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October 30, 2014

To: Beth Thompson
Not sure what to think when my request to Siri for "obscure love pun" to help with this greeting returned with "obscure love hun" - Happy 19 wonderful years of marriage my wonderful Attila!
—Dave Thompson

October 27, 2014

To: Ross Heggestad
Happy 53rd, dad! Relax and enjoy the show! You deserve it. Love, Mary
—Mary Heggestad

October 22, 2014

To: Justine Martin
Happy Birthday, you finally made it to 100! It just took you a while to get there. With love - all your family and friends.
—Cindy Rahmlow

October 17, 2014

To: Kayan
The ole truck got you all the way here from Cripple Creek Colorado. Hope each mile was as adventurous as each year. Happy 50th Birthday
—Merrin & Ambria Janet & Janice

October 15, 2014

To: David Dole
(on-air congratulations, we hope!) To: David Dole Born and raised in the Twin Cities, on his 100th Birthday (today October 18). Dad, we love you so much, and are glad your To-Do list keeps you going. Remember - 150 is the new 100.
—Kevin Dole

To: Barry Dornfeld & Mal O'Connor
Congratulations to CFAR on the publication of "The Moment You Can't Ignore: When Big Trouble Leads to a Great Future!" We are all proud.
—Carole Boughter

October 12, 2014

To: Gunther
Happy 26th Birthday. Sorry i couldn't be home to celebrate with you. From your twin sister.
—Miriam Henkel-Moellmann

October 11, 2014

To: Haley Grace
Happy 11th birthday-not many gals get to go to Merle Haggard's concert with their Dad and his drummer....Love and Fun, Grandma KiKi
—Grandma KiKi Spong

To: John and Jill
Congrats Mom and Dad on 40 years! Look where you are - at home in NY with Johnny an Annie while we made the pilgrimage to St. Paul.
—Pete and Becky Bednarek

To: Char Ryan
From movie star 'extra' to audience member on the PHC show - Happy, Happy Birthday Char!
—Sandi Lindgren

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