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Greetings for the Week Ending
June 22, 2002

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  Greetings for Week Ending June 22, 2002
Greetings Posted June 22, 2002

Thanks for all your love and support. Looking forward to many more PHC shows.
- Tom

Garrison Keillor,
Can I work for your show? I've listened for 20 years now and am ready to do my part.
Love, Kabin Thomas
- Kabin Thomas

I got the summer job! Let's go celebrate! I feel like dancing. Meet me in the parking lot.
this exile from Lake Wobegone,
- Diane Amison

Ken and Sheila,
All those comtemplating marriage, please meet me after the show by the old Winnebago with the yellow umbrella.
Justin Thyme, Attorney at law.
- Dan Rockett

Granny in Somerset,
To Granny in Somerset, we hope your arms are feeling better. We know you would have flown in to be with us if they did.
- Carrie and Laurie

The APHC Crew of Lake Wobbegon,
Since, I don't have a TV set in my room, I am quite satisfied listening to your show in Las Vegas. You are an absolute "gem" on planet earth!
- Maritess Taylor

Happy 5th Anniversary! 5 down, eternity to go...
- Brian

Jim, Chris, Chris and Martha,
We're listening to tonite's show under the big, beautiful sky in Montana and waiting to hear that unique family laugh. See you in Wisconsin!
- Sara-Jane and Chuck

To my wife Shelley of 2 weeks, I love you very, very much. Hope you're enjoying the show.
- Chris

Jack Early,
Welcome to the world Jack! Congratulations on being born. We love you very much and can't wait to see you home from the hospital soon.
- Erik & Theresa Landrum

Mark & Marge,
Wishing you a Happy 28th Year Wedding Anniversary, as you celebrate at the home renewable energy conference. Hope the photovoltaics session really turns you on!
- Chris & Beth

Newsweek says the cadaver is dead, but we know you'll keep yours alive and well. Knock 'em stiff in med school!
- Dad & Mom

Happy birthday to the best Louisiana Dad I ever had from your Hawaiian son
- David

Hope the trip to London with the school kids didn't drive you batty! I'll be by in a couple weeks to pick up your cell phone. Thanks for letting me borrow it!
- Lisa

Marilyn and Ralph,
Congratulations on 50 years of marriage. You always said you'd never consider divorce. Murder, maybe. Thanks for doing neither.
- Kristy and Geoff

Steve Mattson,
Happy 51st Birthday to my brother, the best mechanic in New Hampshire! P.S.: This is all the present you're getting.
- Donna

Anita Read,
Ever since you (Gary)have braodcast "The Prairie Home Companion", I've always wondered "Are the sheep ever nervous in Lake Woebegone? Just love your show! Even my youngest listens to you faithfully! Granted she's 32 and has finally grown up and knows good a good thing when she hears it! Keep up the fabulous work, May it never stop!
- Anita Read

mary mott,
Just wanted you to know that you are beautiful and I care about you,
- Jon K..

look mom i made onto the radio, hope your listining and glad to be home for the summern with you
- rachel

Jim Sharon and Kids ,
To Jim, Sharon and Kids in Austin TX-Move back to Massachusetts where the Red Sox are hot, Berklee's music is cool and the grandparents are above-average. We are in the audience at Tanglewod.
- Dave and Elsa

Hello Daley!,
Happy Listening with your Librariana!
- Librariana

Hurry back in to South Carolina and go crabbing with us - the summer is only going to last for so long...
- -Troy

Six light years maybe! Thanks for the greeting and tickets to the Dayton show! Love from your "forever 29" wife, Jacinta
- Jacinta

You said you wanted to grow old with me--did you think it would happen this fast? Happy First...I promise to finish school soon.
- Franz

Mary And Joe,
Congratulations on making your Mom and I proud Grandparents this week with the arrival of baby Lydia. We Can't wait for you to come and visit here in Arkansas. By the way, Since you are in Wisconsin, Think you could stop and get a six pack for me?
Bob and Nedi
- Bob and Nedi Reynolds

Don't let the dog grow any more before we get his doghouse built!
- Vicki & Mel

Glenn & Natalie, in Queens,
Happy second anniversary! Let's do Town Hall again this Christmas.
- Glenn & Anne, in the audience

Mr. Wonderful,
You're the best partner a girl could have! Also, dinner's ready.
- Your loving wife, Barbara

Hey..have tonight listening to show. Me - busy working....
- your buddy

Mom & Dad,
Hi, Mom and Dad in New Jersey. Having fun with Aunt Robin here in Ohio but she said we were going out for pizza and she tricked me see some guy named Keillor just what a teenager wants to do. Love, Katie
- Katie

Thys (tice) deHoop,
Happy belated fathers day. Now that I have a taste of fatherhood, I don't know how you made it all these years
- your son Thom

Hello Pittsburgh and Richmond. Eric, we await your arrival from Korea.
- Bob and Ruth Tobias

Thank you for 25 years of companionship and two wonderful children.
- Mark

emily ,
Almost 45 years. How it has happened is a miracle
- Bill

Sarah Harvey,
Sarah, I'm sure Garrison and friends will miss us tonight, but I wouldn't miss your dance review, even for him (sorry, Garrison - love your show, and wish I could be cloned to be at the Fraze, too).
Love to my precious daughter, from Dad
- Dave Harvey

Garrison Keillor,
In the quiet of this early morning in Maryland, I treasure your contribution to life in America. I hear you weekly on WETA, saw you once at Wolf Trap. Long may you continue!
- Betty Walters

Connie aka Vince Conrad,
To my adopted Grandfather and wonderful friend. You are the reason children laugh, birds sing and roses bloom.
- Kate

Greetings Posted June 21, 2002

Pat, Don, Keely and Lloyd,
We'll see you in a week and a half. Help us rebuild the deck, and we'll treat you to a refreshing dip in Lake Superior!
- Ali and Mark

Maybe someday I'll let you re-create "Tomato Butt" with your sister.
- Dad

Please, dear friend, don't forget to let the dogs out!
- Mindy and Mark

Mary & Brandt in Tennessee,
Congratulations on your marriage!! Please keep an eye on Nonnie she got into the moonshine at your wedding!
- Jill, Woody, Mary Grant & William

Jon and Jena,
Dear Jon and Jena, We're celebrating your 2nd wedding anniversary at Prairie Home Companion. Hope your celebration was as fun as ours. Love
- Elsie and Byron

We're glad you made it back from Belfast safe! Now you can make em butter milk biscuits for us again...you're the greatest!
- Brian and all of Oxford

Connie Bellocq,
To Connie listening over the Internet in Argentina. It's winter down there, so stay warm. Wish we could share some of our heat. Dan, Becky and the Kids
- Dan Diercks

Jen Venable,
I rode a bull and survived...all because of powdered milk biscuits. Thank you NPR. And thank you Jen for making the biscuits tasty and expeditious!
- Brian Lehman

Marlene and Les Moore,
Wish you were here instead of watching the Minisota iron ore and coal boats pass by on the ST Clair River.
- Anna Moore

This is the greatest Mother's Day present of all time! If I forget to tell you, I had a great time tonight!
- Mary

Sending you and your family bubbles filled with love as you walk this final pathway with your beloved Ray
- Donna

To my loving wife, Jacinta,Happy 50th Birthday!. I know it's six years early but I wanted you to know how it feels. Your loving husband, Michael.
P.S. Remember when a great Saturday night date was driving around with the kids asleep in their car seats listening to this show ?
- Michael

Happy 3rd Anniversary!
Just think, we'll be only be 91 on our 50t
- Deb

Happy sweet sixteen. Now it's time to get that license and run all the bad drivers off the road.
- Erik

Grammie O'Neil,
Hi "Grammie O" in Westboro, Massachusets With love from 2 of your 44 grandchildren,
Cassie and Libby in Cincinnati, Ohio
- Libby and Cassie Favrot


nicole, tyler and pete lee,
Hello Nicole in MSP! Can't wait to see you next weekend in Rogers & squeeze the daylights out of Tyler & see Ya-Ya! Your Sis, Michelle
- michelle proctor

Amy and Kevin,
Dear Amy and Kevin. Although woe is begone from your relationship, all your children are above average. Happy 4th anniversary from the Mi
- Andrea

Ali and Mark Van Doren,
Trip from U.P. to Managa to see St.Urho was great, now we're in Kettering with Keely and Lloyd. Love to you and the kitties!
- The Hakalas

Tom & Marcia in Maryland,
Bob, Lisa, Jim, and Robin are here and you're not; this will teach you to move away to Maryland!
- Jim Anslinger

To My Wild Woman, Six children, Adventure, Travel, The Farm, and all in 23 short years. How's about 23 more?
Love, Michael
- Michael

Greene County Job & Family Services,
Thanks for the thrity years of work but I"m out of there next Friday.
I'm celabrating my retirement at the Fraze!
- CJ

To the best first year Lifeguard in all of Cincinnati! We are so proud of you!
- Mom and Dad

Congratulations to you and your Harp teacher, Jane, for being chosen to perform at the Suzuki Institute next week!
- Mom

Doug & Mary Johnson,
Congratulations on 50 years of wedded bliss. May you have many more and God Bless You.
- Kenneth & Joyce

Paul Swift,
Paul, Pablo and Daddy: Happy 60th! We hope you can drag yourself out of a bar to see Garrison live at Tanglewood on your birthday. Love, Mary Faye, Zach, and Cole
- Nicole Swift

Erica Courtney,
Happy Birthday from two of your biggest fans who finally found out what it is like to listen to an angel sing. Break a leg!
- Brad & Betty

Greetings Posted June 20, 2002

I love you and miss you already - see you when you return. Kiss the baby for me.
- Ruth

We're in the front row and wish you were here with us. Come and visit soon, we've got a new outhouse with your name on it.
- Red, Hoss and Beaumadine

Thanks fer bringin' our dotter Beaumadine into my life, and fer tolerating my clan. I love yu.
- Red

Jessie Minnix,
Dear Grandma Minnix,
Happy 100th birthday! We hope you don’t mind that we invited a few thousand people to celebrate with us! We love you!
- Kevin & Susan
- Kevin & Susan Messer

Jeanett Rechenberg,
"The Ohio Rechenbergs (Wreck'-en-berg) wish a Happy 84th Birthday to Mom Jeanette Rechenberg in Naples, FL. Hope all those "Old Folks" (her phrase!) aren't getting on your nerves!"
- Ray and Begie ("Bee-Gee")

Mr Keillor,
I bought your book WE ARE STILL MARRIED off the internet. It is autographed. It says "To Peter, Hppy Days!" I am not Peter. I am Neal. Would you sign it for me? I will give you $5.00. I am wearing the PHC Aloha shirt. Thanks
Neal Fitze (Pronounced FIGHTS)
- Neal Fitze

Mummy Ryan,
Susan, the twins and I are on our way to Savannah for good! Do you think I should stop smoking before I start my Vascular Surgery practice?
- Procky

For anyone who has ever questioned Britney Spears's intelligence, this might answer your question:
"I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada."
- Britney Spears, Pop Singer
- Elizabeth Toler

Gene and Donna,
Congratulations on the birth of your new grandbaby, Paloma. Thanks for introducing us to Prairie Home Companion. Wish you were here with us seeing it.
- The Olsons

Orlie Dog,
To the husband who was kidnapped in Indianapolis order to surprise him with the show in Ohio. Happy anniversary! How I love surprising you!!
- The Cat

Casey ,
May you always soar high with the Eagles. Congrats on recieving the rank of Eagle Scout. We are two very proud parents.
- Bill and Carol Lee

Lee Cho,
Happy Birthday! Your bi-polar crabbiness certainly makes the 21st of June feel like the longest day of the year.
- Paul Baumbach

The Husband Who Lost His Wedding Ring ,
Two months later you found where the cats rolled the ring. Next time you'll be living in the dog house! Happy 21st Anniversary
- Chesse

Thank you for being a wonderful father and husband. Love, Terri Kyle and Sarah
- Terri

Haven't heard from you in a while. We're here at the show. Give is a call or come by for a visit sometime.
- Jim Pam Jeremy and Adric in Ohio

Hello to you, my ramblin'man...unpolished, yet eloquent, unfettered, yet grounded. Glad to be part of the incongruity.
- Hara

Good Friends in the Twin Cities,
Had to move to Dayton after living 20 years in St. Paul before seeing PHC. It's very nice here, but miss you all & the shores of Gitche Gumee.
- Janet

Trevor Fuller,
As we sit here in Kettering watching Prairie Home Companion, I know that my life with you will always be wonderful. Happy early 6th Anniversary.
- Jennifer Fuller

Mel & Becky in Nashville,
We miss you guys up here in Ohio. Thanks for not taking all the good music with you - we need some for this Saturday's show in Dayton.
- Uncle Bruce

Hey Denny! We wanted to send you off to see "Da Yoopers" in concert, but couldn't afford it. We hope you are enjoying this Father's Day present anyway.
- Brooke, Analeise, Kate and Bryan

My mom almost has the wedding plans finished. We better have a girl so I can have the wedding of MY dreams. Love you.
- Mollie-Beth

Brendan Cooney,
Congratulations Brendan on your graduation from Oberlin College and the Conservatory. Maybe someday you will be invited to play the piano on a P H C show!
Love Mom and Dad
- Tom Cooney/Marty Mullin

- Janu & Navya

Big Daddy,
Happy 48th birthday to a man with a vision! A vision of me...his beautiful wife
- Mary Beth

Greetings Posted June 19, 2002

Bryan Kevin Palmer,
To Bryan from Glens Falls N.Y. We are SO proud of you for making the Dean's list at Potsdam College! Best wishes for next semester.Love, Mom and Dad
- Kelly Palmer

Natalie Johnson,
Happy 37th Birthday. Glad I went walking in Memphis 11 years ago and that you graced my land.
- Dan Johnson

Bailey and Alec Johnson,
Congrats my precocious darlings on graduating from first grade and kindergarten. You are good looking, above average and pointed straight in the right direction.
- Dan Johnson

Margaret and Katherine Vial Warner,
Hello from Dayton, and love to our nieces Katherine and Margaret. We missed your birthdays, and we are both at fault, so blame "Shawn", the name you have given us which combines our names.
Love, Uncle John and Aunt Sharon
- John and Sharon Warner

Flight Surgeon Gwen,
I am still looking for you. I promise I will not bite. Just need to talk to you. Nothing else matters.
Forever, Endymion
- Naval Aviator Alan

Hope your patients are well. Say hi to the cats. Be sure to give them some fish (both the patients and the cats).
- Mommy

Thanks for 31 great years! I'll never leave you--not even for someone younger and without bowel troubles.
- Don

Thank you for nourishing my soul...the vegetable garden, the long gentle walks, the lazy mornings spent snuggling. You are the husband of my dreams.
- Sandy W.

To my Princess Bride of 34-years, I have loved you since that snowy night 40-years ago. Thanks for spending our anniversary with Prairie Home Companion.
- JJ Walsh

del and margaret rose,
Love and jacaranda are in bloom. Our son Tommy has announced he is courting our best friends daughter Kristen. The same Kristen he married 22 yrs. ago in front of the backyard playhouse. She in 1st communion veil, he in black top hat, and both in swimsuits. See you in August-save some corn and tomatoes for us. We're coming HOME. Tom and Judy
- judy shanklin

Carl Sandness,
Happy 31st to "My miracle". These past 5 years have been the biggest blessing in my life!
- your loving wife Dorothy

As you leave Minnesota for the eastern college scene at Oberlin, remember to eat some green jello and vegetarian lutefisk every week, don't ya know.
- Your Mom

Tess: Greetings from your Lactose-intolerant friend David in Sacramento! Please remember to try PowderMilk Biscuits without the milk-They're Great!
- David

JoEll Aimee,
Greetings My LoveFrom Pittsburgh, Pa Whereever you are, I love you more now than ever and you are in my daily thoughts.
- Frank

Happy 50th Birthday Mom! Love your 10 kids and 5 1/2 grandkids. Your wish that "I hope you have 5 just like you" is coming true!
- Elizabeth Tringali

David Tagtmeire,
Go to your public radio @ Sac FM on weekends and you'll find the Prairie Home Companion Show quite exhilarating. Or, you may surf at www.prairiehome.org I am truly having heat rashes and my flesh faileth so is my heart ...the heat here in LVegas is truly yak! Pls. send whatever help you can, in my transitional yrs , I know the LORD is looking at hearts. Much love.
- Tess Taylor

Sorry you couldn't be with me in KC for the show at Starlight. Let's go to St. Paul whenever HE gets back from his extended vacation!
- George

Happy anniversary Wednesday and happy birthday Sunday to my enchanting and beautiful wife, who deserves two gifts every week anyway.
- Jonathan

We celebrated our 32nd anniversary with you on the lawn at Wolftrap a couple of weeks ago. Ooops, I didn't put my anniversary wishes to my wife, Cathy, in the greetings basket. Please beg for my forgiveness. I would like to make it 33 next year.
- Frank

You can always pick the best ear of corn. You make my heart melt like butter over yellow & white corn kernels.
- Ross

Greetings Posted June 18, 2002

hey dear sister! we are loading the van in WI. We will see you soon in NC. Just in time for your birthday, again! Clear the yard of all snakes! Love me.
- julie

Rev. John and Dolores Dunham,
Greetings on your 50th wedding anniversiry. Thanks for introducing us to PHC. To bad you were a methodist pastor and not a luthren. All those baked beens at pot luck and no tuna hot dish.
- David Dunham

Aliswan Finch,
Good luck hiking the long trail - Vermont here we come.
- Lisa Hartmurmur

Laurie Tolman and Andrew Vick,
Looking forward to dancing with the guineau hens on the greensward at your wedding and wishing you decades of marital bliss.
- Cyrus and Katie

Happy 35th Birthday Gretchen. Papa and I are so proud of the beautiful, accomplished woman you have become.Kiss the folks in P.A. for us and have a bang up 4th of July.
- Ama and Papa

To the love of my life on the 8th anniversary of our first date. I want to grow old with you on the banks of the Escanaba River
- Bobbe

Heidi (a.k.a. T-Bird),
Happy Solstice Birthday to the person who's been my everything for fifteen years -- looking forward to many more!
- Your Darlin' Swain

Jean and Maria,
To my parents, Maria and Jean: I miss you! I'm glad we still listen to the show when I visit, even if he makes Unitarian jokes... Love from your daughter, Betty Jeanne
- Betty Jeanne

Ralph & Amy,
Belated congratulations on the birth of your daughter Althea--- we're so glad she was a girl so you couldn't name her Torlief.
- Ursula

Note: We’ll be attending the Tanglewood show on June 29th for our 2 year anniversary (this greeting is for this performance, please).
Greeting to Kara: You’ve introduced me to two great things about life: (1) Garrison’s show on NPR, and (2) How much happiness I have found being married to you. I still feel like the luckiest man in the world. Happy Anniversary, Con-Gass.
P.S. The bit about Garrison is true, I didn't just say that to get this read on the show!
- Kevin (a.k.a.: con-gass)

Mom and Dad,
Happy 26th anniversary from your daughter and all of your baby pike grandfishes!
- Emily

Carl & Nancy Vander Woude (say "wood"),
Mom & Dad, Hope you are comfy sitting on the lawn there in Kettering. Also hope it's not raining or buggy, and that you enjoy the show! Can't wait for the July 4th reunion, Love and Smooches~
- The GIRLS -- Susie, Carol, & Betsy

Z - Thanks for being the Zephiran Cholrdie that healed my life. 2.5 years aren't we suppose to have divorced by now? Yeah Yeah Yeah I do - A
- Angela

Greetings Posted June 17, 2002

early Karr,
Hello to my sponsor in Southern California! I'm enjoying the trip and diving you sponsor me at in Florida. Wish you were here. But I don't think you believe that, see you later, enjoy the show without me, the wife/sponsorship recipient.
- terry karr

Kelli Burton,
Kelli,from Main St. New Hampshire to Hennepin Ave! I Can't wait to spend my life with you no matter where it brings us! I love you,Richard
- Richard Riley

From Boring, Oregon on Lusted Road- This Summer Solitice is our 21st Anniversary. May we take advantage of the longest day of the year.
- Conni

good luck with the new knee!! stay away from electric magnets and airports. at least this one will not rust.
love ya
- jim yondura

Scott Downey,
Happy Birthday to a wonderful father, terrific husband and fabulous friend. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date.
- Your loving techno-babe

Thank you for twenty years of love and laughter. Your eyes have truly touched my soul. Always and forever,Michael XOXO
- Michael

I met you by the creek 7 years ago, who would have thought we would still be up the creek now? Thanks for 7 wonderful years...
- Paul

Praying that our unborn child is healthy, grows up wise, and becomes wealthy enough to support his old dad. P.S. God, make him a fisherman.
- Ken

Thanks for the Gift Certificate to Home Depot for Father's Day! I used it to buy Dad his Father's Day gift!
- Karsten

Flight Surgeon Gwen,
In April, you wrote:
'Endymion, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep ..." What are your true intentions?
- Selene'
Selene, I just read your message of 06 April, 2002- Is it really you? I miss you so much. My TRUE intentions? Friendship, Partnership, Marriage, Family, Babies (X2) with you! Life, like it was supposed to be. Sorry I missed you in May. I miss you very much.
Forever, Endymion
- Naval Aviator Alan

Joe and Mike,
Congratulations on being accepted into the fraternal order of identical twins.
- Mark

garrison keillor and company,
You guys are great, Real entertainment that the family can listen to! Keep up the good work in this time of uncertainty!
- CJ - Mountains of North Carolina

Melanie and Roger,
Re the ongoing Wisconsin Woodlands/Hoosier Hills competition:
You've added a woodchuck to the mengerie? We're impressed, but still have top bragging rights after hosting the wild turkey and its companion cat. Keep your eyes peeled, as we are...with binoculars and Minolta at the ready.
Beth and David
PS No..the photos didn't turn out....
- Beth Larson Stigall

Happy 33rd birthday to my wonderful husband Kevin. Thanks for all your patience and support. Happy birthday Dad, from Taylor and Corinna. We love you.
- Michelle

My niece Jeniece & dear husband Shawn,
Happy Anniversary! May Krispy Kreams dot all your travel miles proportionately! See you ALL at Grandma Lew's next year!
- Your Aunt Therese & dear husband Michael

Gerrison Keillor,
My husband and I will be bringing his father, who is 90 years old to your show at Tanglewood on June twenty nineth. I was on line when the tickets went on sale. Their computer went down immediately, probably because there were so many wanting tickets to see you. It was a holiday and by the time I got tickets we are sitting in nose bleed seats. Please say hi to Wil Bernier sitting way way back who is ninety and listens to you every Saturday night without fail. Thanks so much.. Billie Jean
- Billie Jean KBernier

Happy fathers day dad!
(a few days late!)
- Oliver

Wish you could be here with me. Hope the shoulder is doing better.
Darling Daughter
P.S. Garrison sounds taller on the radio. :)
- Patricia Titcomb

Every minute I spend with you is a vacation... I'm just glad it's only occasionally a "run from the Missouri Park Patrol" vacation. nuzzle nuzzle.
- Britta

Happy fiftieth birthday to George in Forks-of-Ivy, North Carolina from your sister Katie in Staten Island, New York. Hope you AND the llamas are happy and healthy!
- Katie McCarthy

Hello to Kim and Jerry And Derrick in Wisconsin from Jim in Camp LeJeune, N.C. It was 95 yesterday. Is it snowing up there yet?
- James Titley

Congratulations! High School is over! Now you get to do like the rest of us and pretend that you know what you're doing all the time.
- Mike

Greetings Posted June 16, 2002

Hannah Millon-Garvey,
Thanks for making me the happiest man in the world. Let's savor our weekend at Tanglewood.
- Daniel

Jerome Dutilloy,
Happy 40th Birthday for Jerome,my French Son-in-law in New York City from mother-in-law Bettie in Kansas City
- Bettie Ferguson

You're the love of my life, thank you for being you and loving me. Let's go see PHC "live" in Minn. sometime soon.
- Marie

Listening to Prairie Home with you is the highlight of my week. Best is when we listen from Oklahoma. Love, Shuri
- Shuri

garrison keillor and company,
greetings from a stumbling lutheran in pasadena md. i have'nt fallen yet. God keeps encouraging me with gifts : wife, children ,grand children .what next?
- bob dorsch

To everyone who is on this show,
I lisen to your show every sunday.It is very funny.
- Wesley Drinkwater,age 12

Mr. Dunlavy,
Still waiting for you to find your way back to the white Ford in Kansas City. Assuming you are still using THAT map and are lost again!
- Your wife, Tammi

Hope you're enjoying working on Kodiak Island and that the bears haven't snuck up on you yet while you weren't looking!
- Kim

Fly high and long with a sure grip. Please don't let go of the hang glider. dad
- dad

Toni& Eddie Leonard & Jack&Judy Bauman,
Congratulations on your first Social Security checks! You can spend the extra money on your new grandchild due next February.
- Sherry, Stephen and Eli

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