Thanks to all of our contestants for participating in the Great American Duet Sing-Off:

1st place: Anne & Pete Sibley, of Jackson, WY

2nd place: Lee and Sarah Atkinson, of Greensboro, NC

3rd place: Red Heart the Ticker, (Robin MacArthur and Tyler Gibbons of Marlboro, VT)

Ray Marklund Award: Elizabeth Brown and Connie Renda, of Brooklyn, NY

Mood Indigo (Susan Elliott & Joe Romano of Houston, TX)

Noah and Nathan Rickertsen (Cedar Rapids, IA)

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Lee Atkinson and Sarah Atkinson

Mother/daughter duo Lee Atkinson and Sarah Atkinson are lifelong residents of North Carolina. Lee lives in Greensboro with her husband, John; daughter Sarah and her husband, Grant, make their home in Asheville. Mom and daughter love to sing together — just ask, and you'll get a musical earful. Sarah says she remembers growing up with her siblings, rocking on the back porch on Saturday nights, singing along with Garrison Keillor and his guests on A Prairie Home Companion.

Elizabeth Brown and Connie Renda

Brooklyn duo Elizabeth Brown and Connie Renda have lots in common, from Italian families to a love of close harmonies. Connie, from York, Pennsylvania, has been singing professionally since she was 12. After earning a B.F.A., she moved to New York City to pursue a singing and acting career. Elizabeth grew up in Northport, New York, where her mom taught her to sing harmony to songs on the radio. Following college, she joined her brotherís pop/punk band, Wheatus, where she met Connie.

Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo is Susan Elliott and Joe Romano. Susan is a studio singer, who has recorded commercial spots for Mobil Oil and other companies. She is also an accomplished stage actress and dancer. Joe is music director for the Texas Theatre Foundation and has been a contributing songwriter for Sesame Street since 1978. As Mood Indigo, these Houston, Texas, natives are noted for their unique arrangements of classic and contemporary jazz melodies accompanied by guitar, harmonica and hand percussion.

Red Heart the Ticker

Red Heart the Ticker is the husband-and-wife duo Robin MacArthur and Tyler Gibbons. The Marlboro, Vermont, couple began playing music together after they built themselves a no-frills cabin in the woods. As the long cold months of winter dragged on, they turned to music to keep themselves from going batty with cabin fever. These days, they live with their daughter, Avah, in a small house — this one with running water. Their new record, Oh My! Mountains Below (Auger Down), will be released next month.

Nathan and Noah Rickertsen

Nathan and Noah Rickertsen are a father/son duo from Cedar Rapids and Monona, Iowa. Noah, 16, sings in his high school show choir, plays guitar in the church band, and spends his spare time writing and recording his own music. Nathan, an occupational therapist, started acting and singing in musicals when he was in high school and then went on to compete internationally in barbershop quartets, in addition to taking roles in community theater. Nathan and Noah perform at local venues under the name Take 2.

Anne and Pete Sibley

Husband-and-wife duo Anne and Pete Sibley are from Jackson, Wyoming, although the two grew up in neighboring New England towns. They finally met as sophomores in high school, where both sang in the choir. Back then, their interests centered on pop songs and show tunes. It was only after they moved out West that they discovered traditional music. They love the simplicity of the style, the storytelling, the harmonies — evident in their singing and songwriting. Their fifth album is titled Coming Home.

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