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Greetings for the Week Ending
March 10, 2001

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Greetings for Week Ending March 10, 2001

Greetings Posted March 9, 2001

family, friends and my dog Christabell,
Greetings from Scotland to all my family and friends. The beer's as good as the weather is bad. A clear day in Glasgow's like a cold day in Hell. Hope to be home soon.
- Stephen Ayers

Kim Gilbert,
congrats on your student teaching we'll come south in august to thaw out.hold the shrimp till we get there.
- Donna Wolfe

Kim Gilbert,
congrats on your student teaching we'll come south in august to thaw out.hold the shrimp till we get there.
- Donna Wolfe

Hello, Affair:
I miss you more than rice, and probably always will. Love from the kid in the trumpet section.
- Drew

Norina Grandinetti,
Hi, Girlina

I hope you are having a wonderful day. I miss you Girlina, Maybe you guys can come down this weekend Sunday Night maybe. With Love from Boylina
- Daniel Trump

dan trump,
hi boylina,
from your favorite
girlina in red lion
- norina grandinetti

Stacy Seeland,
Dear Stacy,
Happy 21st Birthday to you in Madrid. Study hard, have fun.
I am proud of you.
I am glad you got rid of the belly button ring!
Love Mom & Dad
- Mel Seeland

Christina Peterson,
It took four years but we told you PHC would come to you at school. ENJOY! We are lsitening.
- mom, dad and Rebekah

Still searching for Lake Woebegon.
Met a nice cab driver named Boy Howdy.
- Mark

fred cummings sr.,
hi there from Laramie dad, please send my wool long johns
- fred cummings

Aunt Sondra,
I haven't made it to Minneapolis yet, but you wouldn't believe how far US 71 goes when you don't feel like turning around!
- Your Nephew Cody Hines

Greetings Posted March 8, 2001

Toby ,
We wanted to remind you not to accept invitations to Syllicon Valley pink-slip parties. We know that you work hard. We love you.
- Toby's mom and dad

I love you and MISS you! From your very very poor daughter in Dublin,Ireland Mush.
- Michele Rohrs

Amanda Lawson,
I'm sorry the cat had kittens on our bed the other night; I'll wash the covers after the show.
- Eric Lawson

Might not ski with you this weekend, another ten inches of snow has covered my skis up and can't find them. Skis are on top of the car.
- Peggie

mom and dad,
hi mom and dad, forget the money, please send plumbing.
- sherrill

Greetings Posted March 7, 2001

Mary Katherine Cotton,
Your Mom and I want to say thanks for a wonderful first year. I haven't been through a year and remembered so little since grad school.And since your arrival on Mardi Gras 2000, the best throw ever caught, our lives have been lots brighter
- Stan and Margaret

anita and jim,
hey from the prairie
- the daughter

sadie mae green,
contact loretta in phoenix i'm listed in the directory
- loretta wiltse

I must really love you. In Hawaii on Air Force business twice now without me and I am not even mad...much.
- Cyndi

Pete Petersen,
Your eyebrows and hair are out of control...May I help?
- your wife, BJ

Christopher Wagner,
Professor Wagner,
On your 60th birthday,
Our greetings we send.
A Prairie Home party, For a Woebegone friend.
From your students and Kate,
Three daughters and son,
We'll mix up the biscuts,
Powder Milk for everyone!
Happy Birthday in Bowling Green, Kentucky
- Kate Wagner

Greetings Posted March 6, 2001

I hope your dog finds his tail. I'm sure the fan blades can be repaired.
- Dad

Sarah & Catherine,
I'm not running off to Fort Rucker this summer in search of Helicopter nirvana. Instead I'll stay home, work in the yard and sleep in the basement.
- John

Jack & Mick in Chesterfield, MO,
We love you SO MUCH. Dad asks that you please don't crayon the walls at Grandma's house so we can do this again!
- Mom & Dad in SF, CA

(for the Dublin show)
Hello to my wonderful wife Anna in Italy. If you, John and Marco are nervous and agitated while I'm away, remember that the ketchup is in the fridge. It will calm you all down until I return. Much love, John
- John

Sam the Sound Man,
Hope you're having a great time in Europe. We're watching your house. Haven't had to call the fire dept. yet.
- Carol & Jim

Na Na Mini in Scottdale,
We are shoveling the snow up here in preparation for your May visit to thge Twin Cities. The sidewalk may be open by then.
- Mark Alt

Romayne Lund,
Dear Romayne,
Hurry back from Florida-I taped the Berlin show for us. Having a bad week - bring lots of ketchup!!
- Kaye

Melissa Kozicki,
Then, now and forever - my love to you.
- Bill Kozicki

Happy Birthday to a man who is so old, it just doesn't matter any more.
- Bill Kozicki

olson-shillcock family in NC,
hi to all, having a blast abroad but not doing much studying. wish you could be here too, see you in June.
- alissa your daughter abroad

i remember
- denise

my family in the mountains of asheville,
haha to mama and papa, i get to see Garrison before you do, better luck while he is in the US!
- alissa 'studying in england' olson

mom,dad and brian in North Carolina,
happy birthday brian & thanks for the cards mom they make me smile.
- cheryl, studying in England

John&Marcia Boggs,
Happy 14th wedding anniversary out on the ranch in waco,tx
Hope your having a great one. Love Sylvia.
- Sylvia Rast

Greetings Posted March 5, 2001

Some things just feel "right" from the start. From Lobby, to an October hillside cabin to whatever comes next...we are. I love you.
- Carla

Entering our 15th year of marriage, you still take my breath away! I told you we'd grow old together!
- Paul

Byron Bartosh,
Congradulation, to our son who graduates from the USA Marine boot camp in San Diego, Ca March 23 2001. We are proud to know he will play trumpet in the Marine Band.
- Larry and Paula Bartosh

tracy sundberg,
You are just crazy enough to succeed. Good luck in everything
- Bob

Mom and Dad,
Wish I was in New Hampshire to help you shovel the driveway. Hope you're not too busy to sit and hold eachother's hands. I love you from Texas!
- Molly

Greetings Posted March 4, 2001

Michael Henderlite,
To Michael with love from Mom and Dad - congratulations on graduating from college and embarking on life on your own. We're always here for you.
- Jim and Patty Henderlite

Joanna & Jim,
Winter is about to end we hope. Lets make plans to attend the Prairie Home Companion live show at Tanglewood June 30.
- Chris&Mark

Joan and Richard,
Looks like I'm stuck in my apartment for another year. Once again, the locks are broken. Please send flat foods; they can slide them under the door, same as the drafts.
- Josh

Margaret Swann,
I know the military takes me away more than we would like. I miss that sexy gaze from your lazy eye and the way you stroll even with your clubbed foot. Never worry you'll always be my "Little Lucky Bunny"
- Robert Swann

Cammy Kitchen,
Although the Atlantic seperates us at the moment, the thought of listening to Garrison Keillor together helps us feel in the same place, love Paul
- Paul Murray

Frank Lee,
i think of florida in march: a whitewater canoe on a crystal-clear spring, arabian nights, flea markets and banjos, citrus juice in our hair, the Island Hopper, old man catching strange fish, showering in truckstops and I smile and wish you well....
- Colleen
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