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Greetings for the Week Ending
December 14, 2002

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  Greetings for Week Ending December 14, 2002
Greetings Posted December 14, 2002

Aimee Gambone,
I Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and that you find Groton to be your "Lake Wobegon." All Good things always!
Love, k-
- Kabin Thomas

You should be in MN. It's warmer than you think.
- Alan

Greetings to my one and only from your trophy husband of 25 years.
- John

Major Tom,
Ground control to Major Tom. No I am not at the show. I just couldn't go without you. Prairie Home Companion will always be our time.
25 years of listening and 25 years of love.
You'll always be my special someone.
Still, K
- Karen

Township of Branchburg,
Dear Branchburg, NJ, let's hope for less deer and more free space and more deer and ... nevermind.
- Richard Chen

Even though this show brings back a sad memory of you and a ski trip to Vermont that went downhill fast, I still listen. (miss you)
- Carl

Christina & Franklyn,
Congratulations on your greatest achievment yet! MADELINE (pronounced "line"), born today at Jamaica Hospital. Let's start her 15 minutes of fame on quality radio!
- Love from Second Ave, Sue

Wayne Jensen,
Mom & Dad, Sam & I miss you. Hope all is well in that submarine. Hope you're not still seasick. We love you.
- Erin Jensen

You are greatly missed during these hard times. The videos and cassettes are stacking up, the coffee beans are winding down. My love remains the same.
- Beth

Hope you're feeling better after soaring with the eagles last night. Touch down comes quick and hard when you fly that high! MJ
- MJ

Dr. Kayt Sunwood,
Congratulations, Dr. Kayt, for finally finishing your dissertation. You're no longer ABD after all these years. Love from your cats, dog, and Team Tarheel.
- Sine Anahita

John, Lucina, and All,
Just remembering our time at the Mill Valley Dog Ranch near the Center of the Universe & thinking about all who were there.
- Ron

Anne in Anchorage,
Greetings from the Mainiacs! Weather is here, wish we were beautiful. Blessings at Christmas & in the New Year. Love, Bug in Penobscot
- Jane Stewart

Aunt Johanna Venema,
Congratulations to Aunt Johanna in Orange City, Iowa on her 101st birthday next week. I hope to see you next summer if I do the Iowa bike ride again.
From your nephew Billy
- Bill Waanders

Dad, Mary, and Peter,
Hello Family!; looking forward to skiing in January; Merry Christmas!
- Bret

george quelland,
merry christmas, dearest george, in the big town of bend, oregon from all of us snow bunnies in virginia. wish that we were all together. Love, mOm and levi and obie
- kathleen quelland

Loretta Davies ,
Happy 74th Grandma Dodge!
You instill HOPE. No matter what "Chicken Little" says, OUR skies are ever-widening because of you. Happy Birthday, Love Monica, Elyse & Frankie.
- Monica Davies Lombardi

Garrison Keilor,
Can I listen to your show if I'm not Lutheran. I feel ashamed when I do. Wait maybe I am Lutheran!
- Adam Raffee

Swanzey Factory neighbors,
No, the blinking lights were NOT early christmas decorations - the chimney fire is out, we're fine.
- Mike and Elizabeth

Washington Elementary School friends,
Greetings to George and Terry who still live in Southern California missing all the beautiful rain here in the Northwest.
- Rich

Glad the fireplace in the new home is safe - your fish back here say Hi (or Glub?)... wish you were still here; I need someone tall to help put the star on the tree! Much love from Gino
- Gino

doug and david,
Do bears really wear kilts in the woods....
- Steve

Ang & Tristan,
Wine celler stocked. Terri on new meds. All well. Come home for XMas!
- Terri & Curt

Mom, Dad,
I wish things were different too. Still, I love you and Merry Christmas.
- Bob

My mountain girl. Even though you're only a mineshiner's daughter, I love you still.
- David Moser

Grandma and Grandpa,
Best wishes from Joe's Tires and Hadassah House - and I love being up in the mountains of Massachusetts!
- Jeffrey

Wishing a Happy Birthday today to my friend Abby (a.k.a. Abs of Destruction)
love, Heather
- Heather

Pete Peterson,
Just remembering our wonderful and happier times of life. Hope you tune in to some of Lake Wobegone's stories and enjoy them as I do. Look up his (Garrison Keillor) radio show times, sit back relax and really enjoy his humorous tales of olde. Loving you always, your NJP
- NancyJane Peterson

I got my buck; the skin's waiting for you.
- Dale

I forgot to tell you-- sit, lay down and sing before treats--that message is for the dog-- not you.
- janet

Greetings Posted December 13, 2002

Jo Lynn,
To the love of my life, we finally made it to NYC all the way from Huntsville, Tx to see the show in person and this is a dream come true for me. We were worried that we were not able to get tickets for this sold out show but the PHC website and fellow listener "Greg" from Brooklyn came to our rescue. I look forward to the remainder of our trip and the remainder of our lives together. I long for the day when we can retire to Creede, Colorado.
- Ken

Chuck Hall,
Happy 43rd on Friday the 13th to the most wonderful husband found in cyberspace! Who says you can't find love on Yahoo!
- Teresa Hall

Thanks for the great idea and I hope we get out of the city before the transit strike or the snow!
- Janet

Don and I may be moving to Cailfornia but we'll still be crashing at your place for Christmas.
Happy 59th Birthday -
we love you, mama!
- Rachel

Jennifer & Sara,
to my dear sweet peas--I really do leave Oneonta once in a while-- and you were afraid your mom has no life!Missing you!
- Mom, (alias Pod)

Leah Matteson,
Tell Ed to save some of the special Christmas Bourbon for me.
- Jonathan

We made it to NYC, finally! One problem though. Teri couldn't find her black bra and had to improvise. Thank God for duct tape!
- Gord and Teri

Vesna and Miroslav,
To mom and dad in Ithaca, NY -- Did you dig yourselves out of that last snow storm yet? No matter, another one is coming soon and we're coming for Christmas! Love, Sonja and Hoon
- Sonja

Welcome home for Christmas, son. We'll discuss your career change after you get your grades. Love, mom and dad
- Mom

You've gone through so much this year and still have the strength to help the troubled people. Enjoy retirement next year and don't forget us chickens at the funny farm
- ellen

Fred Wosick,
On Our 30th Anniversary. They said our love would never last-a Polish lad and Norwegian lass. The secret was a simple one-we got naked to danced during Prairie Home Companions.
- Beth

Kristen Armstrong Matz,
To my wife, Kristen,
You now have my name tacked on to your's and I hope being a Matz is overall, a better, less neurotic experience than it's been for me.
Your Husband,
- Steven Matz

Merry Christmas to my wife the Farmer. Another seasons harvest complete. May we continue to toil in the soil together forever.
- Kevin

Sami , Adam & Lara Meziani,
Greetings to you Sami, Adam and Lara MEZIANI far away and yet so near from your dad who loves you and misses you a lot!
- Ahmed meziani

Greetings Posted December 12, 2002

David Griggs,
Our semester is finally OVER! After many long weeks of you working full-time AND both of us in graduate school full-time, maybe our ships will finally meet tonight???
- Amy Griggs

Larry & Karen,
Merry Christmas & Happy Retirement. Hope your house sells soon - since living in your camper, even in Arizona, might be "taxing".
- Leslie & Steve

Happy 1 year anniversary to my wonderful husband. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter into my life. I love you, Linda
- Linda

Reggie and Cynthia,
Dear Mom and Dad,
Hope you like your anniversary tickets, first four seats!
Charlotte & Camille
- Charlotte

To the mother of my first grandchild, Nola Sophia Zimdars, Nikki, Dad is very proud of all of your family. Since you do Christmas in CA and your mom and I in TN, we are thinking of you, and love you and your family.
- Dad

Wanda, Kassie & Grant,
Thanks for the tickets to tonight’s show. Mom and I have escaped to Lake Wobegone. We’ll be back after it’s warm enough to water ski on the lake, or Hell Freezes over, whichever comes first. Send our woolies.
Love, Paul
- Paul

I never thought that I'd be able to love a New York Born "Yankee" like I do you. Merry Christmas from all of my heart from your "Southern Boy".
- Don

jim and kitty,
to jim and kitty on their 50th from jimmy and karen in knoxville
- jim wooten

Happy Birthday to my very first little girl. Thanks for being kind of heart, with a vision for photos, love of people, and consideration for everyone. love, dad.
- dad

Ford and mare,
thanks for letting me into the family, i promise i wont screw it up!
- jasper

Nicholas Alan King,
Happy 1st Birthday to my favorite nephew!! Can't wait to see you for Christmas! Love to you and your Mommy, too!
- Aunt Mary Beth

Bryan Miller,
Wanted to you and your family a Prairie Home Companion holiday wish. Don't forget to make the Ludfiske dish this year.
- Lois

deryck rodgers,
Deryck, Hope the Garrison Keillor Paper turned out ok...take care of my little sister.
Merry Christmas From Adam
- Adam kerr

Robert Macleod,
Hope you recover quick enough to deal with Mom and the Christmas tree.
Avery and Jon in the "Last Frontier"
- Avery Maddaloni

Jay Lambert,
Dear FLC,
May this weekend of celebration take you back home to where your heart is, with your family.
Peace and Love always,

Greetings Posted December 11, 2002

Sheldon and Carol Lou in St. Paul,
Start doing your snow dance, we're coming home for the Holidays! Stock up on akavit - Grandma's coming home too!
- Doug and Carol Jo in Wyoming

Tom Frazier,
Thanks for turning me onto this show. I just wanted you to know that I miss you and wish you could be here with me to enjoy it but alas you can't so instead I'll just send you a postcard.
Love Janet
- Janet Hager

I Love you Rhyme Commitee
- Chris

Moravian Church in Northfield MN,
Pennsylvania is fun, but I sure miss our little church! Save a bun and a candle for me, but don't let Stan make the coffee!
- Lance in Seminary

Hey Kev, we're hitting lucky 13...I could have done worse. Love, Jackie
- Jackie

Don't get lost. Call me.
- Charleston

Kedzie ,
Can't wait to meet you. over the holiday, just try not to spit or pee on me too much, love Uncle Wes
- Wesley

Jody and John,
Happy 50th to the twins Jody and John. With 100 Years of experience between you two, ya think you could remember my birthday
- Erin Hallenburg

Having now spent nearly half my life with you, and knowing the dividends, I wish I still had the first half to invest.
- Ellis

Greetings Posted December 10, 2002

Darling, thank you for letting the chicken stay inside with us, even if the cats are peeved.
- Kirsten

Zoe Wright,
May your sweet little toes be like dandelion seeds on the air at your ballet performance tonight!
- Suzy Hunt

Dorothy Acker,
The traditional German pickle ornament you sent us is a big hit with your grandson Ben, who talks on it as if it were a telephone every chance he gets.
Your Son,
- Victor Acker

Mr. Keillor,
Dear Mr. Keillor, We , the Fleming brothers three will be sitting home on December 14th listening to your show. Yes, We are teenagers, and we'll actually turn off the computer, video games and rap music to do so. You see, our dad, Tom, will be in the audience. We bought him tickets for his birthday.( had to do it on ebay no less...) He's forced us to listen to you for YEARS, and this is his payback... a trip in to see you in the flesh. Would you PLEASE read this on air and tell him we love him very much. And by the way... you really aren't so painful to listen to.
Conor, Ian and Zach Fleming
- The Fleming Brothers

Just wanted you to know how much I love you!! Thank you for being such a wonderful wife and friend!
- Dave

Jeanette (Fox),
It only took me ten years to discover that you could be the light of my life. Well, better late than never!
- Jack (Koestner)

Maggie Rutkowski,
You turned out better than I would have ever thought for a lady that is just average. Happy 30th Birthday!!
Your husband,
- James Rutkowski

ellen meyer,
I'm 27 years old, I got no job and no prospects, but you do. Thanks for being my wife
- Mathew

Garrison Keillor,
Greetings from a cold and icy Netherlands. I listen to your shows using Internet. Only when Leo Kottke is in it though. I wish you lots of fun
- Martin van den Berg

Greetings Posted December 9, 2002

Mark Kennedy,
To my new husband much love and happiness in 2003. Laughing all the way.
- Tyndall Kennedy

Clayt Lauter,
To Clayt from Kim. Yes, I will be your wife and yes, of course our future children will delight in listen to NPR ALL day Saturday, culminating with A Prarie Home Companion. They will be far too "above average" to crave cartoons.
- Kimberly Dieterich

Thanks for agreeing to be my girlfriend, and for kissing me on Pearl Harbor Day.
- David

Kurt, Joe and Mitch,
Over the past 6 years I've gotten into your doctoral program, gotten married, had my son, and moved 150 miles away from school while still attending, and I am still working on my dissertation. You three never lost confidence in me and I thank you for it. As for the dissertation, my motto is "that which does not kill us makes us stronger". I'll be seeing you at orals in the summer. Be kind, Ellen
- ellen cooper-festa

Jeff & Anne,
Glad to hear that things are heating up for you two in Minnesota. It's icy here in Virginia, and not because of my wife.
- Jay & Rebecca

Mom and Dad in Chillicothe,
Pick the dog hair out of the mashed potatos...I'm comming home for Christmas.
- Brandon

Happy six months - I have your orange !
- Larry

Dorthy & Raymond Baril,
Mom and Ray you're the best. Happy Anniversary, many more to come. Love, Tom & Wanda
- Tom Thomas

Blanche and Janet,
Looking forward to going to the cabin tonight after our big-city day. I know I told you about the mice, remind me to later.
- ellen

Lesley Looper,
Lesley, as you know, we watch Prairie Home Companion eveyr week as a tradition. I thought I would use this forum to tell you again how much I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul.
- George

Lola Koundakjian,
Happy 41st birthday you old snaggle puss. Hope it's a good year from your loved ones in NYC
- Rosana

Erin O'Donnell,
The world of journalism isn't as glamorous as I had expected, but then again, being ankle deep in horse manure, I'm sure, isn't that glamorous for you either.
- Christina Hall

Erin Narus,
Sorry, we're slow, but hope you had a great 28th birthday without the in-laws.
- Jerry and Karen Narus

Alex Laws,
Mom and Dad want to wish the Prince of Hinsdale Happy Birthday on his sweet sixteenth birtday. Don't suffer too many kisses!
- Ted Laws

Greetings Posted December 8, 2002

Karl F.,
Finals are over! One-eighth of your college education is finished and in three and one-half years we get a RAISE
- Mom & Dad(Dave and Rose Forsthoefel)

Linda Klein,
this is our 17th Christmas together and the best is yet to come. Love your husband Chris
- Chris Klein

I miss you, and I hope it's as cold in Connecticut as it is in Ohio right now.
- Erin

Aunt Mad & Uncle Henry,
Dear Aunt Mad & Uncle Henry, I wish you 3 things-Good health, Good luck, Long life.
Love George
- George Dinkelmeyer

I am opening a dinner theater soon. It would be nice for you to do a live show there. We love you here on the eastern shore of Maryland.
- Arline Cheryl

Please call home so that we can yell at you for not calling.
- Mom and Dad

To Ali, our favorite stubborn girl
Love you, Study, relax, and know you can get through finals.
- dan

I had to get out the calculator just to see where we were on the count--35 years and still counting.
- Jan

Sweetheart...the house is a construction zone, we can barely afford toilet paper...but I'm loving every minute of it.
I love you.
- Steve

Hi Lorna, How's California? Since you left here last summer, I've perfected my inVention. Now it converts Old-Tires to Heating-Fuel without any smoke at all. However, because of all the testing we did, I need to get a ride off this mountain to buy some food.
It'd be nice if, You could drive here for a visit. You could see how well it all works together. When you get here we could take a ride together and I could buy some food. And I need to make a stop to buy a couple of tires too. Then, I'll be able to can use my cars again.
Hope to see you soon... cause, we're run'in out venison and squirrels.
Jack- The Inventor
- Jack

dad Ratowitz,
Dear dad-you have come through illness looking great! Bet you never thought being sick might make you famous...Love you dad!
- Your youngest brat

Dick Rosener,
(December 15) Happy Birthday to the wonderful man I married and with whom I share an extraordinary life. Thank you for loving me! Joanne Rosener
- Joanne Rosener

you may be a big wall street banker now, but i know you're a good midwestern boy at heart! miss you most this time of year...
- cindy

Garrison Keillor,
Nice to meet you. I've studied english with the bookgLake Wobegon". Are you a narrator of that?
- yama-napan

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