Spring Lyric Finalists

Poem: "Spring Reading" by Scott Spreier of Dallas, TX
(Scott's Bio)

Spring at its best
Is a good cheap novel;
A familiar plot,
(You know how it ends.)
Packed with clichés:
Rebirth and love;
Flowers and showers.
All sunny and bright,
With none of the angst and irony of great literature.
It's an easy read that ends too soon,
Leaving us filled with pleasure,
Serene and satisfied.
Yet feeling a bit guilty,
For enjoying it so much.

About the author:
Scott Spreier is a heretofore unpublished poet with rejections from a number of well known publications. By day he is a road warrior — a business consultant who also writes occasional articles on management and leadership. By night — on long flights or dining alone in strange cities — he writes poetry and works on a perpetually unfinished novel. A descendent of Scottish immigrant farmers, who also wrote the occasional verse, Scott has a love of the language that is matched only by his frequent misuse of it. Which is one reason he is happily married to Jeanne, his editor, muse, and mother of their three teenage children. They live in Dallas, Texas, but did not vote for that state's favorite son — either time. So please don't blame them.

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