August 29, 2004 - September 4, 2004
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September 4, 2004

To: Faye
Faye Has it been that long, a marriage sentence has both long years and short years with no time off for time served. Marriage is like eating a clown, it tastes a little funny. But I still love after forty four years, eleven days. Rodney
—Rodney Cook

To: Daddy
Happy Birthday! We love you, even though you fart a lot. Hogan, Lily, and Henry
—Carly stipe

To: Joe
Happy 40th Birthday! Love Carly, Your duct tape goddess
—Carly stipe

To: Brian
Happy First Anniversary to my dear husband. I'm sure it'll get easier from here. Even seahorses mate for life, nevermind that their lifespan is three years.
—Ann Nichols

To: Alfeno
Alfenooooooo in Nashville! Hootie Hoooooooo from the MN State Fair... Hope you can hear me....I'm way back in Section 26, Lucky Seat 13. Charply
—Char Greamba

To: Betty & Chet Nelson
69 Years! True fact as of August 28, 2004. Their children Bev, David, and Linnea send love and say thanks for everything they have learned from you both.
—Linnea Nelson

To: Michael my love
You are the man my mother said would finally come along.....I adore you, you beautiful man.
—leslie zara

To: Mona in Minneapolis
Happy 29th Birthday again and good luck in grad. school this fall. You Can Do It!! Love, Your sisters
—Jill Fraki

To: Heidi Accola
Happy 30th birthday to my triathlete sister--wish you were here at the Great Minnesota Get Together, but you'll be ten pounds lighter because of it!
—Kerry Accola

To: Joan
Happy Birthday, MOM, from you son Dale in Kuwait...hope to be home by Christmas, love you.
—glenn beasley

To: John &Leigh
Happy 25th anniversary! Glad you left your Texas ranch to celebrate with us at the Woebegone Fair! Walleye forever!
—Tom & Linda Thorstenson

To: Sara
Happy Birthday to Sara in Seattle! I can't believe I'm a mother of a 30-year old, but as Sara so aptly put it, better that than a mother of 30! Love, Mom
—Pat Georges

September 3, 2004

To: Louie Oscar
Hi Louie, I hope we're listening to the same show 769 miles apart. You're special to me, but I can still catch bigger fish than you, here in Kansas. Love you Barb
—Barbie Janisch

To: Douglas
Happy 51st birthday to the man who still has the power to make me weak in the knees, my heart go pitterpat and then some.
—Jodi Gabert

To: Emily
Love and best wishes to Emily who will soon leave her prairie home in search of ghosts on Maine’s mid-coast. May all your ghosts be friendly—but not TOO friendly. -Rob Fair
—Rob Fehr

To: Bradley Thomas
Laura Ann is "over the moon" that her North Carolina boy Bradley Ray has joined her for a corndog and a spin on Ye Old Mill
—Laura Southwell

To: Michael J. von Bear Bear
Happy One Year Anniversary My Love! I'm having a blast with you, L-cat, F-cat, and Bubba! Cheers to many more years together.
—Lisa von Bear Bear

To: Byron
you brought me to minnesota and i love brought me to the state fair and i love brought me to the only radio show i never miss and i love it...too bad i dont love you...
—Linda Solomon

September 2, 2004

To: John
Happy birthday my darling John. You are my knight in shining armour which is why I'm whisking you off to a motel Saturday to celebrate with you...Just you, me and a can opener. I can't wait! :-)
—Joy Lomax

To: Met Chefs
Hey Ely - shut up... Garrison's on.
—Tom Booker

To: Leigh March
After 25 years you are still one mighty fine little heifer and you know how to keep your cowboy warm on those cold Texas winter nights.
—John March

To: Ohioan Dwight Olson
This is the 39th anniversary of your 21st birthday. I am happy to be at this Mn. Fair Show celebrating your 6 decades with you.
—emilie zacher

To: Margaret & Mike
(in the audience Sept. 4th) -From four loving parents Newlyweds Margaret & Mike: We love you and wish you delight. Though your luggage took flight To a mysterious site- Take heart: less "baggage", the lighter your life.
—John & Katie Greenman

September 1, 2004

To: Blueberry Babes
Grab your paddles and thongs. Let's kayak with the loon one last time before they and the summer are gone. Sure went fast......
—Babe Chris Thornbury

August 31, 2004

To: Iver Jorgensen
As you reach 80 remember these wise words: "It's a good learning experience." Looking forward to the next 80! - Your children and grandchildren

August 30, 2004

To: Terry Altena
Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. I know you are going through some tough times. May the Lord Keep you and Bless you. Love
—Penny Nicole

To: Stacy
God can save the Queen; Stacy, will you stand on guard for me? Make me an adoptive son of the True North. Stacy, will you marry me?
—Peter Saros

To: Ashley
Welcome home sweetie. Glad you had a good time at your Dad's. Here's to a great new school year. Love Mom.
—Allisone Mahan

To: Fritz and Betty
"Happy 60th anniversary to Betty and Fritz Hessemer - from Family in England. We celebrated by seeing Garrison Keillor in Ravinia on August 14- Great memories!"
—marcia page

To: Chuck Sherman
Happy 60 year's young. A native Minnesotan and loyal fan of PHC, you'll get a big kick out of this birthday greeting on the show.
—Margaret Carpenter


To: Fritz and Betty Hessemer
Happy 60th. Thanks for loving each other from September 4th, 1944 until September 4th, 2004. We are so grateful to share your joy. God bless!!!
—Your children and granchildren Hessemer, Page and Stegemann
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