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November 16 - 22, 2003
Greetings are posted with the most recent day's first, and you can scroll down to see previous days. Would you like to send one?

November 22, 2003

Eden and Dave,
I had a great time at the show. We'll do it again sometime.
- Christina

Great Grandma Myrna Bell,
I love you so many I can not breath.

Hope you have a Happy Turkey Day in North Carolina. We are at Grandma & Pappoo's in El Paso.
- Your Red headed Troll baby -Sydney

Atina Ladner,
Was the radar blip over the White House caused by all the smoke from your birthday candles? Sorry I missed your your day.

Love and Kisses your Georgia cousin,
The Other Gracie
- The Other Gracie

Ann & Alex Schwartz,
Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad, in Aitkin, Minnesota. I'm so happy to be coming home for Thanksgiving. Love you both, Nikki
- Nicole Schwartz

Fred, Swen & Linda,
Sorry about that weather in Washington
State. The fires are out in San Diego and
we feel more like we do now than we did
before they started!
- Denny & Jean Marie

Hi sweetie! Thanks for trimming the bushes while listening to Garrison.
- Mona

Wish you could have bben with us to Garison and company...well, maybe at the Fitzgerald in St. Paul.
- Dad and Mom

Ginnie Jones,
Hi, Mom! Have fun making food for tomorrow's shower!
- Your Son, Rick

Did you get my greeeting? It came back to me.........saying that I had sent it to myself....! so just wondering if you got it ? "D"
- "D"

It's been ten years and I keep wondering when we're going to run out of things to talk about. Our marriage is everything I could have ever hoped for. (Thank goodness the republicans are protecting our fragile bond!)
- Zac

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you get all you wished for. Love from, your family, (worthless turds that we are)
- Nancy

Megan, Brian, Sarah & Thea,
Greetings to all of you up in Juneau, Alaska. Meg, we hope your homestay is happy and short. Good luck job hunting!
- Mom & Dad

Den Kennedy,
Happy 69th birthday, Dad!
- Kristin Kennedy

Margie Brown,
Hey! Are we gonna have fun this week or
what? Be patient! Be blessed!
- Karma Thomas

November 21, 2003

Kimberly and Hector,
Happy 12th anniversary!
Thank you for adopting me.
I promise I will give back the same love you have given me.
I am so happy you named me after Garrison.
Enjoy the show.
- Kiellor the Dog

Rich & Anji & son Collin ,
I'm sure you're enjoying the show, since
"we're all republicans now!" just as I'm sure
Nicole is studying hard at Berkeley instead of
listening tonight!
- Paul & Nancy in Snowy St. Paul

Phyllis Speidel,
Happy 77th Birthday Mother,
Each year makes it a little easier for you to "shoot" your age!
Christian , Robyn, and Kurt
- Christian Speidel

Sarah A.,
Happy 30th birthday to my dear friend Sarah--Let me know how the next decade treats you, since I'll be up next!
Love, Chloe
- Chloe

Happy thanksgiving to my first, last, one and only. I am thankful for what we have and I love you always. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
- Margo

November 20, 2003

Don and Bill,
of Lemoore, Cotton capital of California. We're here at the show and wish you were with us. See you New Years.
- Cricket and Gene

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Cassandra in Fargo. Can't wait to see you for Cassy's wedding...we're having your favorites catered...lasagna and greek salad! Sending warm love to you from San Diego, Ma
- linda waggoner

Joel Kenn,
Fell on the floor laughing when I found out about the leather thing, momma's boy Kermit.
- Timothy S Green

Mother Jo Ann & Father Dick,
Winter's coming to Colorado so come visit us in Encinitas. No snow in current San Diego forcast. Freeze unlikely, too.
- Ed & Mary

Jill Popov,
I can't believe that our son's finally here. It feels like a dream, but god knows we're not sleeping much.
- Misha Popov

November 19, 2003

Ellen and Mason,
Happy Birthday from your favorite Bakersfieldians
- Teresa

Mom and Nolan,
Well, what could be warmer than "A Prairie Home
Companion" in San Diego?!... it'd be the perfect
"Wish you were here" postcard to send to you two!
(Do you think Mr. Keillor would pose for us in some
hibiscus-print swim trunks?) Well anyway... wish you
were here, but we'll be there soon for the holidays!
Much love from your SoCal daughters.
- Vanessa and Shannon

Happy Birthday on the 20th! I'll see you on Thanksgiving - course everyday is Thanksgiving since you came into my life. Looking forward to our weekly, big date, pot roast and PHC.
- Gail

Happy 2nd birthday on Dec. 14th from your REAL grandparents of the South!
- Your grandparents in the South

Dad (Matthe Stephen Baldwin),
Aunt Helen’s death, as the last of her generation, has passed the Baldwin torch to you. Follow the Lord while leading our future generations.
- (Little) Matt

Marian Shaw,
After all the years of taping Prairie Home Companion shows for us to listen to in TAIWAN, you are here! Now, who is taping this week's show for us?
Donna and Scott
- Donna Grandi

Charles Norris,
Can you believe its a boy? We are blessed. I love you. Your Wife
- Lynn Norris

Angel O. Napedastle,
Happy Birthday, Angie. Yes, I'm still missing you--even if it doesn't make sense. Without you around everything seems a little flatter.
- Squirrel N. Traffic

Cathy Glaser,
Well Cathy, now your life is complete. You've had your name read on the air by Garrison Keillor! I guess it's time to buy a trailer in Mexico and retire.
- Bob Glaser

Grandpa and Grandma Oldfield,
"I did it!" I learned how to use the potty all by myself. Wish you were here with me in Alaska to celebrate.
- Theodora

Rodger Armstrong,
Well, Rodger, you are still up on the prairie, but I'm down in the big city of San Diego listening to Garrison in- person!! Throw another log in the stove and remember when...
Love, Laurie
- Laurie Macrae


November 18, 2003

Robert Shelby,
Sorry we missed your birthday but we had to see Garrison's San Diego show. We will celebrate afterwards, unless you've gone surfing. Love, Mom & Dad.
- Irv and Diana Shelby

Happy Birthday - and what better way to spend it than live with PHC? Glad you could be in San Diego.
- Julie

We've been married a month and a week here in sunny San Diego, and it just keeps getting bettter. Love you!
- Val

Honey, I so wish you could be here with me tonight. I finally get to go to a live performance, it's warm here, and you wanted to stay in Montana. Go figure...
- John

Christa and Mary Margaret,
Happy birthdays to my wife and daughter 1.
May your seats (lowest right loge) be all I have
promised to witness our modern day civil
- Dad

Brenda Sutterfield,
Happy 25th Anniversary! Can't wait for the next 25. Don't worry about growing old and falling apart; they make replacement parts for everything nowadays!
- Steve Sutterfield

November 17, 2003

Janice Charleen Lynch,
Hi Jan,
Hope you have a great birthday!
Wish I could be there with you to help celebrate...Love,
- Sue

Happy 55th Birthday to Jan, my wild high school boyfriend then, my wild senior sweetheart now. Enjoy the show. Love, Judy
- Judy

Mom and Dad,
I'm still unemployed and I'm still shacking up with my girlfriend and couldn't be happier. Hope you're doing fine
- Aren

For the apple of my eye, happy early birthday. I hope you like our seats !
- George

Happy 60th Birthday Swinging Swede! Wasn't that surprise party like a cold Minnesota snuggy? Next time we'll have you wear something. From your main squeeze.
- Marshie

For 11/29:
Happy 55th Birthday to Jan, my wild high school boyfriend then, my wild senior sweetheart now. Enjoy the show. Love, Judy
- Judy

Dolores and James Knittle,
Also known as Dolly and Fiddler. Happy 50th Anniversary from their 3 wonderful children in Arizona and New Jersey.

Please note: Anniversary date is Feb. 27, 2004 so we would like the greeting announced on a show sometime around that date.
- Diane Hoge

Pilgrims: A Wobegon Romance

In Garrison Keillor's latest book, Lake Wobegon native Margie Krebsbach dreams up the idea of a trip to Rome, hoping to get her husband Carl to make love to her — he's been sleeping across the hall and she has no idea why. She finds a patriotic purpose for the journey. A Lake Wobegon boy, Gussie Norlander, died in the liberation of Rome, 1944, and his grave, according to his elderly brother, Norbert, is in a neglected weed patch near the Colosseum...

It's a story of Wobegonians in a strange land, telling stories of kinship and self-revelation — all delivered with Keillor's trademark humor.

77 Love Sonnets by Garrison Keillor

77 Love Sonnets From Garrison Keillor:
“When I was 16, Helen Fleischman assigned me to memorize Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 29, ‘When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes, I all alone beweep my outcast state’ for English class, and fifty years later, that poem is still in my head. Algebra got washed away, and geometry and most of biology, but those lines about the redemptive power of love in the face of shame are still here behind my eyeballs, more permanent than my own teeth. The sonnet is a durable good. These 77 of mine include sonnets of praise, some erotic, some lamentations, some street sonnets and a 12-sonnet cycle of months. If anything here offends, I beg your pardon, I come in peace, I depart in gratitude.”

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