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Greetings for the Week Ending
April 21, 2001

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Greetings for Week Ending April 21, 2001

Greetings Posted April 21, 2001

You make my world bright
and fill the stars at night
I love you
- Aaron

Mary, Charles, and Aunt Annette,
Nothing clever to say, just lots of love heading your way, from Colorado.
- Jerry


Enjoy Blue Lake Pledge Week!!! WBLU should be happy to have you- I know I am. I love you.
- Max

mable ramsay,
hey mom love u with all my hart and the army has said that drinking more booz is the only asnwhy bush won so never join the army.
p.s. im reeeaaly drunk right now so i cant speell
- vince bancroft III

Greetings Posted April 20, 2001

The Captain,
Humor me, just for a moment.
- Stanley

Sorry I miss you're bithday, but I hope the keyboard and movies made it up to you safe and dry.
- You're Father Scott

To the pickle in my petunias who tends the garden of this manís happiness.
Thank you for marrying me.

- John

Greetings Posted April 19, 2001

Bill Bailey,
Thanks for coming home.

- Your Significant X

Brenda Trafton,
20 monthes of school, seemed like 20 years! 40 years old and finally out of college. Watch out Twin Cities, here we come!
- Betsy Baste

Scott Olson,
Scott, Thanks for the lesson on dedication you've given all of us. Your example is worth a thousand "sermons". Your colleagues are proud of you.
- Lea Ann Schramm

Betsy Baste,
Can you believe we made it through the last 20 months? Having you as part of this history making group has made the experience even better. Thanks for all your help and support. Go B007!!!
- Brenda

Dr. Oded Gerber,
To Dr. Oded Gerber of Stony Brook Hospital,

Thanks for keeping me alive. So far, so good.

Judy Reilly
- Judith Reilly

Scott Olson,
Yo Dad,I'm happy i'm going with you! bye!
- Heidi

Scott Olson,
The cows are out on your place. We fixed the gate but, we can't find the fence stretcher. Better come home soon. Ted and Jennifer
- Ted and Jennifer Powell

Scott Olson - competing on show,
Scott - I heard you were doing "Carnival of Venice" on the show this week.....Congratulations ..all us are so PROUD of you!!!! but.... isn't it time to learn a new song?

- your colleagues in Yankton!!

Greetings Posted April 18, 2001

love you alot,thank for last monday nite.
- jerry lyons

Illya Kuryakin Hoffmann,
Happy 13th birthday on 05/05/2001 to Illya & his sister, Pushinka, from their "human Mum". They are Sib. Huskies & get hypnotized by PHC weekly!
- Robyn Hoffmann

Marisol ,
4 months today you've been growing our baby.
You're going to be a great mother. I love you dearly.

Tim Devereaux - My soon-to-be husband,
Only 3 months to go until our wedding in Montreux. I love you with all my heart, and can't wait until you can cook me meals, and I can give you backrubs.
- Charmain

grammyand grandad Tackett,
Hi from all of your grandkids in Italy .Take care, hope to see you soon
Adam Alex and Austin
- Alex

Marc McNamee,
Happy 11th Birthday son. We're so proud of you. P.S. don't forget to clean your room after the show.
Love, Dad and Mom
- Jon and Ramona McNamee

My new and beautiful Husband, Brett Koth,
Hoping this can be read on May 19, 2001.
At the moment we are hearing this annoucement, you and I have made a commitment to marriage. Brett, you are the best surprise of my life. I will cheerish, honor and love you forever.
- A wise women told me, to keep a marriage alive, you must be a lady in the kitchen and not so much of a lady in the bedroom-I plan on spending most of my time in the bedroom!!!
Love, Krista Koth

To Stefan in Mannheim, Germany--an avid listener. Congratulations on your new baby--now you understand utter exhaustion! Susan, Linda, Frank and Jim.
- James Rogers

Greetings Posted April 17, 2001

Sean Zigmund,
Happy 29th Birthday, you're only as old as you feel! Enjoy the birthday massage. I love you !
- Marcy

Go Celestial Sirens! Go!
- Sirenette

Good luck Katie in the competition. If you win I will take you duck hunting.
- Jonathan

Will you marry me? I love you always.
- Scott in Hays, Kansas

tory christenson,
to our friends in mankato and pederson. the sunshine hasnt blocked memories of puddle splashing. Miss you all from Sunny SLO, CA.
heather and bryan

Shannon and Ryan,
To my daughter and son-in-law who moved from Nebraska to Ft Hood, Texas on the orders of the U.S. Army, hope the JAG Corps is all you expected it to be.
- Mary Schwab(MOM)

Bob & Louise,
We are so honored to work with you - your dedication to eachother and the arts for over 50 years is a testament to your love and your gifts. We're dedicating our performance tonight to you. Happy 50th wedding anniversary! Love Marybeth, Melissa, Deb & Roger
- The Celestial Sirens

I wished I could have been with you for Easter. I hope you all had a good time.
- Aunt Pat

Mom and Dad from Larimore, ND,
I hope your trip to North Carolina is going well and the weather allowed you to drive there with the top down the whole way.
- Mike and Cindy

Robert & Louise De Cormier,
We dedicate our performance tonight in honor of your 50th wedding anniversary; and, your home town, Belmont, is under 2000 - has the snow melted yet?
- The Celestial Sirens

Greetings Posted April 16, 2001

Hi Hunny, drive careful on your way home, don't speed we can't afford a ticket while planning for this wedding.
- Rebecca

George Winsley,
Happy 4th. Anniversary. May we have many more happy years together. I Love You!
- Donna Marshall

Bonnie Peters,
Bonnie, you were right about many things but especially this great show! If you contact me I would like to apologize for being a butthead.
- Duke Wagner

Thanks for the roadtrip from Colorado to Minnesota to see Garrison. What a treat!!
Thanks for asking me to be your wife, and making Sundays such a special day! You are a true blessing.
Love, Your wife, Kathy

Oh, my love! How I've missed fighting over the covers with you this past week. Now let's snuggle, eat pizza and listen as Guy Noir gets jilted one more time. So much love to you.
- Ela

Apr. 21. Thanks for the roadtrip from Colorado to Minnesota to see Garrison. Thank you for Sundays when we make a commitment to God and our dinner date with the radio and Garrison. You are a true blessing to me.
Love your wife,
- Kathy

Greetings Posted April 15, 2001

If you come home this week leave a note so I'll know.
Your loving hushband
- D'Lyne

Hey Dadddy! Andy is leaving for college soon, but you still have your little girl to listen to your show with you. Once Im gone, you're on your own.
- Emily

Hey Norm! Just a Lake Wobegon hello!
Hope your dad is okay. Tired to call but got no answer..I hope I called the right number....
- Dana

Sorry we missed your 50th birthday. Hope your junior year at Syracuse University is going well. Hang in there. Love Sam & Jeffery
- Sam & Jeffery

Aimee Wickstrom,
Aims, I love you
sweetheart of all my
- Gregory Wickstrom

They didn't ask and you didn't tell ...

- Skippy

Karen Jokela,
I love you with all my hart and soul. I'm out in the middle 20 acre field, will you bring me a cold beer?
- Greg Jokela
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