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February 8-14, 2004
Greetings are posted with the most recent day's first, and you can scroll down to see previous days. Would you like to send one?

February 14, 2004

Girl Scouts and Girl Guides Everywhere,
Happy Thinking Day to all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides on Sunday February 22. And a special Thank You to Jan in Ga. for putting the Thinking Day postcard exchange into our lives!
- Skeeter in Montana



I know you're more classy, more intelligent and a far more beautiful person than me, but I still have one thing over you... I married better.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Your Loving Husband,
- Matt

L.S. ,
Happy "2-1- 4". That first, awkward kiss, 41
years ago, was the beginning of the good ol'
days, for me.
- Pickens

Mom, Don and Sally,
Greetings from the fire zone in Ramona, California! I love you and wish I could be with you!
Lots o love
- Robyn

Debbie Sengupta of state college,
Have a great Valentine's day. May you grow younger in heart and wilder in spirit each year.
- Friends & family

michael Tomasek,
You fifty and oh so fine. I love you to pieces.
- sheila holliday

Cee ,
This wonderful show and site is tonic, thanks a million! Hope to feel a little better tomorrow, and so forth :)
- Lane

He does really well when he isn't extoling the virtues of Slick Willey.
- CG

Happy Valentine's Day, my lil' island sunshine sis in Carolina. From your wicked sister of the west in Kansas-the ruby slippers ain't workin'.
- Heather

All the girls I asked to marry me,
Thank goodness you listened to your mothers. I was able to spend all the money on myself and be truly happy!
Cats are much better companions.
- Rick Ward


was nice to be at the Rhubarb tour iln Charleston. thanks. I love you.

- susie

Happy Fiftieth Birthday to my twin brother Frank. One century down, one more to go.
- Bob

Don and Jean,
Happy Valentine's Day! Hannah loved her valentine. Can't wait to see you on April 3rd. Hope the cats aren't keeping you up at night.

Love TJ and the Beastie

- Tanya

Hey mom!! I want a pony. Please??!! By the way we're out of milk again.
- Sumner

Cyndi by way of Dallas and ASU,
Did the sewn seeds of PHC take? Wondering what you and life are doing for each other. Some things don't change (phone numbers and email). Most of the rest do. Let's catch up!
- Mr. Tried Too Hard in ABQ

Happy Valentines Day! You are the love of my life! Thanks for putting up with me all these years. I even like your Rhubarb Pie.
- Ralph

Christine in St. Pete,
Happy Valentine's day, Christine! Everyone deserves a Valentine from a Secret Admirer! Who better to be my cupid than Garrison?
- Cupid

We've not a lot of money
we may be ragged and funny
but we'll trevel along
cheek by jowl.
Happy Valentine's Day.

- David

Tennessee sure is sad without your smile. Ninjas in love should stick together. Happy Valentine's Day!
- Mackenzie

sorry i didn't get you a valentines day present.....i'll get you one as soon as i can walk again

love ya
- ken

Garrison Keillor,
An invitation for Garrison Keillor from Rev. Mike Vandiver. If you can not find those shy Spartanburg Lutherans tomorrow morning, just come two blocks south of here to Central United Methodist Church and share one of Pastor Inkvist's warmed over sermons with us.
- Rev. Mike Vandiver

Muriel Mast,
40 years ago we were looking forward to being married. Now we are and it has been a good journey. Happy Valantines Day. Hope you are enjoying this special Valentine's Day Show surrounded by Democrats.
Your Republican husband,
- Floyd Mast

Carol Woodbery,
My sweet Georgia Valentine of 22 years, from your Baghdaddy Valentine in Baghdad, Iraq. I miss you more than flushing toilets and Scott's Bar B Que; enjoy the show and I'll see you in a couple of months.
- Chaplain (Major) Matt Woodbery

February 13, 2004

Karen & Mark Bjelland,
Mark and Karen - hello to our favorite South Carolina Norwegians. We miss you!! Kent, Tami, Kaitlyn and Jenna
- Kent & Tami Lillemoe

Stan and Helen ,
Dear Mom and Dad, newly wed life with Brenda is better then could be imagined. I won't be needing to borrow Dads truck after all.
- Michael and Brenda

Lousia Mae ,
Hope you enjoy the live show. I had to sell 5 hogs to get these tickets!
Happy Valentines Day!
- Waldo

Fishing Bear,Olympia,WA,
Though life's journey has taken you miles away, we still have a date on Saturday's with Garrison & Guy Noire. Saturday's I'm there where you are...
- Karyn Charleston,SC

Alice, Don and Sally,
Mom, did you remember to take your house keys with you? Wish we could be there also - will be listening from San Diego!
- Robin and Kelly

Floyd and Muriel Mast,
Greetings to Floyd and Muriel.
Hope you're enjoying the show.
With love from your daughter
who is almost rid of the snow.

- Valerie Mast

Our sister Jeannette in Cleveland,
Happy Valentine-Birthday. Your love of music overcame your hatred of cold climates; may your hearty Lutheran blood keep your fingers from freezing to your harpsichord.
- Chris and Christine in Spartanburg

Kathie & Doug,
Sure wish you were here, but I guess this proves that the early birds get the tickets! Happy Valentine's Day!
- Dan & Debbie

Angela Daugherty,
I had planned to ask this weekend but circumstances prevailed we are apart " Angela The Love Of My Life would you Marry Me?"
- Louis Armbruster

love is like a flower, it requires a variety of components to make it grow and thrive. I provide the fertilizer. thanks for putting up with me. happy valentines day.
- Paul

Verlie Leatherwood Tomczyk,
If Shoney's speedily served our separate carry-out food orders 2/14/93, we might not be Valentines cooking together the TLC meals we've enjoyably shared since then.
- Joe Tomczyk

Where all my teachers failed,
thank you for teaching me
how to pronounce
February instead of Febuary
on The Writer's Almanac

Break a leg!

- A. Gurl

Marshall in Orlando,
Happy Valentines Dear. I hope you like the picture I took of our yellow lab driving the Porsche! Don't worry, I vacuumed the car afterwards! Love always.....
- Your serious Wife

Tim and Laurie,
Hope you two are having a time get tickets for us too...cause now we have to dance the night away with the rest of the tribe without you. Next Friday, our house? Thought we'd give the (12hr) crock pot roast beef recipe another try. Let us cook it this time!
- Gary and Katie

Robin & Kim,
Congratulations on the birth of your son! Hope everything came out ok. What did you decide to name him?
- Bob & Julie

Grace, Megan, Casey, and Amanda,
We're having a romantic evening in Spartanburg, happy valentine's to the ladies of the lowcountry in Beaufort.
(Thanks Doug & Sarah!)
- Jim and Claire

Love Fare,
I've been
waiting and waiting
With nothing to do
Whatever should I
cook for you?
Luv, Valentine

- A Gurl

February 12, 2004

carol jeanne,
Will Mr. Keillor be doing Valentine's dedications again this year? If so, I would like to submit a poem.


Come and sit beside me.
Tell me that you love me.
Talk to me for hours,
show me all your dreams.

You're my solid anchor.
You're my voice of reason.
You hold my world together
when it's tearing at the seams.

With your arms around me,
I'm as good as others;
they're my mighty fortress,
they hold out all my fears.

I know I don't deserve you,
but oh how much I need you.
If I were to lose you,
I'd give my life away.

So say you'll never leave me,
you always will receive me.
Each night you will restore me
to face another day.

With your arms around me,
with your love inside me,
knowing that you trust me,
how could I ever fail?

- coleman

Thanks for the ride...the roller-coaster just keeps getting better. i'm thrilled to be there with you every twist, flip and turn of the way...all my love...
- Beth

Jay Womack,
Even though you're doctor on call to the tennis stars in Memphis this weekend, I wish you were here. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Jamie
- Jamie harris

Happy Birthday to you on Valentine's Day! 26 years ago we had lots of hair and not much money...I still have lots of hair. I will love you always.
- Barbara

Happy Birthday to you on Valentine's Day! 26 years ago we had lots of hair and not much money...I still have lots of hair. I will love you always.
- Barbara

Julie ,
Greetings to Asheville, NC- Julie, I hope you took enough ketchup with you to the beach to last all weekend.
- Dana

When will you come and visit? I still have enough frozen rhubarb for a pie and I really need someone to share it with me. You are the only one of my friends who understands how rhubarb makes one feel better.
Love you!
- Diane

Anne Hill (Mom),
Hi, Mom! Am glad you feel up to the show tonight even with the rain and the cold. Have a wonderful 84th and many more to come! Love, All of Us
- Syndia Hill

It's been a long, long time. Would love to hear from you!! Little Cindy purple lips is all grown up
- Sandy

Happy 82nd Birthday Grancy! You an Mom are my life and soul.
PS I'm in the 3rd row and you are stuck in a snow storm.
- Bass

Dolly Patton,
Happy 12th valentine's day honey - And they said I'd never ask out a girl named Dolly...
- Brian Patton

Ken & Donna Patton,
Happy fiftieth anniversary to Mom & Dad from BP and Dolly. Bet you never thought we'd all end up Sandlappers!

(For the Spartanburg Broadcast)
- Brian & Dolly Patton

February 11, 2004

Beaver Pond Press,
Thanks for making my new book The Dance of Trees beautiful. It was great working with you.

- Susan Dawn ( Waeckerlin

Happy Valentine's Day to my lovable, adventurous husband of 7 weeks! May we always be madly in love!
- Jenifer

Rose Ware,
Happy 40th anniversary to the Wares from Valdosta, Georgia from their children. They came to the Charleston show to hear the quaint Minnesotan dialect.
- Fred Ware

We may not have alot of money right now, but I love you. Can't wait to be your wife this August! Happy Valentine's Day!
- Colleen

Harvey Alexander,
Harvey, your wonderful, loving Doberman Gretel, wishes you a very happy birthday. She wants to remind you that although the roads are icy-- the rugs are lovely, dark, and deep.
- trago Maschalos

Jim and Rebecca,
Hello from a former Lutheran pastor friend who is now a hospice chaplain . . . it wasn't a big move.
- Fred

There came out of Iowa a girl
Who gave this guy Daryl a whirl.
He married the lass.
They've had such a blast.
This 25th year is a pearl.
Happy Anniversary, Buddy! Love, Julie
- Julie

Lynda, Frank, Ronnie and Jefflyn,
Mom and Dad are enjoying the show tonight and they wanted you to know that I am now the favorite child.
- Kathy

February 10, 2004

Keep that BMW in sync and I'll be in Texas to join you real soon.
- Eva

Happy Valentines Day. Can I still be your secret admirer even though you know I've loved you for the last 10 years?
- Rich

to my freind rhawth,
hi rhawth, it's me wishing u all the best and love in valantine day with ur lovely family thks
- faten

My job stinks but knowing your home makes it better. Whats for dinner?
- scott

Holly has the kids. The stationwagon is in the parking lot; the tank is full.
After the show, if we drive real fast, I bet we make Tijuana by Tuesday.
- dru

Vel & CJ,
Happy 50th, South Dakota farmgirl meets Iowa farmboy and live happily ever after in California. See you in the desert.
- Tom

Larry and Gena,
Remember to keep those condiments in fridge. It takes quite a man to keep those things in the fridge. If you need help with the crazy lady I pass don't call.
- Jim McManus

Martha Lowe,
Forty-four years ago on February 12 you went to the hospital and only 3 days later I was born.

Thanks from Your English Major
- Kim Robinson

Gina, Donna and Kitty,
Hello girls;We aren't really here tonight, but we didn't get our greetings in when we were at the Hot Springs show.
- Harlene and Pokey

Don't sell the boat were coming to Tampa for a sail in the bay
- Mom and Dad

Keith and Lucille Dismukes,
Hey mom and dad, Tampa is nice but is doesnt smile like Carolina! Come sailing with me!
- Phillipp Dismukes

February 9, 2004

The Noodle Ranch,
Hello to my fellow Noodles, even though only Shannon is listening.
- Bea

John Henry,
I'm sorry I broke your heart. Just am not ready for more than friendship. Can we still be friends?

- kathy

Garrison Keillor,
So enjoyed your show in Hot Springs, AR -- I am now a convert to your broadcasts. Gotta get one of those High Definition Radios now! Thanks for coming to Arkansas!
- A Spa-City Resident

Can you believe we are getting to see a Prairie Home Companion on our first Valentine's Day being married?!?I hope this was a good gift because I didn't get you anything else.
- Abbey

kathy roach,
hi & thanks to the carmelites nuns up there on mount pleasant avenue & to the great doctors at brighams & womens hospital especially dr. christopher h. fanta
(right center orch. seats 26 &28)
- jeanette mc donald rose

Happy wedding anniversary and thanks for 40 wonderful years.
- Lloyd

Mitch,Dao,Andrea,Clayton and Ron,
I admit, I dislike Valentine's Day. I always have a sad one each year. I still
want all of you to have a wonderful day this week. Happy Valentine's Day!
Remember, no carnations for Andrea.

- Shannon Harding

Garrison Keillor,
Who is this Keillor fellow and when will he realize that poets don't need no damn ISBN bar codes to write poetry?
- the pissed off poet

Randy Moss,
Happy birthday big boy. Since we couldn't spend your 50th birthday with Garrison, I hope this is the next best thing. Love, your wife of 30 years, Lee
- Lee Moss

Kitten Pearson,
Happy 25th birthday, my darling daughter. I hope your baby is as beautiful as you are!
- Papa Pearson

Paula Shirley,
Hello to you on a Fulbright, teaching English in Bulgaria. Happy Valentine's Day from your husband of 35 years! See you in two weeks!
- Carl Shirley

George and Mae,
Happy 50th Anniversary to my wonderful parents from daughter #5! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but I'll see you in March. All my love--
- Loreen Vaughn

Garrison Keillor,
Hey there
It’s Valentine’s Day again,
and we’ll be “watching” the show.
As we’ve being doing for years,
During sunshine or snow.

The Barnacle Ranch has moved a hundred feet down,
along with the hot tub, made of cedar, so round.
Whipped cream, and ice cream with strawberries galore,
we’ll be enjoying again, like Valentine’s before...

The Lindgren In-laws,
He loved the suprise tickets! Doc Watson and Sam Bush are playing! I'm in LOVE! Don't worry, I'll still be coming home with your son.
- Karasteen

My dear, I love you and can't wait to be your wife. Let's stop meeting at airports! I won't forgot to fly back & marry you.
- Mushball

We've shared this show together for years, and I hope we can for many more.
- Your computer-geek husband

Kendrick Kerr,
For 10 months we've been waiting to "hear that old piano". And now we finally get our chance to see GK and Crew in the Holy City, Charleston SC. Honey, could we ask for more?
- Floyd Dinkins

Happy Birthday! You've caught up with me once again, and you won't be a gigolo again until November!
- Terri

February 8, 2004

Kristofer Thornton,
Happy Eleventh Birthday to Kristofer, an avid listener, from Mom, Dad, and Shari
Don't ever abandon your enthusiastic quest for answers to "Life's Persistent Questions!"

- Sharon Balius

Dylan your life dream - to see Prairie Home Companion. But you're in pricey Boston and you can't go home again.
Ironically - love mom and dad
- Pam and Richard

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Valentine. I hope you enjoyed the rehearsal show in Florence, now we can hear if they keep the same jokes, or if they ad lib! love, your Husand
- Steven

Nick Nunez,
Greetings to our son, Nick, the first grade teacher in Pearl City, Hawaii from us at home in Charlotte, N.C. It was great talking to you last week from the Pro-Bowl while we were freezing here.
- Margaret and Max Nunez

Milt Bigger,
Happy 60th Birthday from your daughter in the mountains of North Carolina. Hope your celebration was as "down home" as they come. Love,
- Sharon Bigger

Thought you might like it.
- Loren

Brother Theodore,
Enjoy the coffee. I hope that it is both hot and sweet...
- Charles

Harriet Livingston,
Cupid with bow and arrow always tries to make a hit with every miss. I'm glad he didn't miss, and we could celebrate our 45th Valentines Day together at our favorite show.
- Frank Livingston

David Carl,
Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday as well to our Pastor, David Carl, who fills the heart of New Hope United Methodist Church in Iron Station, N.C. from your entire congreagation.
- Margaret and New Hope United Methodists

Ken and carol,
Enjoyed having you for dinner. Having put the republicans in their place we can only hope they stay there! Dinner at your house saterday nite
- Gerrit and Sue

Pilgrims: A Wobegon Romance

In Garrison Keillor's latest book, Lake Wobegon native Margie Krebsbach dreams up the idea of a trip to Rome, hoping to get her husband Carl to make love to her — he's been sleeping across the hall and she has no idea why. She finds a patriotic purpose for the journey. A Lake Wobegon boy, Gussie Norlander, died in the liberation of Rome, 1944, and his grave, according to his elderly brother, Norbert, is in a neglected weed patch near the Colosseum...

It's a story of Wobegonians in a strange land, telling stories of kinship and self-revelation — all delivered with Keillor's trademark humor.

77 Love Sonnets by Garrison Keillor

77 Love Sonnets From Garrison Keillor:
“When I was 16, Helen Fleischman assigned me to memorize Shakespeare’s Sonnet No. 29, ‘When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes, I all alone beweep my outcast state’ for English class, and fifty years later, that poem is still in my head. Algebra got washed away, and geometry and most of biology, but those lines about the redemptive power of love in the face of shame are still here behind my eyeballs, more permanent than my own teeth. The sonnet is a durable good. These 77 of mine include sonnets of praise, some erotic, some lamentations, some street sonnets and a 12-sonnet cycle of months. If anything here offends, I beg your pardon, I come in peace, I depart in gratitude.”

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