in life .... jarrod and rhea”

  • To: Greg Wickstrom
    From: Dave Wickstrom, at the AMC Woodlands, Palm Harbor, FL

    Happy 35th Birthday to Greg Wickstrom. from Mom and Dad

  • To: Kayla
    From: Mike Demopoulos, at the Marcus Oakdale Ultrascreen Cinema; Oakdale, Minnesota

    “To my lovely wife Kayla, I love you and your love of sports, that I don't understand. But remember on Sunday we are watching Puppy Bowl VI, Go Bandit the Husky!”

  • To: Jason
    From: Aaron Rimkus, at the Tinseltown Kenosha, Wi

    Good luck on you Community Access Cable TV Telethon Fundraiser.

  • To: karen nikkola
    From: KRIS FEHLANDT, at the bell tower fort myers,florida


  • To: Cathy Brown
    From: Phil Brown, at the Canton, MI

    “Cathy, I thought that when we married on Valentines Day six years ago I'd shrewdly save money the rest of my years by combining two gift giving occasions. What was I thinking? Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! Love Phil.”

  • To: "Mom, Myra & Missy"
    From: Maureen Keiner, at the Noblesville, IN

    “Thank you for being here tonight! A girl could ask for no better company, mother, and sisters. I love you all very much!”

  • To: Mitchell
    From: Thea Mason, at the Regal Hollywood 20- Naples, FL

    “Hello to my dearest Captain Mitchell! I'm so glad that you've joined me on my date this evening with my OTHER boyfriend,Garrison Keillor! Love you both!”

  • To: Roger Miller
    From: Candace Miller, at the Scotia Bank Theatre, Vancouver, BC

    “My dearest Roger, The Obstetrician told me on Monday that the baby has a "hanger"! I don't think she meant "clothes"! Your loving wife, Candace.”

  • To: "Annie, the 'Catering Queen'"
    From: Jeff Kachelein, at the Regal, Montrose, Ohio

    “Hi, and a howdy doody hello to Annie the 'Catering Queen'. Congratulations on your new position. Love and hugs from O.F.”

  • To: Marianne Murphy
    From: Geri McCoy, at the Joliet, IL

    “We wanted to be at Ravinia in July but had to settle for Joliet in February! Hoping the inmates stay "in" tonight and that this message gets "out" to you in the balmy South. Hurry home - we're lost without you! Love, Geri & Mary Ellyn”

  • To: Alex
    From: Shawna Fronk, at the Eden Prairie, MN

    Thank you for 5 years of marriage and 23 years of friendship. Who knew it would all begin in Mrs. Benhardus's 7th grade English class?

  • To: Barbara Musgrave
    From: Karen Scranton at the AMC Theater Columbus Ohio

    “Happy BIRTH day to you, mom! Thank you for 46 years of being my wonderful mother.”

  • To: Foster
    From: Amy Z, at the AMC Columbia, Columbia, MD

    “For Foster, who decided to come with us tonight when the babysitter canceled -- thanks for being such good company, and be sure to use your library voice! love, Mom and Dad”

  • To: Ryan
    From: Andrea Strava, at the Galaxy 10, Dallas, Texas

    Greetings to my one and only love from the girl who ran head first into the kitchen spice cabinet. We knew it could only be true love when you found me covered in the chili powder... and DIDN'T laugh!

  • To: Kathy
    From: Ron Zalewski at the Canton Cinema

    “Thank you for six years of wedded bliss. I'm looking forward to the next sixty!

  • To: Alan Thuren (husband)
    From: Shannon Thuren at the Jacksonville FL Tinseltown Theater

    “Happy Birthday Alan Thuren, (February 22), you poor displaced Lutheran. PHC is delivering a much-needed dose of your beloved Midwest. Enjoy it while it lasts! Love, Shannon”

  • To: Marion Giroux (jahrow) and Kristine O'Hara
    From: Marion Giroux, at the Solomon Pond Mall, Marlborough, MA

    We've motored in from the boondocks where we try to teach elementary students that reading IS a good thing and spelling really does count...to see our erudite mentor in the ketchup colored sneakers. Marion turned 53 on Tuesday as usual had to share the spotlight with a rodent...this show should help make things right.

  • To: Jim Buckles
    From: Theresa Kabot, at the Alderwood Theatre, Lynnwood Washington

    “To: Jim Thank you for introducing me to PHC and all sorts of cool stuff over the years, especially the music. The world is so much better with you in it. Friends Forever, Theresa”

  • To: James Schaffer
    From: Bryan Schaffer, at the Regal Theater, Trussville, AL

    “James, I am so proud that you are my son and that we are sharing this experience together. Don't forget to let the dogs out when we get home!”

  • To: Angel Gonzalez
    From: Jane Messmer, at the Regal Severance Town Center 14, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

    “Wish You Were Here, Honey. To shovel. We are getting a foot of snow this weekend, and there you are in the islands planning a sunset luau, no doubt. Who gets a 2-month business trip to Honolulu in the winter?! Only you. The boy and I may go sledding after the storm, and I'll have to curse you all the way down the hill. We love and miss you, Angel. Bring us back a uekelele. Your wife, Janey.”

  • To: Ruth
    From: Mike Jewell at the AMC Yorktown 17 Lombard Illinois

    “Ruth,I know your birthday is in nine days. You don't have to keep writing in on my mirror every morning. That soap is hard to clean off. Love ya Mike”

  • To: "O.B., Sandra, Kate, Ron & Pam"
    From: Stevo Sovich, at the AMC 18, Altamonte Springs, FL

    I hope you enjoyed the winter X-Games. Sorry I couldn't be there with you. I'll see you in March for the schushing and the plotzing. Let it snow!

  • To: Beth and Dick Myers
    From: Martin and Margot Fass, at the Tinseltown Cinema, Rochester, NY

    “Beth and Dick Myers are sitting right here with us, so we can't miss their reaction. All four of us have seen you in the flesh several times, and listened on the radio more times than we can count. Tonight, we're certain this live HD event will be yet another milestone. Three cheers to the entire company”

  • To: Erlene Sallay
    From: Gary Sallay, at the Regal Cinema Westlake, Ohio

    “To my forever love, Here's the living proof that a cold Ohio evening can be warmed by an even colder Minnesota evening.”

  • To: My Teacher Friends & Teacher Hubby Eric
    From: Amy Wichman, at the Regal Stonecrest, Charlotte, NC

    “There are a lot of hardworking teachers staying up way past their bedtimes in the audience tonight in Charlotte, NC. My husband Eric is one. A teacher for the last 6 years it is truly his calling. He is dedicated, innovative and truly loves books (second to me and our children of course). You guessed it, he is a high school English Teacher. What was he thinking? WE also have 10 or so teachers from Selwyn Elementary school. These ladies arrive every morning at 7:00 to greet all those little critters with a smile. Me - I'm am their school psychologist. We try hard to find solutions for all those hard to teach children in your classrooms. Not so easy - I get it. We are all here for fun night out and will go to school tomorrow to teach your children. All your love and support, amy wichman”

  • To: Melissa & Eric
    From: Kathy Brewer, at the Springfield, IL

    Good Luck on your new house & new relationship. 31 is a good age to move out!

  • To: Jennifer Cobbs
    From: Tyler Swanner, at the The AMC 30 in Houston, Texas

    “Thanks for saying, "Yes." We're getting married soon but only if you kill that mouse in your bedroom. It's just plain unbearable.”

  • To: Judi Zyroff
    From: Adam Riff at the BAM in Brooklyn

    “Happy Birthday Mom! Isn't this like driving to Hebrew School on Saturday mornings? Much love from New York.

  • To: Steven Sober
    From: Kelley Sober, at the United Artists Colorado Mills, Golden, Colorado

    “An early Happy Valentine’s Day to Steven in Golden, Colorado. I hope you’re enjoying your “Prairie Home Live in HD” gift! With love from your wife, Kelley.”

  • To: Nikki Ivers
    From: Lindsey Ekstrom, at the AMC Burlington 10, Burlington, MA

    “Hi Nikki! Thank you for being the only friend I have that is not afraid of some wholesome fun! We are a rare breed, sister, and don't ever forget that! -Linds”

  • To: Jan
    From: Rex Richardson, at the Capitol Mall, Olympia, WA

    “I'm smiling remebering our first PHC together, 1 week before we married. I'll love you always.”

  • To: Andrew & Lizzi
    From: Bob & Yvonne Stuart, at the MacArthur Center, Norfolk, VA

    “Sorry you couldn't make it to the show with us since it's a school night, but we hope the dishwasher's loaded and your homework's almost done.”

  • To: Janet Halsey
    From: Karen Povec, at the Regal Stonecrest at Piper Glenn, Charlotte, NC

    “Greetings to Janet in Maine from Karen and Jim in North Carolina. Please don't send any more snow our way. We may have to return the favor, and you'll be shoveling grits off your sidewalk!”

  • To: Leigh
    From: David Greer, at the McArthur Mall, Norfolk, Virginia

    “This is great but I'd rather be listening to this at home and looking at the sunset, a fire, and you.”

  • To: Phillip
    From: Debra Beal, at the Evansville, Indiana

    “I am still working on the trifecta for Valentine's, Anniversary, and Birthday!”

  • To: Julie Janss
    From: Pam Schoffner, at the Jordan Creek, West Des Moines, IA

    Thanks for the great Thelma and Louise trip across the U.S. last month. Maybe next time it will be warm enough to put the top down.

  • To: travis
    From: dan bleen at the bardovan poughkeepsie ny

    “So glad to have this time with you after college graduation. I know returning home wasn't your plan,but the economy is what it is. We are grateful for the additional time together before your final departure.Don't worry son things will work out. Love, Mom & Dad”

  • To: Rick and Julie Jacobsen (the future in-laws)
    From: Wyn Hall, at the MacAuthur Center, Norfolk VA

    “Don't worry about your daughter, there's snow down here in Virginia now too. She'll be fine. Can't wait to see you at the wedding in October, and not before.”

  • To: George
    From: Sheila Reddick, at the Ithaca, New York

    “Did you eat healthy today? Power bars don't count! YOUR MOTHER, Sheila”

  • To: Robert Vinci
    From: Robert Vinci at the Clearview's Chelsea

    “Chelsea, NYC, wants to give a "shout out" to all the members of the armed forces. And to the gay men and women in the military, thank you for protecting our country by performing a job that you love, even with the threat of losing all that you've worked towards. Change is on its way, and we're proud of you!”

  • To: James
    From: Jami Hines, at the Kerastotes Showplace 14 Michigan City, IN

    “"My Aim is True" forgive me for finding these Cinnecast tickets and ruining your early valentine surprise, "Accidents Will Happen" I am thrilled to be here with you, Elvis and Garrison!”

  • To: Russ
    From: Russ Hibler, at the Regal Bowie Crossing Stadium, Bowie, MarylandRegal Bowie Crossing Stadium, Bowie, Maryland

    “Usually I exercise while I am listening at home, so to those around me, I'll try not to instinctually flail my arms and legs.”

  • To: Terry Shaffer
    From: Caroline de Mauriac, at the Lansing Mall Cinema, Lansing, Michigan

    “Caroline and Liam send love and greetings from friends and family to Terry (husband and father) who will be moved from Sparrow Specialty Hospital in Lansing, Michigan to the Spectrum Rehabilitation Center in Grand Rapids tomorrow (Friday, February 5). We left you a radio during our visit today so you could join us for the show and kick off the next stage of your recovery from life saving surgery in Cleveland way back on December 7. You've come a long way baby! Everyone is pulling for and amazed by you.”

  • To: Dan Hardy
    From: Lisa Hardy, at the Moosic, PA

    “Life is great: only 6 more weeks of winter, Our kids both have jobs and I finally have 1 check on my wish list. Thanks Garrison for this HD broadcast”

  • To: Tom Jensen
    From: Stephanie Jensen, at the Marcus Theater, Omaha, NE

    “Thank you, Gorgeous Gentleman. This is the best Valentine's gift ever.”

  • To: The Mulder Family
    From: Margie Mulder, at the Woodland Hills Promenade, Woodland Hills, CA

    “Hi to my family - since I'm the only Garrison Groupie in our home, you'll never hear this, but I will, as I'm watching the show!”

  • To: Mike Evans
    From: Suzanne Felton, at the Regal, Ft. Myers, Fl

    “Mike, If at the age of 64, you still believe in falling in love at first sight, I just wanted to say thank you, you must be telling me the truth if you are willing to sit through two hours of radio show you had never even heard of until you met me just five months ago at the Pine Creek Lodge in Livingston, Montana. For two strangers in the night, it has been a great journey from Montana to being with you here tonight! P.S. And if you are enjoying the show, remember, there is still room on the PHC cruise leaving from Tampa next month!”

  • To: Lori Greshowak (Gresh-wak)
    From: Emily Holliday, at the Mesa, Arizona

    “Lori, keep your chin up above the snow banks in MN. I'm wishing you great luck on the job search.”

  • To: Michael Cochran
    From: Clare Cochran, at the Hollywood Theatre in Springfield, Missouri

    “Dear Dad, Many blessings on this day of thy birth. May sunshine and gladness be given. May the Heavenly Father Prepare you on earth For a beautiful birthday in heaven. Happy early Birthday, Dad. May this circuit around the sun be the best yet! Love, Clare”

  • To: Brad Carter
    From: Kristin Barto, at the New Roc Stadium 18 plus IMAX, New Rochelle, NY

    “To Brad from Kristin -- Here's to our second movie date! Next time, let's try to be in the same state so we can share a popcorn!”

  • To: Rochelle Glidden
    From: Kanya Zillmer, at the Ritz 16 Movies, Voorhees, NJ

    “This is the closest we will get to a live show. I love you, Mom!”

  • To: Alice Alwin
    From: john kearney, at the Michigan City, Indiana

    Dad and Patrick say hi to Alice and her bump. Are you really going to name this child Packer???

  • To: New Media Writing Class of Millikin University
    From: Michael A Cruse, at the Willow Knolls 14 Theater, Peoria IL

    “To my classmates; I Hope you enjoy the show, it is required to see it, and if you do not, NPR broadcasts them online courtesy of American Public Media. Thanks Minnesota public Radio for helping me get that A!”

  • To: Connie Murphy
    From: Tim Murphy, at the Showplace, Rockford, Il.

    “To my lovely wife Connie, may the happiest days of your past, be the saddest days of your future.”

  • To: Julie Grimsley
    From: Justin Grimsley, at the UA Fossil Creek Stadium 11, Fort Worth, TX

    “To my wife, Julie, who is incubating our soon-to-arrive firstborn - thanks for coming with us, even though I know you didn't really want to!”

  • To: Mom and Dad
    From: Carole Campeau, at the Hamilton Place, Chattanooga, Tennessee

    Happy 56th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

  • To: Mom & Dad
    From: Jacque (Jackie) Platek, at the Regal, Montrose, OH

    “Mom & Dad, Thanks for the early Valentine's Day gift. I have only seen GK live once before so this is a real treat! Love from your daughter, Jacque”

  • To: Pat Murphy -also known as Poppa
    From: Kerry Murphy, at the Marucus Theater, La Crosse, WI

    “Happy belated birthday! Sorry we made you drive 3 hours to see Garrison for your present. I Hope you're enjoying you're enjoying the show, because I don't think there's any way you can return this gift! Love, Kerry Brian Logan & Connor”

  • To: Alana
    From: Carter Parks at the Hollywood Stadium 20 @ Fairfield Commons

    “Your Epidermis Is Showing...

  • To: Emily
    From: Chris Powell, at the Stonybrook - Louisville, KY

    Teaching Arts & Humanities in a public school isn't all bad. It means I get to provide for the best wife in the world! (I expect some returned provision once you're out of Dental School.)

  • To: Chris
    From: Rebecca Byrd, at the Regal 16, Wilmington DE

    “Chris, Last time you didn't get to wish me happy birthday, so this time I'll do it myself. Happy 29th Birthday to me!”

  • To: Andrea Rossmann
    From: Olivia Norine, at the AMC Theatre, Highland Village, TX

    “It's hard to believe that its been 10 years since we sat in the audience together in Potsdam, NY. I am so glad that we get to watch it together again, even if we are watching it 1400 miles apart.”

  • To: Dawn
    From: Chuck Braithwaite, at the South Pointe Cinemas, Lincoln, Nebraska

    “Chuck sends love to Dawn, watching the show in Lincoln, NE. Our engagement was announced on this show on April 1st, 26 years ago, and we are still two fools in love after all these years.”

  • To: Dan
    From: Diane Kenski, at the Edwards Theater, Boise, ID

    “Happy one month annivesary! Because of you, I've started wearing my helmet when I ride my bike to work. Here's to many more adventures.”

  • To: Giovanni C.
    From: Diana Smith, at the Ogden, Utah

    “Since you're from Sicily, I guess it's okay that you've never heard of Prarie Home Companion and Garrison Keillor. Thanks for bringing me to this darkened theater for this sweet Pre-Valentines Day date. Speaking of sin, now Garrison and I will baptise you by fire...Enjoy the show!”

  • To: "Merikay, Cheryl, Tom"
    From: Rachel Fenstermaker, at the Severance Stadium 14, Cleveland

    “I hope this one makes it past the “Greetings Tyrant” and onto the air. I wanted to say a special hello to… 1) the women here with me today. They are my mentors helping me along my path of teaching literature to high school students. 2) my dad (Tom). He is an honest, hardworking man. He has helped me get to where I am, and he shares a love for The Prairie Home Companion with me. This broadcast has helped up to bond. Whether together or apart by distance, we are always united through the airwaves. I thank you Garrison, cast, and crew. - - - Rachel”

  • To: "Dahhlink, Deb and Dave"
    From: Dione (Dee-YAWN) Murray, at the Pacific Place, Seattle/WA

    “Hello to my favorite People: Dahhlink, Deb and Dave. The "D's" have it.”

  • To: Sai(Sayee)
    From: Sai Pinnamneni at the Goodrich Hamilton 16 IMAX Noblesville IN

    “Mr Keillor, My daughter is 15 yr old and she is visually impaired(Blind) she loves your show so much that I have no words to explain, and she has been waiting for this day so that she could listen to you live. She is a wonderful young lady and her best friend is her radio listening to NPR, seh would be thrilled to hear her name from you, I would appreciate if you can just wish her all the best fro her in her life.”

  • To: Robert Johnson
    From: Susan Adamczak, at the Hollywood 20, Greenville, SC

    “Well, This is how we make our LONG DISTANCE relationship WORK! This is a great 'date night!' HAPPY 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!”

  • To: "Mom, Barb and Valkyrie"
    From: Samantha Gibson, at the Rochester, NY

    So great to be out with 3 of my favorite people. It should be a great time if Valkyrie manages to stay awake!





  • To: Peter and Denise
    From: Marie Pavlik at the Marcus Theatre-Columbus Ohio

    “Thanks for moving into our neighborhood--you are just what we needed-- another liberal Democrat

  • To: Bill
    From: Eileen Crowder at the Lynnhaven VA Beach/VA

    “It only gets better from here to BEENUS May 1st 2010.

  • To: "Franz and Lilo (pronounced "Lee-Low""
    From: Monika Micheli, at the Edwards Stadium 18 in Mira Mesa, California

    Happy 55th Anniversary! You make it look so easy... Congratulations from your daughter and favorite son-in-law

  • To: Kevin Swenson
    From: "Elsa, Kirsten, Bonnie" Swenson, at the Century 20 El Con, Tucson, AZ 85716

    “Wishing a Happy 57th Birthday to Kevin Swenson! You are a week late visiting Tucson to catch the show, but HD is the next best thing! Enjoy your break from lawn mowing- no grass in AZ and snow on the ground at home! From Elsa, Kirsten and Bonnie”

  • To: Suzy
    From: Linda Morrison, at the Davenport, Iowa

    “Hey from your "sub-tropical" girlfriends, Linda and Linda, from the "southland" !! Hang onto your hat and don't put the cuddle duds away yet , the ground hog says 5 more weeks of winter, served Canadian style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • To: Veto Sr. and Carol Mentzell
    From: Veto Jr. Mentzell, at the Regal Cinemas in Bel Air, MD

    “Sorry you are missing the show Mom and Dad, but we figured you see enough wrinkles in high definition staring at each other over the morning coffee. Love, your son.”

  • To: Karla Tedtaotao
    From: Dean Tedtaotao, at the Edwards 26 Long Beach, CA

    “To Karla my Wife, thank you for going on this date with me, Every date is like a first date with you, but we get to go home together!”

  • To: Matthew Ryan
    From: Becky Ryan, at the Northpark AMC, Dallas, TX

    “Hello to my son Matthew listening to the podcast in Amman, Jordan on your study abroad program. I know you're eating well and I hope you're remembering to check in every week as planned. Don't make me come over there. Love, Mom.”

  • To: Julie
    From: Dave Strauss, at the Regal Alderwood Stadium 7, Lynnwood, WA

    “Julie, My enchantress: Tell Sheriff Watson to take the padlock off the door, the stock certificates Grandpa wallpapered the basement with are Burlington Northern Railroad.”

  • To: "Friends, family and others?"
    From: john phillips, at the Santa Monica, CA

    Married 32 years and divorced. Listening to Prairie Home Companion for 30 years and still going strong. Soem relationships are meant to last!

  • To: Ray and Polly
    From: Sandy Mylan at the Snowden Parkway Theater in Columbia Maryland

    “These previews are great but we thought the movie would have started by now! We're gonna need more popcorn!!

  • To: daughter Jessica
    From: Bill & Caroline Cummins, at the Santium 11, Salem, OR

    “Jessie, Sorry you could not join us tonight, but we will just have to make up for it when we see you in London next month.”

  • To: tejal patel
    From: dipali vyas, at the Regal Cinemas, North Brunswick NJ

    “My best friend Tee, i know this may not have been as thrilling as sky diving, but at least you knew you'd make it out alive! thanks for coming with me to my very first show! i hope we can make this a tradition! i love you! your friend Dee”

  • To: Julie and Dana
    From: Sue and Butch Smith, at the Cinemark 10, Sierra Vista, AZ

    “Wishing you a big thaw from the (warmer) Mountain Empire in southern Arizona. Yes, we are rubbing the weather thing in again.”

  • To: All our friends and family
    From: "Dilsha, John & Vincent" Happel, at the AMC 24, Westminster/Colorado

    Sending out a mile-high hello with love to our far-flung valentines. You sweethearts all know who you are. We love you all so much!

  • To: Julia
    From: John Z at the arrowhead in glendale

    “I hate cliche's, i avoid 'em like the plague...can you help me Julia (the English major)?”

  • To: Eric & Julie
    From: Janice Kelley-VanOrd, at the Movies 17, Erie, PA

    “What could be a better birthday present than a wonderful daughter-in-law! Welcome to the family, Julie! Love, Jan”

  • To: Lydia
    From: Timi Sgouros, at the Warwick Showcase Cinema, Warwick Rhode Island

    “Happy Early Birthday Lydia, Love your best (and worst) sister”

  • To: "Hi to: Memory, Erin, Megan & David"
    From: roger finch, at the Columbia, SC

    “"Remember....We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same." Daddy”

  • To: "Dad & Bro Mark,"
    From: Jody Swanson, at the Mall 8 - Mankato, MN

    “Love to you Californians, from the real tropics - SOUTHERN Minnesota. When are you moving back? 55 years is long enough”

  • To: paul
    From: peggy edelman at the citrus park in tampa fl

    “hope you are enjoying the show and I just want you to know that I'm sorry I had to come with Tom, although he is not as stimulating as you , he could at least buy his own ticket. See you in church Sunday.”

  • To: Laurie Hauptli
    From: Bruce Hauptli, at the UA Movies at the Falls, Miami, FL

    “Imagine, live radio in the theater--what will they think of next?”

  • To: Hammered Dulcimer players
    From: Carolyn Mason, at the Paradiso, Memphis, TN

    To all you hammered dulcimers players and those who wish they were... let's get hammered!

  • To: "The Neal family - Wes, Jerusha and the kids"
    From: Seth and Rachel Nunley at the Showplace 11 in Bloomington Indiana

    “Is it true what they say about New Yorkers?

  • To: Andrea and Bobby
    From: Chad and Rebecca Nunley at the Showplace Theater Bloomington INDIANA

    “Elvis IS alive! We're watching him right now!

  • To: To Cousins Marilyn and Robin
    From: Robin Roads, at the Tinseltown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    “Happy Belated January Birthdays to Cousins Marilyn and Robin from Edmond, OK, who are celebrating their belated January birthdays tonight at Tinseltown, by seeing the PHC Simulcast together!!!!!”

  • To: Cheryl
    From: Mike Beauchamp, at the Canton Cinema, Canton Michigan

    “Twenty three years have come and gone since our chance meeting at Forest Laundry and I am as capivated by your beauty and charm as I was then. After the show lets go home and wash our clothes, the washer is just outside of the bedroom.”

  • To: jim
    From: rosemary winn at the regal 24 Atlanta GA

    “(Honey could we ask for more...PHC live in ATL with Garrison wishing you) Congratulations on your BIG YEAR-turning 60 a couple weeks ago, retiring in a couple of weeks and our 30th Wedding Anniversary in a couple of months. Let's celebrate all year long!!!”

  • To: jim
    From: rosemary winn at the regal 24 Atlanta GA

    “(Honey could we ask for more...PHC live in ATL with Garrison wishing you) Congratulations on your BIG YEAR-turning 60 a couple weeks ago, retiring in a couple of weeks and our 30th Wedding Anniversary in a couple of months. Let's celebrate all year long!!!”

  • To: Penny and Liz
    From: celeste grace, at the East View Cinema, Victor, NY

    “Hi to Penny & Liz from Celeste; best friends for 41 of our 46 years. Despite recent ladder tragedies, stair catastrophies, and horse wrangling mishaps, we will patch our bodies together with Duct tape and we are ON for the Canadian Ski Marathon in Ottawa next weekend!!”

  • To: "Newlyweds, Ashley and Evan"
    From: Mom and Dad Shaw, at the Citrus Park Mall, Tampa, Fla.

    “Ashley,don't forget you're a southern girl. We're begging you to let us buy you that wintercoat suitable for the frigid north of New York City!”

  • To: "Beth, Kate & Maddy:"
    From: John Phillips, at the Santa Monica, CA

    “Hi Girls: Garrison always says he has a face made for radio...and seeing him in HD certainly supports that! Love, Dad”



  • To: Solange (SO-Lahnj
    From: Jaime Maxwell, at the Palace Theater new orleans, la

    To: Solange I'm not so embarassed to have only one friend when I know what an angel you are...

  • To: Bridget
    From: james durham, at the Sierra Vista, AZ

    The dogs are fine. I locked them in the back yard.

  • To: Melodee
    From: Scott Seccombe, at the AMC Ontario Mills, Ontario, Ca.

    “Hey Melodee. If we're not sitting together at the theater then we're probably at home, and we're late...”

  • To: Tom Barlow
    From: Toni Nersesian, at the Northtown Cinema, Spokane WA

    “Tom, Thanks for the 5th time seeing Garrison - 3 concerts, the reading at Get Lit! plus our second movie. Can't wait till the concert this July! #6. Glad you are by my side, Toni (concerts were Spokane, Seattle and Pullman)”

  • To: Shray
    From: Craig Sherman, at the Legacy Place, Dedham, MA

    Hi Shray. With any luck I'm sitting next to you right now at the movie in Dedham. You're my little nub dumpling.

  • To: My lil' Gosling Lea
    From: John Hayduk, at the Coldwater Crossing, Fort Wayne, IN

    Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Tuesday; your tailfeathers will be frozen for almost six more weeks!

  • To: Chuck
    From: Phil Luecke, at the Bella Botega in Bellevue, Washington

    “Hello to Chuck, and maybe Sue, in Fort Wayne. See, I told you this show was GREAT live!! Isn't Sue Scott delicious and hilarious at the same time? See you this summer, either here or there.”

  • To: "My chiropractor, Dr. Kristen"
    From: Lee Nowakowski, at the Transit Center Stadium 18, Williamsville NY

    “These theatre seats are really comfy, but I promise I'm really trying not to slouch! PS - Hi Meghan!”

  • To: Rayna
    From: Theresa Tibbals at the AMC Maple Grove MN

    “(feel free to change this! I'm just so happy my daughter {age 24} will be attending with me, a long-time fan. My hope is that I "turn her on" to APHC and to Garrison's amazing talent. By all indications when whe was a teenager she tuned out the show every Sat or Sun when I'd have the radio on...) So here goes - My Attempt @ Haiku Christmas gift for me with Rayna at AMC No where I'd rather be :) Thank you! Theresa”

  • To: Janet Cooney
    From: PETE COONEY, at the Cinemark Lufkin 12-Lufkin,texas

    “Wishing you an early Happy Valentines wish. I Love You. Your husband,Pete”

  • To: Ralph Childers
    From: Genie Schmidt, at the Spokane, WA

    36 years together and you still somehow make everyday a Holiday. Thank you for making me smile and feel loved. And I'm not just saying this because paper will lay still and let you write anything on it.

  • To: Our friends
    From: ARLENE RUNGE, at the Bell Tower, Ft. Myers FL

    “Arlene And Larry are getting married Feb. 15, 2010,the anniversary of our very first date!”

  • To: sara and jim
    From: paul kerr at the chappel hill n.c.

    “Hi, Sara and jim looking forward to your visit, I tried to find that shittake salad dressing that you like but our grocery store dosent carry it, I started to spell it and he asked me to leave, so bring your own! Love brother Paul”

  • To: Megan Gehlert
    From: Randy Gehlert, at the Regal Warrington Crossing 22 in Warrington, PA

    “Great job Megan in preparing for our year in Madagascar. I'm proud of you. Love, Randy.”

  • To: "Darlene, Patty, and Dianne"
    From: Lin J Adams, at the Gilbert, AZ

    “Hi Ladies...well, here we are, four senior "chicks" on the prowl...but for what??? Good food and entertainment, and of course, stories about our favorite place...Minn a so ta and those ever humble Lutherans!!”

  • To: Ted and Nancy Murphy
    From: Patty Suarez, at the Regency 20, Brandon, Florida

    “Thanks for introducing me to A Prairie Home Companion, way back in the 80’s, when we were working at the University of Maine. It’s all your fault that I am here tonight. Ken opted to go to a professional wrestling match instead, and yes, we’re still married. Hope you‘ll plan a Florida vacation soon so we can meet each other's kids.”

  • To: Liz
    From: Gary Rediske at the Cinemark Cedar Park

    “What a surprise, Hunny. This is the best surprise present ever. I love when you do these little things.”

  • To: Larry
    From: Paula Smith, at the Springdale Showcase Cinemas, Cincinnati (Springdale), OH

    “Happy 67th Birthday to my favorite old fisherman! The longer we're together the better life is! We may not be in St. Paul, but we're watching Prarie Home Companion, Live! in HD in our hometown! Love, The greatest catch of your life! aka your wife of 11 years, Paula”

  • To: courtney
    From: kate hopkins at the tuscaloosa

    “Hi Courtney, I hope that your job interview went well... life is good in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Roll Tide Roll!love,mom”

  • To: the staff at WCBE 90.5 fm.
    From: Sue Misiak, at the Marcus Crosswoods Cinema Columbus, OH

    Thanks for the tickets to this broadcast - tomorrow I'll bring you some Powdermilk Biscuits with a side of Ketchup.

  • To: Uncle Dennis (Dennis Hurley)
    From: Christine Brinker, at the AMC Highlands Ranch 24 in Highlands Ranch, CO

    “To my Uncle Dennis, Thanks for the care package with ketchup, warm socks, and a roll of toilet paper. I treasure it.”

  • To: Elliott Knight
    From: Jeffrey Knight, at the Regal Hollywood 20-Naples. Naples, Florida

    Happy Birthday Elliott Knight. AKA - DAD! Birthday is on FEB. 6th. From your 4 boys. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us. WE LOVE YOU!

  • To: Marsha/Mom
    From: Melissa Robb, at the Regal, Swansea, Massachusetts

    “Happy Birthday, you are a senior citizen now!”

  • To: Lynne Wells
    From: Joe Krueger, at the Perkins Rowe, Baton Rouge, LA

    “To my wonderful bride & best friend who took me to my first live Prairie Home Companion Show in Dodgeville, WI at Lands' End many years ago. Here we are again!”

  • To: Rory
    From: Sarah Waterman, at the Palace 9, Burlington, VT

    “After six months half a world apart, sitting with you by the fire in Vermont is even better than I'd dreamed. Thanks for waiting for me. I love you completely.”

  • To: J. Jette Edwards
    From: Chuck Grewe, at the Cinemark, Fort Collins, CO

    “You have made me the happiest man on Earth...I can't wait to meet our baby, Baby.”

  • To: Uncle Carl
    From: Marquis Colton, at the Regal 14, Gainesville, FL

    “Uncle Carl, thank you for the tickets--by the way, my Dad said your bail has been revolked.”

  • To: Seth
    From: Jessica Martin, at the Warwick Showcase Cinema, RI

    “Seth I am so glad you agreed to come, hope you are having as much fun as I am! Jessie”

  • To: Family & friends in Minnesota
    From: Patrick & Karen McDonough at the Edwards 26 Long Beach Ca.

    “We listen every Sat., we've been to the stage show, we were on the Alaskan cruise, and now here....is it time to put us in "the home.?"”

  • To: "son, Paul Keister"
    From: Betsy & Paul Keister, at the MacArthur Mall,Norfolk,Va.

    “A shout to Paul, the only child of ours who appreciates Prairie Home,congratulations!We'll see you soon in balmy Key West!”

  • To: Denny Walker
    From: Rachel Deery, at the Penn Cinema, Lititz, PA

    “Happy 75th Birthday to our wonderful dad and grandpa! Love from Rachel, Sondra and families”

  • To: Diane Kenski
    From: Dan Broockmann, at the Boise, ID

    “With much affection, a cheer for the start of something beautiful!”

  • To: Gabrielle and Madison Gruhn
    From: Therese Lohmann, at the UA Sonora Village 10, Scottsdale AZ

    Looking forward to your first visit to the Arizona desert this March! Although your mom has you watching 'Road Runner' cartoons to get you excited for your trip - don't worry! No anvils will fall from the sky on to your heads when we go hiking!

  • To: Tom Bryan
    From: Kristy Bryan, at the Hamilton 16 IMAX, Noblesville, Indiana

    “A shout to Tom Bryan in Ireland, Indiana. We invited you to come to the simulcast with us on the phone the other night, but I guess you didn't hear because you won't buy those really nice hearing aids. Wish you were here AND wish you could hear. Love, your daughter”

  • To: Benjamin
    From: richard powell, at the Arbor Lakes, Maple Grove Mn.

    “Greetings to son Ben in Providence Rhode Island, call home once in a awhile, love Dad in Elk River, MN.”

  • To: Lillian Quinn
    From: Doris Quinn, at the Regal Crossgates, Albany, NY

    “It's now February and still very cold in upstate New York. Fortunately, the lack of snow here allows us to honor our pledge to walk every day for 4-5 miles to lose those extra 20 lbs. We're two-thirds of the way through winter, so stay motivated and apply Bag Balm to the nose on the really cold ones. And remember, it's 1-2 glasses of wine a day... not 1-2 bottles!!!”

  • To: Mary Jo
    From: Peter Naegele, at the Southpark Mall, Strongsville, Ohio

    “Hey big sis! Thanks for everything over the years....and I'm not saying this just because you got the tickets. Your brother, Pete”

  • To: To my weird Scandanavian family in Iowa
    From: Pat Roark, at the AMC Highlands Ranch 24, Littleton, Colorado

    Having a Rocky Mtn. High watching this show. Either from the elevation of Denver and/or the now legal possibility of walking out the door.. and buying Marijuana! Uffda

  • To: Fred Marco
    From: Ana Sotelo at the Aventura Florida

    “Happy Birthday to my Husband and best friend Fred Marco. He's turs 35 today! "I Love you my Grizzly Adams!" your wife, Ana”

  • To: Mom and Dad Ryberg
    From: Kristina and Don Jewberg, at the Brunswick, ME

    “Happy midwinter from the Maine land! We've got half the wood and half the hay and looking forward to enjoying the rest of winter...of course our respite with you in Tucson next week will make the remaining six weeks even shorter. Tidy up the Garwood Trail, we're trading in our snow boots for hiking shoes!”

  • To: The NPR Side of the Family
    From: Suzanne and Jim Kinnison, at the Ballston Commons 12, Arlington, VA

    “We couldn't make it all the way to the Fitzgerald Theater for the show, but we managed to get tickets for the live, in-theater version. We know you're listening, and you know we love you!”

  • To: Garrison
    From: Ken Haugen, at the Marcus Bay Cinema, Green Bay, WI

    It has been 30 years since you did the DMIRR show in Duluth. Glad to see you are still at it. PS thanks for the phone call last April on my birthday. You made my day Ken

  • To: all the kids
    From: Susan and Chuck Posten at the AMC First Colony 24

    “Finally, a weeknight date after 37 years! Whoo Hoo!”

  • To: "Friends new to Minnesota humor,"
    From: Kent and Liz Urness, at the Regal Savannah 10, Savannah, Georgia

    “To our friends who have not had the privilege of seeing 'live' Minnesota humor, and will now better understand why we are woebegone when we are away from Minnesota!”

  • To: Rosie Ochoa
    From: Sean Slocum, at the Union Square Stadium 14, New York, New York

    “Some day soon you will be a doctor and I will be a lawyer, and then we will travel to the south of France and Costa Rica for our honeymoon”

  • To: Rachel Wall
    From: Mary Wall at the Tinseltown

    “Rachel if this is read on the air were headed to see a live show and give GK a big texas kiss and eat him right up, yeah haw....”

  • To: Andy Windsperger
    From: Jen Davis, at the Cinnemark Merriam; Merriam, Kansas

    To my darling husband of six months; Thank you for sticking with me as I learn how to cook. I'm sorry about the lasagna.

  • To: "Rebecca "Rattlebecca" Nunley"
    From: Andrea Compton at the tbd somewhere in CA

    “Happy Birthday Sis. Do you ever wonder if Dad really wished our storybook names were really the names on our birth certificates? Have fun at the show in Bloomington, IN - from Sis Andrea "Aunt Drockle-vich" in California.”

  • To: Hugh MacIntosh (son)
    From: Imelda and Fergus MacIntosh at the Silver city Victoria

    “Greetings to Hugh, who is sitting in his lab in Townsville Australia, staying sane by listening to stories from Lake Wobeogn, as he analyzes 'Shipworms' (family: Teredinidae). Hang in there, you're down to the last few hundred!”

  • To: Jane Wess
    From: Virginia Cox, at the Penn Cinema Lititz,Pa

    “Mom, I love you. I love the wonderful close relationship you have with my daughter Jacqui. I love that you make the time to do special things with her and with me. I love that we have a girls get-a-way to Cape May every fall. And I love that you are here with me tonight. I love you, Your favorite (and only) daughter, Virginia”

  • To: Tony
    From: Tom Arfsten, at the 6th Street Cinema, Mariposa, CA

    “Yosemite may be our next door neighbor, but there's only one prairie home.”

  • To: Wren
    From: Christy Fair, at the Metropolitan, Austin, TX

    “Congratulations daughter Wren, for your brilliant first semester of college. For this next one though, try not to distress yourself all over again by enrolling in a class like "The Philosophy and Etymology of the Dangling Noun Clause". You know stuff like that drives you crazy. Looking out for you, Mom and Dad”

  • To: John & Sharon
    From: Mike & Bernice Robinson, at the Joplin, MO

    Still double dating after 44 years! What fun to be sharing this great evening together.

  • To: The Otter Roconians
    From: Larry Shmagin (Shmay-Gun), at the Performing Arts Center in Newport, Oregon

    “Sorry I am unable to attend your party, I'm busy falling in love with Chris Chandler.”

  • To: Jeff Hildebrant
    From: Elba Hildebrant, at the Regal Germantown in Germantown, Maryland

    “Here we are, Pop, in the middle of the week, on your birthday, in a movie theater when we could have been quietly celebrating at home with the dogs--But it is your favorite show and it is your birthday and Mom insisted! Happy 57th Pop! We love you! Ian, Shannon, Erik, Kathy and Mom”

  • To: dennis mcmullen
    From: terri kuhn at the tinseltown rochester.ny

    “well,here we go again..The catologs are pouring in and our souls are getting warm...happy spring i love you terri”

  • To: sumner friedstein
    From: heidi friedstein, at the revere, ma.

    “Happy birthday to the love of my life!!!! We have been listening to Prairie Home Companion for as long as we have been married -30 years. Love, Heidi”

  • To: "Levi, Rylan and Parents"
    From: Rhonda Key at the Bay Park Square

    “A dream has come true -- I may not be in Minneapolis but Prairie Home Companion in HD is Awesome!

  • To: Ben and Ryan Harbst
    From: Tim Harbst, at the Marcus Theater, LaCrosse Wisconsin

    “To my sons, Ben and Ryan, hope you are enjoying the show- by now you may of figured out that we are not watching Avatar-love, Dad.”

  • To: "Arlene, mi amor."
    From: John Markowski, at the Edwards Renaissance Stadium 14 Alhambra, CA 91801

    “We're holding hands now, listening. We're smiling now, grinning. Our 8 year story-scroll rolls on, no moss. Brilliance beams on to our new adventure as we move from coast to coast con nos niños; from wood (as in Holly) to concrete (as in jungle). But you know that no circumstances define us; they only mark more boundary lines begging to be crossed. Love, love me do.”

  • To: Cathrine Murphy
    From: Jason Rider, at the Cinemark Theatre, Fort Collins/Colorado

    “To my darling Cat: Happy birthday! I'm so glad that we met - and I am over the moon that you told me "yes" when I asked you to marry me over mops and scuzzy kittens.”

  • To: Rob Taylor
    From: Kathy Taylor, at the AMC Framingham 16, Framingham, Massachusetts

    “Happy 58th Birthday, Rob! Even after 35 years together, a mundane task like cleaning out the kitchen cabinets is fun as long as we're together. And thank you for agreeing with me that it was time to throw out the ugly wagon wheel cheese board. All my love, Kathy”

  • To: Mom
    From: Robert Price, at the Regal Cinema, Greenville, SC

    “Mom, I know how much you love A Prairie Home Companion and "Elvis" so, this is the best I could do of getting them both together, Thanks for being the best mom for 37 years, happy early mothers day”

  • To: Lisa Parsons
    From: Lisa Parsons at the Belmar Theatre in Lakewood Colorado

    “Happy 43rd Birthday to a good Norwegian Lutheran Girl! APHC live and my folks are here with me, a PERFECT birthday if ever there was one!”

  • To: Piers Lewis and Patty Garffer
    From: Aleksei Brizhik at the Arlington VA 2203

    “Aleksei, Tae and whole AES Internal Audit Dept congratulate Piers and Patty with their new baby boy Mateo Dominic. Piers, now you have two bosses...deal with it... Guys, remember, if Mateo is staring at you - get a diaper...he is pooping...”

    From: Sharon Esparza, at the San Jose, CA

    “Donna, Thanks for being a wonderful sister and introducing me to Garrison/PHC and opening my eyes to this brilliant world. Love you, Sharon”

  • To: Kristen Peterson
    From: Dave Peterson, at the Regal Alderwood Stadium 7, Lynnwood, WA

    “Dear Kristen Although the show tickets are for “open seating” and we can sit anywhere, after 36 years of marriage I would still rather sit next to you. Your loving husband, Dave p.s. and if we wear 3-D glasses it might just look just like a scene from “The Night of the Living Norwegians”….”

  • To: William Avery & Lucienne
    From: Jesse Mix, at the Honolulu, HI

    “Evening Mother and Father! You remain two of the few reasons I would ever dream of leaving this island paradise for the old house on Lake Erie- it doesn't have much surf, but it still has its icy grip on my parents! Enjoy your night out, I love you both.”

  • To: "Dorothy McDonald, Mom"
    From: Judy Miller, at the Settlers Ridge, Pittsburgh, PA

    “Nothing, no one would get Mom out in the snow and single digits except for Prairie Home Companion and Garrison. Mom will soon be 94 and has watched since the beginning and added many to your fan base. Have never been able to get Mom a Happy Birthday Greeting on PHC!! So...Happy Birthday to an independent woman who still lives alone in her own home.”

  • To: Clayton Carter
    From: Karlene Carter, at the Tinseltown, Bristol, TN

    “I want to wish Clayton an early 30th Anniversary(march 15th is anniversary) but he loves Garrison and is thrilled to be able to see the show!!!SO,Happy Anniver.a few weeks early and thank you for loving me for 30 wonderful years.....”

  • To: LaVon Pinnow
    From: Lane Pinnow at the Tinseltown Colorado Springs/CO

    “Since I am turning 64 on Feb 8th, will you still need me, will you still feed?”

  • To: Sue
    From: Glen Beltt at the AMC Maple Grove MN

    “Sue - Love of my life - how did you get Garrison to move his show to Thursday for your birthday?

  • To: Tia Johnson
    From: Len Johnson at the Century 16 Salt Lake city

    “Tia, you've listened to Prairie Home Compnaion from in your carseat to the front seat as you got older. You will be a teenager in a few days. We are so glad to be seeing this with you, Love Dad and Terri.”

  • To: Nana and Papa
    From: Wallis Levin, at the San Diego, California

    “Nana and Papa, you promised you'd tell me your real names if I brought you to see the show. I love you. Wallis”

  • To: Rebecca
    From: The whole Nunley family Nunley at the Showplace 11 Bloomington/INDIANA

    “Happy Birthday to Rebecca,who is turns 43 today. "Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternatives" (Maurice Chevalier)”

  • To: Pat
    From: Rebecca Olson, at the Hollywood 10, St. Joseph, MO

    Happy 80th Birthday Momma! Hope you are enjoying the Party Mr. Keillor is hosting for you!

  • To: Kathy
    From: ELLIOT kATZ at the Albany NY

    “To Kathy have a safe sift see you in the Am with coffe and muffin (She is a nurse her shift is 11pm to 7am rigt after the show she goes to work. Thank You

  • To: Zachary Krabill
    From: Christina Krabill, at the Fossil Creek, Fort Worth, Texas

    “Happy anniversary, Zach! It's been 4 wonderful years and we've had 2 beautiful children...but thank goodness we got away from them for one night! Love you!”

  • To: Garrison
    From: Cliff Anderson, at the AMC theater, Eden Prairie, MN

    “When we applaud in the Eden Prairie theater, can you hear us? Or should we just sit on our hands?”

  • To: Mom and Pop aka Carrol and Vern
    From: Dirk Edmonds, at the Cottonwood 14 in Rio Rancho, NM

    Hope you enjoyed the weather in New Mexico vs. Minnesota. You'll have to come back when you can bring some good weather with you.

  • To: Stan and Sally Freeman
    From: Allison Winter, at the Ballston Commons, Arlington, VA

    “To Mom and Dad in Columbia, SC, from Allison in Washington, DC. So glad we can see the show together, even if we're 500 miles apart. I'm just sorry I will not get to see if Dad does his powdermilk biscuit dance in the aisle! Call me afterwards and let me know.”

  • To: Earl
    From: Peggy Wilderman at the Saginaw quad 8 saginaw michigan

    “Earl - Thanks for the date tonight. love opel

  • To: Harvey Donald Schaeffer
    From: Donald Schaeffer, at the Brandywine Town Center 16, Wilmington, DE

    “To Harvey Donald Schaeffer of Wilmington, Delaware: Happy birthday to a kindred spirit of 83 years! Scenic flights on Lutheran Airlines were booked, but as it turns out, the hot-dish was cold, the hymnals were frozen shut, and the view was just white, white, and more white. Instead, we got you tickets for some live Wobegon humor. Enjoy the show, from Don and Karen.”

  • To: Dimmitt Trinity Sunday School Class
    From: David & Sherry Schaeffer, at the Cinemark in Amarillo, TX

    “Greetings from the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX To Our Sunday School Class: Maybe we aren't old fogies yet, but we sure are getting there fast. Thanks to all 25 of you for sharing David & Sherry's Weird Date Night II with us. David & Sherry”

  • To: English majors everywhere
    From: Marcia Bauer, at the The Majestic Brookfield ,WI

    It's been 40 years since I switched my major from secondary math to English. I have no regrets. How else could I proudly wear my POEM t-shirt?

  • To: Pat Rathmann
    From: Marcia Bauer, at the The Majestic Brookfield, WI

    It's been 40 years since we shared a house in college. I don't think we should wait much longer to get the group together for a reunion. Carpe Diem!

  • To: Jon Erik-Kellso (trumpet player in the band)
    From: Jillian Post, at the Midtown Crossing in Omaha, NE

    “Kellso... greetings from the Big O, sorry we couldn't come to Minneapolis to see you play with the band in person. Have a safe trip back to the Big Apple, when you return.”

  • To: Jason and Nancy
    From: David Nelson, at the Kerasotes Rockford Showplace, Rockford IL

    Get those churrasco skewers ready; we'll be in Missouri by the time your driveway is dry.

  • To: "John, Martha, Andy, Scott, John & Anne"
    From: Anne Basten, at the Regal Showplace Crysta Lake, IL

    Congratulations on checking item #1 & #2 off your bucket lists seeing PHC live twice in 30 days! Rochester and now Cinecast!

  • To: Jesse Turner
    From: Lynell Tobler, at the AMC-17 in Owings Mills, Maryland

    “Lynell sends this greeting out to her husband of nine years, who is sitting beside her in the audience at the AMC-17 theater in Owings Mills, Maryland. "Even though we have been separated for two years now, honey, we still have our love for Garrison Keillor in common, and some marriages have been built on less, so maybe there's still some hope for us!"”

  • To: Rebecca
    From: Joe Walker at the Cape Cinema Dennis MA

    “I'm so glad you could come. now if I could only get you to join me on poker night.

  • To: Elaine
    From: Elaine Hoffman at the Atlanta GA

    “Elaine wants to say I love you to all her friends and family as she celebrates her 53rd birthday this week. Good friends, great music, and a little wine and travel make life sweet.”

  • To: Bill
    From: Annette Thompson, at the Allentown Symphony Hall, Allentown, PA

    “Just an early Valentine's Day greeting to my husband Bill, The Man, The Myth, The Legend!!”

  • To: Barbara Jean
    From: tim danitschek, at the boston, ma

    Imagine starting new lives as sextagenarians...what a wonderful world!

  • To: Chad Carpenter
    From: Melissa Russell, at the Hoffman in Alexandria, VA

    Happy Birthday!

  • To: Pat
    From: Bill Woodson, at the Regal Cinema, Abington, MD

    “Happy Birthday, Pat - 60 never looked better! I promise - no snapping today (oh, and sorry but that Pandora charm is gonna be a little late).”

  • To: Terry & Pam McCoy
    From: Melinda McAlister, at the Century 14, Roseville CA.

    “It was my pleasure to buy us these tickets. I wish I could stay to watch the whole show with you, but the graveyard shift beckons. I love you both so much and words can not express how thankful I am for you two, Happy(almost) Birthday Papa!”

  • To: All my Great Lake surfing sisters and brothers!
    From: Jon K. (Kirkeide) at the AMC Maple Grove Minnesota

    “Woo Hoo surf has been up and GOOD on Thee Superior Lake! Greg,thee Ike Man, has been able to get wet in his new X'mas wetsuit - back in the water after his neck fusion. Thee Superior Lake may stay open this year. Come on over from your froozen Lakes in the East and help else harness some Superior energy! Drop in to the forum @ SuperiorSurfclub.com and see the vidio of the waves energy harvest session of Super Bowl Sunday. Garrison, is it true your first announcing sessions took place as an assistant - while, your boss was entertaining fine looking listeners in the office? EverForward! Jon and Joyce K. P.S. The turkey farm at the S-curve north of the Lake Wabogon (Anoka) high school no longer raising Thanksgiving Birds. The city continues to grow near - HEAVY SIGH!”

  • To: Sid
    From: Diane Sorenson, at the Cinemark West Plano, Plano, Tx

    Sid the popcorn is hot and so are you!!! Dede

  • To: Jen and Royce
    From: Laurel Bariska, at the Century 20 El Con, Tucson Arizona

    A warm Tucson HUG from mom and dad to Jen and Royce to chase away the Denver CHILL. Hope you escaped from the zoo in time to make the show!

  • To: Sandhya (pronounced sun-the-yaah)
    From: Sreenivas(pronounced Sree-Knee-Was) Reddy at the Tysons Corner Virginia

    “Sandhya I love you. Even though I said these words a Zillion times in my head, even though it seems that I take you for granted, I really do love you with all of my heart and I will let these words pass out through my lips when GK announces my message to the world. Sandhya I love you.”

  • To: Phyllis Losinski
    From: Jessica Pabotoy at the Long Beach CA

    “Hey Mom, Finally seeing my first Prairie Home Companion! All those years as a kid sitting by the radio speaker listening to the show must have really had an influence, thanks for 'feeding' me the important stuff! I love you, Jessica”

  • To: Jason Whitaker
    From: Jody Honeyman, at the Hollywood 14, Topeka KS

    “Virtual Happy Birthday to my amazing son, Jason Whitaker. We are both attending this live event in different cities so that we can be together through your show. Thanks for bringing a mother and son together this way because this is the first time in 30 years that we have not been together on this day. I love you more than you can imagine. I am proud of you every day. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks...MOM (Jody Honeyman)”

  • To: Ronnie and Dave
    From: Nancy Freed, at the Century Theatres, Hayward, California

    Thanks for coming with me tonight because Steve refused. He really doesn't like Prarie Home. We know what he's missing! Thanks Garrison.

  • To: "Alan Rowe, husband"
    From: Joy Rowe, at the Concord Mills AMC, Concord, NC

    “Alan, 32 years ago today (Feb. 4) we were walking down the aisle and starting our adventure together. You are still the love of my life, and I wouldn't change a thing! Love you, Joy”

  • To: Dorothy Harrison
    From: Cathy Mane at the Metropolitan Austin/Texas

    “Happy 88th birthday mom. I know this is all you wanted for your birthday so, sit back and enjoy. Thanks Garrison for coming to Austin.”

  • To: My Swedish teacher Anne Marie
    From: Pat Coffey, at the San Diego, CA

    I am enjoying Garrison Keillor rather than doing my Swedish homework. I hopw you are enjoying it too.

  • To: "My Mother, Barbara Gilbert"
    From: Larry Wahrenbrock, at the Summit Sierra, Reno, Nevada

    “A big Happy Birthday to my mother who just turned 88. She says she thinks she is getting a little old because her back hurts, sometimes. Hell, mine hurts all the time! What does that say about the Universe?”

  • To: Ava Grace
    From: Jea Sprimont at the Altamont in Altamonte FL

    “Early Valentine Greetings to Ava Grace: Although I love having you near, I morn your leaving the twin cities & cheating me our of an excuse to again enjoy - in person- my favoite Fitzgerald red-shoed heafliner & his cast of characters. From Mimi”

  • To: Any one I know in St Paul MN
    From: Kristen Bastis at the Boise ID

    “I loved living n St Paul, the Cosmopolitan, the farmers market, the fair, the fitz, Nina's Coffee house, and of course the book store downstairs! I live 3 hours from Boise and drove to the theater on a work night to get my "PHC" fix since Boise NPR does not air it.”

  • To: Sissy (mom)
    From: Shari Novak, at the citrus Park, tampa

    Is it too soon to bring home another cat - or is 6 enough???

  • To: Jack Thomas
    From: Suzanne Thomas, at the AMC, Oldsmar, Fl.

    “We've tried and tried to see a shuttle launch, darn those thunderstorms, hope we have good luck this weekend. Love, Sue”

  • To: Dan Scardino
    From: Beatrice Villegas at the Edwards Houston Marq*E Stadium

    “Hi Dan Twelve months and sixteen days until our BIG DAY! Though you don't understand my fascination with APHC, you don't interfere. That's Love! Thanks Babe. Love you, Bea (APHC A Prarie Home Companion)”

  • To: Mike Lock
    From: Velda Lock, at the Cinma Carousel, Muskegon, Michigan

    Hope you enjoy your Christmas gift tonight. Love you always. Velda

  • To: Clayton Crouch
    From: Nancy Crouch, at the VA Center Commons in Richmond, VA

    “Happy birthday to Clayton tonight. He has been a faithful listener for the past 30 years, but has never had a chance to attend the show. Now he can remove this item from his bucket list. Love Nancy, Dana, & Laura”

  • To: Paul Corp
    From: Peg Corp at the Point Madison Wisconsin

    “Here's to 20+ years of listening to radio shows and having fun together. The honeymoon continues....

  • To: Marlene & Jim Howell
    From: Ann Howell, at the Coliseum Kirkland, Montreal, QC

    “Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Marlene and Jim from West Bridgewater, MA. We know you said you didn't want a fuss, but we're your children and have a lifetime of practice of not listening to you.”

  • To: Emily Vincent and Cameron Blatter
    From: lusandra and roger vincent, at the elk grove,california

    “Hi Emily and Cameron, thanks for buying your parents tickets to their favorite radio show coming from the site of their honeymoon, St Paul. 40 years ago. We have bought Lutheran friends, book club friends, and Minnnesota transplant to California friends. Thanks for being the parents of our favorite (and only so far!_) grandchildren and we can't wait to meet our newest grandson from South Korea! We Love you, Mom and Dad Vincent”

  • To: "Henry James Brown, The beagle"
    From: Larry Freeland, at the Holland, Michigan. 49424

    Just a reminder that I still haven't forgiven you for taking that carton of cottage cheese out of the cooler in the car last week and finishing it off in the backseat! But i'm working on it.

  • To: Joan Cummins
    From: Peg Allen, at the Regal Deerfield Towne Center, Mason, Ohio

    “Happy birthday to Joan Cummins, watching live in Mason Ohio, a great fan of the show who works jigsaw puzzles while listening.”

  • To: Frank Sisulak
    From: Randy Sisulak, at the Arundel Mills, Hanover, MD

    “Good Luck Dad wearing your new bright red track shoes as you go for the world records in the shot put, discus, and javelin for the age group 100+. The family back here in Maryland is routing for you! You're still a kid at 101 - but remember, keep the sweatpants on!”

  • To: Stacey Mullen
    From: Peter Greenwald, at the Denver Pavilions Theatre, Denver, CO

    “Hi Stacey- I know it's been 9 years since we've been together and you are still wondering if I love you, considering we aren't married yet. Garrison Keillor has the answer to your question and he is going to tell you that now ....cue Mr. Keillor......DEAD AIR ...... Mr. Keillor? Please tell Stacey the answer. She has a heart of gold, is a big fan and would appreciate your insight. Thanks so much. Love the show.”

  • To: Karen
    From: Mike Van at the AMC - Olathe

    “Mike sends greetings to Karen watching her first Prairie Home Companion show in Kansas City.

  • To: Samuel Wukusick
    From: Eileen Wukusick, at the Edwards Houston Marq*e 23 & IMAX, Houston, Texas

    Hi Sam! I really like being married to someone whose idea of a fun night out is watching an NPR radio show on a big screen!

  • To: JP
    From: Tracy Phillips, at the Columbia Mall, Columbia MD

    “JP: I hope you are having a great bachelor night with Edmund and Elliott, while your wife, mother, and sister-in-law enjoy the show!”

  • To: Leslie Brennan Hardester
    From: Dan Hardester, at the Altamonte 18, Altamonte Springs, Florida

    “Happy 25th birthday, Leslie Brennan. Seems like yesterday you said, “Don’t see it,” whenever you spilled your juice. I look forward to walking you down the aisle next Friday. Love, Daddy.”

  • To: Billy Bassett
    From: jane bassett, at the Century Laguna 16 in Elk Grove, California

    “Hello to our son Billy and his girlfriend Alexa, in Galt, California. We felt badly about leaving you home until when we found out the tickets were twenty bucks apiece. Keep the lights on and all feet on the floor - we'll be home around 11. Love you bunches, Mom, Dad and G-Ma”

  • To: The Minnesota Herbers
    From: Sue Herbers at the Edwards in Long Beach

    “Uncle Jerry & Aunt Sue don't have to acutally be in all that snow to appreciate life in the midwest!

  • To: Patrick
    From: Karen Foster, at the Long Beach 26, Long Beach CA

    New Laptop - $500 Internet connection - $25 Tickets - $20 Spending the evening with you at another Prairie Home Companion show - PRICELESS

  • To: Joe and Ida
    From: Ann Thomas, at the Showcase Cinema De Lux Patriot Place, Foxboro

    “Ann and Peter, of Foxboro, want to wish 2 relatives who had the foresight to be born on holidays, so no one would forget their Birthdays: Joe will be 95 on Valentines Day, and Ida, 94 on the 4th of July! We saw you at South Shore Music Cuircus for the Rhubarb Festival, and wanted to see you now "bigger than life!"”

  • To: Michael J. Dunn
    From: Betty Warner at the Voorhees NJ

    “Happy 60th Birthday from Bobbie Farner!

  • To: Marc Rentko
    From: Melissa Rentko, at the Georgesville Square, Columbus, Ohio

    “Thanks for loving me...my cat...and an Aussie Cattledog you never ever wanted, for 5 years. Took a lot of patience now didn't it??”

  • To: Vernon Holt (my Dad)
    From: Diane Holt, at the AMC Castleton Square 14 Theaters in Indianapolis, IN

    “Let's celebrate your 80th birthday at the Indy 500 race this May, Dad! Take your time driving home after the show tonight. It's not like when you were growing up in South Dakota and could drive 80 mph down the middle of the road.”

  • To: Families Conde and Pollak
    From: Javier Silvia and Eduardo Pollak, at the Coliseum Kirkland, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    “Greetings from Montreal, Canada. It's wonderful that we can share with you, our favorite radio show via internet. We listen to it every week throught Vermont Public radio and we can watch it live now! Thank you!”

  • To: Loop Haro
    From: Kara Haro, at the Edwards Renaissance Stadium 14, Alhambra, CA

    “To my sweet California-born husband, who would never have been able to understand my Minnesotan dialect or found as much charm in my Lutheran-ness if it weren't for our shared passion for the Prairie Home Companion- I love you with all my heart.”

  • To: Ellen
    From: David Popovich, at the Marcus Theatre South Elgin, IL

    To my physical therapist Ellen: Thanks for helping me rehabilitate both of my shoulders. I'm planning on overstressing my hips next so that I can come back and see you again.

  • To: Allison and Taylor Martin
    From: William Martin, at the Listening Online in Bogota, Colombia

    “Alli and Taylor - Missing you at the Bullfights in Bogota. I know you are rooting for the bull. You should hear lots of it tonight. Love you, Dad”

  • To: Danielle Logsdon
    From: Paul Henskens, at the Regal Cinemas. Deerfield Town Center. Mason, Ohio

    Im 45 this week and enjoy getting younger each week I am with you.

  • To: Scott Whitford
    From: Nancy Darst at the Houston Texas

    “To my big brother Scott, You should have told me about the Prairie Home Companion show sooner. Now that I get a steady diet of the show each Saturday evening it makes me think of you. Next time we are together let's have some Rubarb Pie! With love, Your little sister in Texas. Nancy”

  • To: Adam Brown
    From: Patty Goodman, at the City Center, White Plains, New York

    “Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband Adam. Your Loving Wife, Patty”

  • To: Dave
    From: Pam Keeney at the AMC Framingham 16/ MA

    “After 5 years of a long distance relationship between Ohio and Boston, I'm so glad you've finally moved East.”

  • To: Birthday
    From: Richard Mathews at the Mountain View Cinemas 16

    “Hppy Birthday to the Mother of our childrens.

  • To: My darling hubby
    From: Diana Rao, at the Citrus Park Mall, Florida

    “I have been a witch to live with the last 2 weeks and I am so happy you remembered that as expensive as I am to keep, I am totally unaffordable to get rid of. I love you.”

  • To: Myself/Elizabeth
    From: Jake McCullough, at the AMX Theatre; Columbus, Ohio

    Happy Birthday yesterday to my wife and mother of my four daughters: Elizabeth. Congratulations to me for sneaking out of work early and making it here fairly unscathed.

  • To: PFC Daniel Bishop
    From: Judy Glenn, at the El Con Tucson, AZ

    Proud of you for finishing Basic and do well in school from Great Aunt Judy

  • To: Genevieve
    From: Jean-Marc Heritier, at the AMC Cupertino 16, Cupertino, CA

    “Genevieve, I love you! We met in a plane, we will be together now for life, I love you!”

  • To: Scott
    From: Sean Carmichael at the Southpoint Theater

    “It seems the best advice in life came from Muppets. We really should have listened.

  • To: "Camden, Graham and Berkeley Roux"
    From: Sean Carmichael at the Southpointe Theater

    “To Camden, Graham and Berkeley Roux You are turning me grey but that's ok. I love you so much, Dad”

  • To: Alicia Carlson
    From: Erik Wicander at the Manchester Connecticut

    “Alicia, Its been two great years, lets hope we enjoy two more out of the next thirty... Love, Your Erik”

  • To: Anne
    From: Andrew Schmidt, at the Sunset Place, Miami, FL

    “Happy Birthday! Once again you're married to a younger man and I'm married to an older woman, at least until my birthday in September. All my love, Gup.”

  • To: Stewart
    From: Doris Ruth Oppenheimer, at the New Roc, New Rocheille NY

    “Happy Anniversary ! It seems as if it were just last year that we were at Town Hall listening to Susanna McCorkle do " The Waters of March " what a wonder in my life you are, and I thank my lucky stars and black holes every single day for marrying me.”

  • To: Dawn
    From: Ron Benson, at the Showplace, Terre Haute, IN

    “To my sister Dawn in Devil's Lake North Dakota, I know I should cool my exuberance, but I just want to say howdy from your baby brother in Indiana.”

  • To: "Jack, Sam, and Reid"
    From: jenny montgomery, at the golf mill, niles

    You are the sunshine in my life.

  • To: Louanna Green
    From: sherron shuffield, at the Malco, Fort Smith, AR

    “Happy 71st Birthday, Louanna.We old codgers need to keep having these grand celebrations.Your Birthday Buddies”

  • To: "Ron, Alice, Mable and Rober"
    From: Rev. David Geenen, at the Davenport 53 Showcase Cinemas, Davenport, Iowa

    “Greetings to Ron, Alice, Mable and Roger who have never heard of A Prairie Home Companion, who still spent $21.00 to come to the theater tonight and celebrate my birthday!”

  • To: Dennis
    From: Cheryl Brungardt, at the Belmar, Lakewood/Colorado

    “As Paul Child to Julia said, "You are the butter to my bread!" Love ya forever, Cupcake”

  • To: Dad
    From: Anthony Pregent, at the Hoffman Theatre Alexandria, VA

    “Well Polonius, here we are. 28 years of sage advice and in return, I show my eternal gratitude by getting us tickets for this show. I guess this means we're even.”

  • To: Marie Straka
    From: Birdy Connolly, at the The Regal 20 in Augusta, Georgia

    “Happy Birthday, Mom! I won't tell you age ~ but I will say 70 is more than a speed limit! Wishing you many, many more!”

  • To: Jane Vaughan
    From: BILL VAUGHAN, at the Merritt Island theatre, Merritt Island FLorida

    Belated 51st Weddding Anniversary Greetings...here's to our 52nd and MORE!

  • To: Dahlia
    From: Uncle ben at the chicago

    “Hey Dahlia Miss seeing you and having fun at the park! love you Uncle Ben

  • To: Bonnie
    From: Mark Raymond, at the Showcase West, Flint, Michigan

    “It would be awesome if you could give a greeting and a word of comfort to my wife, Bonnie. Tomorrow (Feb. 5) she celebrates 25 years on the job with our local newspaper and at the end of the day, the company is laying her off permanently, a victim of a brutal economy and a changing industry paradigm. Please wish her good luck and God bless!”

  • To: Joan
    From: Nora Redfern, at the Cinemark, Texarkana, Texas

    “To Joan, From fellow Quakers of Texarkana: Wear your diamonds as long as you can.”

  • To: Toni Sottrel
    From: Jerry Rakowski, at the AMC Barrington, il

    Jerry Strawberry would like to wish Toni Baloney a happy 65th birthday. Thanks for the 55 years of “big sister” support and love.

  • To: Tracy
    From: Sarah Goben, at the Jordan Creek, Des Moines/Iowa

    “To the best man ever, Happy Valentine's Day and 8 month Anniversary. I love you! p.s. Mom and Dad I'm so glad you came to the show with us! You're the best! I love you, too!!”

  • To: Foster Barnett
    From: Dave & Tracy Barnett, at the Holland 7, Holland MI

    Happy Birthday to our youngest son Foster in proud recognition of his official status as an NPR geek for asking to see Prairie Home Companion for his 11th birthday.

  • To: Foster Barnett
    From: Tracy & Dave Barnett, at the Holland, Michigan

    Happy Birthday to our youngest son Foster. Recognizing him as an official an NPR geek for asking to see Prairie Home Companion for his 11th birthday.

  • To: Bob Gaw
    From: Kevin Gaw, at the Regal Hollywood 24 @ North I-85, Atlanta, GA

    “Happy 81st birthday, Dad! We think you are awesome and we love you!!! From Atlanta and Reno -- Kevin and Edith”

  • To: Joseph & John Oliveira
    From: Peggy Oliveira, at the N. Brunswick , NJ

    I am enjoying introducing the next generation of my family to life in Lake Wobegon. Enjoy the show boys!

  • To: Joannie
    From: Ed Warnshuis, at the Lowell Showcase, Lowell, MA

    Thank you Joannie for a great 43 year ride (not in the Irish sense of the word). Let's go 43 more. Your King of Hearts.

  • To: Marie Henry
    From: Shady Henry, at the AMC 30 in Houston, TX

    “Thank you for marrying me last summer, and happy Birthday.”

  • To: Deuane Hoffman (pronounced DO-wayne)
    From: Carolyn Blatchley at the Susquehanna 14; Harrisburg PA

    “A happy 40th birthday to my husband...like barrel-aged beer, some will turn to vinegar after 40 years, but the best grow in complexity and good taste.”

  • To: jason
    From: steve Carron, at the town plaza cine cape girardeau, mo

    can you believe we are finally seeing the faces behind the voices after years of listening in the shop with incense burning and sawdust flying? i even got mom away from frank sinatra long enough to watch with me. enjoy the show!

  • To: Garrett Glidden
    From: Mark Glidden, at the Regal Warrington Crossing Warrington, PA

    To my son Garrett who listens has listened to PHC with me every Saturday during his 13 years on this planet. There is no one I would rather be seeing this with....and now you can see that Garrison Keillor really does look like Grandpa

  • To: "Vi, Lynn and Forrest"
    From: Helen Stobaugh, at the Glendale, Arizona

    “Hey gang, glad we can enjoy this time together. Didn't I tell you he could tell the best stories!”

  • To: Earl
    From: Barb Samson at the Omaha Nebraska

    “The dream lives on....Prairie Home Companion AND theatre popcorn with lots of butter!

  • To: Derek
    From: Janice Kelley vanord, at the Erie, PA

    “If this is "live in HD", what kind of definition do we watch when we see the show LIVE in person?”

  • To: Gordon
    From: Robb Curtis, at the The Bridge Cinema in Los Angeles, California

    “My dear friend and fellow English major lo those many years ago -- we grow old, we grow old, we shall wear the bottoms of our trousers rolled.”

  • To: Ken Kurecka
    From: Janet Kurecka at the Saginaw 8 in Saginaw Michigan

    “To your 30 years as a volunteer firefighter I salute you!

  • To: Kini Ziegner
    From: Ana Murray, at the Dole Cannery, Honolulu, Hawaii

    “Aloha KiniKini, I am so happy to be sitting here with you watching a Prairie Home Companion. Too bad I had to sit in the lobby last time with our darling daughter Kela. Aloha Ana Banana”

  • To: Dylan
    From: Louis Armstrong, at the Kalamazoo 10 - Kalamazoo, MI

    “Happy Birthday, Dylan. Couldn't quite get tickets at the Fox, but tonight you won't have to listen in a heatless car.”

  • To: Gary Lindsay
    From: Christine Etter, at the Malco- fort Smith, AR

    “Thanks to a wonderful, thoughtful son for sending me tickets to the Prairie Home Companion. It takes a lot to entertain a senior; my son knows exactly the right thing to do. Love you son”

  • To: Lois
    From: Melissa Yorks, at the Germantown 18, Germantown, MD

    “Lois, if you're out there watching in Hadley, MA wave to your mom and dad in Germantown, MD. Don't forget it's your mom's birthday in five days! From Mom and Dad”

  • To: Uncle Ray
    From: Mike Sherfield, at the Coldwater Crossing- Ft. Wayne, IN.

    Happy 90th Birthday Uncle. There is a new jig and a fresh bottle of Blackberry Brandy waiting for you in the shanty. See you Saturday.

  • To: Monique
    From: James Specht at the AMC Glendale/Arizona

    “Hello and hope you are enjoying our first real date watching one of your favorite radio shows. Doing it a bit backwards as usually you date first then meet the family and buy the house, but have always done things a bit in reverse and worked out well the way we have done it these last 3 or so months. Enjoy the rest of the show and could you get me some more popcorn while you are up.”

  • To: Kelley
    From: Bill Johnson, at the AMC Owings Mills 17, Owings Mills, MD

    Happy birthday kid! Finally got you to PHC!

  • To: Beth
    From: Troy Cunningham, at the Edwards 21 in Boise, ID

    “To my lovely wife, I'm so glad this show fell on our date night. Our favorite babysitter is now driving so let's have another bottle of wine. The corkscrew is in my pocket.”

  • To: Joe and Deanna Larson
    From: Paul Larson, at the South Pointe Cinemas Lincoln, NE

    “Mom and Dad, Nebraska may be south of Minnesota, but it's just as cold.”

  • To: Eric
    From: Lacey K., at the Fayette Mall, Lexington, KY

    “To my dear husband: I once contemplated what a fun surprise it would be to take you to the Fitzgerald Theater for our anniversary. Sorry, this will have to do. At least it isn't -5° here in Kentucky.”

  • To: Public Radio Geeks of the World
    From: Mindy P., at the AMC Theater; Owings Mills (Baltimore), MD

    Greetings to all us Public Radio Geeks 'round the nation! Glad we can enjoy this evening together.

  • To: Craig
    From: Mary Lou Jackson, at the Syracuse, NY

    “To my hard working husband of 14 years, glad you made it home in time to make the movie. Don't forget PHC in NYC on April 24th town hall to celebrate our 15th anniversary. love you”

  • To: Allan Andres
    From: Regina Andres, at the Cinemark Plano, Texas

    “Next year, let's do this in Minneapolis, OK?”

  • To: Inga & Mike Slinger
    From: Miriam & Michael Snider, at the Cineplex Odeon Sheppard Grande , Toronto Ontario Canada

    “We are thinking of you , and wishing you were here with us enjoying the show. We will try and remember everything and tell you all about it!!!! Next time we'll see it together. Feel better and be well Lots of love Miriam & Michael”

  • To: Dick and Lori Regedal
    From: Laurie Rott, at the Edwards Theater, Bakersfield, CA

    Hello to Dick & Lori in Rochester from Jerry & Laurie in Bakersfield. We are watching the show from the Edwards Theater unless we got caught smuggling lefse into the theater and got thrown out.

  • To: Joe
    From: Shlomit (rhymes with slow-feet) Auciello at the Rockland Strand Rockland Maine

    “This isn't much closer to the Fitzgerald Theater than the cottage on Cross Island where we first enjoyed Prairie Home Companion 25 years ago, but after all those episodes of Guy Noir, we'll solve a few mysteries tonight. One thing there's no question about; our love is real and in person, every day.”

  • To: Cindy Bunch
    From: Don Bunch, at the McArthur Mall Theater, Norfolk, Virginia

    “I hope you get pregnant and a new job, in that order.”

  • To: Aaron & Stephen
    From: Paul & Stephanie Turney, at the AMC Northpark in Dallas, TX

    “Greetings Aaron, our cold,Chicago child, we are praying you back to Texas. And to you Stephen, our Nashville child, we are really thankful you bought us a book of good poems instead of stealing it. We love you, Mom & Dad”

  • To: Frank Azzariti
    From: Nancy Azzariti, at the Marlborough, MA

    “David Letterman never called me back, Jay Leno moved my time slot and Conan O'Brien cancelled me ...so I thought I'd take you to the movies and have Garrison Keillor tell you and the world how much "I Love You"!”

  • To: Jeffry
    From: Jeffry Clough, at the Hadley Cinema, Hadley Mass

    “Jeff, I know you are a long, long time follower of the Prairie Home Companion. Hope you enjoy this GREAT SHOW! VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FROM GARRISON KEILLOER AND SUE!”

  • To: Terri
    From: Richard Tomaino, at the Patriot Place,Foxboro,Mass

    “Happy belated 65th birthday,From Dick”

  • To: Larry
    From: Caroline Gettino, at the Carousel Mall, Syracuse, NY

    “Happy 53rd Birthday to my husband "BUBBLES". "Remember" to drink your Gingko biloba tea this year!... You'd save so much time only doing things once, and maybe you'd finally find the keys to the safe! Love "Tina" & the kids”

  • To: Ani (Laudon - daughter)
    From: Steve Laudon, at the Easton Town Centre, Columbus, Ohio

    It was good to see you last week...we hope you and the kitties figure out what to do with the pomegranates. Dad and Mary Jane

  • To: Jacob Sommer
    From: Rachel Sommer (pronounced Summer) at the AMC Burlington MA

    “Happy early Valentine's Day; I'm so happy to have a grownups night out, even if we did have to stay long enough to put the younger child to bed.”

  • To: Charlie & Audrey Cortez
    From: Patti Vanzzini Vieira, at the Kerasotes Showplace 16, Manteca CA

    “To my friends Charlie & Audrey, thank you for adopting me and not making me feel like the third wheel I sometimes feel I am.”

  • To: Everyone in different states
    From: Kevin Potter, at the AMC, Burbank, CA

    “Hi to everyone in all the different states! Don't worry, winter will soon be over. It was 55 degrees and raining here last week... We feel your pain!”

  • To: All our Lutheran family members & friends in MN
    From: Pat & Pat Day, at the Bonita Springs, Fl-Hollywood theatre at Coconut Point

    “We missed you at our Tuna Noodle Hotdish/green jello/bars supper before the show tonight! from the Emmanuel Lutherans in Naples, Florida”

  • To: Richard Graugh
    From: Marlene DuBois, at the Island 16 Cinema De Lux Holtsville, NY

    “Dear Richard, Glad you asked me, glad I said yes. I don't know how we'll live, but at least we'll always sit in front of a fireplace with a good draft.”

  • To: Philly Girl Havnen
    From: Paul Havnen, at the Jordan Creek, West Des Moines, IA

    “Leutafisk, My Darling Philly Girl, is a Norwegian's version of Lobster. Close your eye's, hold your nose, concentrate on the taste of butter ,and I promise you'll think your at Red Lobster. Happy Anniversary of 40 years! Love, Paul Havnen PS My upbringing at Central Lutheran Church in East Des Moines, IA (Snoozeville) reminds me of your Lutheran Church, Pastor Inkfest and your Lutheran/Norsk experiences. My pastor, Pastor Sorensen and congregation members, Orin Knudsen, Art Opedahl, Headvig Opedahl, Anton Hougen, my father - Otto Havnen... All good Norwegian names and now all deceased. Enjoy your show, Norwegian and Lutheran jokes. Brings back memories of our not attending school or growing up together.”

  • To: Bob and Jan
    From: Dawn Flower, at the Mequon, WI.

    “So glad the move is over and that even though I'm sitting here with a sprained ankle in the theater, I am relaxed, watching A Prairie Home Companion LIVE and knowing that I truly have the best parents in the world. Aren't you glad that I didn't take you both up on your wanting me to move into the same apartment building as you? (I think you'd regret it :) I think the same apartment complex is close enough. Your little girl, now 40 years old, is growing up. God Bless you. I love you. Sweet Dreams. Always, Your "Dawnie-Doo"”

  • To: Larry Dennis
    From: Andy Dennis, at the Cinemark Movies 10 Redding, CA

    Happy 65th Birthday Pop! You can now get a discount at breakfast!

  • To: Gregg
    From: Jill Cornish, at the UA King of Prussia Imax in King of Prussia, PA

    “Gregg: Thanks to you, this white-haired lady got to meet GK before the 2008 Ocean Grove, NJ show. GK gave me a personal tour of the Grand Auditorium. I was too shy to ask for his autograph, but I still have the ticket stub. Love from Mom”

  • To: Liz
    From: Linda Steffensen, at the Renaissance cinema; Sturtevant, WI

    Liz! Did you know you have listened to Prairie Home Companion for 24 years! Do you think they would let an Opera Performance major like you sing You Are My Sunshine on the show? Love ya MOM

  • To: Jb and Laurie
    From: Marty Thomas, at the MarArthur 18 in Norfolk, VA

    “Hi, JB and Laurie, We have 2 more theaters than you do. ha-ha. Marty”

  • To: Jb and Laurie
    From: Marty Thomas, at the MarArthur 18 in Norfolk, VA

    “Hi, JB and Laurie, We have 2 more theaters than you do. ha-ha. Marty”

  • To: Russ McFarlan
    From: Lisa Ulf, at the Catamont Film Company, St. Johnsbury, Vermont

    “Hello Russ, one more knotch on the stick, manny more trips to plan. Keep on flying as long as the skys are clear. love from Lisa, Hunter, Kersitn and Brita in Vermont!”

  • To: Steve
    From: Mari Lou Laso, at the Orange Stadium Promenade 25, Orange CA

    “Wake up, Steve. Happy 50th fom your brilliant wife. Remember to take out the trash when we get home.”

  • To: Jim Downs
    From: Laura Beaver at the Century Blackhawk Plaza

    “Happy 68th birthday to Grandpa Jim! Thank you for driving across country in your airstream trailer to be with us as we wait for the birth of our third child - your fifth grandchild! Thanks for all the meals you're cooking and all the hours of playing paperdolls with the little ones! We love you!

  • To: June
    From: Michael Solof at the AMC 18 in Columbia Maryland

    “Junebug, Even though this is our first date, it doesn't get any better than this. Sorry. JohnPaulGeorge&Ringo J”

  • To: "Angela, Chuck, Elizabeth and Laura"
    From: John Meyer at the La Crosse WI

    “Want to come back to Minnesota? It's warmed up some!

  • To: Mitch
    From: Karen Smith, at the Revere Showcase Cinemas, Revere, MA

    “Mitch: When you asked to see my baseball card collection on our 3rd date, I knew that you had the potential to steal my heart. I'm so happy we are together and I am looking forward to celebrating Opening Day with you! Karen”

  • To: Mike
    From: Cat Shannon at the AMC Willowbrook 24 Houston/Texas

    “Thank you, my darling husband, for getting me to our favorite show, without all the snow! Please pass the wine. Cat”

  • To: my 4 little flowers
    From: sylvasm Minassian at the Santa Anita Pasadena ca

    “In memory of your dear Dad this week it's his Birthday I do celebtate it every year.He had such a great sens of humor I love to have a good laugh and cheer as we all miss him so much.

  • To: Starr
    From: Sean Carmichael at the Southpointe Theater

    “To my beautiful wife Starr, You are my strength, my passion, my life. I love you so much.”

  • To: David in BB 9
    From: Patricia Wallace, at the Sunrise Theater, Southern Pines, NC

    I saw you stick that piece of gum under your seat!

  • To: David and Karen
    From: Beth Dobyns, at the Willow Knolls, Peoria, IL

    Who knew we would be talking theater-to-theater the week before your first grandbaby will be born? Love to all!

  • To: Mark Ross
    From: Cyndi Meinck, at the Oldsmar, Florida AMC

    “To Mark, the love of my life, who turns 49 today. Happy birthday!”

  • To: Wade and Alicia
    From: sylvia and lou Falcon, at the Emeryville, CA

    “Alicia and Wade...save your marriage...get "Ellie" out of your bed.”

  • To: Suzie and Tom Johnson
    From: Arlene Tammaro, at the The Cupertino 16 in Cupertino, CA

    Hope you were able to shovel yourselves out of the 10 foot snowdrifts around your house to see this. At least you don't have drive an hour dodging deer all the way to Duluth anymore.

  • To: Chad
    From: tiffany fourment, at the Century Theater Boulder, CO

    “To my stellar friend Seymour: After "all this time", I still think you're the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, and the cherry on top... happy 7 month anniversary, and here's to many months more...”

  • To: All my PHG friends around the country
    From: Pamela Landi, at the Regal Cypress Creek, Fort Lauderdale, FL

    “Hello from your unemployed (oops, I mean in "career transition") friend. Looking for a job, but still enjoying sunny south Florida in February! The beach isn't very crowded on weekdays!”

  • To: "Jean, Jeanie & Jeff"
    From: Larry Neal, at the Tysons Corner, McLean, VA

    “Sorry I'll miss the tractor pull again this year. Drive safe, Mom, & don't run down anybody with the big Allis Chalmers. Old Doc Barton says I'm nearly healed & the ticks will stop real soon now.”

  • To: Roy
    From: Keri Comer, at the AMC Legacy in Tustin, CA

    “Roy, your beloved wife of 34 years rejoices in the completion of you 58th year tomorrow. Happy Birthday, dear!”

  • To: Bill
    From: Skye Daniels, at the Fiesta 16 San Antonio, Tx

    “Bill, sometimes you just never know what surprises life has in store for you when you check your e-mails! So glad we are getting to know each other & happy to be here with you tonight!!”

  • To: Killian and Patrick
    From: colin mcginnis, at the AMC Owings Mills 17, Baltimore, MD

    “Since we couldn't swing a trip back home to MN this winter, you'll have to get your fix of long oooo's this way, on the big screen. You two and mommy are my great loves! Love, Daddy”

  • To: Eddie Secrest
    From: Michele Secrest, at the Showcase at the Ritz Center, Voorhees, NJ

    “Happy Birthday, to the most increadible person I know and have the pleasure of loving everyday of my life.”

  • To: Ann and Ben Boyd
    From: Barb and Eric Von Gunten, at the Montrose Regal Theatre Akron, Ohio

    “Hello from Akron, Ohio hometown of Tom Batiuk (pronounced BAT-ick , like attic) creator of the comic strip Funky Winkerbean. We are expecting our first grandchild in July. Congratulations Ann and Ben.”

  • To: Edward Phillips
    From: Michelle Phillips at the Susquehanna 14 at Harrisburg PA

    “How wonderful to finally get to see this show together. Thank you for all you do. Lots of love, Michelle”

  • To: Ray
    From: Nancy Maxwell at the Marcus Duluth 10 in Duluth MN

    “This goes out to Ray Fraboni of Eveleth MN: Roses are red Martinis have vermouth When I said, "Let's travel south!" I meant further than Duluth”

  • To: Sophia
    From: Lauren Taaffe, at the Savoy 16, Savoy IL

    “Happy 9th Birthday to Sophia, who never wants to miss PHC on Saturday evening and loves Guy Noir. What have we done? Love, Mom and Dad”

  • To: Scott
    From: Nonny Bromley, at the Vista Ridge, Irving, TX

    “Shout out to son Scott, an Irving police officer. Contrary to what you thought attending this show has not caused us to loose the will to live. Love you...stay safe. Mom”

  • To: Ed Mary Meyer
    From: Therese Pekar at the South Shore Cinema- Oak Creek Wisconsin

    “Mom & dad- thanks for coming with me tonight! You are both my hero, my role model, my dear friend, and I love you very much. And thanks for always paying for Lunch when I conveniently forget my wallet!! Your Daughter, Therese”

  • To: Michele (nerdgirl)
    From: Ed Secrest, at the Ritz Showcase Voorhees, NJ

    “My beautiful little nerd! Since you say it's way too cold to take me to Minnesota in February, we will have to settle for GK on the big screen! As long as I am with you, my love, we will be forever warm!! Thanks for yet another wonderful birthday and for the blissful existence we share!”

  • To: Chris Wullert
    From: Becky Cromwell at the Snowden in Columbia MD

    “To the best sister in the world - don't forget to pay the mortgage this month !!

  • To: Cameron
    From: Lina Harris, at the Greenville, SC

    “Now that the worrisome surgery is completed, try exercise to help you get back into shape ! P.S. I'm glad you made it through safely ! signed, your sweet sister”

  • To: Dan Rondeau
    From: Michelle Gardner, at the buckland hills showcase cinemas, Manchester, CT

    “GAS $50.00 MOVIE TICKETS $46.00 DINNER $100.00 Hanging out with your lil sister "PRICELESS" Welcome to Connecticut”

  • To: Ollie and Ginny Thomas
    From: MIRIAM THOMAS, at the Miramesa, California

    “Congratulations Ginny and Ollie, Happily married for 55 years, we love you!”

  • To: All military members active and non active and ret
    From: Don Clark, at the Century 20 Oakridge, San Jose, Ca

    “(A smartly announced and pronounced) "Ooh-Rah" to all of you!!! Thank you for your service.”

  • To: Tommy Dyer
    From: Bernadette Dyer at the amc Plymouth Meeting 494 W. Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting PA 19462

    “Tommy, There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away,nor any coursers like a page of prancing poetry. This traverse may the poorest take without oppress of toll, how frugal is the chariot that bears a human soul.Emily Dickinson”

  • To: Brooke & Clay
    From: Brooke brandow, at the Sacramento Downtown Plaza, Sac., CA

    Brooke & Clay say they are still in love after 35 years.

  • To: Chloe Shields
    From: Kristin Shields at the Old Mill Theater Bend Oregon

    “Happy Birthday to Chloe Shields of Bend, Oregon, who turns 17 today and is living proof of the lasting effects of listening to Prairie Home Companion in your mother’s womb. Love from Mom, Dad, Ryan, Grammy and Grampa”

  • To: Joe and Dawn
    From: Joe And Dawn at the Aggie Land TX

    “Hello Mom, wake up dad really quick and tell him were having a baby. Its comming in 2012, were just checking to make sure your heart is ready for the shock. Love, the Newly weds Dawn's Joe”

  • To: "Concord Hospital Employees, Concord NH"
    From: Michelle Jutton, at the Showcase Cinemas, Lowell, MA

    A heartfelt and grateful thank you to all of those who care for those losing their lives as well as those losing their beloved. I am so blessed to a part of the Concord Hospital ICU.

  • To: Noel & Claire Hawkins
    From: Jim and Justine Hawkins, at the Kerasotes Showplace 16 in Indianapolis, IN

    Missing you while you're busy with college and thinking of the many hours we've listened to Prairie Home Companion together on those marvelous road trips. We know you're jealous; get over it!

  • To: Helen Hyatt
    From: Lesley Hyatt, at the Sheppard Cineplex in Toronto, Ontario

    “Happy 90th Birthday Helen Hyatt, in Toronto, from your 44 year old tumour, Lesley (my mother thought she had a tumour before she realized I was the tumour....and I've been growing on her ever since).”

  • To: Tara
    From: Alison McShane, at the Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA

    “Tara, we wish we could be there to see the show with you, but this is a little cheaper than flying out there and a little bit warmer than MN. Ali and Gretchen”

  • To: Garrison
    From: Susan Boone, at the Century 24, albuquerque, nm

    “YIPEE!!!!!!!!!! sm thrilled beyond the universe to be going to see this movie. I have waited a long time for this. I'm sure i wont be disappointed, being a long time fan of the show.”

  • To: Clay
    From: Marie & Dennis Blevins, at the Tinsel Town, Bristol, VA

    “Hello and Love, to our son, Clay, at Ft. Shelby, Miss, preparing for deployment to Iraq, from Mom & Dad at Bristol, VA, the birthplace of country music!”

  • To: Bruce & Jeanne Carpenter
    From: carolee carpenter jandreau, at the Cinema 14, Gainesville, Florida

    Both 86 years young and married for 66 years. Thank you for your Minnesota Lutheran upbringing. It has served us well. (And we still love the jello salads) from all your girls

  • To: John
    From: Bun W, at the Crocker Park at Westlake, Ohio

    “Happy Birthday to the man who first prompted me to listen to PHC. I fell for you as we shared laughs about Guy Noir, the Joke Show, and marvelled at the Talent under 20. I knew then you were the perfect man for me.”

  • To: David
    From: Kathryn Heidbrink, at the Regal Cinema Ft. Wayne,Indiana

    Happy Anniversary to my loving husband who has stuck with me through the good times and the hard. I Love you/ Annivesary 2-16

  • To: "U.S. Embassy Staff, Pristina, Kosovo"
    From: Lou Crishock, at the Ballston Commons, Arlington, VA

    Greetings from the good ole US of A. Don't forget to email me requests for newspapers and other goodies.

  • To: Frank Terrano
    From: caty terrano, at the Island 16,Theatre, Holtsville, NY

    J'aime beaucoup yes I do! 35 years --oh mon dieu!!

  • To: Dan Rondeau
    From: Michelle Gardner, at the buckland hills showcase cinemas, Manchester, CT

    “Dan,I just want you to know I finally forgive you for dumping me off of the handlebars of your 10 speed bike 35 years ago. Love, your little Sister”

  • To: Gang of Four
    From: Colleen Wheeler, at the Belltower, Fort Myers, FL

    “Greetings to the “Gang of Four” from the fifth member. (Yes, the Gang of Four has five members.) I’m looking forward to our reunion in Sioux Falls later this month.”

  • To: Keith
    From: Lane Fletcher, at the Memorial City Mall Houston, TX

    “To Keith, my tall dark and handsome husband, after 31 years, I still love you lots!”

  • To: Andy
    From: Elaine Podulka, at the AMC Cupertino, Cupertino, CA

    “A Happy Young, Un-Ripened 35th Birthday, Andy, We drink to your coffin. May it be built from the wood of a hundred year old oak tree that I shall plant tomorrow.”

  • To: Emma Brady Hall
    From: jon henson at the (on the radio)

    “To our dearest Emma for your birthday on Groundhog's Day, Pop Pop and Grammy say "we love you more than raisins."”

  • To: Marian Mahoney
    From: Bill Rouston at the AMC Livonia

    “Marian, I never do proposals but Bill wants to know after 22 years of marriage and already saying your vows twice with him and since he finally has taken you to see A Prairie Home Companion, (and this counts as live!) will you renew your vows for a 3rd time with him? He really loves you!”

  • To: Kevin and Courtney
    From: Keith and Linda Gelbrich, at the Regal Santiam, Salem, OR

    Happy Late Honeymoon and Happy Birthdays to you both. Enjoy the sun in Mexico. We'll save some Oregon rain for your return home.

  • To: Karen
    From: Ken Herzog, at the Celebration Cinema, Mt Pleasant, MI


  • To: Goggin
    From: Susan Roberts at the Batavia IL

    “Hey Goggin! That Norway cruise was such a blast and I can hardly wait until next month when we'll be cruisin' in the Carribean with Garrison and all the PHC folks! With love, from your Dutiful Spouse”

  • To: Schmoopie
    From: Diane Polyak, at the Sioux Falls Stadium 14, Sioux Falls, SD

    “I love you and this is great, but I still expect you to take me to the Fitz for a live show on our 25th wedding anniversary.”

  • To: Jay
    From: laura schneider, at the Springdale Cincinnati, Ohio

    Love you more. Happy birthday AND anniversary.

  • To: Mom
    From: Jeff Sawyer, at the Point Cinema, Madison, WI

    “We've been here for a while now, and I haven't seen a single blue creature flying around.”

  • To: "Tony.... a.k.a: "The Duke of Charm""
    From: Lisa Strach, at the Showcase Cinemas in Davenport, Iowa

    “To "The Duke of Charm".... One whole year has gone by since our very first meeting. But that is not really the point of this greeting. TODAY is your birthday sweetie, and I get to spend it with you, As well as your favorite "radio guy" Mr. Keillor too! Happy, Happy birthday - many smooches go your way. Another awesome year with you is starting today! Love, P. (he is SUCH a big fan, it would mean the world for him to hear this on his birthday!)”

  • To: June
    From: Elizabeth Egan, at the AMC Tustin 14 The District, Tustin, CA

    Happy 90th Birthday Great Aunt June freezing your rear off in Stillwater MN since 1919!

  • To: Captain Robert F. Litch
    From: Elika Leitch, at the Santana Row Cinearts San Jose, California

    “7 years as an Alaska Bush pilot, followed by 27 years with United Airlines and now a new chapter as an Angel Flight volunteer. Happy retirement dad!”

  • To: Mark Levine
    From: Stuart Levine, at the Owings Mills, Maryland

    “Mark--It doesn't look like there will every be a health care reform bill for dogs, so Mary Jane and Houston want to graduate veterinary school as soon as possible.”

  • To: Shawn
    From: Lynn Barnhart, at the Eden Prairie, MN

    “Happy 10th anniversary to Shawn, from Lynn. Here we are celebrating another event at PHC!”

  • To: Faye Way (my mom)
    From: Melissa Schmidt at the none

    “Happy Retirement Mom! You've created and run the show for many, many years. Now it's your turn to sit back and enjoy the show, literally and figuratively. Love, Missy”

  • To: Preston
    From: Preston Cox, at the CineArts, San Jose, CA

    “Dear Ceci: As we sit here watching Garrison Keillor on the big theater screen, nose hairs and all bigger than life, I am reminded that February is the month of love, and hope that,when the day comes, you will be my Valentine, nose hairs and all, bigger than life.”

  • To: Clay Blevins
    From: Marie & Dennis Blevins, at the Tinsel Town, Bristol, VA

    “Hello to Capt. Clay at Ft. Shelby, Miss., preparing for deployment to Iraq, from Mom & Dad at Bristol, Va, the birthplace of country music! We promise, Mr. Obama won't get our vote again because of the troop surge in Afganhistan! Be safe!”

  • To: "Kathie, David, Ginger, Trish, Tom, Barb, Gus"
    From: Karen Schreckendgust, at the Lolyd Center 10 Portland, OR ; Fox Theatre Elgin, IL; Regal Theatre Victor, NY

    “Instead of us all flying to St Paul, we are relaxing with our popcorn and saving $1,700.37 plus the tip at Mickey's Diner for breakfast. Now that's the Lutheran Way!”

  • To: Howie Anderson
    From: Linda Anderson, at the AMC Century City 15 Los Angeles, CA

    “You may be surfing and tan, you old geezer, but how many walleyes have you caught through the ice this week? Happy 62nd birthday to my California guy from your Minnesota gal and wife of 40 years!”

  • To: Wolfram
    From: Jeannie Russell, at the Cinemark Theater in Redding, CA

    “Oh, Wolfram, I am so proud to be here with you, introducing you to one of my favorite public radio programs. After listening to PHC since the mid-1970s (often from the audience in the Fitzgerald) and feeling a little stab every time GK mentioned marriage (happy or otherwise), now in our 60s, we have found true love and don't care who knows! Please remember to take me the next time you go home to Germany. Yours till the cows come home to Lake Wobegon, Jeannie”

  • To: Tom and Marianne Davis
    From: Peggy Bowcott at the Gallatin Valley Mall/ Bozeman MT

    “Sitting here in Bozeman Montana remembering October 2008 when I was with you in St. Paul at the Fitzgerald Theater - Enjoy your evening and see you in April, Love Peggy”

  • To: Bonnie Hufford
    From: Michael Holtz, at the West Town Mall 9, Knoxville, Tennessee

    Happy Birthday to Bonnie Hufford! Your friends and family are all praying your upcming stem cell transplant will be successful!

  • To: Bovine Sisters
    From: "Nancy,Lydia,Maryann,and Judy" Cows all at the AMC Hamilton NJ

    “We want to tell the Unitarian (and OF COURSE the non unitarian)COWS that the Prarie Home companion is definitely a spiritual experience. Moo.

  • To: Sue
    From: John Gallup at the Downtown at the Gardens

    “To my darling new wife Sue: Seven years together on Saturday night for cocktails, our favorite radio show and scrabble has been just about the best thing that's ever happened to me. If you'd only let me win once in a while. Love, John.”

  • To: Joyce Hassler
    From: don king, at the Arlington, TX

    “Happy Birthday, Joyce! From Texas you can enjoy Garrison's SHOW without all the snow ...”

  • To: Sue (wife)
    From: John Gallup, at the Cobb Downtown, Plam Beach Gardens, FL

    “To my darling new wife Sue: seven years together on Saturday night for cocktails, scrabble and our favorite radio show has been just about the best thing that's ever happened to me. If only you'd let me win once and a while. Love from your new husband John”

  • To: Wendy
    From: John Minerowicz, at the Rockaway Theater, Rockaway NJ

    “To my wonderful wife Wendy of 32 years, "the best of life is yet to be", love always John.”

  • To: Manfred Hentschel
    From: Renate Rapp, at the AMC Theater, Rockaway, NJ

    “Happy 70th Birthday to the most stubbornly wonderful husband, father & grandfather!!! Your loving family is amazed by you!!!”

  • To: Kelly Van Howe
    From: Kelly Van Howe at the Marcum Theater

    “I always enjoy your show it gives me a easy and peaceful feeling...thanks..Garrison, you are a jewel.”

  • To: Cari
    From: Sam Praul, at the Cinemark, Valley View, OH

    “eHaromony does work. I love you, Cari. Sam”

  • To: David
    From: Gail Reino at the Regal Transit Center 18 &IMAX

    “Keep up the good work on the banjo and at Eastman for jazz piano. Love Mom, Dad and Leah. You're a "natural" with the Fred Newman "Mouth Sounds"”

  • To: Garrison
    From: Jack Braucht, at the Cinemark in El Centro, Ca

    I've waited all my life (69 yrs) to do this. If you keep this up I think your gonna amount to something!!

  • To: Sylvia and Lou Falcon
    From: alicia brasuell at the Regal Village Square 18/Las Vegas NV

    “Hello to Sylvia and Lou and Garrison Keillor and crew while a theatre venue is exciting to view nothing beats our box office seats from your most recent San Francisco review!

  • To: Geraldine Clover-Hooton
    From: Adele Cardillo, at the AMC Discover Mills, Lawrenceville, GA

    “Happy 71st Birthday to our wonderful mother Geraldine, from her 5 children and 5 grandchildren. We hope you enjoy this very special birthday with the Prairie Home Companion show!”

  • To: Doug Shier
    From: Joan Shier, at the Regal Hollywood 20, Greenville, SC

    “An early Happy 15th Anniversary, Doug. Can't wait to celebrate on our cruise with Garrison and everyone in March. Love, Joan”

  • To: Larry Parks
    From: John Parks, at the Kerasotes Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana

    “We miss you son, keep your head down and your tail moving. Love Dad and Diana”

  • To: Kevin
    From: Geralyn Flood at the AMC Burbank 16

    “Hi newly minted husband! This is sooo much better than a honeymoon in Barbados, no really!”

  • To: Mike Sirard
    From: Sylvia Prazias, at the London, Ontario, Canada

    “Michel, I just wanted to share with you one of my favorites: Prairie Home Companion, for you to get to know me better, feel some of my lonely nights in Indiana, USA. Love is perfect, Love is Magnificent. I Love you, Sylvie”

  • To: Scott Amoros
    From: Irene Amoros, at the UA Snowden Square Stadium in Columbia, Maryland

    “We are here tonight celebrating our 26th Wedding Anniversary! I'd like to tell my husband, Scott, how happy I am that we've been married all these years, sharing many a Lutheran soup supper together!”

  • To: Andrew Bolam
    From: Liz Welsh, at the Riverside 12 in Reno, NV

    Glad we're friends again after all these years - now we can each get all our stuff back without breaking and entering!

  • To: Joel
    From: Dani Davis, at the Columbia, MD

    Thanks for helping me sneak food into the theater...it helps keep our dates affordable!

  • To: Dad
    From: Rhonda Dillard at the Razorback Theater Fayetteville AR

    “Dad, sit up straight and know that I love you.”

  • To: "To my husband, Ron"
    From: Lorraine Carlson, at the Duluth 10 Theater, Duluth, MN

    What does a husband do when the Super Bowl is the same day as their 35th wedding anniversary? His loving wife would like to know!

  • To: Robbin
    From: Seaton Holt, at the Merritt 16, Merritt Island, FL

    “You were always my beautiful, the weather is here...;-)”

  • To: Shirley
    From: Jim Manuel, at the Movies 10, Lynchburg,VA

    Hope you sleep on the way back to Rockbridge County so you can help me deliver papers tomorrow morning.

  • To: Christine
    From: Jamie Turner, at the Market Street, The Woodlands TX

    My best friend. We will keep heading West until we end up back East. Along the way a stay in Lake Wobegon is a must! Enjoy the movie. Your Husband...

  • To: Natasha Wagner
    From: Greg Wagner, at the Huntington, NY

    “For 12 year old Natasha in Huntington, NY, I hope you are enjoying your first late movie out without me. I can rest easy knowing your date is your mom. Please have her home by curfew! Love Dad.”

  • To: Paul Donovan
    From: Janice Shamon, at the AMC Braintree,MA

    “Congratulation to Paul Donovan who has retired after teaching high school English to students in the Boston Public Schools for 32 years. It's time for us to do our own homework. Love, Janice”

  • To: COL David F. Schmidt
    From: Doneille Chomiak, at the AMC Pacific Place 11, Seattle, WA

    “Dear Mr. Keillor, On February 4th, my husband, who has been deployed 4 times in the last 5 years, and I will be celebrating his birthday at the theater in Seattle watching your show. This is the first time in 4 years we've been together on his birthday and I would greatly appreciate it if you would read the message below during your show. A very happy birthday to COL David F. Schmidt. I will always support where ever the mission takes you. Love, your wife Doneille (my name is pronounced Don neil) Thank you very much Mr. Keillor.”

  • To: Robin Williams
    From: Percy Lopez, at the Hollywood, Colorado Springs

    “Robin, I still have the magnifying glass you gave me at the Walnut Creek Coffee House 10 years ago. It's great to get to see you 'live' once again through this real time broadcast.”

  • To: Erica
    From: Eric Johnson, at the Cinema 53, Davenport, IA

    “Birthday Greetings to my twin sister, Erica. Eleven days and counting to the Big 55. Its been too long since you visited. There's a 'for sale' sign in Dad's front yard and the old house is empty, but if you wanted to come over here, I'd open up the warm bedroom for you.”

  • To: Peggy
    From: Peggy Jyo, at the Dole Cannery, Honolulu, HI

    “Hello to myself in Honolulu, where your live show starts at 8 PM Hawaii time. Many thanks for staying up so late, over there in Minnesota. Love you guys! Peggy :) P.S. Stay warm!”

  • To: All Minnesota Viking Fans
    From: Eric Strobel at the Old Mill 16 Bend Oregon

    “Vike Fans - don't fret! It would have been hard for you to handle a win and your team going to the Super Bowl, much too showy and stressful. It's better this way...a solid season, made it to the NFC Championship, and potential for next year. Perfectly understated and modest - as it should be in Minnesota.”

  • To: Sonia & Luiz Bellini
    From: Walter Bellini, at the College Point Multiplex, Whitestone, NY

    “Happy Anniversary to Sonia and Luiz Bellini, as they celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary from Walter and Lily”

  • To: Mike
    From: Tara Hixon, at the Quail Springs, Oklahoma City

    It's hard to believe it was only 18 years ago that you seduced me by blowing that fireball across the dorm room. And you're even hotter today. I love you!

  • To: Sarah and Bob
    From: Cathy Leonard, at the Regal Coldwater Crossing, Fort Wayne, IN

    Big Congratulations on your engagement! And a big hello to PRC! Two big dreams come true.

  • To: Connie Waterbury
    From: Pam Northam, at the Lynnhaven Theatre, Virginia Beach, Virginia

    “Happy Birthday, and congratulations you made it past 9:00!”

  • To: peter
    From: emily sensenbrenner at the cinema 12 oshkosh/wi

    “Peter, Happy 57th Birthday dearest yankee husband in the whole midwest from your southern belle.”

  • To: Bozo
    From: Bruce Monte at the AMC Phoenix

    “What kind of schmuck has the balls to charge over $20 to watch a broadcast of PHC on the movie screen. HA. Too bad there are so many bozos willing to part with that kind of cash in this recession. Hope they keep away in droves.

  • To: Jootie-Cootie
    From: Marilyn Beebe, at the AMC Chesterfield 14 - St Louis, MO

    “(Sung to "Hokey-Pokey") Do the Huggy Buggy Do the Monkey Scratch Do the Lion Uproar It's a Dance Dance Dance! Do an awful stomach-ache Do a headache too Do the Huggy Buggy It's the Dance for you!”

  • To: Allen and Jan Williams
    From: Margret Aros, at the El Con theather, Tucson, AZ

    “Thanks Allen and Jan for bringing me back to my roots with the Prairie Home Companion. My dad, "Slim" an old time long haul trucker is probably squirming on his cool seat as he barrels through heaven.”



  • To: GK
    From: Perry Patrick, at the Hollywood 24, Atlanta GA

    “Hey, when am I supposed to put on these 3D glasses? Wait, this isn't Avatar?”

  • To: Pretzel Patty
    From: Guy Hoover, at the Edwards MarQ*E in Houston, TX

    He's taller on the screen than he sounds on the radio

  • To: "Beaumont, Bonnie & Bonnie"
    From: Maureen Brush, at the Kerasotes, Pekin IL

    “Hello, wonderful children o'mine!”

  • To: Terry (Mom)
    From: Bill Wisniewski, at the Ballston Regal Cinema, Arlington, VA

    “Hi to Mom in Little Rock. Sorry we couldn't be together to see the show, but glad we're able to share the experience in HD!”

  • To: Mom and Herman
    From: Gary Lindsay, at the Razorback Cinema 16, Fayetteville, Arkansas (AR)

    “Hello, Mom and Herman. I hope the wedding went well and that you two are enjoying being newlyweds. I suppose it makes it easier to explain to the pastor why you're spending so much time together. Enjoy the show, it's on me as your wedding present, and don't stay out too late. Love, Son.”

  • To: Jeff Scott
    From: Jamie Scott, at the South Pointe, Lincoln, NE

    “From the PHC quote in our wedding ceremony to our every day attempts to be well, do good work and keep in touch. Thanks for being you. You're my favorite.”

  • To: Natalie G. Sandstrom and my brothers
    From: Charilla Sandstrom Conner, at the Tinelson Town, Rochester, NY

    “Greetings Mother and Brothers from your talented, lovely and much shorter older, loving Sister”

  • To: Harvey and Carol
    From: Howard Mednick, at the Odeon Grande, Toronto, Ontario Canada

    “Hope you went out and bought a ticket on your warm, sunny vacation”

  • To: maryellen
    From: tom nemec, at the North brunswick, New Jersey

    I hope you like this because In April I want to go see this live in New York and i don't want to go alone.

  • To: Julie
    From: Ann Norviel, at the Chico, CA

    “Happy birthday Julie, from Tom and Ann. Boy, do we know how to party or what?”

  • To: Rose Ushigome
    From: Ted Gorton, at the Arcadia AMC Arcadia, CA

    “Rose, I can't wait to make you my wife. August 31 here we come. Here's to a life time of down home white bread fun and games. Much love, Ted xxxooo”

  • To: Rod
    From: Linda Sutton, at the Willowbrook - Houston, TX

    Being married to you these past 45 years has had it's ups and downs but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  • To: Chris Hineline
    From: Nicole Dicop-Hineline, at the Gurnee Cinemas 20-Gurnee Mills, in Gurnee, IL

    “This comes ten days early, but I figured you'd need the time to rehearse. Repeat after me: HAPPY - VALENTINE'S - DAY. Non, no, not "Hallmark Day"... VALENTINE'S DAY! You thought your 50th birthday surprise was bad. Now THIS. Just remember: I love you... and strangling your wife is very bad manners anyway.”

  • To: Kenton
    From: Kim Kile, at the Opry Mills Nashville,TN

    Happy Birthday to my wonderful 52 year old husband. Thanks for coming with me to the show!!

  • To: John Herring
    From: Tina Herring, at the Parkwood cinema, Waite Park, MN.

    “Happy birthday to my wonderful husband John. Remember darling, the older the violin the sweeter the music. Love, Tina”

  • To: Judy
    From: Vicki Beerman, at the Regal Union Square, NY NY

    “I just wanted you to know that it wasn't a rock, it was a rock lobster! What a birthday I'm having!”

  • To: Sherry
    From: Karen Jones, at the Regal Hollywood in Sarasota, Florida

    “Hello Sherry watching this in my hometown of Cincinnati as I vacation in warm sunny Florida. Weather is here, wish you were beautiful! Hugs, Karen”

  • To: GW & Donna Westby
    From: dave parks, at the Savoy 16, Savoy IL

    “Dr Pepper sends congratulations to my 35 yr PHC friends GW & Donna, Proud parents of 2 Air Force Academy grads Josh & Ryan. In addition to serving their country, Josh and his Air Force officer/bride will also bless his parents with a long-awaited grand daughter in April. Yes GW you ARE old enough to be a grandpa!”

  • To: Barbara Mc Caslin
    From: Bob Sand, at the EDWARDS IMAX Boise, Idaho

    “Hi, Barbara. I have a question. Although I don't look anything like Garrison Keillor, I strongly believe that I'm his son. The fact that I was conceived in Anoka, Minnesota in the winter of 1941, and that my mother burst into tears whenever I asked my mother, over the years, who my father was, lends credence to my belief. The only thing that has kept me from hopping on a hundred different airplanes to confront him, over those same years, is the fact that in the winter of 1941, Mr. Keillor was two-and-a-half years old. But then again, he's always been years ahead of his peers. Do you think I should ignore some of the evidence that disproves my theory, and confront him anyway?”

  • To: ken
    From: diane davis, at the sunset place, south miami/florida

    “happy anniversary- love you with all my heart & soul. love you too, garrison- i'm a huge fan!”

  • To: Auntie Doe and Uncle Bob
    From: Theresa Gibbons, at the Orland Park Cinemas, Orland Park, IL

    “Love, to the best Godparents a girl could ask for, thank you for always being there for me!”

  • To: Denise
    From: Bonni Greer, at the At the Hollywood 16, in Amarillo, Texas

    “Bonni wants to say a "Howdy and a Thank You" to Denise. You definately are the hidden treasure I didn't expect I would find, at our mutual workplace. Even with 23 years difference between us, you really are one of my most cherished friends, and I thank you for your continuing friendship. Your 35 years in listening to PHC doesn't compare to my 5 years, but thanks so much for the introduction, and I'm now vested till the very last show! How exciting we are here together enjoying it Live!”

  • To: John Simonds from Dexter MI
    From: Jennifer Simonds at the quality 13 Ann Arbor MI

    “Happy Birthday to my husband of 28 years, John, who turns 58 on February 7th. Love Jennifer”

  • To: Diane and Jim
    From: Jennifer Simonds, at the Quality 16, ann arbor, MI

    “To Diane and Jim from Manchester, MI, 55 years and 3 months of marriage and they love each other more each and every day.”

  • To: Bubbie
    From: Pookie Van Dorn, at the Fenway 13 in Boston, MA

    “Happy birthday darling boy; there aren't words to describe how much I love you. Ok; there ARE enough words but it would take too long to go through them all and frankly, I don't think anyone else listening wants to hear them all...so let's just pretend that there aren't. But I DO love you. T.A.N.W”

  • To: Marci
    From: Sue Peterson at the Cinemark Eugene OR

    “I'm sure looking forward to our cruise together with Garrison and friends in March.

  • To: Gibby
    From: Ed LoBody, at the Scherervill showplace16 schererville,In

    Glad to hear your on the mend. Next time you buy the popcorn.

  • To: Jack
    From: Ginnie Giacobone (Jackabone), at the Patriot Place/Foxboro,MA

    Congratulations on the second anniversary of your hip replacement. The surgery took away your pain and put the spring back in your step and in our lives. I love you.

  • To: Deborah
    From: Becky Maatman, at the Forum 8, Columbia, MO

    “A shout-out from Becky in Columbia, Missouri, to Deborah in Maclean, Virginia. You were the BEST PHC '06 cruise roommate!”

  • To: Michael Desautels
    From: Rhonda Desautels, at the Cinema Paradiso, Memphis, TN

    “To my dear husband, It has been a long four years, but the end is near. You will soon be a Doctor of Optometry. The kids and I are so proud and love you very much.”

  • To: Mango
    From: Rachel Tanner, at the Breckenridge Village, Little Rock, Arkansas

    “Pivotal things happen when you turn 19. It’s a cross-road between 18 and 20. Everything changes. You morph into a shinning version of your former, humdrum self. You are faster, strong, and can eat like a elephant. Tout at the aspect of this year, you’ll see. Happy 19th Birthday!”

  • To: My former employees
    From: Linda Miles, at the AMC 12, La Jolla/CA

    “Retirement is even better than I thought it would be, but I do miss your jokes, your teasing, and your homemade cookies and cakes.”

  • To: Josh
    From: Lillie Rosen, at the Mazza Gallerie Washington, DC

    Happy Birthday hun! The dream is alive. Love the Wiggler

  • To: Melissa
    From: Barbara and Ron Moore, at the Regal Hollywood 18 - Huntsville, AL

    “To help speed your recovery from surgery, we're baking you a rhubarb pie!”

  • To: "My husband, Scott"
    From: Donna Liljegren, at the Cantera 30 Warrenville, IL

    “For 17 years you have joined me at Prairie Home, James Taylor, and jazz concerts. I'd like to tell you that I'll reciprocate and join you sometime for Motorhead or Manowar, but, really, it's not going to happen. Thanks for being my date and understanding! I love you!”

  • To: Adrienne MItchell
    From: Joe Mitchell, at the Celebration Cinemas Mount Pleasant, Michigan

    “Hi Adrienne, After secretly getting tickets to this show a couple of weeks ago, I told you I had a surprise for you. You kept getting excited, and I kept telling you not to get your hopes up. I guess now you know why. Surprise! Love you, Joe.”

  • To: Rose Ushigome
    From: Ted Gorton, at the Arcadia, California

    “To my dearest Rose, I can't wait to marry you August 21. Here's to a life time of down home fun and lots of jenga. Much love, Ted XXXOOO”

  • To: For Millie and for Mom
    From: "Susan, Marty and Julianna" Estall at the Woodridge Cinemac

    “Happy Birthday Millie-You are 96 years young, and Mom, I finally got my book in print! Thanks for believing in it. Love, Susan Estall, Marty, and Julianna Estall”

  • To: Neil McKeever
    From: Julie McKeever, at the AMC Elmwood Palace 20, Harahan, LA

    “Happy Birthday, Neil! I love you! Julie”

  • To: George and Lorraine
    From: Nick Maggio, at the Westbury Stadium, Westbury, NY

    “Mom n Dad, thanks to letting me stay in your house rent free for 30 years. Now that I'm almost done with my Masters, I only ask a few more rent free years until I get a job, pay off student loans and save enough to move out. I promise it'll be before you have grandkids. Hopefully before I have grandkids.”

  • To: Ronald & Margaret Shipman
    From: Stephanie Ellstrom at the Kerasotes Block E in Minneapolis

    “Hi to mom and dad, from your daughter in Minneapolis. I hope you brought some Tootsie Pops with you!”

  • To: Robin and Linda Williams
    From: Tina and Tony Graham, at the Tinseltown, Bristol, VA

    “Tina and Tony are looking forward to seeing Robin and Linda perform at the beautiful Lincoln Theater in Marion, Virginia on Song of the Mountains this Saturday, Feb. 6th...welcome to our lovely hometown and watch for it on your PBS stations.”

  • To: Beth and Tim
    From: Tony Graham, at the Tinseltown, Bristol, Virginia

    “Mom and Dad send out a big hello to our daughter, Beth, up in Winchester, Virginia...Don't forget to wake up Tim and walk Samson...not the other way round...”

  • To: Meg Kemp
    From: Nathaniel Walunas, at the AMC theatre in Columbia, MD

    “To Meg - you've been a shining star in a sometimes grey world. Love you very much, Nathaniel”

  • To: Ross
    From: Jennifer Abbey, at the Roseville, MN

    “Happy Birthday Ross, I love you more than you will ever know and I cannot wait to meet our first baby sometime in the next few weeks. Your loving wife, Jennifer”

  • To: The Intro to Media Arts Class at The Hun School
    From: Marty Hoban, at the AMC Theatre 24 in Hamilton, NJ

    “Dear members of the Intro To Media Arts Class: For the last time please remove your 3D glasses...this is not a screening of Avatar!! And no...Garrison Keillor does not speak Na'vi. See you bright and early tomorrow! Yours in media mayhem, Mr. Hoban”

  • To: Karin
    From: Steffen Demeter at the Marcus La Crosse Cinema

    “Congrats Mom, on your new cat, adopted from the Winona Animal Shelter.”

  • To: Kevin
    From: Terree Rola at the San Diego AMC Mission Valley 20

    “Kevin, it's been 2 yrs, & I STILL think you are the perfect man even though you say that I am wrong about everything!”

  • To: Scott Dukes
    From: Stephanie Dukes, at the Regal Macarthur in Norfolk,Va

    “Hey Scott - we finally made it!! Love, MOM”

  • To: sue
    From: terry popp at the piqua cinemark

    “Sue I guess you figured out we are not seeing Julie & Julia

  • To: sue
    From: terry popp at the piqua cinemark

    “Sue I guess you figured out we are not seeing Julie & Julia

  • To: Todd Sanders
    From: Beverly Patton, at the Regal Hollywood 25 @ North I-85, Atlanta/Ga

    Dear Todd: I hope you've enjoyed your surprise evening watching your favorite show with your favorite woman. Many more surprises to come. By the way... can we go to the beach for vacation this year? I love you. beverly

  • To: Live Oak UU Fellowship
    From: Maggie Gnostic at the Emeryville CA

    “Greetings to Live Oak Unitarian Fellowship in Alameda CA.

  • To: Sharon
    From: Bob Ruffner, at the Greenback 16, Sacramento, CA

    “Happy Birthday today to Sharon. The youngest looking 50 year old in 500 theaters across the US and CANADA! When they say "the new 50 is really 40", they are looking at you! From your still older 50 year old husband, Bob”

  • To: Mary
    From: Susan Stoller, at the Regal Brandywine, Wilmington, DE

    “Thank you, Mary, for dragging me out on a cold winter night for the warmth of PHC. You are such a good friend!”

  • To: Matt
    From: Breanne Albrecht, at the Point Cinema, Madison, WI

    “Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of Lake Wobegon. It makes our long car rides to visit my Lutheran relatives in Illinois, more tolerable.”

  • To: Nerissa Simon
    From: Tess Coffey, at the The Bridge, Philadephia

    “Nerissa, I know that if you weren't in Kisumu Kenya, you'd be here watching Garrison's adventures and singing the ketchup song with me tonight. Be well and happy! Mom”

  • To: Michael
    From: Trudy Toliver, at the Lloyd Cinemas, Portland, Oregon

    Happy Early Valentine's Day - Love you!

  • To: Garrison
    From: Helen Gallagher, at the Kerasotes Niles ShowPlace 12, Niles, Illinois

    “Three cheers for Garrison... on the big screen, after all these years of great humor, entertainment and class. From Jerry & Helen in Chicago.”

  • To: To all the moviegoers watching this live broadcast
    From: Chase Dickerson, at the Salt Lake City 16, Salt Lake City, UT

    “Wasn't Avatar great?”

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