Spring Lyric Finalists

Untitled poem by Sandra Justice of Greeley, CO
(Sandra's Bio)

Sing high, sing low;
Gone is the snow.
Bring on the rhubarb
And pastry dough.

Nutmeg, a pinch,
Sugar a cup,
Strawberries too
Sweeten it up.

Fruity, juicy,
Tangy bliss —
Who could wish
For more than this?

Mama's tonic
Dad's delight,
I could eat it
Every night.

I live up north.
The reason why?
I gotta have
My rhubarb pie.

I only hope
That when I die
Someone's above
Baking rhubarb pie.

Sing out, my dear,
Raise a cheer.
'Cause spring has come,
And rhubarb's here.

About the author:
As an exiled southeastern South Dakota Lutheran, I currently live in Greeley, Colorado and am a single mom in my extremely late 30's. As a child, my family lived in a variety of tiny towns, most of which lacked a library, pool or doctor. Back then, medical attention usually consisted of a cold wash cloth and a stern, "You'll live." My English Major Mother taught elementary school in several of those small towns and in what little spare time she had, wrote poetry. That hardy upbringing, sprinkled with inspiration and insight, led me to be, at various times, a member of the US Air Force, a police officer, an EMT, and a mom armed with a cold wash cloth. I currently work at one of the high-tech industries in Fort Collins, Colorado and am spending every spare minute planning, as I do every spring, the most ambitious garden yet.

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