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Greetings for the Week Ending
May 18, 2002

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  Greetings for Week Ending May 18, 2002
Greetings Posted May 18, 2002

MaryAnn Casey,
Hope your recovery is complete and that you're enjoying the time off.
- Shirley Perry

Happy number four anniversary to my sweet honey.
- Mary

Happy 25th Birthday!
- Jeffrey

Edith Talbott,
Edith, words alone can not express how proud I am of You. To be able to keep a 4.0 grade average in college and complete your E.M.T. training and still put up me is nothing short of amazing. Love, Your Husband, John
- John Talbott

Rebekah, Ann, and Sarah,
To Rebekah, Sarah, Ann, and whoever is using my - I mean, the 4th ticket - I guess when I asked you to get tickets for the show before Mother's day, I should have specified which year. Hope you are enjoying the show. Love you anyway, Suzy
- Suzy

Love you and miss your cooking. Come home from the garden soon.
Your hubby,
- Russell

Bruce & Carolyn,
To Bruce and Carolyn, on the road to St Augustine Florida -- If you find the Fountain of Youth, don't forget to fill a thermos!
- Charles Knutson

Being grounded in the 02's sure is different than being grounded in the 60's. Have fun at the dance and remember your mowing the lawn for free this week.
- Love, Mom

I wish I didn't have to be sick to see you. Thanks for getting me through the roughest time of my life.
- Ben

Walter Gies,
Congratulations to the the most unique and creative nephew, Walter as he confirms his faith this Sunday in Duluth from your silly relatives in Two Harbors!
- Jana Olson

Aunt Marty,
Thought you would like this!!!
- Jack

Bill Pogue,
Thought you would be interested!!
- Jack

I prefer listening to the archives of Prarie Home Companion over TV any day. Check it out.
- Pete

Helaine Miller,
Happy 64th from the computer in the utility room. I saw this and couldn't resist.
- Tony Miller

the Robynator,
Happy 21st and the end of finals. Just one more year till real life begins.
- the MOM and Curt

Karen Sue,
Hello my love! The master of fate smiled at me when I met you! I love you so much!
- Jack

Bryan Tucker,
Happy 458 years old! You sure do look great for your age! That is in comparison to human age!
- Carol Tutino

Mary Rose,
Happy 15 th Anniversary, I love you more each year. Thank you for being my friend.
- Mark

Hi ya D: Nothing is better than listening to PHC with you, the candles going and a great cup of tea. Wow, now that's living.
Love ya, Bob
- Bob

Hope you enjoyed Star Wars, and look forward to sharing some Powdermilks afterward!
- Matthew

Lyn in South Carolina,
Help! I'm land Bound and I can't get out!!
- Queenie in Oklahoma City

Robbie Land,
Hey Mom,
I hope that you are enjoying the show. Aloha from Hawai'i.
Love you,
- Douglas Fulk

take care of yourself, regroup, rejoin me when you miss me. (may not be for awhile; sorry to have been so inyourface)
- Maire

The loons are feeding near the dock. That site has got to beat watching barges.
- Mom

Judy in Phoenix,
Glad to hear you're having a good time in the hospital! By the way - that button you keep pushing is morphine.
- Bruce

Clarence and Dolores ( Mom and Dad),
From Florida. After years in the frozen northwoods ( U.P.)we've finally thawed. Enjoy the Show. (18th)
- Jack and Sue

Mom and Dad Rickard in Los Angeles,
Love from your daughter Katy looking forward to the end of her first Minnesota winter. Maybe you'd better come in July instead of June.
- Katy

Greetings Posted May 17, 2002

Brian in Denver,
Has it occurred to you that you might not be so curmudgeonly if you played golf more often? Come back to the Twin Cities and let's tee it up. My handicap is down to 13. Bet you can't beat me.
- The lawn chair queen

To my B-CANS sisters,
Chicago was great and I love you all. Let's kick cancer to the curb! See you in Pittsburgh!
- Jane

The dogs miss you; they haven't been up on the couch since your last visit. Please hurry back and bring your pooch too!
- Jane, Colin, Bailey, and Sunny

Lyle in Chicago,
It sure was great to see you at the Minneapolis Race for the Cure! Have you thawed out yet? You're invited for the next big holiday dinner.
- Jane

My students@ MN Correction Facility STCL,
From your favorite professor, hope you're listening to this to get the secret answers for next Friday's surprise quiz!
- Geno Beniek

Buzzy Peasant,
Hey, it's finally above freezing here! However, I still have a pressing need for your toasty self. Come see me.
- Santo Stephen

Happy belated International Tuba Day. Sorry I was out of town. We'll have an extra big party next year.
- Mom


Flight Surgeon Gwen,
How about McP's on the evening of the 21st?
Forever, Endymion
- Naval Aviator Alan

Happy Birthday from Mom and Dad. May the Good Witch from the North take up residence at your house next year.
- David R. Wood

John Light,
Congratulations to Pastor John Light of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who receives his Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Counseling today, May 25, 2002, his 49th birthday!
- Leslie and Joe

Ben and Katy,
It is truly the greatest gift you could have given me on my Bday--your engagement. Dad and I are Blessed. Mom Love Mom
- Pam Gabrio

From Earth to Arcturus and back, our love is eternal. I abide until the lightyears no longer separate us ... to be continued, lustily!!!
- Doug

Saturday, May 18: Happy 55th Birthday Bob in Grand Rapids, Michigan from Cathy. Tell us now: What really did happen to the "Class of '65"?
- Cathy

Mindy and Rachel,
Girls: It's such a pleasure to spend an Evening With the most generous young Ladies I know and Love. Blessings! Aunt Pam
- Pam Gabrio

Ross Baker and Megan Davies,
Delighted that Megan and Ross are having fun at the show. How come you 9 year olds are in the audience when mom and dad are listening from home? Love, Mom and Dad
- Lee and Bake Baker

From Earth to Arcturus and back, our love is eternal. I abide until the lightyears no longer separate us ... to be continued, lustily!!!
- Doug

I love you and our wonderful new baby Emma Grace! I couldn't be happier!
- Patrick

Greetings Posted May 16, 2002

Gayle Wilson,
Happy 25th wedding anniversary honey! South Dakota's loss was my gain! Nothing can keep us down. I love you! Yimmie
- Jim Wilson

Honey, don't forget: the cast comes off on Monday!
- Todd

My love Barbara,
After 32 years of marriage, the only thing you like better than me is fishing. How lucky can one guy be?
- Ralph

John & Dave Wilson,
Do our son's John & Dave Wilson, serving our country in Okinawa, Japan. We are so very proud of you. Stay safe! Semper Fi! Love, Mom & Dad
- Jim & Gayle Wilson

Prairie Home Companion can still be heard in Richland on KFAE-FM 89.1, Sat at 5pm and Sun at noon. Come what may.
- Hara

Are you still coming to get me, thru Colfax? True, it's a bumpy road. But I want to listen to Prairie Home Companion with you.
- Hara

Jim Engebretson,
Happy Syttende Mai to all fellow Norwegians--by birth or by proxy. Happy Birthday to Cousin Jim Engebretson who was born on this special date and is celebrating the___anniversary of his 21st birthday. Cousin Jeanie Trester
- Jean Trester

Greetings Posted May 15, 2002

Nancy and Rosanne,
When do we eat?
- Don Nickman

Jack and Rada Ford,
To Jack and Rada, who flew all the way out here from San Francisco just to see this show! We'd respectfully suggest that you get out more often.
- Jane Larson

Hang in there, dad, you'll find your way back soon. Central Europe may not be home, but it sure beats Dallas.
- Karl

Esther & Joe Romanoski,
Greetings from Sin City, Las Vegas and Good News! You can remove the ATM from the front of your house! Many Thanks and Much Love.
- Your Daughter, Paula (Romanoski)

Glad your dad is doing well. welcome back. Hows bout an old fashion date...If not, hows bout an old fashion raisin? Give me a sign.
- Bob

Mom and Dad,
Happy 19th Anniversary! Don't forget that fourteen of those nineteen years was with ME!!
- Rachel

The nicest cabbie in all of Chicago...,
From your fare from Midway to the Doubletree. I hope you're enjoying this show as much as I enjoyed my ride! Come to St. Paul and see the show!
- Jane Larson


Rob and Laura Enslin,
Congratulations to Rob and Laura on the birth of Isabelle Lenee
- Your Atlanta Mom and Dad

Ken "Pool Boy" Dawe,
Glad that you're enjoying your vacation away from Newfoundland. We've got to get you off of that rock more often!
- Linda Mack

Friends and Family in Eau Claire,
Hello to all of our friends and family in the Wisconsin. We love Florida but can't seem to find any lefsa, Leinenkugels, or beer-battered cheese curds.
- Jeff and Rachal Miller

Hi Buzzy! Good luck on your finals, and congratulations on finishing your first year of medical school!
love, your favorite sister
- Anne

Laura Honey!!,
Well Laura I hope the "Hot Dish " season is over soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
- sharon

Carrie Lou Crall,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know it's soon. It's been too long since we've swapped sea stories. I hope you are happy, healthy and well loved.
- Stephen

hello from Idaho in the tractor where i sit crops are planted i can rest now
- dustin

Greetings Posted May 14, 2002

Wilmer's pal Leon,
Happy birthday to Wilmer's pal Leon from his "Wharfophile" cousins back home in Corpus Christi! Hope this birthday gift was the best surprise ever!
- Bon-Bon

The Fair Shirley,
When I first met you and told you I thought you looked like my third wife, you were puzzled. How's it feel, now, to be my third wife?
- E.S. "Rip" Van Winkle

- Slaava Turno

Jeff Perkins,
Hello from your sister in Conway, S.C. This is one way I can get your name on the air. Enjoy the show and I love you dearly. Know you are listening,as you always do.I enjoy the phone calls to let me know Home Companion is on the radio. Love Bunches...Julia
- Julia Taylor

Mom and Dad,
Happy 19th Anniversary!
- Rachel

Forget the dust bunnies this weekend, let's paint grandma's kitchen. I'll bring the chipotle.
- Matthew

For June 3, 2002
Well we have reached the 30 year mark No fancy trips to Paris or London just tickets to Prairie Home Companion - in Los Angeles and a 100 mile road trip to get there. Here's to more adventures and 30 more years Ti Amo- Marge
- Marge

Joe Mettler,
Happy 58th Birthday, Baby you're the greatest! Those old shows come in handy when you need to talk !
- Love Ya! Jessie

Greetings Posted May 13, 2002

Sonny Cobble,
Dad-Happy 63rd birthday from your favorite doctor and soon-to-be nurse daughters. We love you very much, but please no more dancing on table tops, we are out of singles.
Kimberly and Stephanie
- Kimberly and Stephanie Cobble

Jack Ward,
My good friend Jack Ward, your devoted fan, wants to hear my music on A Prairie Home Companion..can we make his dream come true?
- John Pollard

Jo Serrapare,
I unpacked "My Blue Heaven" yesterday after moving once again --- looking forward to hearing you on PRI this week.
- Steve Miller

Anne and Andy,
We're comming to your wedding in the old 1904 worlds fair pavillion in St. Louis. Anne your supprise honeymoon is in Hawaii. If they run the show early in St. Louis.... Sorry you'ld would of found out in a couple of hours anyway.
- Chris Novak

Brian Smith,
Happy Birthday to the sexiest old fossil I know. Without your clothes,if you squint, you don't look a day over 54. with love,
- Kristina Belle

Phong Nguyen,
Congratulations Phong Nguyen on your graduation from the U.of MN Dental school. You've come along way from the South China Sea.Your in-laws,Rod and Anna P.S. Don't forget Grandma needs new false teeth.
- Rod Lopez

Greetings Posted May 12, 2002

Blake ,
To my Florida spandex friend who understands my Norweigan, Lutheran North Dakota heritage... I enjoy laughing about it with you.
- Sasha

Jo Serrapere & The Willie Dunns,
Congratulations on your second PHC appearance.
We will be tuned in from Michigan.
- Lisa S.

tom larson,
this is a happy 60th birthday wish to our brother tom from all his siblings who look forward to sweating with him at his upcoming party in august...
- richard

Judy Booty,
The cinnamon rolls were good- but they would have been better listening to Prairie Home Companion!
- nattie

The American Publi,
Hi, This show is so liberal. Although Garrison grew up Lutheran he must have be asleep to be so Godless. Thank God most people like him just critize and not actually take a stand.
- Chris

Happy Graduation Bekah!
- Paul

Barbara Cliffe-Miller,
Our family loves you mom!!! You are amazing!!!!
- Paddy

To my beautiful fiancee and future mother of my children, keep smiling. For when you smile, I am truly happy.
- BJ

Garrison K.,
Just a big THANK YOU from the homie in Kalifornia who resides as an artists/bus drivers.A hundred years ago I would have driven stage and painted sage but now I do this computer and throughly enjoy your program (FER YEARS NOW) would have missed it then...
- David Leviticus Swonger

Preston Sivils,
Preston Monroe, Happy 4th birthday. Your mandolin is tuned and ready when you are. Let's play at Taterfest.
- Cotton Sivils

you are the one that i want to someday be the mother of our children. i love you and cant wait to be with you. mmmmmuah
- paul

My Darling Steve,
Thanks for the cuisinart..does this mean I have to cook more often?
- Your loving wife Karen

Delores of Moneta,
Dear Delores,
Not long ago, I sat next to my mother in the beautiful church that I attended all the years of my youth. It was so good to be back there, gazing upon the statue of Saint Mary. I heard those comforting voices that I had become so fond of, echoeing from deep within my heart. I slowly broke down and wept. They always said the most needed words to heal my pain, or fear. Although I cannot be with you, for armed guards will surely take me away, I want to thank you for putting them there. They echo your kind words still today. It hurts that you have turned from me, for you know that I have done no harm. I will continue to see the glass as half-full, and be greatful forever that you filled it that much. I will keep the echoes safe for they are precious, like gold, and when I see fear or pain in someones eyes, I will try my best, to share an echo with them, as carefully as you have done for me.
Happy Mothers Day Delores
- u know who

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