Spring Lyric Finalists

Poem: "A Spring Song for our Granddaughter... and Every Other Child in the World..." by Estelle & Harvey Jacobs of Sag Harbor, NY
(Estelle & Harvey's Bios)

Little Charlotte swallowed spring;
Later Charlotte learned to sing:
Her voice is honey, clear and strong
Carried by the wind along
To secret places where sleeping birds
Wake to the music of her words
"The sun's returned, the sky's aglow!"
All memory melts of ice and snow,
Replaced by hope of gentle hours,
Dreams of life and love and flowers!
The days grow long, the night's embrace
Visions of Charlotte's lovely face,
Make constellations in the sky
Yield to the twinkle in her eye.
A full and drifting jealous moon
Hears the call of Charlotte's tune,
Rustling leaves and swaying trees,
A frisky, dancing, teasing breeze
Heralds a tinkling April rain...
And everything begins again.
Little Charlotte swallowed spring;
Later, Charlotte learned to sing...

About the authors:
Harvey Jacobs is the author of two short story collections, the most recent (2005) is My Rose & My Glove, and four novels, the most recent is American Goliath, (1997) a tall tale based on the Cardiff Giant hoax of l869, (a finalist for the World Fantasy Award.) He has just completed work on a new novel, Side Effects: The Clinical Trials of Simon Apple, a pharmaceutical epic. Estelle Jacobs is a jewelry designer. They live and work in Sag Harbor, New York. Their son, Adam and wife, Ross, live in Encinitas, California with a delicious daughter named Charlotte to whom this Spring Song is lovingly dedicated.

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