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Greetings for the Week Ending
March 9, 2002

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  Greetings for Week Ending March 9, 2002
Greetings Posted March 9, 2002

Another PHC Saturday, and this time with pics! This is fantabulous... you're the best.
- -M

always knew you'd make one hell of a clown....you didn't disappoint me!
- Jinx

Welcome to the thirty something crowd.
Is that a gray hair I see?
- John

Teri Rancate,
Hey, listen to this show. You'll love it
- Paul Aguayo

Adam ,
Happy birthday Adam, saw the last gift I gave you on Ebay...hope you enjoy your card this year.
- Kent

This is the show I spoke about. Check it out on the radio at 6 pm on 90.7 fm
- Wateef

Mom and Dad,
Hi mom just wanted to say hi-and thanks for the tickets
- Alex

Well you're at a convent attending a quilting retreat while I'm listening to Garrison on the radio. And who says people over 45 don't lead exciting lives
- Jim

Sam Diack ( rhymes with Kyack),
We locked the key in the car, but don't fret , we rented a little stretch limo to take us to your Birthday dinner. Lo
- Swami and Conni

I love your carrots!!!
- Bunny

to the girl with the dancing eyes i love you too much for words alone.
- johnnyboy

Happy first birthday, Hadden! You make a mighty fine mess of a cake!
- sele

John and Lonnie In Minnesota,
Please come home to Missouri soon. Its just TOO cold way up ther in Gilbert MN.
- Melissa, Chris and Five Boys

Happy first birthday on Friday next. You are the most exciting grand child I have ever had.

- Pap Pap

How iz u? I is always & 4 ever busy now.. wow-weee! Talk to ya later when I get home about 8:30p or so.
- Johnny

richard weintraub,
Hi to my little dickie wein. I almost lost my Dickie over a bank when towing him, he didn't know i was a race car driver. your Honey ,Sorry
- marjorie l. weintraub

I hope you had a great birthday. It's warm in Guatemala.
- Doc

You can quit caulking the bathroom now. PHC is on.
- Walter

David in Columbia,
Belgian chocalate and beer will be hand-delivered to you in five days, along with your fiancee! All my love,
- Lisa

Almost there! I can feel the water, I can feel the spirit, so close, so near it. Hey, I'm a poet, don't you know it?
- Irish

David Wright,
Hope you're feeling better. Hang in there, winter is almost over and soon West Texas will be blooming with Springtime dust storms.
- Danny Wright

Greetings Posted March 8, 2002

Jim,Don,Julie & Karen,
Looking forward to a great weekend in St. Paul. The Rad says our rooms are adjoining!
- Chuck & Christy

When can we expect a new CD by "Guy's All-Star Shoe Band?" That is music that moves one to zip through the housework.
- June

We did it my friend saw PHC and Night Out in New Orleans, you were with me in spirit and the music was all that you said it would be. A night to remember forever, thank you my soulmate for this and for everything you give me.
- June

Buddy Boy Michael,
Happy Birthday and congratulations on your 20th anniversary of your business. Sorry you didn't get to celebrate both in an icehouse dangling a line.
- Poopsie

kevin dwyer,
thank you for working so hard for us.we miss you.(he's a long haul truck driver)
- april dwyer

My Heinee Siblings,
Greetings to my Heinee brothers&Sisters from Larry in Taylors Falls MN. I miss you.....sometimes....a little....once in a while.
- Larry Heine

Erin Kraisosky,
Erin, congratulations on passing the Firearms Aquisition Course. Just one more hurtle to go...the police criminal check! Remeber the illegal left hand turn? only kidding...love Dad
- Dave Kraisosky

Happy 50th Birthday to a terrific guy and a wonderful husband.
- Susan Dunn Tedter

Happy Birthday Mar 10th. "Prairie Rules!" Hope you get to see the Mar 9th show!
- Mom & Dad

Larry and Deb,
Enjoy the show Larry and Deb. Happy 50th birthday on St. Patrick's day Larry. By the luck of the Irish you made it.
From, Peggy and Peter
- Peggy

Happy 33rd anniversary to the girl who threw sand in my eye on our first date. Thanks for 30 wonderful years of marriage!
- Bill

Show' s Host,
Hi from the City of Gold - Johannesburg South Africa. What a great show heard here Sunday lunch time….via World radio Network. GREAT STUFF!
- John Anderson

Greetings Posted March 7, 2002

Sam Diack ( rhynes with Kyack),
Sam, On your birthday, the peacock will not leave presents outside the front door, the dogs will not bark, and the cats will not ask to be let out only to be let back in again. The yb normals went to Victoria Secrets to find something to give you to use on the next Grand Canyon trip. Happy Birthday. - Conni

Sheryl & Scott,
I'm greatly looking foward to your visit here. I have a list of things to do. Watch out Cows
- Ananda

Greetings to my wife Gail, in the balcony.Thanks for bringing me here for my 50th birthday. Sorry we couldn't sit together.
- Roger

Brother Dennis,
Come to Colorado in September. We'd love to see you at Ronda and Brian's wedding.
- Sister Connie

thanks for taking the backroads on tuesday night....we definitely woke up the pigs.
- Maxi

Thank you, Ruby, for being my friend.
Love from Felicity.
- Felicity

My King,
I only like Prarie Home Companion cause you do.
Thank you for marrying me!
- your Queen

Elaine Winkler,
Happy Birthday on March 8th to Elaine Winkler in Mt. Clemens, MI. Your husband promises to have the new kitchen done by your next birthday!
- Robert Winkler

Kate Amaral ,
To Katie: Happy 23rd Birthday on March 22nd, from Mom. Even though you're 1/2 a world away, you'll always be right inside my heart.
- Judy Amaral

Dee Moser,
Happy Birthday (3/18/02)to DeeLightful Dee on her birthday - Now get out there & restock those Goodies4U vending machines!
- Bill Moser

Kate Amaral ,
To Katie: Happy 23rd Birthday on March 22nd, from Mom. Even though you're 1/2 a world away, you'll always be right inside my heart.
- Judy Amaral

Greetings Posted March 6, 2002

Mark Redfield,
Thank you for teaching me how to get on the internet. from your loving wife Colleen
- Colleen Redfield

Kari Peter,grad student @Cornell ,
Happy 25th birthday!! In the immortal words of Simon and Garfunkel: "Your time has come to shine, your dreams are on their way.." We love you higher than you (or Euclid) could count!
- Mom and Dad

Laughter aids healing - so tonight's show should have you well in no time! I'll be waiting in the parking lot for the stretch limo!
- Zion

Hi dad,
Spent my cash on more film, this should be better then a collect call. Hope all is well!
Andrew Curtis - Boston,MA
- Andrew

I'm wondering if you still want to tie the knot and solve this thing we have for each other once and for all.
- Douglas

Annmarie Robertson,
Haven't had a Dairy Queen in months...Would you like to go and get a bite to eat?
- Lil thummie

Honey Love,
Keep the light on tonight.I don't want to make the mistake of killing the cat like I did its mother last week.
- Joe

Ray (my cat daddy),
you + me X 17 years = wow!
totally yours, Lynn
- Lynn

Lewis Farnam,
Happy belated birthday,Lewis!We are only a year late, but we finally made it!
- Dad and Jennifer

Thank you for loving me and being a man I am proud to be married to - even when you forget to pick me up!
- Jeannie

Garrison Keillor,
Thanks for the many years of laughter. You've lifted our spirits and helped our hearts to soar. God bless you.
Sandra and Gary

Lewis Farnam,
Happy belated birthday, Lewis! We are only a year late, but we finally made it!
- Dad and Jennifer

Turning 21 in Cork, Ireland, so far from home and no cash to share a pint in the pub. Well, that's what friends are for. Happy Birthday, dear. Dad
- Larry Vickers

Greetings Posted March 5, 2002

Mrs. Grear English Class,
Hi, I just wanted to give a greeting to Mrs. Grear's 11th grade English class in San Diego, California. Side note to Mrs. Grear, I would really like it if i could get an A on my Garrison Keillor Author Presentation Project! Thank you and have a great day!
- Heather Morehouse

I Love You
- Lizz

Connor Scott McDonald,
I understand that you give only made in the USA hugs and that there are plenty to go around. I'd like to order a few. Love, Granny
- Granny Wendy

Hoopie Shoopie Sarah,
Happy Birthday! You are now old enough to be an adult Hobbit. No turning back now! Love ya.
- HOWe:^)

hope you are having a good day so far mom I love you.
- max

Ross Matthew,
To the love of my life, please keep reaching your soul for mine, because i have not forgotten our love. Thinking of you always,
- Abbe

Garrison Keillor,
we love your show, my fiancee and I reccommended it to our friends, we're getting married this saturday and honeymoon will include listening to you.
- John Lawson and Mandy Arbogast

mike riley,
Can't believe it's been 17 yrs already...seems like only yesterday we were sitting at the bowling alley falling in love over beer nuts
- michele riley

All my former DCTC Students,
Hello to all my former DCTC Computer Career Students! Love to hear from you:
- UncleSid

Audrey Lago,
Hello to Audrey and Jack Lago who live at Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. Don't stay too long at the 19th hole.
- Bill Wirz

Greetings Posted March 4, 2002

Hey, I hope you are having fun in college, but you better come home soon and take me to the museum, you've been promising to takt me for two years, and may the mule kick you if you don't. Wi
- Sarah

Dennis McCullough,
Will you marry me all over again? Without the shotguns this time?? Ha Ha!
- Lisa McCullough

Dennis McCullough, my husband of 11.1 mo,
Out first year together has been wonderful, it's a shame we're both so old - we have so much to do together in such little time! Love you sweetie!
- Lisa McCullough, your loving wife

fish boy happy 50th birthday, in the imortal words of Gloria Swanson "tell them, this is what 50 looks it" because you got it all, love poodle bum
- Linda

greetings miranda thanks for helping me find the gypsies
- tiffany

Happy Birthday Deb, For me you will always be my greatest love. I'll make sure that your Red & Blue suit with the cape and large letter S on the chest will be clean by this weekend, :-)
Love Ted
- Ted

Michael Ryan,
Happy birthday from your family. We know it's sweet being a fashion plate snowboarding guy!! in Colorado!!!
- Carlton P Tolsdorf Jr

Flight Surgeon Gwen,
Your friendship has saved me. You truly are "The Only One On The Planet!"
Forever, Endymion
- Naval Aviator Alan

There aren't many people that can say that they have kept a friendship alive for over 30 years. College was so much fun in the 70's. Where did the time go. Happy Birthday, dear friend and here's to another 30 years of friendship together!
Luff, mary
- Mary

Terry VanDewalker,
Here's to hopin' The Big Wu get to play PHC soon. Maybe I'll flood Garrison with some bootlegs.
- Mark and Raeann down in St. Louis

Dear Kate, It's been 4 years my love, I've had a pretty good time let's keep going.
- Mike

You're the jam in my jelly-roll. =)~ *smooches*
- Mandy

Gerald & the Shenandoah Sheiks,
Warmest regards from your loving chantuese. Aren't we lucky to have a shrink on keyboards? And two, count 'm, TWO Lindas! Schmaltz rules!!!!!
- Linda H. & Rascal

Hope you are enjoying your elephant rides in Thailand. Be careful as you dismount; those large brown stools are not of the stepping variety.
- Dad

Greetings Posted March 3, 2002

It's just you and me baby, from now on. Happy Birthday (3/18)from your one and only loving wife. Let's hope we'll have grandchildren while we can still enjoy them!!
Hint...Hint...hope our sons are listening!!!
- Bonnis

Had to give away my Tulsa Town Hall Garrison Keillor tickets, but it's almost worth it to attend your college graduation! Love, Mom
- Susan Robinson

Cap'n Dave,
Missed you at the last meeting of The Pelican Lake Buccaneers and Bird Watching Society. Call me.PS How's Flounder?
- 1st Mate Mike

Happy Birthday! Try blowing on this message as if it were a candle laden cake, 'cause I am guessing dad didn't bake you one.
- Coley

Danny in Kansas City ,
Happy Birthday on March 14th to the love of my life.
From your wife.

- Kathy

Mike Condray,
Happy Birthday, Dad. Don't worry, the Rams will win the SuperBowl by the time I graduate.
- Chris Condray

Judy Fielder,
Happy 30th anniversary to Judy from John, in Toronto. They said it wouldn't last six months -- and they were right.
- John W. Fielder

Happy Birthday to that endangered breed-the Reagan Republican in California,from the the right of center land of Newt.
- Carol

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