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Greetings for the Week Ending
January 25, 2003

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  Greetings for Week Ending January 25, 2003
Greetings Posted January 25, 2003

Happy 18th birthday on Tuesday! I'm so proud of you. Remember, you can now be tried as an adult.
- Attila the Mom

Happy Anniversary my love! Domo arigato gozaiamashta. Next year we will live someplace warmer.
- Travis

Jimmy Henderson,
Thank you for 29 years of wonderful marriage tomorrow!
Sheila Anne Henderson
- Sheila Henderson

Nell Carter,
I will miss you and will always love you.
- Christos

to my man in black. week 26 and the honeymoon continues.
- Carole

Grammy & Grandpa,
Hi from Christian and Cara (age 9 & 7) Can't wait to see in Florida next month. Hope you can come to to Bangor this summer for the National Folk Festival for a Great time!
- Christian and Care

Carolyn & Family,
What great entertainment while you're packing boxes preparing to move to your new townhouse!
- Jan

Hope we have 34 more at the very least! Could I have a real date for Feb 1st Joke Show please? Love You,
- Trish

Mother and Father,
Hope you are freezing down there in Clearwater!
Love, James and Stephanie, cold in Manhattan
- James Brock

How come the dogs got to eat diner and you make me wait until after you listen to the show?
- Hungry Hubby

Dan Ficek,
Congratulations for collecting 25 old broken down Mercedes to work on during retirement and moving them from Wisconsin to Albuquerque.
That's called repair fantasy!
- Charles Owens

hey love ya its chris told ya i would get ya
- your son

Stinky Cheese Man,
Happy Birthday (a few days ago, but APHC wasn't on your birthday, Sorry.) Anyway, I hope it was a great one. I love you.
- Monkey

Jim and Irene Eckert,
Thank you for being awesome parents. I am lucky to have you. You are giving, caring, loving, and kind. Thanks for being the people you are! I love you!
- Sarah

Isobel and Doug Roxborough,
Happy 50th in cold Toronto, Ontario - almost as cold as Minnesota, from your brother John
- John Longfield

Welcome back to Minnesota, Dave. I hope you had a nice warm trip to Costa Rica during the coldest week of the year. You're going to need the memories for a few nights.
Love, your wife
- Steph

Thanks for letting me know about watching the show online. It's the next best thing to being there!

Thanks for being my favorite companion who enjoys listening to A Prairie Home Companion with me each week.
- Mary Lou

John and Sko Hayes,
I'm happy that you find it so enjoyable to rib me about becoming 49 today. Just remember that I'm paving the way for the rest of you.
- Your sister, Vicky

Thanks for Loving Me Sweetheart. I'll always Love You
- Ron

dear Anne
1000 miles away and listening like you were next to me.
I love you to the farthest star, taken to forever.
- jondular

Rachel Carns,
Hope your west coast gig is going well; take time for PHC! Mom
- Sharon Carns

Tom "Gus" on his 50th Celebration,
Hope you enjoy all the festivities. Can't believe that you are now older than most those who started with you in '79
- Dan D

Thanks for last night,Your Loving Husband of 18 years, I'll never be able to tell you how much I love You! Hooker.
- Hooker

Happy Birthday Nancy, watch out for black ice on your way back to Hudson tonight
- amy

Mom and Dad,
Guess who recently got hooked on "A Prarie Home Companion?" Its your fault, you know! I miss you both so much. I love you!
- Lauren

My old friend John,
You flew from New York to Florida to escape the cold, and it's 15 degrees in Daytona. Some people should just stay home.
- Miss Jones

all listeners,
greetings from Daylesford, Australia.Peace to all,Come and see us. Its great!!!!!
- Dave

Greetings Posted January 24, 2003

Dad and Jennifer,
Sorry I couldn't go to Madison with you... kiss baby James for me. Remember the Hanson's tolerance is much higher than yours.
- Heather

Annabelle & Allen Dale,
Happy 90th Birthday/ 70th Wedding Anniversary to Allen & Annabelle Dale (aka lulubelle.2) now on line with her $10 computer from the Lutheran Thrift Shop.
- John & Mike Dale

I know that the winter season of shows has started, but I'm sure we will see Garrison before he dies or retires?
- George

Nyssa and Amanda Morgan ,
Happy 17th Birthday and Happy Valentines Day to the twins from Mom,Dad, Adrienne and Ken
- Arzelia Morgan

Your voice spoke to my soul, instantly, deeply. Sweet restoration.
- Marybeth

As you embark on your new road to discovery, remeber that Zoe-dog and I are with you 100%!
- Your loving husband, Chris

to everyone,
Hello everyone I listen to your show every saturday on satalite. I like your singing, jokes, stories and many other things that you do on the show. Keep up the good work. would you please sing me a gospl song? thank you very much.
- hayley

Welcome to the world Luke Cormac Gill! You were born the day the Buckeyes won the National Championship. We love you and go Bucks!
Daddy and Mommy
- James Gill

To James,
We can't wait till you get home! We'll have the woodburner roaring and Dickens on your old wood rocking chair. We love you!
- Daisy

Greetings Posted January 23, 2003

To Cristie from Jim.... thanks for 6 months of loving companionship... and for catching my eye as you mowed the grass 2 doors down!
- Jim Bacon

Mark Falcon,
My wonderful husband, it has been six wonderful years since I answered you personal ad. Just remember: 44 more years to make 50! And what is the secret of staying happily married? Hold hands! Why? As Daddy would say, to keep from hitting each other! I love you! Susan
- Susan Falcon

Katie Wright,
Brunelle's choir sounds almost as good as ours, doesn't it? Wonder if they know "Il Est Ne"? Missing you in the loft!
- Michael, the organist

Betty Barnabe,
Happy Birthday Betty Barnabe of Carlinville, Illinois from your Democrat cousins. You're the nicest Republican we've ever met.
- Barry Wood

My Big Sweet,
For twenty-five years we have listened to Garrison on Saturday evenings...our excuse for being together when others ask us to do stuff.
- Your Little Sweet

Mildred Carr,
Happy 97th birthday, Grandma Mil. Thanks for regaling us with family stories and inspiring us with your wisdom, wit and love.
- Your granddaughters & grandson

kenneth garner,
i have fallen in love with you since we met at college and i wish you would hurry up and ask me to marry you!
from your sweetheart felecity!
- felecity bowers

Gigi and Grumpoo,
Now that you finally have all of your kids out of the house, are you ready to start babysitting the grandchildren? We love you!
- Rachel and Tommy Sandlin

Greetings Posted January 22, 2003

Bucs' fans everywhere,
Go, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We need this win as much as the Red Sox need the World Series.
- Barbara Jeffers

Sherlockians everywhere,
Greetings from The Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis; the game is ALWAYS afoot.
- Meredith Granger

I hope you remember we're at Prairie Home Companion and NOT Michael Feldman's Whaddya Know today (Phoenix show, 2/20).
- Alisa

Tom Struve,
In these days of high technology, I love all of our "Wireless Connections"
- Shannon Tyree

Mom in Minneapolis,
Ive sent $400 so you can come to New Hampshire (where its 10 below). We're going to Barbados.
Dont forget to feed the boys.
- Peter and Lynne

Happy 60th to the man I fell in love with floating naked in a hotsprings. You still make my glasses fog
- Cyndy

Ian McMillan,
Hello to Ian McMillan in Sedgwick, Maine. Enjoy all the snow, do your homework, and give your lovely mother Nancy a hug for us!
- Sharon, Mark, Caitlin and Stuart

kelly ,
coming home for the next new year's party
- tom

We met at the most boring party in the world, but you made the last 13 years exciting. Love and kisses, your wife.
- nary garity lacharite

Kenneth Ranes,
Happy 61st Birthday to my husband on Feb. 4th Love you!!
- Joyce Ranes

Angela West,
Please send a Happy Birthday greeting to Angela: "Happy 32nd Birthday! I think about you every day. I think about you every day. Love, Tanner" (Atlanta, GA)
- Tanner Griffith

Happy birthday Dad. 51 years old, single, with two daughters in college. Endless possibilities. Hope we see you around for another 51 years.
- Trisha and Leslie

Greetings Posted January 21, 2003

Eric T.J.,
Happy Birthday today...#59...now you have caught up with me. THanks for sharing the past 36 years with moi.Love Jacque J
- Jacqueline

Marie Cole,
Hey! here's to you Mom, for your Forty-fourth birthday. If you're wonderin' why I didn't get you a card it's because I gave you this greeting
- Lee

Gregory Swanson,
Remember as Garrison said,(when you were 9) "it's not an official birthday unless it's noted on the Prairie Home Companion." Happy 25th!
- Bradley Swanson

Doris & Paul Baluch in Perryopolis, PA,
How are Cinnamon, Ginger, Abigail and Sir George? Have you trained them to make martinis yet?
- Maria in CT

Kerry Witherell,
Happy Birhtday to Kerry, a junior at Univ of Wisconsin at Eau Claire on February 18, 2003 from your Uncle Bill and Aunt Dotty in Maryland
- Bill Sewell

Ryan Lee Chamberlain,
To my son, on the occassion of earning the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, it is my hope that one of your favorite personalities might help me pass these words of pride along to you. Congratulations Ryan, look at what a fine young man you have become. With so much love, Your Dad.
- Terry Chamberlain

Greetings Posted January 20, 2003

David and Doris Preus,
Hi Mom and Dad! Glad Jul and glad yoo'se my parents. How's the view from the balcony? Let's do family therapy next time. Love, Catherine
- Catherine Preus

To Ed Thanks for the new furniture. Your loving wife.
- Marie Tam

(2-6) I LOVE YOU MORE...

Gordon Flygare,
Dad from Dunnell in Martin county is 97 Jan 25 and still following the commodity prices.
- Gordon Flygare (Jr)

Kazooists Everywhere,
What are you doing on National Kazoo Day, on or about January 28th? I am doing the usual...
- Barbara Stewart

Greetings Posted January 19, 2003

Thank you for sharing your world with me, and may we have many more years together. I love you.
- Kaysinger

love to my schmoopy from your sweetie of love (or s.o.l.-2) let's play another game of strip Scrabble!
- Kathy

Clayton,Stacy, and Sandy,
I'm so glad we can all be together now when we need family the most. I love you and I hope we can spend more time together in the future.
- Ashleigh

On our 25th Anniv. I listen to the show religiously BUT, I pay attention to you!
- Tim

George Poulson,
You may live in Champaign, Illinois, and you wear Illini colors, but we know your underwear is scarlet and gray of Ohio State. Show your true colors Dad. Be a Buckeye! Love, John and Dr. Ruby
- Rubyann Poulson

Erine Poulson,
Hello to the cutest waitress at Grizzlies Cafe in Manhattan, KS. Your Mom and I will see you in April. You serve the coconut pie and we will provide the 50% tip. Love, Dad
- John Poulson

Dick, Betsy & Mikey,
When are you coming back to the lake? The kittens born under your cabin miss you! We do too. Bring enough cat food for 9. Love, John & Jiniece
- Jiniece Goodman

Wee Pee @ St. Anselm's College,
Dad says "Work Hard." We agree... as a humanities major your work ethic is all ya got!
"Live free or die."
- Dave & Rae Rae

Thank you for sharing your world with me, and may we have many more years together. I love you.
- Kaysinger

John Lohmer,
Herlichen Geburtztag! Happy 60th Birthday, John. You are a wonderful husband, father and tennis coach!
Love, Diana Dani and Chiquita
- Diana Lohmer

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