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Greetings for the Week Ending
July 6, 2002

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  Greetings for Week Ending July 6, 2002
Greetings Posted July 6, 2002

Kerin Bonds,
In spite of all of those parties at the University of Maryland, in spite of running a day care center and raising three kids, Dean's List at age 31 is still joy to a daddy's heart.
- Andrew Parker


Andy Ryan,
Happy Birthday from your uncle Dan. You're one year closer to me now but I'll re-establish my 32 year lead tomorrow!
- Dan Ryan

Katie Wahl,
Katie in San Antonio: 3 small children indoors through a week of rain and floods. Has your hearing returned yet? Love, Mom in San Diego
- Mary Walzenbach

Cara Pleau,
Cara Honey, happy 21st and don't celebrate like I did, love, Dad
- Bob Pleau

My only sibling, Dow,
Happy Summer Solstice to my earthy brother who is attempting to live the simple life in the Ozark hills. From your citified little sister...
- Jan

james and janet sutherland,
hello to jim and jan in Council Bluff, Iowa...from you favorite neice in Tucson... sorry we missed you last time through
- sheryl groner

Thank you for another supberb, jouous season of entertainment.
- Jane

Hope you are finding enough oxygen up in the Colorado Mountains, Love you always.....Biscuit buttocks
- Chris

Mom and Dad,
We are sure the Holiday Inn is comfortable, but we now have the bats out of our chimney. Dad's help with getting the boys off of the roof will be greatly appreciated.
Love you both,
- Jay and Danna

Mr. Keillor,
My husband and I have been painting at our house for 4 days now. Tonight our minds aren't on the hours of painting; we are busy listening to your show as we paint! Thanks for the entertainment!!
- Sandy Meredith

happy birthday only a little late at 61 i know you'ed just as soon i forgot it all togather
love your Ed
- Ed

Penny Cariffe,
Hi Penny: just thought you would like a prairie home greeting from Sheila in minnesota.
- sheila helmick

Cat and Mike,
Hello to Cat and Mike from Jay and Mary. We hope Cat has forgiven you for burning a whole in the pavement on the 4th. Next time ignite only one moter at a time in the launcher.
- Jay Larrabee

boo, roc + max,
hey boo, roc and max thanks again for being our travel companions to the usa capital
- jesselin

Lucile Riemenschneider,
Hello to Lucile with one "L" who always admonished us to "Get the L out!" from your loving family in Sugar Grove, Ohio.
- Kara Mendenhall

Mark and Angie,
Hope everything's fine in Texas. Now get me a job! Be careful out there; it's a dangerous world.
- Chris

Andrea Zavala,
I lost you, my Muse and best friend, 5 years ago Valentine's Day. I pray you will inspire me again someday.
- Robert Jensen

Ben M,
Ben, Congratulations High School Graduate & 18 year old! Now, stand up and thank Mr. Keillor if he reads this for you! Love, the family
- michelle Gensinger (mom)

I love you more than rhubarb pie.
- diane

You can pick your friends
you can pick your nose
but you can't pick
your friend's nose
- Alice

Grandpa Bill,
Everyone at First Lutheran sends their best. The tomatos look tasty and plump,we'll share some next week over supper when you get to Ohio.
- Von

Gary Morin,
Happy July 4th Birthday, Gary, from your loving wife, Maria. Sixty five years young -- now you get ALL the discounts!
- Maria Mancuso

Martha of Walker Co.,
They opted not to post the message I sent you. Good thing I called and told you what it said. P.S. Feed the Cardinals and remember the Holy Water. That bird seed makes them mighty tursty.
- Doug McCullough

Roy DeWerff,
Happy 90th Birthday,Roy DeWerff. You have lived a long good life, and have a loving and wonderful family. God has blessed you!!!
The Lehnens
- Sharon Lehnen

barry in mpls,
Hi from your buddy ,transplanted in Paris, Tennessee
- jim hodge

Can't wait for you to get back from Japan. The kids are asking personal questions I can't answer.
- Your hubby Del

Life ain't nothin' but a funny riddl
- Roc

Everyone in the U.S of A,
I'd just like to wish all your listeners in the USA a very happy (if belated) July 4th!With you guys having a bit of a hard time over the past few months in the States-Id just like to say that you can rely on everyone's continued support here in Blighty!Love the show as well-listening on the Internet here in Manchester in the north of England. Thanks and keep up the good work!
- Sean

Jay Jaffess,
Excellent job on the deck today. I like the way you pump that (deck cleaner) stuff! :)
- Pat Wilkinson

I love you more than rhubarb pie.
- Diane

The Johnson's on Crane Lake,
It was beautiful on the 4th. Nothing stuck in the tree to knock down. Hope you have a safe trip back to Georgia. Dick and Connie thanks for the food and fun.
- Your Minnesota Kin, Eric

Heather Seefeldt,
Hi to Heather and all the other recorder-playing teens at the Indiana School of Music's Summer Recorder Academy in Bloomington. Have a great two weeks, kids! Love, Your Mom & Dad in Idaho
- Susan & Steve Seefeldt

To Janice: I told you you were pregnant to trick you into marrying me. Happy 12th Anniversary, Ken Bob
- Ken Bob

Rex Gillett,
Hi, Dad-this is where the Vinyl Cafe crowd jumps up! See you & mom Sunday..
- Jim Gillett

I'm missing you, my Montreal Angel bunches and I'm looking forward to seeing your captivating smile again on Monday. If only time could have wings til then. With love and hugs
- your Maine Prince

Katy Kelly,
Katy I'm so glad that we are getting married today! I love you!
- Bob Meyer

Tim Klatt,
Son, This back home greeting to you as you serve our country on the proud and newly painted John McCain somewhere in the middle east.. Patriotic wishes and some soon to arrive cookies from your parents.
- Suzanne Klatt

I am going to be watching by webcast, and look forward to seeing you again in Sept!
Your chauffeur in Los Angeles,
- Denise

no words could accurately tell you how you fill my our world. From the best of days to the worst, you are the most golden treasure on earth
- Dean

Alas, we couldn't be at the Fitzgerald in person. But your technical prowess enabling streaming video made it seem so. Thanks, computer geek! Love, Bets
- Betsy

Mom and Pap Buck,
Finally made it to Minnesota, tho I don't know why.... I had to tell you how much better Garrison looks in person than on the radio!
- love from #4

Joel, Jess, Jeremy, and Jordan,
When you moved to Arizona, you forgot me and Mom. Do you think you could come back to get us?
- Kayli

Hope you can hear this greeting all the way out in Arizona. We'll keep a chair empty for you.
- Tim

Winston in Minnesota,
Keeping up our five-year tradition of cleaning the house during this show, but it just doesn't get as clean without you. I miss you!
- Sigrid in Beijing

Greetings Posted July 5, 2002

Happy "not 50 yet" Birthday, you're just getting better.
- your pie belly

Christopher Simon,
Happy Birthday Christopher! You may be grown with 3 kids , but you're still my little baby brother.....no matter what the neighbors said.
- Sister Su

Well another season is coming to an end. As ever we shared the best of times listening to PHC. You may be the only rabbit with GK's autograph and possibly the only one that listens to him and sways with the music.
- June

Chuck Ellis,
Hey Chuck, Hope things are going smoothly with the interning at NBC in Indianapolis. Have fun, be careful and come back in one piece.
- Your bro, Justin

Bob and Mary Bennewitz,
Today (7/6/02) Bob and Mary Bennewitz of Burnsville, Minnesota are in attendance celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
- Dave Wright

Molly Kathleen Varley,
I'm tired of the cold
And life without Molly
Will the INS please let me back in by golly
(I'll see you soon.)
- Craig Varley

Carrie Lipp,
On August 6th Thanks for 20 years of Marriage, 22 years of Dating, and enduring when I want to listen to Prairie Home Companion.
- B. A. Lipp

Chuck Ellis,
Hey Chuck, Hope things are going smoothly with the interning at NBC in Indianapolis. Have fun, be careful and come back in one piece.
- Your bro, Justin

Mark, my love, so glad we could spend your birthday at the season finale - sure beats Paul Bunyan in the 90 degree heat last week, huh? Devotely, Barbara
- Barbara

Happy 70th birthday (next week), Eloise! From Seattle to New Mexico to the heart of Ohio, we send our love.
- All of us!

My sweet Howard:,
Took 30 years to find you again, but I won't lose you this time. Put another log on the fire honey, I'll pour the wine.
- Your loving Tess

Hey, Jeff!
Check this out.
- Gecko

Greetings Posted July 4, 2002

Ellen Blackstone,
Here's to 23 years of looking in the same direction. I love you!
- Chris Altwegg

Edna Howard,
Happy 75th birthday to Edna. We know you are listening on your new birthday radio.
From the wild Episcopal gals in Centrevile, Michigan.
- Barb Russell

I hope that you feel well, are laying with your dog, eating ice cream, and enjoying this good program. Take care.
- Mart in Walker County

Kim O'Byrne,
I've seen you only twice in the past 34 years but I hope to spend my life with you! The 2nd time was a charm!
- Marty Maner

Chellis Reece,
Happy birthday to our mother Chellis, who is strong, beautiful and above average.
- Alicia and Brennen Reece

Selina and Olivia,
To Selina & Olivia in Illinois from Joshua. It has been 3 months here in New Jeresy. I don't know what I was thinking. I will be home soon.
- Joshua

Baby Pepper,
Happy first birthday Baby Pepper! Born in Hollywood California, and blossoming in Hollandale Minnesota. I'm coming to celebrate, so let us eat cake.
Ya Ya
- Ya Ya Carruthers

Greetings Posted July 3, 2002

Bill Silver,
Minnesota is just as beautiful as France. Forget the market and retire here. I miss you, Trisha
- Trisha Connors

mom and dad,
We'll see you in a week......know you are listening....I'll try to get Duncan to do some work for you
- Andy Rogers

Daniel Culbertson,
Daniel Ray in Toledo, Happy Birthday (July 13th). If you are washing the car, listen up... Don't ever lose your sense of humor! Love Margie
- margie Culbertson

Well we've celebrating the 4th of July. The fireworks were one block away. Good thing the dog went deaf or she would have gone crazy.
- Roberta Paul - LI NY

Baby Jack,
In one week you will be at your first Farm City Days in New Richland (MN). Will your first words be "hot dish" or "ya sure youbetcha"?
- Pam and Larry

Knutson's and Simonson's,
To the Knutson's and the Simonson's who live in the shadow of Mount Rainier from those of us in the shadow of Mount Olivet (Lutheran Church).
- Pam and Larry

My lovely wife Julie,
I don't know how I was ever able to live my life without you, or find matching socks. I love you know as much as day we met, the day I fell in-love with you.
- Ryan

Jared Siegel,
Congratulations to you and the rest of the Ledyard High School Class of 2002. Good Luch at Plymouth State next year. Your Mom and I have only one question: Why did you make us wait until your last semester of high school to make the HONOR ROLL?
- Robert L. Siegel

Brother Dennis,
HOT and DRY in Colorado. Standby Evacuation from the Hayman fire has been lifted. Send lots of rain!
Sister, Connie
- Sister Connie

John and Tara Boyle,
Happy 8 month wedding anniversary this coming week. Wanted to get you tickets for last weeks show, but lost your credit card number.
- Wes

Steve & Jean Brady,
Love & kisses from your Sam & Sal to PHC's biggest fans.
- Harry & Lucille VanDusen

Nicely Nina,
Happy Birthday to the Planned Parenthood Advocate from your '73 birthday present!
- Beth, the little one

Dick Marcy,
Happy 49
from your loving wife who won't drive your new Buick unless you tell her she can.
- Adrienne

Happy birthday! it's a long way from the prairie to Tanglewood but wasn't it worth the trek?
- Cynthia

Karen Johnson,
If you keep going South insread of East you'll never get to me!
I Love You - Reece
- Reece

Bill Rose,
Greetings from Tom in Germany to Roni & Bill Rose in Forestville/Cal. for spending so much money on shipping all the PHC-tapes to Germany.
- Thomas Maier

Paul Coelus,
Meeting you in the checkout line was the best thing that's ever happened to me. Can't wait to walk down Aisle 3 with you one more time and make it official.
Love, Beth
- Beth Offenbacker

hi john sorry about your car, i did not know the wick was so short.
- Alex

Greetings Posted July 2, 2002

Adam & Scott,
The rhubarb "surprise" is ready. The grill is hot ... please bring the Budweiser. Love, Mom and Dad
- Jackie Wirthlin

Erin ,
Happy 1st birthday! We love you! Mommy and Daddy
- Christy

James Scherr,
We know we don't always tell or show you, but you did a great job raising your three boys. And you're the reason we are the men we are now. Thanks Dad
- Shawn, David and Mark

Sarah, Terrie, Mary & Lanea,
Hi gang, we're on our way! Will be leaving for the North Shore the last week of July. Hard to believe that the same river (Mississippi) and highway (61) that we see each day in Vicksburg Mississippi is the one you see each day in St. Paul Minnesota.
- Jeanne & Al Evans

Sam and Blanche Rosen,
HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY, Sam & Blanche! Keep practicing that serve, Dad, so you can beat mom at tennis and be King! Love & admiration,
- Jackie, Lynn, and the gang

You make me a better person, and I'm happier than I ever thought possible. Thanks for the birthday present - it was beautiful. As are you.
- Jennifer

Gary Buelow,
Happy 50th Birthday Gary, hope you're tuned in because we didn't get you any gifts this year.
- Sipa

Happy Birthday Beautiful Goddess. Thanks for coming out from California to see the show with me. May this year be the best yet... until next year!
- The Bond Lady

happy anniversary my love. still thinking of you and wishing we could be together now.
you have my heart,
- abbe

Greetings Posted July 1, 2002

Bill & Valerie,
Happy Anniversary! Twenty Nine years of wedded bliss, that is a remarkable record, must be that good North Dakota weather that keeps you together. May the Lord continue to bless you with many more wonderful years.
- Mom & Lowell

Andrea & Chris,
Have a great eloping in Hawaii even though everyone knows that you're eloping to Hawaii.
- Your sis, Alyssa

I'm suffering "Karen Withdrawl" since you returned to Kansas City. Your visits are the most precious times of the year. All my love
- Dave

A Prairie Home Companion rocks! Garrison Kellior is so cool!
- Hope

Don't worry I won't tell anyone about your Scooby Doo or raven tattoo secrets. To going gray and sitting on front porch swings.
- Your Yilly

Dave Johnson,
Dave: These past 8 months have been the greatest ever!!

Happy 8th months!!
Lots of love, Lori
- Lori Ebright

Jiggs Gallagher,
Seems like we shall be getting a romantic weekend after all. Be sure to cut your toe nails.
- RandyDandy

GK and Cast,
Thank you for another season of top rate shows. So many people made happy by your talent and hard work. We owe you all big time for all the hoy you bring us.
- June

Brenda Char,
- Brenda

I hope you can read this, now that you have e-mail at home. Please give the baby a hug for me.
- Rob

Greetings Posted June 30, 2002

Todd and Louise in Portland,
Enjoy your new home in Portland!
- Grandma in Topeka

To Carol: My second favorite storyteller...you must go to Lenox where the audiences are much more appreciative than your middle school students!
- Rae

dorothy swain,
hello dorothy,even though garrison dosn't sing like bocelli i know you are listening to him tonight. love david and jackie
- david hughes

Happy 21st Anniverary last Thursday . . . I DID see fireworks on the 4th!
- Dave

yes,California is wonderful,but you havn't been to new enland lately.Love from the three of us at moov
- moovania

Miss Karrin Allyson,
I have noticed that it does not take much for one to fall in ove with someone. I have also experienced various degrees of love and fallen sometimes painfuly and other times blissfully head first into them. Kinda like that moment when you take a header over the handlebars of your bike, and bounce your noggin of the road. It never really hurts at first. In fact, sometimes it was a rather pleasant, warm, comforting feeling. Yes I fell off my bike alot as a child. It only hurt when you knew you were bleeding. Well, this morning I heard your voice and music, and have not yet bled. 25 words or less will not do this feeling or your talent justice. So all we can do I suppose is you keep on playing, and I'll never stop listening.
- Kevin Jones

Andrea & Chris,
Hope you have a nice fouth of July while I'm in Canada. I hope you're not to urked knowing that I'm having more fun than you. If you know what I mean.
- Your sister, Alyssa

Congratulations on becoming a US citizen, having your fifth wedding aniversary and visiting Seattle all in the same week. Your (almost) always loving wife, Tara.
- Tara Yehia

Laura and Larry Kluger,
Live and love the good life up there in Iowa. You two deserve it! With love
- son Tom

Jude Quintiere,
I hope you don't get ill from tasting the students' food in your cooking class's final exam.
- Miltiades Mandros


Doud and/or Laraine Nortel,
I remember the days in Deer Park Washington, 18 years ago, when we would listen to A Prairie Home Companion together in your little cabin. Remember little Brian and Patrick? Brian graduated high school yesterday and both boys are Judo Black Belts. Contact me!
- Anne Farrell

Miss Mary Young,
So good of you to take time off from your DC job to help with the wheat harvest in Kentucky. You even managed not to hit any deer with the combine!
- Robert

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