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Greetings for the Week Ending
February 10, 2001

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Greetings for Week Ending February 10, 2001

Greetings Posted February 10, 2001

deb & betsy,
have fun at the baby shower. i'm taking OUR baby to the hockey game
- matt

To my dearest Dolly,
Don't worry about a thing, sweetie. You'll be just fine!
Love, Huggle Bear
- Chris Cavaliere

John and Doris Campbell,
Happy Valentines Day from John, Deb and Ben. We're thinking of you!
- Debbie Campbell

Thank you Chuck for feeding the horses. Yesterday when it was 27 below I was thinking about you. I knew you had to break the ice in the stream for them and I hope the pin in your knee didn't hurt too badly.
For Valentine's Day, I promise to cook your favorite steak dinner which we will eat in front of the fire with a glass of wine. You are wonderful!
Love, Joan
- Joan Busby

Garrison Keillor,
I've never been to Minnesota, I'm not of Swedish stock, but life would've been very different without your show all of these years. Thank you.
- Mike Standefer

Greetings Posted February 9, 2001

Delan ,
moved to denver and the snow came with me. followed me just like the lutefisk I ate in 93'. you'r norwegian son 1000 miles away.
- Timothy

Grandpa & Grandma Wiechmann,
From Germany to Stearns County - Happy Valentine's Day Grandpa and Grandma. We love you.
- Ben & Sabrina Wiechmann

Becky in Wise, VA,
Your name is written in my heart in letters made of gold.
- Steve Souther

Happy 50th birthday Michael. What's really important is how old you feel on the inside. That and those great discounts you can get with your AARP card.
- Karen Fitzgerald

Rotten Robb & Becky,
You made it from da U.P. to St. Paul - why not drive a little further south to Texas? I'll expect you Monday morning and I'll even take the day off from work. P.S. DON'T FORGET THE SNOW.
- Your little sister Jane

Emerson Towey,
Hey Hun,let's take our second honeymoon in Lake Wobegon. Nov trip to St Paul and see the show?
- Ann Towey

Aidan Patrick Sawyer,
Dear Aidan (born 2/3/01)
- Welcome to the Sawyers
where all the children
are above average, and
our first grandchild
approaches perfection.
Love, Nanny & G
- Andi & Larry Sawyer

Eunice & Edgar Vega,
Hey Mom and Dad,
don't worry about leaving Heidi and I at home for your vacation, just relax, have fun, and don't come back early. :)
- Eileen

Ron Lavalette,
Ron from LUHS,
Relax! Friday was a snow day. Kelly has everything under control. PJ says to be sure to hand in your paperwork. Happy 50th from the sped dept.

- Jan Chapados

Nancy in Tennessee,
Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend and best sister! You are the cat's meow.
- Cat in downtown Elkton, Maryland

Greetings Posted February 8, 2001

Jim Sebastian,
Happy 40th Birthday to Jim Sebastian! You are a loving husband and a wonderful father! I am so lucky to have you in my life!

- Shelley

Glad you are having a good time at Winter Carnival! Stay warm and know that you are loved! - Jen

93 days to go. Then its to Vegas, baby. Oh yea.
Catnip to the cats.
- Larry

mr. mcnarrow crick,
most grateful for the tolerance while i misbehaved. see you in my sweet orvis dreams. GOD bless
- big mama

My Darling Mitchell,
Happy Valentines to you as we celebrate this one being here, live, to hear the Prairie Home Show in Milwaukee. What a sweet treat!
- Your Chocolate Kiss, Cathy

Misty Kienzynski in Bloomfield,IN,
Congratulations Misty, on being named valedictorian for 2001 by the Indiana School for the Blind...you did it!!!...love, Dad and Mom, Bloomfield, Indiana
- Leonard & Terrisa Kienzynski

To Moose in Tennesse. No worries, the cats are doing fine. Love, your friends in Beech Creek, Pennsylvania.
- Gina

Greetings Posted February 7, 2001

Thank you for being so wonderful during my time of need.
- Sherri

wish i could be in minnesota today standing in the cold trying to get rush seats with you. makes me wish i didn't move to seattle.
- mojo and sarah

Hi Mom! I'm listening to public radio and practicing my knitting, just like you taught me. Now if only I can learn to cook like you too!
- Love from Jennifer

Robert in Houghton, MI,
Meet me Friday, north of Bayfield, at the campground at Little Sand Bay. I will bring my tent.
- Bonnie in Elmhurst, IL

I hope we get to see Garrison when we go up to St. Paul from Chicago on the 17th. Good Lutherans like us have a good chance at rush tickets. If not, at least you get this personal message on the air instead. Love, your wife, Margarite.
- Margarite

Deborah Delgado,
Hiya, Moofie!

La La La, I Love You!

Love, Schmoofie
- Isadora Delgado

Dave the Dog and other friends and ,
Postcard to Dave the Dog and other friends and family in St. Paul:

Enjoying living in Ireland but missing Summit Beer and Summit Avenue.
People say it's easy to get lost here, but we haven't found it hard to find our way around, as the streets are similar to St. Paul's... were they layed out by the Irish too?

We asked Mr. Keilor if we could hitch a ride home in his suitcase but there wasn't room with all the Guiness he's taking back with him, sorry.

Dave, just because we moved to Ireland without you doesn't mean you can eat Gretchen's plants!
- Bill and Joanie

Greetings Posted February 6, 2001

Anji and Hugh,
Best wishes to Anji and Hugh, two mature people, here tonight, on stage, on a blind date.
- wayne and Judy

My Husband James,
Happy Birthday - Sorry I couldn't get you tickets to the show tonight. For now you'll just have to enjoy it from the comfort of home.
- Your loving wife Heather

Louie the Ribbon Clerk,
Dad - So proud that you came out of retirement to buy the big mining toys in Canada.. We anxiously await your return to San Francisco.
- Your favorite Daughter, Deb

Happy 60th birthday, David from Moorhead, Minnesota. I won the drawing for tickets to this show, but you won the lottery when you married me! With love from your wife, Ann
- Ann

Romayne Lund,
So glad you got me hooked on PHC,even tho I'm not from MN like you I look forward to the show, record it & play it over again & again. My son says we're all "addicts" everytime he hears us start telling a PHC story!!
Your fellow PHC addict,
- Kaye Turpen, Hoosier Hooked on MN

Fran Soule,
Happy 65th birthday to Granny Franny
in Santa Barbara from all your little
piggies: oink, oink, we love you!
- Joe Blau

Don and Elsie Hildebrand,
Hi! How are you, Mom? I went to open the Prairie Home Companiion site to play the most recent show I missed this weekend, and I was asked to send a greeting to someone.
- Terry

You are a pearl of a woman. Please don't
clam up on me and get into a bisque just because I leave the door to the medicine cabinet open. I have a hard shell, but when you're steamed I feel unusually vulnerable and open, and need you to butter me up.
Your forgetfull but everloving spouse.

- Bruce

Sorry i spent so much money last weekend but at least i caught a 20 inch trout
- Sean Eden

How 'bout a waltz around the living room again?
I love you and I miss you!
- Michele

Still scratching your head over what to do for Valentine's day? Some Titanium Hair Gel would be divine....
- gs

Greetings Posted February 5, 2001

Kim & Paul,
Congratulations on hearing the news that you will become grandparents for the third time.
- Pete & Carol

Pattie Crow,
March 5th will be our 36th anniversary. I've loved every minute of and pray God will grant another 36 years with you.
Love, Brim
- Brim Crow

John Dungan Sr.,
Sorry to hear that Ventura opted for classical music rather than Lakewoebegone. Hang tuff until we figure out the internet option
- John, Jr.

Irene Perrot,
Irene...we are both hitting fifty but you know - you are still as gorgeous as when I met you that first time some thirty years ago. Thanks for being you!
- Roger Perrot

I knew I would laugh every day of our marriage, I am sorry it is not always with you, it is sometimes at you.
- Camille

Helena Russell (Mother),
Ma, even though it's hard for you to see me at boarding school, keep in mind. I don't whine as much.
- Sandra Russell

Neil McLoughlin,
Happy Birthday old man. Although at times you are a bit peculiar, deep down your Irish heart is like a pot of gold.
- Derek Brett

Happy 39th birthday from your husband of 49 years.
- Carl Bretzke

Though everything you say makes me mad, I'm so lucky not just to call you Mom, but also my very best friend. Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy the evening.

- Kathleen
From minnesota to you, my love in new york
- reader

Woe be gone - time to snile
- reader

To the Sutton School students and staff,
Kids-Hope you're getting all the trivia contest answers- only 1 hour to go! I'll be back Tuesday with 50 lbs of ludefisk for hot lunch.
- Your principal, Ms. Stanley

Carol Jeanne,
I want to tell you this week, unofficially, that I love you. Valentine's Day is next week, and I know I won't get it right.
- Coleman

Garrison Keillor,
Please be a sweetheart and tell my sister Andrea and her family Jim, Thomas, Daniel, Leah and Elmien in Barrington, Rhode Island that I miss them very much and send them lots of South African love.
- Elsie Zinsser

Greetings Posted February 4, 2001

Mom and Dad,
Hey! Mom and Dad,dinner was great last night .I've been running ever since I home last night(and i dont mean jogging).I think it might have been the blackbean casarole.Say a parayer for me tonight!
Love ,Matt
- Matt

Peter Janovicz,
Soon you will be a young 33,
My greatest love you will always be,
It was love at first sight in the dentist chair,
You pulled my tooth with such loving care,

I lost a tooth but gained a wonderful husband...Happy Birthday!
- Christine Janovicz

Peter Janovicz,
Soon you will a young 33,
My greatest love you will always be,
It was love at first sight in the dentist chair,
You pulled my tooth with such loving care,

I lost a tooth but gained a wonderful husband...Happy Birthday!

- Christine Janovicz

Buy that certain son a
laptop or the next note
won't be so protective
of your "most
- The Devious Son

Mr. Keillor,
Was there Saturday night, Feb. 3rd, 2001. Wife left pink gloves in seat. First balcony center. Please call Frank
- frank kaylor

Jeff Lang,
Jeff Lang, our Aussie brown eyed boy, Still remember the performance in Tasmania, mother's day 2 years ago. Mother's day bookings have sky rocketed ever since. Show Minnesota all you got! from your friends at the
Royal Oak, Launceston, Tasmania.
- Bruce

Ann Warden,
Hello Mother, I'm happy that your learning the computer. See, your not to old at 86 to learn new things. Love your son Darryl
- Darryl Warden

Jess ,
Jess, we have a snowplow
for your wheelchair;
please come help us in
Wisconsin. Stay long
enough to be the bestman
in our wedding.
From Jim and
- Jim and Carla

Hello Michael!,
Greetings from Lexington! This show is
a marvel and a delight! Thanks for turning me onto it last Dec! You northerner you!
- Love always, Deborah

Ernie Jackson,
Happy 86th Birthday March 10th Dad!
- Kathie

Happy 51rst, Barboleen. Even though you're much older than me, you have kept your youthful heart!
- katholeen

Settergren Hardware,
Thanks for helping me find the bolt and lock nut I needed while Garrison droned through the "News", so that I didn't miss a single second of John Hiatt!
- One of the neighbors.

Buffaloe Gal:
Won't you comeout tonight
And be my Valentine?

- Buffaloe Bill

Hi john, things are
great here in chicago.
Please come visit us,
well be more careful
with our oven than
- Max

John and Heather,
Fishing is great, but paying the mortgage is much better.
- Tamim Champagne

To my Big Bear,
I am so fortunate to be
married to my best
friend. And you adore
cats! It was a match
made in heaven. Love
you so much.
- Sue

I have to thank you for teaching me the importance of respect, love, honesty,and patience. I couldn't have made it this for without you. And for all the things that I've done wrong while growing up, I just have one thing to say...
I was framed!
- Joshua Steen

happy 25th birthday. It seems you are no longer a member of the "24 and indestructible" club.
- kate

doreen carroll,
twenty five years ago you were my valentines day bride. you still make my heart beat faster.
- dave carroll

Tibby O'Roo,
Tibby, you're the sweetest girl a mom could have. I still think you're beautiful even though you have your father's nose.
- Mommy moo

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