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Greetings for the Week Ending
April 5, 2003

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  Greetings for Week Ending April 5, 2003
Greetings Posted April 5, 2003

Sue...you are an AMAZING TALENT! Absolute perfection. You know just how much to give to keep the listener tuned in, without going too far. Your understanding of what human beings think and feel and the respect with which you display that empathy, reminds me of Meryl Streep. You are the Meryl Streep of radio, that's what you are. I am 50 and have been appreciating fine acting my whole life and you are one of the finest I have ever seen.
- Richard Todd

happy 8th month aniversary. You keep hot Los angeles cool for me. I love you
- Your husband Chris

Miss Maggie Leigh Abner,
We're all so glad you've arrived! Perfect timing, too; the forsythia and redbud are going strong, and the dogwood isn't far behind...a beautiful spring for your first one.
- Affectionately, Bede

Hi Marjean, You can see what that Garrison guy looks like.
- bill

Hello Sharon. You can see what the folks at Prairie Home Companion look like.
- Bill

You, Tom Daschle, Joe
Lieberman, Dick Gephardt,
John Kerry, and all United
Socialist States of America
proponant's chads are still
dangling. Get over it!
Support our troups, they're
in harms way now!. It's the
responsible and respectful
thing to do.
- Paul Saxerud

The Folks of Minnesota,
Thanks for winter!!! (Snow's coming to New York City this Monday...April 7th!!!)
- Got Spring?

dear vpr a prairie home companion will be off the air tonight after 22 years i want to thank you very much for listening.
- vpr

Hi Megan,
Pee-Paw is sending his love. Give a kiss to brother Mason for me, OK?
Pee-Paw Litvan
- Grandpa Litvan

Gerszewski relatives in Minnesota and ND,
The trees are all budding out, the dogwoods are blooming, the azaleas are bursting, and our porches are yellow with Loblolly Pine pollen. Wish you were here!
- Rosemary and Don

Ruth Marcy,
Dear Ruth,
Happy anniversary...hard to believe 21 years have passed since we first learned about Prarie Home and TOFU at the student co-op in Ann Arbor!
There may be less tofu these days but we're still going strong with the PHC, including two new fans--our daughters Hannah and Olivia who love the show!
- Ken Marcy

What a year - thanks for calling me ... and turning me on to PHC years ago - you're the best!!!
- trav

Hey Mia, Thanks for the ticket...it would've been a crime to have lived in Minnesota and not have gotten to see this show live.
- Cathy Cravens

My Mother, Jan Hunt,
Glad you're home from the hospital! I kept telling you that humans don't have gizzards. See you in a few weeks. Love you,
- Leith & Connie

My adopted son OZ,
Congrats on going for your GED, Happy birthday to your girlfriend Brandy, try to remember the old man once in a while I always think fondly of you.
- Joel "Duke" Kenn

RE The greeting to SANDINA in Oklahoma City
from TOM..please add...."IN NEW JERSEY."
PS but she already knowa that.
- TOM in New Jersey

I love the way we share our morning "island" carrot juice with lime & ginger over breakfast every morning.
- Delfino

To my B Bunny. I love listening to Prairie Home Companion with you. Hello to all our cousins in North Carolina.
- Daddy in Ohio

Monica in Pennsylvania,
Hurry home hon I'm lonely here, and I think that Ashcroft has got someone spying on the house ever since I donated to NPR...
- Steve

Ena Gwen,
My Sweetness and Light. I love you still after 11 months of marriage and three houses.
- Jim

David Bangsund,
Happy Birthday, Daddy! So nice that Erik and I finally understand why we weren’t allowed to talk in the car on the way home from church; now we all listen to the show!
See you at graduation!
- your daughter, Krista

47 years doesn't look bad on a North Dakota farm boy, Remember the dessert, the Ford Escort, and the field by the trees; to more good times. Eileen, Your wife.
- Eileen

Hi there, Ross,
Surprise, Surprise,
Greeting by Garrison
From the one
You chose to stand
By your side as your bride
4l years ago.
(Ross is a faithful listener to The Prarie & attended your show in Nashville in February. If possible, please read this on April 13/14. Please do not include my name.)
- Eva Mae

Reino and Ailie Koivisto,
Happy 53rd Anniversary to Ailie and Reino Koivisto in Hermantown, Minnesota. Love, your favorite daughter in Justin, Texas.
- Sharon Nash

i love you more today then yesterday you are the best thing that has ever happened to me! you are my sunshine! i love you baby girl always and forever
- lou

Tammy Crotteau,
Happy birthday sweetheart I love you and I thank the stars above for you.PS please read this 1st 1/2 hr on our way to work.
- Jim

Michael Larson,
Congrats on your upcoming graduation from college in journalism! Skipping your final two years of high school paid off. Love, Mom
- Joan Larson

Mom & Dad/Nana & Bapa in Bemidji,
We saw a robin floundering in the new-fallen snow and thought of you - Both of you migrated north from Florida a bit too early!
- Love, Craig, Betsey & Kids

Greetings Posted March 31, 2003

Barb in New Mexico and Skip in Moorhead,
Tom says "hi" to sister Barb in New Mexico, brother Skip in Moorhead, and Mother Doris in heaven. See, I told you he wouldn't dumb down the show for us northern tundra bumpkins!
- tom

Garrison ,
welcome to Bemidji! Do you remember our 1973 canoe trip down the Mississippi with Bill Hinckley and Judy Larson? This year marks the 30th anniversary. I'm still canoeing here at our resort on Beltrami Lake. Drop by and dip a paddle! See you at the concert.
- Dr. Jerry Vanek

Happy Birthday, Sweetie. It's not every day you turn 30 and that your daughter learns to walk. I don't know which is more exciting ... .
- Rob

It's been a great year, now lets go home!
- Glenn

As Bob H. once saide
Thanks for thr memories
- G Grover

Tom Keith,
Greetings Tom, It's been a long time since you and Bob Swoboda and I set broadcaast journalism back a good 50 years at the U of M. I'm proud of you for paying the penance for the rest of us! When you get to Bemidji, give me a call at 586-2518, and we'll hash over the old days, now that we're part of the AARP wanna-be crowd. See you at the BSU Fieldhouse this weekend.
- Dr. Jerry Vanek

Greetings Posted March 30, 2003

the Bodes in Minneapolis,
Are you coming up for the fishing opener again this year then? We'll have a surf & turf feed with walleye and venison, you betcha!
- Kurt & Linda in Park Rapids

Dave and Debbie in Duluth,
Wish you were here having fresh oranges on the patio and watching the roses bloom. Hope the cold lets up soon in Duluth - Phoenix is wonderful this time of year.
- Gerry and Dave

Garrison Keillor,
Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful show on Sunday, March 30. I tuned in to hear "Start it all over Again" and was deeply moved with that music. You had dedicated it to a Scottish musician who had recently passed due to cancer. Can you please identify the artist(s) so I may purchase the music. It was so beautiful... can't get the tune out of my mind! I've searched but cannot locate the music. Thanks for that which you contribute to soothe these troubled times.
- Jerry Holt

Han Jan Mei ,
Hi Glad your back from China I hope you are enjoying the Atlanta Show broadcast as much as I will Love Bill
- Bill Vargo

Ginger, Cinnamon, Abigail and Sir George,
I only slept with those cats for 10 days & I hated it. Woof woof. See you in October.
- Maria

Thank you Spark, for being you,
I am so glad that we met too!
I love you more than words can say...
And think about you every day!
- Farrah

Jennifer Rickard,
Jen, If I ever get a break from the Army, we may be able to see the show. But for now perhaps we can be mentioned in it.
- Tim Vernooy II

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