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Greetings for the Week Ending
May 26, 2001

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Greetings for Week Ending May 26, 2001

Greetings Posted May 26, 2001

Sister Sydney,
Aren't you glad you came back from Arizona to St. Paul this week to enjoy the warm and dry Minnesota spring?
- Katy

Darlene Olivo,
Darlene of Abita Springs
sends birthday greetings
on behalf of her friends,
who, if given the choice
between trying to hold a
conversation in standard
English with George Dubya
or suffering the ignominy
of having their names
mentioned on national
radio, would not choose
- Darlene Olivo

Greetings Posted May 25, 2001

Goose and Skinsky,
You are my two favorite little men and my greatest inspiration. I am honored to be a part of your lives.
- Kellster

Patricia Mc Donald,
To my first and only wife, it's been 43 years, and I'm looking forward to 43 more. Love you lots.
- Bill Mc Donald

all Oppermann and Eslick family members,
After 18 years of friendship and love, John and Gwen were married in Las Vegas in a hot air balloon. There was much prayer involved in the crash landing but everyone on board survived.
- John Oppermann and Gwen Eslick Oppermann

Grandpa Gynther,
Happy 94th to the best Fiddler in Fillmore County. We hope to see you soon.
Love Mitch and Jack
- Mitchell Flattum

You are the love of my life.

Happy Birthday, from the love of your life. Your husband...
- Ken

Hello Sweetheart,
Thank you for walking to the top of the Hatteras lighthouse with me...better than the Minnesota penguin walk in the snow!
Yours....love, Gar
- Gar

Happy 7th Birthday! We love you so much.
- Mom & Dad

All the Sonnek's In Minnesotap,
Jan (nee sonnek)from Minnesota Lake & Bill Green (British and proud of it)send warm wishes to all the family in MN. Listening in Birmingham,England via the Internet after finally getting the computer connected to ISDN. We want to see the live show again, next time we are in the Twin Cities.
- Bill Green

Jim Lowery,
Keep waving those arms and singing those songs!
- Claudia

Greetings Posted May 24, 2001

Dad and Aunt Lorraine,
Dear Dad and Aunt Lorraine: I couldn't ask for a better Dad and Aunt! Happy 50th Birthday, wombmates!
Love, Katie (and Mom, Deb, Bev, and Richard, too)
- Katie

Loren and Lorraine,
T for talented! W for World traveling! I for Inspiring! N for Nice beyond belief! And S for Super family and friends! What's it spell? TWINS! Happy 50th Birthday, Loren and Lorraine! Love, Mom, Deb, Katie, Richard, and Bev
- Debra Besch

Jim Miller,
Out sailing the great lakes trying to find himeself! We're proud of you and hope you find gentle breezes at your back and in your sails.....
love Mom and Dad in Brighton
- Chris Miller

Hi Kristin, Don't get the stump grinder this weekend, I'm in St. Paul. Wish you were here. Love Tom.
- Tom Reinke

Joshua and Jackson,
Congratulations, your little brother or sister is going have the best big brothers in the world
- Dad

Ellsworth Evenson,
Happy 65th birthday! We all are happy to be here in the audience to celebrate with you!
- John Walstrom

Bill Anderson,
Bill, Thanks for leaving the vampires behind and joining me this weekend. I love you. And Stir-Fry, hope you're having fun in Alaska!
- Kim Kohler

Greetings Posted May 23, 2001

Dave and Georgie,
Please allow me to continue dating your daughter even though our seats for the May 26th show will probably result in serious nosebleeds.
- Justin

Paula in Fayette, Maine,
We'll be over this weekend to cut down trees. We should probably drink the beer AFTERWARD.
- Peggie

Garrison Keillor,
I enjoyed Leilani Clark
When are you going to heve her back ?
- Harry Bruce

Greetings Posted May 22, 2001

Scott and Bar b Olson of Mission Hill,
Happy 20th Anniversary Scott and Barb on May 30th. Congratulations

- Mom and Jim

Katie in Laramie, Wyoming,
Happy 26th Birthday from Dave, Chris and Jackie.
You can't help gettin' older, but we love you anyway.
- Dave

Chris Chidsey,
Happy Birthday Baby. I think I"ve hit the top with this gift; original paintings by a great artist was good but this has to trump them all. Love you. Karen
- Karen Roorda

Paula & Bill ,
Hope you enjoyed the surprise baby shower today - your New England family loves and misses you, and can't wait to meet your first Bearchell baby.

(Please read on the May 26th show).

- The Sisters, Rob, Gillian, Deb & Ellen

Lionel and Nila Chamberlain,
Mom and Dad, I'm listening to stories of Lake Wobegon via the internet in France--remembering how much Lake Wobegon is like home and how glad I am to have moved on. Of course, the crÍpes don't compare to the buttermilk biscuits. Love, Geoff and Rachel
- Rachel Chamberlain and Geoff Manley

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful sunday dinner. The Cramps have mostly gone and with them that strange groaning sound.About next sunday......
- pete

Thank you for sharing your life, love and laughter with me; I lool forward to much more.
- Alina

Yes, I'll go to Kansas City with you.
- Susan

Darling Allie,
You make every day brighter and happier. Thank you for all of your love and warmth.
- Shawn

John Crandall,
"Love is the balm that heals the world"--- I'm so proud of your growth daddy and I love you with all my heart.
- J'aime

Greetings from Huggleville! I can't wait until we are together again. I love you always, sweetheart:)

- Huggle Bear

Greetings from Huggleville! I can't wait ubtil we are together again. I love you always, sweetheart:)

- Huggle Bear

Greetings Posted May 21, 2001

Scott and Barb Olson,
HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY from Mom and Jim
- June and Jim Clark

Don in Indiana,
Many thanks for the popcorn and pinot noir. You are balm to this weary heart.
- the wild woman

Dear Dad:
I hope you are doing alright. Maybe we could go out for ice cream after the show.
Love you,
- Nick

I love you with all my heart and hope one day I'll be quick enough to actually get us tickets for this show!

- Magdalena

I love you forever and ever.
- Anner

What a wonderful way to enjoy our Saturday evenings together. I hope we have many years of this. I love you.
- Cathy

Greetings Posted May 20, 2001

Randy Crawford,
Hey Rowdy,
still after 17 years,
- Mitzi Crawford

Jodi Hall,
I've never been more proud of you. And I know if you hear this, you haven't forgotten your roots.
- Mom - Tina Musser

I'm still gone far, far away,
There's not much more that I can say.
I'll be home in early July,
Something the Navy won't deny.
I hope you know it's not my faulta
'That I'm still stuck here in Malta.
- Jason

Dave in Albany, New York,
Grow old along with me!
The Best is yet to be!
Happy 25th Anniversary Sweetie!
Love, Janice
- Janice

Don't get too carried away with retirement. Remember to pick me up at the airport Monday afternoon.
Love, Ginny
- Ginny

Don And Donna Roy ,
From your veterinarian Technican daughter in Virgina, miss you in Michigan-and are you brushing my dog's teeth?
- Dena

Belated Birthday Boy, Jacob Emont,
Happy belated Birthday! Sorry you didn't get this sooner, I forgot. You'd never think your birthday announcement would get on the radio, did you?
- Your loving sister, Margo

My grandchildren,
Hello to my grandson's, Cole and Mace...we now have a new dog, named Merroid...so when you come and visit, you can go out and call him from the front porch...here Merroid, here Merriod...from PaPa and Grandma...
- PaPa & Grandma

Cliff and Peggy,
Congratulations to Peggy and Cliff in Gainesville FL who finally got married this morning (June 9)after all these years!
- Nancy Davis

Helan Alexander,
Hey Mom, Hi from Tom, Gina and A.J.
Glad you came to visit...Next time you come your son will have his master's degree

Love , the kids
- Thom Alexander

Phil & Susan Casey,
So sorry I forgot to call on the especially big 30 anniversary! Love and hugs from Italy. I will be home soon.
- Jason Casey
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