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Greetings for the Week Ending
May 17, 2003

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  Greetings for Week Ending May 17, 2003
Greetings Posted May 17, 2003

ellen yao,
good morning
- ellen

I will always be your Bride, eventhough we just celebrated our first anniversary. Will you be my Groom?
Now and always.
- Karima

Pooh wishes you the best life you can have, without her.
- Pooh

Ashley and Megan,
Thanks for putting up with your Mom's addiction each week,

Ms. Shezz,
G'day lovie - miss you while you're wondering around the world.
- DaWizard in Australia

louise c,
Louise, It's great being married to you again! I PROMISE the toilet seat will stay down if you stay this time!!
- Dave C

Betyy in Sylmar,
Love you forever and ever even 'though, in 11 years of love I only met you 3 times. Send a fresh letter, teach.
- minnesinger5

Half a lifetime; gone in an instant. Let's smell some roses during the 2nd half.
- Joel

Peanut, Punkin' and Cupcake ,
We hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring day.
- Lolly and BoBo

Happy 16th birthday to Claire in Florida. I hope you have never been kissed, or we have some talking to do!
- Mom

Happy Birthday to our One-Half Norwegian Bachelor Farmer Friend!
- Tom & Donna

we have 28 ferrets. They're fed, watered, pampered & burped. Their cages're daily mucked out & fit fer fuzzies. We are TOO a ferret shelter. (nnNYAHH! :)
- Susie Lee

My darling, as we approach our 2nd anniversary, I find that I love you more every day.
- Mandy

Dear Chris, We're anticipating your performance...break a leg!
- Mom and Dad

Thomas (TJ) Carlson,
TJ - Congratulations! We'll be coming from Virginia to Poughkeepsie to celebrate your June 7th HS graduation and acceptance to RPI to study engineering. Hope you continue to hone your piano and clarinet talents.
- Olaf & Barbara Storaasli

all listeners of APHC. ,
Hello from the McHatties in DAYLESFORD, AUSTRALIA.(The best little town to visit.)Come and see us all here.We have very few Norwegians but we are friendly.
- dave mchattie

sunday morning with lotto, and the prairie home companion, it isnt just the vodka anymore
- mouse

Hurry home, Darlin'...I can't wait to get you in a tent!
- Harp Lass

To Casey Ray,
I have sailed a boat to the UK and have been staying afloat ever since. I miss you and hope to see you this summer.
- Sarina b.

Kathy Morales,
Mom, hi, don't take back that dress yet! We're still getting married -- honest! Beaming love to you from Seattle, Alex and Tina
- Alex Valdes

congrats on getting your Masters Degree. your the best and the brightest, love you, bob
- bob

Congratulations on your graduation from St. Olaf on 5/26. I hope it has been 4 good years!
- Jim

Happy 48th Birthday, we love you.
- Hilary

Thea and the CFS middleschoolers,
Hope your trip to Costa Rica is sunny, safe, and a dream come true....
- Mom

Please say it ain't so! Now I'm gonna HAVE to re-register as a Democrat just to cancel you out.
- Nancy

Hey baby 14 more days and I will be your proud wife...I love you
Why is the clock moving so slow....???
- Isabel

We’re fifteen hundred miles and a dozen heartbreaks apart, but I still love you and I still believe a miracle will happen.
- Marty

Julie and Mark,
We love you, and know that Sebastian and Polo are drunk on catnip somewhere fun!
Love, Jamie and Stephanie
- Jamie

Bill and Sandy,
Hello from Janet and Gregg
- Gregg

No one ever forgets their first kiss.
- Richie

Pumpkin, after three long months in Maine, I'm so glad you're flying back to California for our six-month anniversary.
- Flint

Come on over for rhubarb pie, won't you? The early rhubarb is ready.
It's been a long winter.
- Diane

Susie Lee,
Fiddly ferrets fitted finely for fuzzies' fixings've flummoxed me! So we're a ferret shelter. You win! Prize:next three turns batheing all critters.
- Wesley

Spider Lake Lodge,
Happy birthday Jared, I hope you and the family are well, and thank you to the Spehar family for your generosity and hospitality!
- Jordan

Mary and Roger Hechtler,
Enjoy the show. Wish I was there. Enjoy your anniversary.
- Danielle Carr

Greetings Posted May 16, 2003

Jason & Justin,
Congratulations to our graduates: Jason from the U of MN and Justin from Duluth East. Save room for dinner after the show!! Love
- Mom & Dad

Wes Callison,
Thank you for the Vermont skiing vacation of a lifetime. So much fun, I've never laughed so much. My toe is fine, after the surgery. How's your heel?
- Carol Hillis

Dannie Carr,
Hi Dannie, Greetings from St. Paul and your Ladybug friend. Wish you were here. Mary Mary.
- Mary Hetchler

Pat and Dick, Fife Lake Michigan,
Hope the rain stops soon in northen Michigan. Would you please check our cottage for leaks, son Steven hopes to use it Memorial Day Weekend
- Elaine and Jody, Bonita Springs, FL

if we are going away for our 25th anniversary, i need to know this week, otherwise i'll send you a post card from Hatteras and eat a cheeseburger in paradise without you.

5-18 means wedded bliss, now pour the wine and share a kiss!
- Pookie

Walker Peterson,
Happy birthday to my little brother, who's like no other.
- Shyla

Marina Davis,
You Finally Made it. 2 years of tiring work and you finally got a degree in elementary education.
- Will Davis

It's been a year and I'm so glad you made my head turn. I haven't looked back since!
- Jon

Lucy Watson,
Congradulations on your new home. If only it were closer I would come and visit you.
- Jeffrey Johnson

Harvey in New Canaan, Connecticut,
Happy 76th Birthday to our Dad and favorite curmudgeon. Keep up the good work. We'll see you in two weeks to celebrate that 50th anniversary!
- Lauren and Len

Drs. Steve and Peggy,
Hope you are having fun on your night out and enjoy your journey to ST. Paul. Don't get lost and don't worry about the kids.Love, grandma and grandpa in Edina.
- Andrew and Julia

Cody Furer and Sammy Grandma,
Happy Birthday to Cody Furer who will be 13 on May 25 and in memory of Cody's Sammy Grandma who would have been 76 same day. *FYI: Cody, Stacy and David will be at the Atlanta show on May 24th for Cody's 13th Birthday. We listen to the show every week and are very excited about seeing it live.
- Stacy and David Furer *aka Mom and Dad

Greetings Posted May 15, 2003

Tommy Fitz,
Wishing "da hubband" and a wonderful dad a happy birthday! Fifty-five and still alive! Wahoo!
- Judy, John, and Caitlin

Bill & Terri in Sacramento,
They say that good friends are the siblings that God forgot to give us. Keep the California wine coming and things will stay that way!
- Jack & Wanda from Freeport, IL

Thanks for this wonderful trip to St.Paul on our 20th anniversary. See you when I get home!
- Sarah

Dennis Retzlaff,
To brother Dennis in North Carolina - in 1983 you introduced us to Prairie Home Companion. It took awhile, but 20 years later we're back for the show.
- Jan Potasnak

David in Oregon,
So glad you're rid of the big purple cast and are into a walking one. and that the sinus operation is a success!
- Mom in Maine

Dale Selner,
Happy 44th Birthday Dad! From your lovely wife Cindy & your three lovely daughters all born in Minnesota.The best is yet to come.
- Tracy Selner

Bill O'Hara,
Thanks for reminding me about the PHC web site. Hope our friend Joe will do a PHC skit at the reunion in July.
- Bob Graf

Happy Birthday , to the kindest .sweetest man i've ever know . May love & happiness always be yours
Love Tess
- Tess

Greetings Posted May 14, 2003

Mom and Dad,
Happy anniversary! Forty years, now that's a lot of kransekage! Where would we be without you.
With love -
- Your three Danish delights

Congratulations! I told you that you would remarry before I ever got married! Best of luck!
- Ann

Mom & Dad,
Thanks for sending me to Florida after Gatsby (the dog) died. It cheered me up...and there is little to no damage to the condo.
- Your loving daughter Ann

Roger & Mary Hetchler,
Congratulations on the 38th anniversary of your first date! You finally made it to a LIVE BROADCAST! (May 15th) From all 7 Children and all 10+ Grandnaughties!
- Robin Hetchler

Richard Hirth,
In honor of our first wedding anniversary, I love you unconditionally and hope I have many more years to watch you dance with that special "wiggle butt."
- Robin Hirth

Martin Marty,
Elling ended his gig with "Sermonette," how appropriate was that?! I T'was clapping along with you. Can't remember a better spent evening in my life. Hope to hear him on Keillor's show sometime.
- Grumpy

Sarah ,
hi boo. it has been 2 years since you moved to japan. are you coming home soon? lots of love. dad
- Carl

Ann Woolman,
Kudos Sister Ann: landing her new Lands' End public relations director job. Lands' End isn't really lands end...not THAT far from Indianapolis. Brother Hersch.
- Herschel Woolman

All of our friends and family,
One year ago we said our vows, and now we're back at Whitestone for a much-anticipated first anniversary. We'll also walk around and reminisce... if we leave the room.
- Marc & Alison

Greetings Posted May 13, 2003


Stephen Matthaey,
Stephen, my love,
You thunder over rocks and roots,
And wield a rubber chicken with such finesse...
I love you madly!
Happy Birthday, dear.
- Helaine Jeanette

To Wes from Susan in Cuba. Wish you were here with me enjoying rum under the palm trees, or that I was listening to the radio with you.
- Susan

Vance P. Gibson,
Dad I want you to know i love you a lot. Hows your face.
- Allison

My Saturday evenings are not the same without YOU, pizza, and PHC. Please don't give up on me. I miss you, Daisy Mae
- Diana

Phillip and Pamela Mitchell,
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to ya'll from your kids. Love you much!
- Rebecca Mitchell

Donna Mae Drury,
Donna Mae,
We were happy white trailer trash and loved our home. Now our log castle is finished and we are just as happy.
- Tom Drury

Greetings Posted May 12, 2003

Mum & Dad,
Lots of love to my parents, Louis & Judy O'Carroll, Dublin, Ireland, who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.
- James O'Carroll

George & Betty Jo - Therapy Island,
I know U R listening.Ice is out. Looking forward to seeing you and Sat. evenings for PHC and cocktails on Rainy Lake
- The "Sears"- Belle Isle

Carol Ray,
Hey Carol,
They say that if you laugh at least once per day, it will increase life expectancy. At this rate, I'll die at 200.
- Eli Irvin

Leo Kesel,
Hello from Giovany from lovely Montreal.I am OK,still looking for a job and keep my head above water.
- Cliff Harris

Bob Darby and Stephanie Pryor,
Congratulations on your Master's in archaeology (5/18/03) your acceptance at Pompei,Italy, and your future PHD work. Son, I always knew that you were above average.
- Ann Darby

Happy Retirement! Ahh...life without teen-agers!
- robert

Three teenagers, 500 bouts of flu, and 350 colds: I wouldn't trade the past 20 years with you for anything. I love you too. Kimbra
- Kimbra

Greetings Posted May 11, 2003

I love you even when you come home in the middle of the PHC monologue so I have to tape it to hear it all.
- Mer

To my husband, Sandy, in Cooper City, Florida. I know you're listening. All my love on our 25th wedding anniversary. Here's to another 25. "Roll over".
- Judy

Happy 50th Birthday! I hope you made another 50 so we can spend more time together!
I love you!
- Craig

Thinking of you, as I do all my life;
Thanking you, for giving me life.
A Mother hears her children cry and laugh and shares their joys and pains forever.
Blessed Be,Sacred Mother j*n
- j'n

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