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Greetings for the Week Ending
June 8, 2002

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  Greetings for Week Ending June 8, 2002
Greetings Posted June 8, 2002

Lt Col Jon Sutterfield,
Jon in Korea-If you got the tape, I figured out the timer on our stereo. Enjoy the show, I miss you tons! Judy
- Judy Sutterfield

Warren & Jackie Bradbury,
Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary - Cook, Minnesota High Scool Sweetheats - Warren & Jackie - much love, Page
- Page

Garrison Keillor,
I just returned home from the Live Broadcast of Praire Home Companion at Wolf Trap, Va. Thanks for autographing my book after the show, and for the sweet wink and hand shake that I received from you. Thanks, mostly for coming to my area and for a wonderful, wonderful evening.
- EVelyn Ferstl

Wil Kuborn,
Wil, Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary! We've come a long way; I'm so glad you decided against escaping out the window. Love and Kisses, Brenda
- Brenda Kuborn

Over 20 years ago we were swept up in love and the News From Lake Wobegon. I feel the same way every time I hear the show. My love to you wherever you are.
- Gerry

Your island is almost finished! Do you really need the palm tree?
- Michael

Happy 34th anniversary! I wanted to make our anniversary easy for you to remember--6-8-68--and you have so far!
- Paula (Doggett)

Catherine, Christine, and Jennifer ,
While you're at your lab in Seattle, your archive in Munich, and your observatory in Chile, we're celebrating your college years in Minnesota with Prairie Home Companion at Wolftrap. Mom and Dad
- Robert Johnson

hi sexy
- margie

Mom and Dad Johnson, East Gull Lake, MN,
Hello from Steffen and Christine in Arlington, VA. We love you. P.S. Please bring strawberry freezer jam and chokecherry syrup when you come to visit.
- Steffen & Christine Johnson

Bob Hoaglund,
Bobby in New Hampshire-with a name like Hoaglund, you're the one who should be from Minnesota. When are you gonna make an honest woman out of me? Love, Em
- Emily Berends

The Bare's,
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to the Bare's of MI from the Kolb's of SD!
- The Kolb's

Thomas Freckman,
Now that you're 20 we want to remind you that balancing a checkbook is not something a seal does at the circus. If you have any questions, ask your mother!
- Elizabeth & Tim Freckman

Marcia and Al,
Washington DC is plenty fine, but I can't find lefse anywhere. Mom, don't let Dad put the dock in by himself. Love, Tresa
- Tresa Undem

Flight Surgeon Gwen,
Selene, Talk to me. Everything I do is to try to get you to TALK to me.
Forever, Endymion
- Naval Aviator Alan

Peggy & Al Wells, Bill & Colleen Chmelko,
Happy Anniversary to PaPa Al and Nanna, Gramps and Grams from your grandchildren Colin and Caroline. Hope you enjoy your show!
- Colin & Caroline Chmelko

Theresa Hoffman,
Grandma, Happy 98th birthday and good luck on running the marathon.
Your grandchildren
- Ken Haymes

Hey Fred!,
We knew you were lost when when you wanted to know what kind of bait to use and how big of a hook when we said we were going out for sushie last night.
Aboard the Lucky Sue
Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
- Hatman

Henry and Lois Kuehl,
Henry and Lois,
Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary. You will have settle for Antonio Bocelli concert since PHC is on the road. Maybe Antonio will sing a ketchup council spot.
- Tom Kuehl

prairie home,
love your show. trying to make air connections to st.paul, from va.but having problems.we missed you in vienna.
- carolyn andrews

Congratulations on the lease! Get your stuff packed up - we're moving you on July 4th! Don't forget to throw away the bag full of coffee can scoops.
Son Bill and daughter Rose
- Bill and Rose

Thank your mom for her help, and stop fighting with Carly. Life will be better. See you in Boston.
- Julia


Bob & Gert,
China sends their best & they will soon be fed up with these 2 Americans teachers. See you in July.
- Grafs

Kiefer - thanks for the great fishing on Oriskany Creek. I especially liked the part when you dumped your worm box into your waders. Your sure looked funny trying to get them out! Love, Sharon
- Sharon

Anders ,
Happy 13th birthday! Don't try an end of the year prank, you're only graduating from sixth grade.
- Robbie

hope life is full of surprizes and riches untold. Moapa Valley is just that way.
- Jack

Betsey Abrams,
Hi Mom, Washington's great, Interning's going well, and I hope you and Becky are well.
- Matt Abrams

I miss you so......
- Tom

Almost 34 years, seems like forever, or no time at all
- Mikie

Kristel VanBuskirk,
I Love you very much & all will be OK

- Mark Siegel

You were great on A Prairie Home Companion. I hope to meet you again someday.
- Ian (You're biggest Canadian fan)

Happy birthday Dad, see you tommorow. Hope your next 86 are a little easier. Love,
Mark Tracey and the kids
- Mark

anne and david choate,
dear anne and david, thanks for the wonderful tour of d.c....the museums and embassy row are almost as much fun to tour as our kareoke bowling alley in grand junction. love you both-
- katie choate

Garrison and company,
We can't wait to see you next Saturday. Thank you for returning to Kansas City ... we hope you find your visit to be well above average.
- Michael

Happy, Happy Birthday and congratulations on your 40th anniversary to my Mother and Courtney's Nana
- Bruce

I know you've been pregnant and nursing for the last five years. But how 'bout one more?
- Stephen

Thank you for taking me to see Prairie Home Companion in KC. Just think how much we'll save by not driving to Minnesota! Love, Cheryl
- Cheryl

Allan Williams,
Allan: always be my honey-do!
- Nancy

Garrison Keillor,
Garrison, I love your show so much, even though I've only listened to the past 3 shows. Keep up the good scripts.
Thanks so much.
- Marc

Joyce Light Davis,
After 35 yrs you're finally mine. The wait was worth while. I love you. always did!
- Joe Davis

Our Friends in Richmond,
- Jim Babb

Happy fathers day from your family in the bread-basket of Maryland. Hope you love the show.
- Kevin, Karen, and Laurel

Louise Kosko,
Greetings from the Bloomfield Avenue gang, in your home town of Bloomfield, NJ. Watcha doin' in Wolf Trap? Get up here and mangia, mangia. Luvya.
- Tony, Vito, Rocco, Angelo, Benny

Chris and Susie,
You're not losing a daughter. You're gaining a chance to have a big blow-out party.
- Ellen

I finally got it! The only way to get you back to the East Coast is a combination of tickets to A Prairie Home Companion and my birthday! Thanks for 34 years of love!
- your mid kid

Benjy & "Tex" in Ithaca,
The Pres has retreated to Camp David, and the disappointment here is palpable as the hoped-for showdown between him and Tim Russell to determine who is the greater imposter apparently will not happen. Wish you could be here with us. Love,
- Mom and Dad in D.C.

Greetings Posted June 7, 2002

Heidi and Bridgie,
I hope you and the other Brownies are having the sleep-over to beat all sleep-overs. I'm having a terrific time here at Wolf Trap with the other abandoned husbands!
- Alan

The Minnesota girl thanks the Kazakhstan boy for introducing the Texan to Midwestern culture. Hang in there—you’re brilliant and kind, and your job will come.
- Corine

Today you are my fiancé, soon you will be my bride and then my wife but you will always be my love
- Bryan

Elsie Stetzer,
Happy 89th Birthday to Elsie Stetzer in Eau Claire. Still playing poker after all these years!
- Peg, Jo, Ken and Marilyn

just saying hello where ever we are!
- max

Beth & Andrew Diefenthaler,
Enjoy your evening at Wolftrap seeing the PHC folks in person; what a swell wedding present from your family! I'll be listening out here in Austin--The People's Republic of Texas and remembering fondly buttoning up the many, teenie-tiny buttons on your (now tattered...)wedding gown with champagne glass firmly in hand on the morning of your wedding day. How oddly remiscent that was of Mammy and Scarlett in the bedroom on the way to the Bar-B-Que at Twelve Oaks!!
- Elizabeth Yevich

Dale and Carolyn Swiss,
Congratulations on your big anniversary! Love, Your 5 wonderful children.
- Nate Swiss

Bob and Judy Johnson,
Hi Mom and Dad,
Just in case you are late AGAIN to Wolf Trap, I thought one member of the family at least should submit a greeting. Clear skies in Chile so far!
- Jennifer Johnson

Corey and Kelly in Athens GA,
May your having each other make more of you both. Here's to a long and happy marriage.
- Mom and Rod

Marlene & Bill Burroughs,
Happy 60th birthdays Mom and Dad.....from Brady and Erik.
- Brady Burroughs

Gary Bartz,
Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary if we make it to July !
Love and hope, Judy
- Judy Bartz

Cathy Wilson (audience member),
Congratulations to the most fun second grade teacher in Virginia, on your new position as school librarian...your promotion has been long overdue:)
- Patrick

Doris & Paul Baluch,
Although you are far away, you are always near to my heart. Thank you for making me part of your family.
- Maria Tralongo

Anna in Charlotte NC,
Sorry the wedding cakes that mom was baking turned out to be "pancakes". Call the bakery. See you Friday
Mom and dad
- Peter Miller

Your Church of the Reformation buddies wish you luck on your new job in LA! Although we wonder why you'd go there... no Norwegian Lutherans!
- Martha

John "Lester" Striano,
I know you're not listening, but thought it'd be nice to hear Mr. Keillor say "Lester"
- Pearse McDade

Ingrid and Britt-Marie,
What a wild time we had in Walla Walla! I can't wait to see you in Chicago.
- Linnea

A Sunday morning starts with the drip of coffee, a paper unfolded, and just recently the wail of my daughter. Is there a reason I had to buy her a ticket to your Wolf Trap Show?
An over worked street cop
- John Keating

Nancy Long,
Nancy: Come July, you will no longer be mayor of the Town of Port Royal, Virginia. Free at last. However, you will always be my lovely bride. Love, Alex
- Alex Long

Brian Mattson,
Brian, Happy Anniversary to us! You've still got what it takes to make me TINGLE inside after 34 years!!
I love you
- Suzanne

Greetings Posted June 6, 2002

Stunning Red in LA,
Flowers could blush when near your face. Flowers could bloom under your gaze. Flowers could fill your living space. Flowers for you one of these days. Just send an e-mail would you please?
- Wheelchair Will

Hi,Just sending a card from Prairie Home Companion.

Happy 5th anniversary to my Bear. Each year gets sweeter, doesn't it? Man, we are lucky.
Love you, Sue
- Susan

Mom and Dad,
Hunting morels, Friday fish fries, cheese curds, sleeping nine per room in the Dells, now the show. Thanks for helping me show Jim my childhood.
- Meg

Ron Lunde,
Much love to my dad,
Though you married a non-Lutheran, non-Norwegian, you knew that you must have raised me right when you found a Garrison Keillor CD on my shelf.
- Rachel Lunde

We're sorry you missed seeing the Belmont Stakes in order to be here on time tonight. A complementary Prairie Home Companion Triple Crown awaits you.
- Maureen

Happy Anniversary Darling, After 27 Years it just gets better. Must be the Prozac.
Love from Nick.
(listening to PHC in Melbourne, Australia)
- Nick

Don't pay the ransom, I escaped. Be home soon.
- Lance Link

Steve Spangler,
Happy Birthday Steve! Enjoy the big six-0. Baldness is now officially in style!
With Lots of love,
Barb,Libby,Chris and Bailey
- Libby

Happy Adoption Day my little friend. you have made my life complete.
- Mom

Kiersten and Boe,
I made it to the live broadcasthere in Vienna, Virginia...now they'll have to change the name to Moose Trap Farm.
- Uncle Moose

Mary Fran,
Come and sit by my side if you love me, Do not hasten to bid be adieu, But remember the Shennandoah Valley, And the one who has loved you so true.
- Your Sweet Boy Eddie

Joe & Blossom Coppola,
Joe & Blossom, Happy 53 wonderful years together and don't forget on tuesday leave your cat before you both hop on the plane.
Love your daughter-n-law,
Ursula, Gary, & Kids Yes, Sasha finally made it home from going awol now it's time for the Navy issue
- Ursula

Doug & Ann,
HELP! Our folks are running amuck in Rome with the inheritance! All that's left is 2 tickets to the show @ Starlight! Enjoy Wolf Trap!
- Diane

Jack Buckley,
To Jack Buckley in Michigan: Greetings, once removed, from your proud daughter, Rhonda, in Washington, DC
- Heather Perram

Bill and Debbie,
I'm on my way back to Chicago for a visit. I should be around Omaha when Garrison reads this. If he doesn't read it, I'll still be in Kansas.
- Dick

Greetings Posted June 5, 2002

Father Gary Heinecke,
Happy 55th Birthday! Hope you use the $$ to buy some new "Jesus" shoes. He wouldn't mind!
- Kathy and Marge

Bob and Carter,
Thank you for the wonderful time! I enjoyed the tasty tidbits of food and the tidbits of Garrison's school days back in 1956. Allen's clarinet solo added something special, too.
- Elsie

Mom, thank you so much for this wonderful graduation present. I couldn't have received anything better than time spent just with you.
- Nick

Doug and Mary Johnson,
Congratulations on your upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. Doug, of Norwegian heritage, grew up in Cranfills Gap, Texas and served as a Sergeant in an artillery company during the Korean War. Mary grew up in the Lubbock Texas area where the couple now resides. They have two children - Bobby and Janet - and four grandsons.
- Janet McCalla

Who knew Houston and DC were so far apart? I can't wait until next week to see you.
- Maren

Sunset, in our corn field, 448 days from now, I get to be your wife. I can't think of anything better. Love you, (We'll be in the audience at Wolf Trap 6/8)
- Laura

Who would have thought 20 years ago in Minnesota that we would end up in Virginia. Makes sense -Virginia is for lovers!
Happy Anniversary, Gary.
- Nancy

Dearest Amy, You can't do that!
Love Evan
- Evan

John Dobbins,
Hello John, digging and measuring in ancient Pompeii. We all miss you here--Beacon whistles the BrandenBIRD concerto #3 every day in your honor.
- Kathy Dobbins

Sharon (seat 3, row C Starlight Theater,
Happy Birthday, my love. I'll try to have you making that "horsey face" for years to come.
- Your husband, Tim

Shelly & Jason Howe,
In the audience at Wolf Trap, or Jacksonville Illinois for your wedding? Your wedding won out as we share this special day in your lives.
- Momma Sue & Daddy

Kevin Engle,
To heck with low key birthdays -- we needed to celebrate so here we are at A Prairie Home Companion at Wolf Trap. Happy 39th!
- Judy Engle

Chad and Laurie,
Belated Happy Anniversary again to my son and daughter-in-law! I wish you would have gotten married a day earlier so I could get this right.
Love and Hugs!
- Mom

I'm so glad you came into my life. We're meant for each other. Right down to fishin' worms in our refigerators. I love you.
- Keith

One amazing day in Idaho, a boy from Minnesota finds a girl from Florida and they have Prairie Home Companion in common. And it may just be enough.
- Hara

Greetings Posted June 4, 2002

Billy, Happy Anniversary to the man I knew I'd marry from the moment I met him in Creative Writing Class...This year's gift is special...we ARE NOT expecting baby #6. (Five girls are enough for anyone!)
All my love,
- Deborah

my brother George,
Howdy Brother, Just wanted to remind you that when all your agreements are oral all your problems will be anal.
- Rich

Congratulations on your retirement after 30 years of music teaching. Now off to the oceans to sail to your hearts' content. Anytime you want to take the kids, just let us know!
- Trish and Ben

Cindy ,
To Cindy in the audience from Janet stuck in a hotel somewhere: I know you're enjoying the show, but wouldn't you be more comfortable sitting down?
- Janet

Patrick McCullough,
Congratulations on your Master's Degree, Dad! At age 51, you've still got plenty of years to pay off those loans!
- Leaf Nicholas

Mom and Dad in Poland, Maine, we are still trying to GET THE VOTE for the residents of D.C. If Congress doesn't help us out soon, we'll be up in August to throw ourselves in the lake. Love, Amy and your granddaughter Cynthia
- Amy Slemmer

Thank you for giving me a soon-to-be born son and 3 wonderful years of marriage. love chris
- Chris

Sorry I missed our anniversary, but it doesn't count anyway until we are together.
- Robyn

Paul Knitter,
Congratulations to Paul in retiring from Xavier University after 27 wonderful years
- Moira Bigane

Karen ,
My dearest tulip ya-ya, So sorry you missed the LA/Minnesota story from last week. Perhaps it would have given you some insight into what it was like for all of us when you came to visit. Enjoy the show!
- Kimber

Happy ninth anniversary - I'll try for ten if you will.
- Dean

Niab (pronounced NEEVE),
Happy 7th Birthday on the 7th to Niab, who is launching her 8th above average year at Wolftrap on the 8th.
- Mama (a/k/a Lola Montgomery)

My wife Kitty,
Its not that i don't like hearning Harry Potter tapes all week long, I just think you should take a Garrison Keillor break once and awhile.
- Bill

Thank you for giving me a soon-to-be born son and 3 wonderful years of marriage. love chris
- Chris

Sorry I missed our anniversary, but it doesn't count anyway until we are together.
- Robyn

Hi mom, It is only monday and I am tired. You know, working is not all it's cracked up to be.
- your son Adam

Happy Birthday to my Belmont Stakes Girl! Can't believe you're 28...the horse lost but you are always a winner...love, Mom
- grace thorne

mom,dad,brian,jo,everett,mel,dan and jac,
A happy 39th wedding anniversary to Mom and Dad and a hardy howdy to Brian, Jo and Everett in the east, and to Mel, Dan and Jack in the west, from Kevin and Lizzie down under: If we had invited you to our wedding this morning, it wouldn’t have been much of an elopement now would it?
PS we already have a toaster but are a tad short on cars and houses.
- Kevin Thompson

Greetings Posted June 3, 2002

Grandpas Everywhere...,
Nowthat I have grandchildren of my own, you can tell me...Did your lap really feel no pain and where did those ponies in the pictures we drew go when they died? I love you, Grandpa, wherever your soul rides...
- Charles O.

Elizabeth Jones in Vermont,
Heard a mother's day greeting to you from Catherine. When did you leave Philly? Call me in Portland.
- Susanna Adams


Without your love, I'm incomplete. Without your love, I'm all machine. Without your love, I'm barely on my feet. I am nothing wothout your love.
- Dan

Zach Pesavento,
Son, You have been a great companion and teacher. Have a great summer!
- Dad

Nadine Nichols of Oakhurst California,
- My bifocals work
- my hearing aid's fine
- my dentures still fit
- but I do miss my mind
Happy birthday, Granny. Here's hoping your 81st birthday is a memorable one -- really.
Love, your grandson, Andrew
- Andrew Nichols

It's only Monday, and I miss you terribly already! It's going to be a long week...hurry back soon...
- A

Barbara Anne,
My love, for 45 years your beauty, charm, intelligence, dignity, integrity,grace, passion, compassion fill all my senses. I am so glad I quit running when you chased me. Love ya doll!
- Harland

Happy Birthday to the youngest old man we know. Now that you like expensive wine will you still drink beer with us?
- Mark, Leah and Mr. Edwards

Mere and Pere Dowsley,
Sending lots of love from the West Side of the mountains. I always think of you when I hear the news from Lake Wobegon.
- Rachel

Isabelle Lenee,
Happy Three-Week Birthday!!! You are the best anniversary present a parent could have.
- Rob and Laura (a.k.a. Mom and Dad)

Twenty years since I showed up late for our blind date and found you sitting on the washing machine sipping a margarita - I'm still smitten! Love,
- Bill

Roses are red. Violets are blue. There's no place I'd rather be than in the company of you. Thanks for two beautiful years together.
- Tony

Greetings Posted June 2, 2002

I miss you sweetheart and am patiently awaiting your return. In the mean time your cars are still running.
- Mona

Happy anniversary to John from the person who scratches your back--literally. Your loving wife of seven years, Jennifer
- Jennifer

Judy Bartz,
Would like to thank Judy for taking me to see your enjoyable show at the Greek Theater for my birthday. She's a great friend. Georgia
- Georgia Ayers

Bridget Palmer and Jerad Cassailia,
Welcome home from Spain and congratulations on your engagement!! Jerad, best wishes in law school. We love you.
- Mom and Dad

The guys we left behind,
From the participants in Girls’ Weekend, Frances, Gloria, Marilyn, Debbi, Michelle, Melina and Nicole: To all the guys we left behind so we could sit on the ground for 2 hours, listening to a neighbor (we have Iowa roots) make fun of Norwegians, Lutherans and Midwesterners – yes, we’re having a ball, but we miss you all so (pause for effect) little! See you soon.
- Marilyn Laigos

I just e-mailed to say I love you. I hope San Antonio is good. I miss you. I hope you found the bear. Love,
- Jessie

Dick & Audrey,
Happy belated 39th anniversary from your five sons across the Eastern Seaboard...hopefully last week's tornado finally cleaned those bedrooms you've been nagging us about all these years!
- Frank, Rich, Howard, Chuck, & Bill

Good luck with your chemo, we hope you keep dancing
- kathy, rikand the kids

Ken & Sheila Austin,
Welcome home from Scotland, and pilgrimage to Europe. Have a little Rhubarb pie and get back to normal. "We are part of all that we have met."= Alfred Tennyson. Missing your "News from Lake Wobegon's sister town. Start a wave to get Garrison K. to visit!!
Dan R
- Dan Rockett

I can't believe you tried to sell the broken VCR for $20 at Shannon's Garage sale.
- Matthew

Are you enjoying the show? I'm still in the car waiting for that needle and thread!
- Hannah

eve hamilton,
hi sis wanted to appoligize for the mess in the beach house laundry room little phillipanly wanted to dry crabs and shell fish to bring home from vacation. i will replace the clothes dryer this week.we thought the neighbors were cooking till 3 days went bye and phil rembered where the crabs , and clams were by the oder that was eminating from down stairs
- your brother randl

Christine & Chris,
I hope you have a good time at Wolf Trap, and I hope Zoe's eye gets better. Love Dad
- Dad McCann

The Sowa Family,
Bon voyage as you leave on your trip to Ireland Friday. Don't let little Ellen flirt too much with those handsome Irish boys!
- Aunt Ellen and Uncle Harold

Kate says thanks for the movies. Don't work too hard in the garden. My tomato plants have blooms!! We love you. April, Larry, Girls
- April McBride

my true love,
in all the world, nothing could compete for my attention quite like you can, or for that matter hit like you either.
- vincent

nahid hadjian,
Have many more beautiful, healthy &happy birthdays Nahidjan!!!
Much love,
- gwen goeters

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