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Greetings for the Week Ending
February 23, 2002

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  Greetings for Week Ending February 23, 2002
Greetings Posted February 23, 2002

Your cooking and your hugs are the best...I wish we lived closer.

Chris and Randy Treichler,
Happy 17th Mommy and Daddy Treichler, thanks for letting us stay home alone. Hope you had a wonderful time, we sure did.
Your loving daughter Anna

Roy Alin,
Happy 70th Birthday Roy! We know you are listening.
Renee & Laurie

Not to worry, dear, the boat will be floating soon
- Dennis

John and Heidi,
Thanks for loaning us the Dodge so we could come to the show. The deer wasn't that big...the smaller dents should buff right out.
- Rob and Dawn

Glad you've recovered from surgery! Since you're an "it" now, maybe we can go out sometime!
- Tess

Hi Buck
- Me

Steve Settle ,
To my husband : Steve I'm sorry you were unable to get a ticket for the live show in Ames , I have'nt given up on another show. Love, Kelly Lyn
- Kelly Settle

Garrison Keillor,
Got an idea for the folks in Lake Wobegon: "Prairie Home Chardonay (?)" from the Wobegon Winery. You just need to find some VERY HEARTY grapes and you could have a boom town on you
- Dan Streeter

Chaz in Fairbanks,
Snowed hard again...5 feet plus...diggin out once again...just to let ya know whats up here in Homer Alaska
- Mom & Dad

All my friends in the Keys,
Well, today was a washout, but I got most of the sod laid. Or lain? Layed? Hope you're having a great weekend.
- Dave

Erin and George,
When Dad said you were grounded for the rest of your life, he didn't really mean it. We still want you to go to college.
- Mom

Janie & Larry,
NYC's great and all, but I can't wait until spring break when I can come home to duck, duck, gray duck; jello salad and hotdish! New Yorkers just don't understand...
- Lynn

The Schivone Siblings,
Hello to the Schivone Siblings in Minnesota from your immigrant sister in Iowa.
- Susie

Mr. Keillor,
I brought family and friends in for your Ames show. As well as a Priest to keep them in tow. If they are causing a ruckus let me know...and I will tell them all to go!
- Jeff

Devan, we hope all is well at Grinnell, the Yale of the Midwest. Financial aid forms are in the mail.
p.s. The ducks are back.
Mom and Dad

John & Charlene Ott,
Let's have a reunion in Jefferson, IA with Uncle Tom & newly-weds Uncle Dave & Joyce in mid-April. Enjoy your month in Florida.
- Rolfe Blaess

Jim Trenberth,
Hey Jim,
You lighting up Garrion's life tonight in Ames. If not, enjoy the show!
- Tom L.

Wayne & Martha Pike,
Hello from your son down in Brazil. We saw the doctor yesterday and he says that your first grandkid should be granddaughter!!!!!!
- Raymond Pike

Glad to have you join me for the Show tonight!
- GC

Sheila in Phx.,
Sweetist One,There just are'nt words to discribe how much I admire you.Maybe soon it will only be a butter knife.
- Mark

The Foxes,
From Robin and Linda Williams' country - To the Fox's, your UU Usher Committee looks forward to new, exciting hand-signaling techniques you're garnering from tonight's PHC.
- Kathy

Cheryl Lynn,
Howdy, Honey. I'll be home from work soon -- so warm the tortillas and the really HOT hot sauce :)
- Jeff Hallum

Mary Ann,
My Little Moe,I Love You Sooo! Love,Poop!
- Douglas

Bruce ,
We've won the silver! Another 25 years and we'll have won the gold!!! Thanks for running the marriage Olympics with me.
- Polly

Mom (Janet Padgitt),
Happy Birthday Mom! On Monday you will be the same age as the number of the bus I take to work every day! Love from Noelle!
- Noelle Padgitt

Roy Alin,
A birthday toast from all the people in Lake Wobegon and all the Vikings in Sweden. Savor this "Martini Moment" on your special birth day.
- Renee (alias Lazy Lima Bean)

Gladys Morton,
Happy 88th Happy Bottom! Hope your varicose vein has healed up! Stay well!
- JoAnn Morton

Missed you in Seattle. Have a B-52 and think of the fun in Bahrain. Love 'ya always.
- Charlie

Mr. Garrison, I have a question for you; 'why is it when you hear a song you like it only has two or three verse's'?
- Dennis Gibson

Greetings Posted February 22, 2002

Jan and Will Strenge,
Mom and Dad - Happy Birthday. Too bad Mom stayed 25 years old when she had me on her birthday, but Dad keeps getting older.
- Ernst Strenge

lynnett pilchard,
Lynnett all my love to you from glenn in damascus.
- glenn moxley

glenda sue,
Happy Birthday Friend and Lover. Turning 40 isn't so bad. At least it's not 50!
- john edward

Jon and Connie,
Jon just because you have a broken arm that does not mean you can drive mom crazy in an Indy car.

- Paul and Jessica

keep Elvis and Priscilla occupied until I get back home!
- Ann

Lynn and Jim Fox,
Hi Mom and Jim! I'm being a sweety!
- Kathryn

Ames Jewish Community,
Purim Greetings to the Heartland! We have moved to the middle of Michigan and, believe it or not, there are fewer Jews here than there!
- Marcia, Bob, & Nate

Did you really hire on as security to get a ticket to this show?
- Jo

Kerry Sue,
My love, Thank you for being my wife another year. It's amazing that you stayed after the potato cannon accident.
- Joshua Kennedy

Greetings Posted February 21, 2002

Elvera Lundmark,
Greetings from your sister: when you get tired of the Minnesota winter weather, come back to Pahrump and thaw out.
- Marilyn Lenuson

Mom and Dad,
I got on the show, you didn't so HAHAHA!
- Meg Dunbar

Bohemians in Cedar Rapids,
Keep cooking up the svickova and brewing the pivo. This from a 1/2 Bohemian from Minnesota
- Tony Schaeve

Mom and Dad in Pennsylvania,
We love you and know you can't wait for spring but let's hope for one more good sledding day!
- Jenny and Linda

Elaine Winkler,
Happy Birthday on March 8th to Elaine Winkler in Mt. Clemens, MI. Your husband promises to have the new kitchen done before your NEXT birthday!
- Robert Winkler

Greg and Carol Madsen,
Thanks for getting tickets for the Minnesotans. We are happy, yet a little embarassed, to come to IOWA to see the show!
- Michelle Wermers

Leo and Betty,
Hi from Lacy to Grandma and Gramps wintering in Florida. Miss you! P.S. Dad says you're outa beer!
- Lacy

Greetings Posted February 20, 2002

Love your newly striped living room walls. They're even lovelier than the wreaths you made with objects you found in your back yard.
- Kathy

Mrs. Grear's Second Period 11th Grade,
I would just like to say hi to my class, and to my english teacher Mrs. Grear, I hope I get an "A" on my Garrison Keillor Author Project Presentation.
- Heather Morehouse

Do you know this guy?
- Bob

Garrison Keillor,
Dear Mr. Keillor, What's become of sound effects man, Tom Keith these days? Has he retired? Please fill me in on that.
- Richard LaMere

Have a great 6th! You are growing up fast, and we love you lots.
Love, Mom & Dad
- Eri Miller

Dad (Charles Wiley),
Congratulations on turning 80 one week after the doctor said you were as fit as an 18 yr-old. This 26-yr old could borrow some youth from you!
- Hannah

Anne and David,
hey mom and dad, thanks for being so good parents. lots of love,
- Eric

Kevin Shipley,
Happy Birthday, Kevin. You look as good now as you did as a "Cobber" - Hope the ice isn't too thin in DL.
- Don Cox

Ales Valenta won Olympic Gold in the skiing aerials. Did the duct tape on his helmet assist in his superior aerodynamics? It's just about the only thing you need sometimes.
- Will

Happy 39th Birthday Mom! Hope you'll enjoy the show. In 3 years I'll be 39 too, too bad it'll take me another 31 years before I can get a social security check like you!
- Your loving son - Jeff

Greetings Posted February 19, 2002

Cole Blume,
I'm sorry I called you a rat when you came to South over the break. You didn't deserve it...then.
- Knoof Mac Phearson

I love you and always will- will you marry me?
- William

Mac Williamson,
Hi Mac, Texas, Zooropa and Mason, and Will and Julia! You'll be shocked if this is read over the radio.
- Arlene

Please come and do your show, Garrison, in HIBBING - the Home of the Mn Range with the most historic auditorium for 1800 Minnesotans to enjoy the show. PLEASE all of you come up North - not the end of the world, but you can see it from here!
- Patty in Hibbing

Steve Sullivan,
To my love, Steve, Believe me, no one knows what you had to do to get these great seats for today's show (Ames, Feb. 23). Happy Birthday (Feb. 23),
- Victoria Szopinski

Hope you enjoy school! Remember that the Hizenberg uncertainty principal doesn't include spacing off student loans!
- ishidog

Mary Nathe,
Mom, I hope your journey across town, (Winona, about 2 1/2 miles) to the Townhome) goes well. Things will be alright once the garbage disposal is installed.
- Steven Nathe

Mum-Sorry about your 50th birthday party. Any less of a party and it would have been a funeral.
- Lori

From the California beaches, To the English shore,’That European lifestyle, Must have been a bore! Until you met me, An Okie from Muskogee, in fact “But I did go to school in Minnesota” Unimpressed, you said, “Where’s that?” Now we live in New Orleans, a beautiful dream Much like Atlantis, under the sea, 20 years with you, have been the best For 20 years with you, I have been blessed.
- Jeff

The "Big Easy" was a blast, and night without gas, so, now it is time, to kick up so, OH Well
Love your little lamb,
- Mary Anna

mark,cindi and susan,
Happy end of the week from your favorite Delaware ditz! Didn't lose anyone this week,two girls escaped across the border to Penna though.
- michael

John, Jo Ann, and Alex,
Greetings to John, Jo Ann, and Alex in Ames from Julian and Susan in Louisiana! We're keeping your gumbo in the freezer!
- Julian and Susan

Grandpa John,
Alles gute zum Geburtstag, Grandpa John from all us Kopfs in Santa Cruz
- Eric et al

Greetings Posted February 18, 2002

Flight Surgeon Gwen,
I am going to be so good to you.
“What is there in thee, Moon! that thou shouldst move My heart so potently? When yet a child I oft have dried my tears when thou hast smiled. Thou seem’dst my sister: Hand-in-Hand we went From eve to morn across the firmament. No apples would I gather from the tree, Till thou hadst cool’d their cheeks deliciously:"
Then-Song of Solomon, 7 That is just a little of you, my friend.
Forever, Endymion
- Naval Aviator Alan

Ezra and Lisa,
The Stone Crabs are in, the beach is sandy white, what more could a person ask for? For Heaven's sake, come on down to Siesta Key and visit awhile.
- Mark and Ellen

Robert Gordon,
To Robbie G. from your simple wife.
Congratulations on your lastest venture. And try to remember - 13 isn't always unlucky.
- Liz Hollister-Gordon

Marilyn Haynes,
Happy Birthday to Marilyn Haynes (who will be in the audience on the 23rd in Ames) from her three kids. Best wishes on your upcoming re-incarnation from a Cyclone to a Cornhusker. Love, Christy, Doug, and Ryan.
- Christy Haynes

Mom in Mississippi,
All's well in N'awlins! Survived theSugar Bowl, Super Bowl, Britney Spears' sightings & Mardi Gras! Doin' the Lenten home stretch 2/18 with Mr. K & APHC!
- Candy & Gary

The story of us has all the makings of a fairy tale. Marry me Tolly, and we will start a new chapter together!
- Jeff

Margaret Schumacher,
Talley-ho to the five Maccabean brothers---Schumachers all--in MA, CT,NY,OH and CA
- Fred Schumacher

Dad and Mom,,
To the best pilot and co-pilot the world has ever known. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!Love,
- The Dirty Dogs in Durango

garrison keillor,
did you knoe, there is a tree in New Orleans named "Branche Dubois"?
- June ferguson

Greetings Posted February 17, 2002

very good web site.b
- brody stew

Hey-d Hi-d Hi-d Hi-d Ho! Whasssup? Can I ask what time your appointment is on Tuesday? So I can plan ahead (gas & gas for the car too :) - Johnny

Randy "Homer" Zeman,
"Homer" Zeman the Baby Norweigan of the Zeman Clan has now made to the "40" plus club...
- Green Bay Brother Paul

Steve Sullivan,
To my love, Steve,
Believe me, no one knows what you had to do to get these great tickets for today's show (Ames, Feb 23). Happy Birthday (Feb 23), Victoria
- Victoria Szopinski

my husband, Damien,
To some I know it seems odd, we've wed now twice before God...who cares what they're thinking, I'd do it thrice without blinking, I love you, not just for your BOD!
- Cynthia

Hi from Davis, CA. You are the best preschool teacher and the snooties can just stay at home. All my love,
- Kristen

The travel channel sends its heartfelt greetings as it had a rating triumph with your mardi gras float! By the way, the keg deposit is still being held. Return it soon...
- Bonzi

scott & marsha,
Thanks for taking us to see the Feb.16, broadcast of A prarie home companion. in the big easy. mom and dad
- june ferguson

Happy Birthday Marsha, have a wonderful birthday love you!
- Tyler

Mom and Dad,
Leaving Memphis moving to
Minneapolis hope it
warmer than they sa
- Jen and Kevin

Lucas in Minnesota,
I love everything about you, even your missing toe. Please get in touch, or what else you've missed, you'll never know.
- Erica

Sorry you missed the show; it's almost as wonderful as you are.
- Farrar

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